Small Batch Liquors
4340 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212, United States
Review №1

I’ve known this wine shop long ago. This shop was really amazing. The wines that they had was so delicious and beers as well. They had a huge range of wines that you could choose from. The staff will surely help you out in choosing wines. The place has a great atmosphere. Such a lovely wine shop to visit.

Review №2

Wild beer selection is amazing. One of the few places to carry Casey (which is what drove my visit) but ended up leaving with sours from multiple local places

Review №3

Nice selection, but customer service was subpar for this type of shop. At least the personnel when I stopped in had no interest in building rapport with someone who collects fine/rare spirits and would potentially shop there a lot more frequently.

Review №4

Always a knowledgable and friendy staff. They have a fantastic and well curated selection!

Review №5

Best place for some hard to find adult beverages.

Review №6

Been in many liquor stores. I love that my favorite ever is 2 blocks from my house. You make a mistake if you dont engage staff on their feedback on beer and whiskey.

Review №7

Hands down the best liquor in Colorado. Always love their craft beer selection from local breweries and all over the USA. Theres an excellent selection of wine and whiskey as well as locally brewed ginger beer

Review №8

Great selection of wine. Friendly people.

Review №9

Small Batch is the bomb! They are super helpful, friendly, and have an awesome selection (including an entire section of handpicked wines for only $10). Please consider supporting this epic small business instead of the corporate superstores, you will not be disappointed.

Review №10

Always great selection

Review №11

I’ve liked everything that I’ve gotten here and I’ve gotten something different every time (because they have a big selection). Highly recommended.

Review №12

They had the Italian wine Ive been trying to get for 14 years! Super helpful and friendly, too.

Review №13

Small batch is an awesome spot!! Tammy, Kyle and the new dude are always super nice and helpful! Kyle knows what I like after shopping with here for a while now, so when I come in he points me in the right direction!!

Review №14

Great advice, knowledge and friendly staff!

Review №15

I took and posted the collage photo of the woman standing inside, not wearing a mask, on the other side of a glass door with a sign saying “mask required”. It was taken at approximately 6:17 pm on Wednesday Oct. 11th.We cant afford to care about any establishment that risks the community it’s in to take care of a couple of affluent-but-terrible customers who don’t care about anyone but themselves. If this liquor store is going to throw out sense and safety at the first sign of a whiny drunk woman who refuses to wear a mask and buy booze at the same time, then I don’t care about whether it stays open.

Review №16

First time my girlfriend and I came to this liquor store it was an absolute 5 star experience. The employees were wonderful, the selection was amazing and the store was very clean and looked great inside! We came back two days later and the employee working on our second visit was also incredible, he was very nice and knowledgeable and was a big help to us. We get to the counter though and the employee takes our IDs and says hes sorry but he cant let us buy anything because we have vertical IDs. It is apparently a store policy that they dont take vertical IDs so we ended up leaving with nothing, which is unfortunate for both parties because we had about $100 worth of alcohol picked out which we obviously werent able to purchase. My girlfriend and I are both recently 21 which is why we have vertical IDs, they dont expire until next year either, so they are perfectly legal IDs, which were accepted with no problem on our first visit to the store. It is very disappointing for us, to say the least, as we would have been very loyal customers, we even said after out first visit that this is the only liquor store we even wanted to shop at anymore!I also find this policy particularly frustrating right now as DMVs are closed or very limited nationwide due to the pandemic, so even if we had to get horizontal IDs, which we dont as ours dont expire until next year, it would be very difficult if not impossible right now due to DMV closures. It seems the current situation begs, at the very least, a temporary change in vertical ID policy.We would love to come back and shop here but that would require a change of policy regarding vertical IDs, we would even be willing to have the cops come check our IDs if that is what it takes for the owners to feel comfortable that they are in fact real IDs! We would love to be customers again but in the meantime we will continue giving our business to Highlands Wine and Liquor which takes our IDs with no issue.

Review №17

Great selection of all things craft

Review №18

Great selection of beer and liquor. The people are always so helpful and listen to what you like and suggest new things to try. With the constant churn of new items, I never leave empty handed.

Review №19

Well curated, highly rotated selection of beers. Helpful and friendly staff. I like to go here to find something new from time to time.

Review №20

I was super excited to check out Small Batch Liquors as it seemed like a cool place that would have great service. Unfortunately that wasnt the case.I came on a Monday evening looking to purchase one or two bottles before heading home and was greeted by a disrespectful person at the desk near the door. Not only did he not say Hi or welcome me when I walked in, but every question I asked felt like I was pulling teeth and was answered with one word responses. I asked if he had any wine bottles at 15 or under and he pointed to a random wall and said those are under 10. I looked at him and he said with a sarcastic tone, What do you want a recommendation or something?Ive been to dozens of wineries and liquor stores across the country, without a doubt this was some of the worst service Ive ever received. Typically at a place like Small Batch, employees are friendly and knowledgeable and that environment is conducive to making sales. I dont know if it was because it was the end of a slow day and he wanted to go home or I wasnt the typical type of customer hes used to, but it just felt like he wanted to do anything but serve me as a customer and thats very disappointing.Unfortunately, I cant see any fathomable reason why I would return or recommend Small Batch. I walked almost a mile to go Highland Wines and Liquors shortly after and was treated with the dignity and welcome that I expected from Small Batch.

Review №21

Really great selection of beer. Always seems to have Weldwerks including juicy bits. Knowledgeable staff that will guide you to wonderful beers!

Review №22

Employee behind the counter was so rude I put down the $80 worth of beer I had and walked out. Ive never seen staff act like that. Ill take my business elsewhere.

Review №23

Little placce with a small but awesome selection. Something for every adult.

Review №24

Nice neighborhood place to pop in and find something different. The staff is very friendly and happy to chat about what they have available. There are cheaper places around, but Im happy to pay for the service and convenience.

Review №25

Good service and a good selection of beer. A little pricey.

Review №26

A welcoming environment with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great selection of beer! I didnt browse for more, but next time I definitely will.

Review №27

This place always has the exclusive coldies 👌

Review №28

Very customer service oriented. Good wine tasting! Theyre looking for help, & seems a fun place to work, FYI.

Review №29

Absolutely horrible telephone manner. I called and attempted to inquire about online ordering and some jerk just hung right up on me. Real class act, these folks.

Review №30

Staff was very helpful in helping me find something new in the style I was looking for

Review №31

Excellent local shop stocked with gems from across the US, with highlights of the outstanding local Denver scene. Great service. Valued recommendations. Friendly dogs.

Review №32

A small, but large variety of everything. These guys usually carry only high quality. There guys are friendly and theyre great for recommendations.

Review №33

Good stuff. Great, great beer. And some of the realest employees in town!

Review №34

Tiny but well curated collection of hard to find spirits, craft beer and wine. Really a great shop.

Review №35

Small, but great selection.

Review №36

Best local liquor store in Denver... everything you would ever need! great selection of beer, wine and whiskey

Review №37

My go-to spot when I need to find that odd liquor or beer that nobody else has. Not the biggest place, but the selection is A+. Lucky to have them on Tennyson St.

Review №38

Awesome selection of beers you cant get anywhere but the brewery

Review №39

Great selection of craft beers.

Review №40

Great store with a huge beer selection as well as a nice assortment of local and artisanal spirits. The employees are very friendly and usually have some great suggestions on new things to try.

Review №41

This place is full of interesting wine, beer, and spirits and the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable!

Review №42

I sure do appreciate our neighborhood liquor store and Joe, the owner takes time to visit with me each time I come by.

Review №43

Awesome place - great ownership!

Review №44

Decent selection of beer and wine. Small store

Review №45

Great little liquor store with a phenomenal selection of beers and knowledgeable and nice staff

Review №46

Not the largest selection but definitely a quality selection!

Review №47

Good selection, good process, great service.

Review №48

Good selection of beer. Some of the employees are happy to share their knowledge when selecting beer, wine, or liquor and have rarely steered me in the wrong direction. Ive established a pleasant customer-employee relationship with a few of the guys and enjoy their knowledge of the industry.However, a couple of the employees are complete douche bags. One in particular should learn a thing or two about accommodation. When a married couple – who are in their late twenties – comes in on valentines day to buy wine, use some common sense when only one of them have their wallet and drivers license.I understand the laws surrounding the issue, however, the lack of business acumen is dumbfounding. I frequent the store quite often and prior to this issue I hadnt been asked for an ID in the last ten or so visits.Ill gladly spend my money at Mondo Vino (32nd & Lowell) or Highlands Wine and Liquor (38th & Tennyson).

Review №49

Really good selection of hard to find beer, wine and liquor. Lots of CO brews too.

Review №50

They cram a lot of great beer into a small store, for a fair price. They have a great selection of spirits as well, however those always seem over priced.

Review №51

Large selection of Saison and Sour heady beers. This place is legit and has good prices

Review №52

Best shop around, knowledgeable staff, great selection.

Review №53

Very knowledgeable staff that is always really helpful. They do tastings occasionally as well if you have a tough time deciding what to get!

Review №54

Great beer bomber selection, lots of local Colorado beers

Review №55

Well curated bottle shop. The staff is well tastes and know exactly how to serve

Review №56

One of the best liquor stores in Denver. Killer beer selection and a wide array of local whiskeys and other spirits

Review №57

I was excited when a new liquor store opened in the neighborhood as most of them are a few blocks away. This place however is the quintessential Too Heady for You liquor store. I got that they want to be a small batch store but their focus is so narrow that there is not 1 beer in that place that I want to drink. Im a lager and light beer drinker most of the time but this place ONLY carries IPAs, Stouts, etc which I know is the hot new thing but you cant carry a 6 packs of stellas or gasp, a budweiser so I can shop here too. Guess not. Cause now I have a fridge full of shitty IPAs and here I am writing a negative review of your business because of it. Its your prerogative to carry whatever you want and its mine to tell the rest of the internet to not waste your time going in here because they dont care what you want. They sell what they want.

Review №58

Cool little store with a great selection. I even found some yeastie boys from nz.

Review №59

Well curated beer selection. Friendly staff.

Review №60

Great service with unique beers.

Review №61

Awesome selection, really cool decor

Review №62

Have introduced me to some of my must-have-on-hand-at-all-times wines

Review №63

Great selection of sour beer

Review №64

Great rotating selection

Review №65

Great spot!

Review №66

Good selection very expensive

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  • Address:4340 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-993-8600
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–8PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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