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Great store with interesting location in the very center of Moscow! Huge amount of high quality suits, shirts, shoes and accessories. Very polite and professional staff. Even for my tall and thin body weve managed to pick a couple suits pretty close by fit. Unfortunately not so close to buy one, but Im looking forward to visit them again when the new collection arrives.

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One of the most creative places in Moscow

Review №3

By far the best value for money. Ideal retail destination for men.

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Great suit shipping experience with good value

Review №5

The best best best....

Review №6

I was disappointed with the work of the staff in the store on Red October 03/07/20. They wanted to sew a tuxedo on order to their spouse. After discussing by telephone our visit and the purpose of arrival with a store employee, we came from far to Moscow. They were outraged that there was no tailor in place who took measurements. They tried to explain to us in the store that they did not correctly understand the purpose of our arrival, having decided that we only need to hem the finished product. Upon a request to invite an employee who answered by phone to the trading floor, they were refused, as was a refusal to give her name, as well as to invite a manager.With us, the seller called up with the master on the phone. The result of the conversation: in the coming days, none of the tailors will be in place. Unfortunately, in the store on the street. Big Dmitrovka the tailor also quit (information for buyers).This attitude of the staff does not contribute to customer loyalty.I recall the work of staff in a store in Rotterdam, where they enjoyed shopping.Natalya

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The steep museum is about the steep plant.

Review №8

Great costumes and brand. Store design, interior - everything is just class. The only thing that upsets is the arrogance of many consultants. Compared to them, Cyril from the store on Dmitrovka is one of the best, very friendly assistant. I don’t know, maybe this is such a policy of the brand, but, in my opinion, consultants should help any buyer, and not stand next to the view that those who want to buy a costume for 50,000, and not for 100,000 are rogues that are not worthy of their attention and time. However, perhaps this is due to the wrap that occurs along the way of goods to Moscow - 40%. This is probably why Suitsupply does not supply goods directly to Russia. Therefore, if you have a Schengen visa, fly to the cost of wrapping (15,000 rubles for basic models of costumes) better in Amsterdam and buy everything directly. There is more choice.

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Great selection, prices are above average

Review №10

Nice kitty shop

Review №11

A good store with pleasant friendly staff who are not too annoying, and a sufficiently large assortment of clothing! We found everything we were looking for. Prices are great, but it seems worth it

Review №12

I researched the mens suits market in Moscow for a long time and settled on Suitsupply.1) The Dutch are amazingly able to combine English standards in suits and Italian fashion2) Really cool quality for an affordable price - the choice of successful and practical people3) Decent service and uniform standards around the world

Review №13

Unfortunately, prices for tailoring costumes start from 74 thousand, and not from 36, as indicated on the site. Also, a specialist who will at least tell you something about sewing is available only by phone (you still need to make an appointment with him to dock in advance) and only on weekdays. And the selection of costumes is not bad. Models 20.

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As I understand it, this is not quite a Suitsupply branded store ... Most likely a franchise. For our buyers, this is a minus, since the price tag is still higher due to an additional participant. There is a confusion with prices - the site is in rubles, they are price tags, but this is exactly the Suitsupply online store, and offline everything is more expensive by 10 percent or more.The assortment itself is typical for the company. Good patterns, but everyone chooses the fabric according to his wallet.

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A great selection of well-tailored suits for a reasonable price. Polite consultant. There are no discounts, but it is value for money.

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Great selection of costumes. Very good quality clothes. Large selection of shoe accessories. Competent staff.

Review №17

Excellent shop

Review №18

Great and large mens clothing store. There are party services (they can narrow your shirt right at your side), there are private tailoring services.

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The price does not match the quality !!! Things are torn seam in the first months, we will never buy suits here again, they are just not quality unfortunately.

Review №20

An excellent selection of menswear. High quality goods at reasonable prices.

Review №21

I bought a wedding suit. Served, as expected, for such a level of the store. Costumes are very good for the money.

Review №22

Cool store! A wide selection of clothes, friendly staff.

Review №23

Perhaps this place is suitable for hipsters. Here you can make a lot of beautiful photos

Review №24

Good service, but the shirt is torn on the first day

Review №25

Very cool atmospheric place.

Review №26

Great quality costumes! A wide range of colors and sizes!

Review №27

Fast service, wide selection, good quality.

Review №28

Awesome store with first class service !!!

Review №29

Blows the spirit of antiquity and chocolate)))

Review №30

One of the best stores available for men. Great spring bows))

Review №31

Impressions are positive, prices from place to place hit the wallet

Review №32

An excellent selection of classic clothes, a large selection of sizes.

Review №33

Quality and service are on top, as are prices)

Review №34

Historical theme with a new way

Review №35

October red

Review №36

Great there

Review №37

A nice place

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Boots dream.

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