Logan Liquors
100 S Logan St, Denver, CO 80209, United States
Review №1

Horrible customer service, as usual, from the owner and her son!! Hence why I only go there out of desperation. Rude, blatantly irritated with doing their jobs, no common decency or respect for their paying customers. Justin, the son, will literally throw items at you. Its very sad. I believe in supporting local businesses, but NOT this one. Shop elsewhere...

Review №2

Their prices are competitive with the larger liquor stores in the neighborhood. Yet the owners remain friendly and neighborly. They Even have a drive-up window for those who are concerned about covid exposure.My favorite neighborhood liquor store.

Review №3

This place is the best. I havent done drive through, which seems to be where some people have issues. Great wine selection, good beer selection, decent liquor selection, and they have a whole section devoted to super nice beers if youre feeling fancy. The prices here simply cant be beat anywhere around. Plus theyre owned by Wisconsinites!

Review №4

HORRIBLE customer service!! Shop ANYWHERE else! They truly dont deserve your business! Their irritaion, disrespect and arrogance towards customers combined with NO appreciation for your business, makes them a shop you dont want to patronize.

Review №5

Super nice guys in there. Pretty decent selection of good beer in there for a smaller place (:

Review №6

Excellent drive through service with good advices on hard ciders and pilsner.

Review №7

Kind of expensive and snooty. I think the staff stuck up and only cater to the bourgeois. But if you want expensive liquor off Logan Street werent near a trip down south hit him up

Review №8

Great hidden little place. Very friendly and good prices.

Review №9

Good family owned shop! Support small businesses!

Review №10

Ive loved Logan liquors for Years but I onlyRecently moved back nearby.Great STORE.

Review №11

I love supporting local and think this place is great but one specific employee often makes me feel unwelcome and and acts like they wish no customers would show up.Looks to be a repetitive problem in other reviews.

Review №12

Great service! The food is good! Lovely surrounding! A great short drive from Denver! Great place for pictures against our Red Rock settings!!Try quail eggs w next visit for an appetizer, Tasty!

Review №13

Friendly staff. Great selection. Drive up services available.

Review №14

A place that has harder to find spirits. Made a plus to my visit.

Review №15

We come here a lot because of their large selection. One star off because the staff tend to be a little rude. Luckily I am usually already drinking by the time I go in so it doesnt bother me.

Review №16

Quick, friendly and convenient. All the basics.

Review №17

Love this spot and their drivethru! Nice guys that work there too!

Review №18

I have been to this liquors store since i move here a year ago, great service until today, since Covid 19, i been supporting my local business, but today i felt very uncomfortable. Is it cuz I’m an Asian woman? I have never experienced anything like it before, he was rude and on top of it it he threw my receipt and credit card at me and told me to sign it. Great service I say. I’m sorry that he was having a bad day, but you should never take that out of your customer, I’m sorry that I will not be coming back again,

Review №19

Not human friendly.

Review №20

Your local liquor store. Surprisingly good selection of craft beer and wine given the small footprint. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They even have a drive through if you need your booze real, real quick! We went here all the time when we lived nearby.

Review №21

Love this spot. It’s my local liquor store, and they always have great selections. The staff takes the time to help you out and get you in and out quickly. Jacob always helps me The staff takes the time to help you out and get you in and out quickly. Jacob always helps me find new wines at a good price.

Review №22

Love this place. Everyone is helpful if you have a question and it’s a quaint little spot that has a lot of specialty beers to select from.

Review №23

These guys are working class heroes . So I had to examine my life choices when I missed closing on Sunday eve.

Review №24

Very rude staff. There was no one else in the store and they couldnt stop their conversation to assist. Go elsewhere.

Review №25

Great selection of beer and liquor. The staff is well informed and are extremely friendly. Definitely has the comfortable feel of an old school mom and pop shop.

Review №26

Its conveniently located. Thats about the only positive thing to be said. If you want luke warm beer (literally) this is your place. If youre looking for someone to say hello, thank you or goodbye, go someplace else.

Review №27

You will always get personal, friendly and excellent service at Logan Liquors. I actually drive out of my way to go there. Its also really nice to know that you are supporting a small, local business!

Review №28

Great wine selection

Review №29

Extensive wine collection. Was recommended by locals. Did not disappoint. Staff was helpful. Nice prices.

Review №30

Very impressed with the selection and the wine is very affordable for the quality! Also love that this gem is local!

Review №31

Really bad customer service. Noone would help me out with a simple question I had about beer.

Review №32

They have a drive-up window! Always super friendly and helpful and prices aren’t bad at all. Good collection of cheaper wine as well.

Review №33

Prices and selection are decent for a small store. Wick and friendly service. They cut 12 packs to make two 6 packs which Im pretty sure isnt supposed to be done.

Review №34

Wonderful specials. Nice selectin of local beers.

Review №35

Tired of being so damn sober? Get in here and get well priced and currated drinks. Also good ginger ale

Review №36

Family-owned, friendly, and a drive-through!

Review №37

I have frequently stopped here. Today, I drove up to the window and no one came. I honked my horn and still no one came m. I honked again and the owner appeared . No apologies, she just said, “What do you want?” I told her and I heard her call to someone. Still no one came with my order so I drove away. You can bet I will never go back there again!!!

Review №38

The several times I have been in the staff has been unwelcoming if not flat out unfriendly. The place is sort of dirty too if you pause to observe the surroundings.

Review №39

Simply one of the best neighborhood liquor stores in town. Better selection of craft beer than some much larger liquor stores.

Review №40

My wife and I recently used Logan Liquors for a reception. Lori, Justin and the rest of the staff were friendly, helpful and even got a bottle of champagne they dont typically carry. Their pricing is very fair.Logan Liquors has been in business for 40 years and is family run. They offer a drive through for those who want to get their wine, beer, booze, etc. without getting out of the car. Now thats service.ABC- Always buy Colorado and support Logan Liquors. They carry tons of local product as well as that from around the country and world.We will be using Logan Liquor for all of our adult beverage needs.

Review №41

Rude customer service. Staff almost always have a bad attitude. I will definitely be shopping elsewhere in the future.

Review №42

Solid neighborhood liquor store. Decent selection, and staff know their stuff (especially about beer). Prices are average, and reasonable.

Review №43

The young man who works here is extremely rude, treated me very poorly and I was simply there to buy cigarettes. This will be the last visit I ever make to this location I recommend others to steer clear, this is not the 1st time this has happened to me here.

Review №44

Do you like being talked down to by rude, snarky staff? Do you miss Brooklyn bodegas where they cut 12-packs in half and tape them into 6-packs, but still somehow overcharge? (How do they not get in trouble with their supplier for this?) Youll love this place!In all seriousness, avoid this place. They are overpriced. Their staff is the absolute worst. Plus Country Club Liquors is the exact opposite: friendly and better prices.

Review №45

It takes a certain kind of laziness and apathy to close a store down ten minutes ahead of time. The employees immediately got on their phones so that they wouldnt have to look me in the face when I approached. I didnt drive through a snowstorm for that kind of treatment. Go ahead and take a look at my profile. I never write negative reviews. But that was absurd.

Review №46

I was disappointed when after driving through at 10pm and buying beer on the way home they sold me room temperature beer without telling me. Would have been happy to change brands so I could have a cold one when I got home. Warm beer sucks! Very lame!

Review №47

Awesome little liquor store, the people are nice, good close place to shop for my liquor, thanks !

Review №48

Great selection good advice if you need a recommendation

Review №49

Super friendly with a great selection whatever your taste.

Review №50

Good customer service great wine selection

Review №51

They dont deserve to get a 1 star. Good selection of beers and wines. However spent $80 on three bottles, all of which were corked upon opening. Undrinkable wine is never a good time especially after spending the money.

Review №52

Service was pretty standard for a liquor store and they have a drive thru!!!

Review №53

Love the fact that my rescued dog is welcomed here, she gets a hello and a bone when I pick up my wine, and both of us leave happy...

Review №54

Nice service and selection

Review №55

Great neighborhood liquor store. Fantastic craft beer selection!

Review №56

Great selection at affordable prices.Also, a minivan in the parking lot had chili that had been sitting in the back for what looked like a month.Why isnt there a photo of this?

Review №57

They had the alcohol we wanted to purchase. Pretty nice guys behind the counter too.

Review №58

Owners could be more friendlier to their distributors

Review №59

First time there last night! The staff is awesome and the prices are awesome as well! My new Liquor store!!!

Review №60

Good prices. Clean setting

Review №61

Great options and decent prices for a local liquor store.

Review №62

Great neighborhood place!

Review №63

Nifty little independant neighborhood liquor store with a fine beer selection.

Review №64

Small, but a great selection, especially Colorado beer & spirits.

Review №65

Good staff with a very god selection for how small it is. Great Avery, Dry Dock and Cider selections.

Review №66

Amazing selection, fair prices.

Review №67

Extremely rude gut at the window. This place is on my way home but ill be driving out of my way to a place with better service.

Review №68

Nice selection and the staff was knowledgeable.

Review №69

Awesome place and they have a drive up option for all is lazy people. Lol

Review №70

Small store, fair selection for this size, and helpful staff

Review №71

Small store with a big selection! Nice people!

Review №72

Drive through. Reasonably priced

Review №73

This is my go-to spot. The employees know their regulars, and they have a great selection.

Review №74

Family owned and operated, good selection and friendly. My go to for all medicinal needs.

Review №75

They have a great selection of beer and pretty tasty wine for ridiculously low prices.

Review №76

Been going here for years but no more. The owners son is incredibly rude every time.

Review №77

The people who work here are extremely rude and go out of their way to be rude. They prey on homeless people sell to them when they can barely stand up. There is homeless people passed out every in the neighborhood, shooter bottles, glass bottles and bodies, because they prey on the homeless people. People have kids in the neighborhood and they are helping the homeless harm themselves. This place is very disgraceful and harmful to our neighborhood.

Review №78

Small business.. know what you want.. you wont be babied.. love it

Review №79

Go through the drive through even on the bicycle 🚲! 😁

Review №80

The drive-through is nice

Review №81

Impressive selection of good beer!

Review №82

Place is trash and the lady that owns it is trash.

Review №83

Ive stopped going here. Three weeks of having to open my beers over the sink because theyre so shaken up. This just started after they were advertising for new help. Ive been going here for years but Im done.

Review №84

Drive through - thats enough said right there!

Review №85

Chill guys, good selection

Review №86

The business looks clean no homeless outside and overall clean establishment

Review №87

Great beer selection.

Review №88

Not a lot of options free for cheap beer amd the prices are a little high in my opinion but the staff are friendly and they even have 12 packs sawed in half and taped up

Review №89

They have so many beer options for a small liquor store!

Review №90

Awful craft beer selection, domestic beers overpriced. Closed 5 minutes before posted closing time. Not the type of place I want to spend my money. Wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Review №91

Our go-to liquor store.

Review №92

Limited selection in a rundown store.

Review №93

Dog friendly cheap K.B family own but RUDE

Review №94

Some of staff can be kind of rude or at least seem generally uninterested, but a ton of good options and a well organized, if slightly cramped, store layout makes up for it.

Review №95

Its just like... A little depressing though.

Review №96

Great, people!

Review №97

Owner is very arrogant and very rude to not only his customers but to people who deliver there.

Review №98

One of the dudes from the morning i think its the owners son, is rude and lazy.

Review №99

Mediocre service and over priced not destined to return...

Review №100

Should not close sooner than your posted hours.

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3.8 Rating
  • Address:100 S Logan St, Denver, CO 80209, United States
  • Site:http://www.loganliquors.com/directions/
  • Phone:+1 303-744-0730
  • Liquor store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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