Urban Outfitters
3000 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States
Review №1

There are really two different stores in here. One for clothes for younger people. Then eclectic items for everybody else. If youre looking for a inexpensive gift for somebody that is impossible to buy for, theyre always is something interesting to pick up here. I just picked up a mini electric skee ball arcade game.

Review №2

Amazing staff! Friendly and helpful even for the late shopper coming in during the last 40 minutes :)

Review №3

Basically the same style as every other fast fashion place in the mall so just go somewhere else

Review №4

Really struggle to find any clothes worth wearing here. Used to love it, but feels cheap now

Review №5

I prefer the Online collection this store has. There are way more options. Staff is always too busy to answer me 😤 I will just shop Online.

Review №6

Need to open up more of the dressing rooms so the wait isn’t over a half hour in line. Understanding protocols with COVID, opening more rooms provides greater customer service and keeps people from having to stand so close to each other for so long. The employees seem very unhappy and make you feel in their way. Not a great experience.

Review №7

The employees are polite and kind.

Review №8

Closes at 8. This says 9. Change it.

Review №9

Actually had pants that fit me. Only down side is how pricy it is.

Review №10

Big and has plenty of options to choose from. I like to come here because they always have cute and trendy things.

Review №11

Dont order from this company online, ever. Ive been an on-and-off, but loyal, UO customer for a couple decades at this point (Im in my mid-30s and starting shopping there in my teens, and my purchases include some significant furniture purchases). UO isnt perfect, but no company is. The kicker for this review is that I returned a couple clothing items almost a year ago, sent the items back, got refunded, and went about my business. About a month ago, I placed an order that immediately got cancelled.Over countless hours and completely wasted time on the phone over several weeks with customer service reps who apparently know nothing about anything and have no power to fix the situation (other than to just say they are escalating the situation to the next rep) I have figured out they want to charge me for my returned items that they apparently never received almost a year ago. I was refunded for these items weeks AFTER I returned them, and never knew there was any sort of return issue until 10+ months later. I have no ability to find or track lost return items at UOs warehouse, or track or locate things I sent out via USPS 11+ months ago. Dont purchase from this company if you want the option of returning anything - it will come back to haunt you and theyll try and charge your cards months and months later even if you returned your items and they refunded the purchase.

Review №12

I went shopping there and enjoyed...everything. AND, I left my cell phone there by accident. Before I could panic, I spoke with Bailey. He packed it up and sent it overnight. I now have my phone. Thank you, BAILEY!!!! You are the best!!!

Review №13

Every time I go in to Urban Outfitters my inner 90s child sparks to life!

Review №14

Cool store. They have a lot more than just clothes. Some really neat gift ideas. The employees were friendly. The place is pretty new and looks brand new. We got some soy candles. Apparently, thats the new thing. Old version candles are not as good as soy.We were there at night and it was a pleasant shopping experience. Even though this is Cherry Creek and usually the prices here can sometimes be ridiculous, this store had some nicely priced items. I recommend.

Review №15

Just try on your clothes in the parking lot and return them if they don’t fit. A true DIY fitting experience.

Review №16

Lots of great merchandise and good prices. Good customer service.

Review №17

Frantically shopping for a last-minute gift like everyone else, I came to Urban and was greeted kindly by Ashlee. she was very insightful and had the exact kind of knowledge and information that I was looking for. She was extremely kind and helpful, and was really able to guide me to the perfect gift. Thanks Ashlee!

Review №18

Workers arent the friendliest

Review №19

Got a needed item on sale. The cashier (Asian young male) was very sweet and friendly. Quality of apparrel and style needs to be updated. Sustainable and eco-conscious clothing display section would make shopping a little guilt-free.

Review №20

A nice place with a nice guy

Review №21

The sales associates seemed miserable and werent very helpful. I also couldnt find anything in my size. Seems like this location only has extra small, small and a few mediums. So if you are thicker or like big sized clothing Id go to a different location. The store was clean though.

Review №22

Great store with a really cool selection of items. Well laid out. Always find some goods stuff on sale. Good place to get some streetwear essentials or cool tees.

Review №23

This store is always changing up its layout, colors, labels, and signs, and their constant change in inventory is what makes Urban Outfitters a great place to shop. In terms of this particular location, it is decently sized, has a very helpful staff around the store, at checkout, and in the fitting room. The only thing I dont like when I shop there is that they have no bags that you can put what you plan to purchase inside of. Though they do provide service to hold any and all things up front by the register for when you are ready to check out. I really do love the variety of items, as it pleases my changing style, but also means I end up walking out of there spending lots of money. The only downfall is you better not set a budget, you will find yourself breaking it with no regrets.

Review №24

Looking for a nice dress for a funeral, highly disappointed by the cheap and skanky clothing. Would not recommend!

Review №25

Urban is probably one of the best stores you could shop at! you just have to have the money for it though. (a bit pricey if your on a budget).

Review №26

I love urban outfitters the had clearance prices on tons of home goods products and then 50% off the clearance price. For $75 I hot a king size comforter, a huge rug, a shelf for my beauty products, and a tapestry. Best day ever.

Review №27

Urban outfitters is not the store it once was. Super jacked prices and super tacky stuff!. The only thing Kool are the records. The staff are nice and helpful. I give this store less than a year if it doesnt pick up its act and start doing some smart buying.

Review №28

Staff were helpful and the new location is nice. Shout out to the manager for quick and friendly service.

Review №29

Huge selection & good stuff.

Review №30

Love there clothes and the set up of everything is amazing

Review №31

I purchased a nice jacket to my GF in the store. She likes it very much. good quality and nice purchase.

Review №32

Nice store! Very Covid conscious!

Review №33

Nothing special its a store like any other. Very organized and clean nice staff

Review №34

Its urban new location they recently moved from inside the cherry creek mall to their own building

Review №35

Nice selection but bring your big boy wallet

Review №36

New store. It needs some work. Still one of my favorite places to shop.

Review №37

Really cute clothes, decent prices. Super friendly and helpful staff. Great place

Review №38

I ordered for curbside pick up. When I had said I have arrived and filled out the information needed, I continued to wait for 45 minutes and no one came out. I them went to the door and it was locked, I called 6 times and the call kept hanging up on me. So I guess, dont do curbside pickup.

Review №39

Its one of my favourite stores.

Review №40

I love this store, I think they have wonderful products and brands. But recently I tried to make a purchase over the internet and discovered that they have the worst service in the world! HORRIBLE! First, the system canceled the first 3 attempts to purchase without any reason. I got in touch with customer service and finally I was able to make the purchase. But as my request was in back order it remained pending until they received the product again. I waited a month with a lot of patience and anxiety. Finely the product arrived in the store and I received another email saying that my credit card had not been accepted and that I should contact them to update the information. The same day, I contacted the store again, updated all the information and they told me that everything was ok now and I should to wait. Since I did not receive any emails updating the order status, I contacted again to confirm that it had worked. The person who answered me said that they managed to update everything and that I just had to wait (AGAIN). So today I open my email and find that my request has been canceled because my card was not accepted and said that I never contacted to confirm the information on the card. WHAT IS A LIE. I found a lack of respect with the consumer. I will never buy from this store again. Having to beg to receive a product is absurd! I’m really desappoited. I don’t recommend buy in this store.

Review №41

Pretty cool place they have a cool selections of Records priced very cheap

Review №42

Good selection and well organized. A bit over priced but unique items make for an interesting experience.

Review №43

Love every lil accesory they have! Super cute. Bought the mood nail polish, really cute colors.

Review №44

Rude cashier

Review №45

Its always wonderful.

Review №46

Employees are always friendly. Store is clean and organized.

Review №47

Store has a good layout and a variety of items for you to choose from

Review №48

I love this store. They have amazing products and the employees are always so nice and willing to help.

Review №49

I love going into this store to just look around. Everything is always so beautiful and well laid out. Im glad they finally go rid of their sale section, it was just awkward to search through all of those racks stuck in the corner.

Review №50

I really like this store because it has a little bit for everyone! From hipsters to businessman, anyone can find at least one thing they like here! Plus the non-clothing merchandise is hilarious!

Review №51

Cannot describe how bad it was. I bought a pair of boots sized 13. I have over 30 pairs of shoes....al sized 13. When I put them on they were very tight. I paid $10.00 to try to get them stretched. It didnt help. Sheena the manager told me to bring them in but Id have to take store credit as I didnt have my receipt. I came in and they offered me $9.99! I told them to shove their $9.99 (I spent more than that in gasoline getting there) and that I would NEVER be back!

Review №52

Great selection of cl9thing and other small things.

Review №53

I got the perfect dress, thanks:)

Review №54

Clean and nice staff or and employees

Review №55

Cool vibe, but its definitely a wealthy persons store in a wealthy persons mall

Review №56

Very good LPs deal, and nice clothes.

Review №57

Pretty good, there clothes have gotten cheap looking go. Go to the new Forever 21!

Review №58

Great selection of modern/hip clothing

Review №59

Good place. A little pricey for what it actually is.

Review №60

Fun atmosphere, people are kind of uppity. Things are quite expensive here as well.

Review №61

Even after all the controversy still one of my favorite pre teen stores to shop for my kids at

Review №62

Great store!!!! The stuff are generally really cool but they are overly expensive!!!!! A desk lamp is $98!

Review №63

Wonderful quality products, great prices, EXCELLENT customer assistance

Review №64

My daughters enjoys this store.

Review №65

Smaller location but good selection

Review №66

Great selection of everything you can think of

Review №67

Odd store. old navy updated. Very dirty. Front doors broken

Review №68

I been here 1000 times and evreytime they have the shop setup in a different way!!! I like it !!the staff is not super helpful thought!!

Review №69

Urban outfitters is great for any hypebeasts

Review №70

Urbans turned into an over priced thrift store.

Review №71

Got some great stuff

Review №72

“Drink until your dreams come true”?!?

Review №73

It’s urban outfitters, nothing else to say 😍

Review №74

Very cool store wih great products!

Review №75

Love how open the space feels

Review №76

Great store lots of choices

Review №77

They dont know how to handle special needs people.

Review №78

Great for hipsters & millennials

Review №79

Very good selection

Review №80


Review №81

Dont like the selection

Review №82

Ive no personal interest in the clothes, but the other stuff -- the books and novelties -- are fun to browse.

Review №83

Loved the store layout

Review №84

Cool vibe.

Review №85

Nice customer service

Review №86

Good selections

Review №87

Cheap quality

Review №88

It was closed!!

Review №89

Very cute hats, caps for winter

Review №90

Cute clothes

Review №91

Not my style

Review №92

They moved!

Review №93

Over the expected designs and cheap quality.

Review №94

Urban is a bit overpriced

Review №95

Love it.

Review №96


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3.7 Rating
  • Address:3000 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States
  • Site:https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/stores/cherry-creek-denver?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=local&utm_content=56
  • Phone:+1 303-399-5606
  • Clothing store
  • Beauty supply store
  • Fashion accessories store
  • Home goods store
  • Record store
  • Shoe store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:11AM–6PM
  • Sunday:11AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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