Regal Vintage
1866 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, United States
Review №1

I couldnt wait to visit this store. I walked in and just like that I was back in the 70s and Im loving it.Walking through this store and looking at all the decor and merchandise took me back in time. So much to look at and not enough time. So groovy baby!I was looking to sell some vintage clothing and I came to the right place.The owner purchased a few pieces of vintage clothes from me and I was appreciative of the prices he offered. He offered cash at a lower rate and an in store credit for a little more. This is a great place to find costumes for all occasions. The prices are so reasonable to purchase vintage items. Depending on the item you are looking for some like, props might be more costly.Stop by and browse you might find a great Halloween costume. There is also a dressing room if you need one.Easy to find, right off South Broadway and vivid colors!

Review №2

Great store awesome clothes. really friendly shopkeeper

Review №3

Great tees and 70s jeans. My kids loved it. Super nice staff

Review №4

Such a cool store and the manager was so sweet! He was so patient and super kind, and just an great person in general! The store also had so many cool pieces and something for everyone! Definetly go if you can - I will for sure be coming back! Thank you for such a great store and fun experience!

Review №5

Such fun clothes! It immediately made me happy when I walked in. Great music too!

Review №6

Amazing place must go to if your around it.

Review №7

Ive been before but the hours are currently incorrect and I drove 30 minutes to find them closed. Thankfully there are plenty of other thrift, vintage, antiques stores nearby that meet my needs. Call before going to ensure they are open!

Review №8

Interesting, full of lots of different things

Review №9

Stumble into this store walking down Broadway. Was extremely surprised at how much they had. They have all the coolest trends from each decade separated out nicely across the store. Will be back soon to scoop a 70s groovy outfit!

Review №10

The selection at this store is so fun to browse. I love the feel of the store and the memories that such a variety of pieces conjure up. I’ve come in with my kiddos a few times and I just have to say, Steve is beyond kind to them. He always chats with them and gives them a treat. This last time we were in (Valentine’s Day) he let them pick a treat and he gave them each a balloon with hearts and their names drawn on. It’s all they talked about the rest of the afternoon! Thank you for being an example of a kind human to my kiddos!

Review №11

Always stocked with amazing quality vintage items and everything in-between!

Review №12

Owner & manager both polite and patient as we dithered over their amazingly varied stock. Owner worked with us so we could walk away with an extraordinary rhinestone dress from the 60s. They also carry buttons and costume jewelry. The only problem was the incense smell is so overpowering that my wife wheezed the rest of the day. But the dress was worth it!

Review №13

My favorite vintage store of all time. I have bought so many amazing pieces at amazing prices... from vintage snow boots to lovely cocktail dresses. Addicted!

Review №14

Love this place. Always make the stop when Im near by. Have no memory of ever thinking something was overpriced...even things in the $100 range... but most is 15 to 30

Review №15

Absolutely loved this shop!! Very cool assortment of vintage items. We spent a long time in here browsing. Clothes, jewelry, costumes, patches, enamel pins, ties, 80s and 90s, Western, shoes, ski jackets, neon leggings... They had it all! Friendly and patient guy working there. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Review №16

Awesome vintage shop! Filled to the brim with stuff to look at. Everything was at great prices too! With a super friendly shopkeeper to boot!

Review №17

Store does have Vintage items but not a wofe selection. The employee didnt really take his time to help me and was fairly snappy. You may have better luck at Goodwill!

Review №18

The best vintage store in all of the metro area- it’s legitimately a treasure chest. Regal is my favorite store and I always find what I’m looking for. It’s sorted by decade/era, you can find a suit from the 1890s to gaper ski suits to an Elaine Benes dress. Love this store and one of the owners, Clint, was super helpful and down to earth. Knows the store in and out if you’re looking for something in particular. My favorite tank tops and sweatshirts come from Regal... top notch. Thank you guys for making every sketch show / Halloween an absolute success the last five years!! 🙃

Review №19

Walked in with my service dog and the soft timbred male owner behind the counter said that his cat would come and attack my dog so I needed to go outside. Um....what?Edit: apparently you neither your employee understand what a service dog is, nor that requesting I keep it outside legally is a discriminatory practice.Please educate yourselves!!

Review №20

Came to this vintage store for the first time after reading positive reviews. This place definitely has charm and a great selection of vintage clothing items for men and women. The space is tight, so be prepared to get intimate. I met Steve, one of the owners, and you can tell he really wants his customers to have a great shopping experience. I will definitely return!

Review №21

So many itmes!! A great place to find costumes or everyday clothing! So many items you couldnt find anywhere else and my favorite vintage store.The staff is friendly and always willing to help!Best part but an outfit use it and then sell it back to them ^^

Review №22

Lots of cool stuff in here!!! And the people who run it are very nice!!

Review №23

My husband and I went here last weekend, and I loved it! Its not just old stuff, but really cool vintage stuff, and they even have a kids section. We were actually there to look for something for my 5 year old, so it was perfect. Some of the craziest ladies pants Ive ever seen, all very well organized and presented. Loved this place!

Review №24

Such a great collection of vintage clothing. everything is in great condition for its age. very friendly staff. they also have a big beautiful cat named polyester that roams around and hes so sweet.

Review №25

For all of your flash to the past retro clothing needs, visit the guys at Regal Vintage. You can get personalized fashion advice from vintage pros if you’re looking to dress to impress. Their selection is high quality and surprisingly well kept for the age of some of their items.

Review №26

Ill always stop in and get something every time I come home to Denver!

Review №27

This is a cool little spot filled to the max and about to blow the seams out of the building. I went there with the wife bc she wanted to go and I don’t have interest in this stuff but it was super cool. If you like this kinda stuff you’ll love this place as my wife did.

Review №28

I absolutely LOVE this store!! I always find something amazing and fabulous, and their prices are very reasonable. They always have something great if you have a special occasion, or if you just want something totally different, chic or hip. And even though smaller, their selection of quality gems by far outshines flossys!! Keep up the great work gentlemen :)

Review №29

Great selection on vintage items formal to casual, and the staff was very friendly! I bought a gorgeous dress and purse for New Years Eve and the pricing was very affordable.I also traded in a formal dress and received more cash for it than I expected having sold to previous shops. Quite an enjoyable shopping experience!

Review №30

Plenty to choose from, clothes organized by era / decade so easy to look for what you want. Also love the enormous fluffy shop kitty that came over to me looking for some lovins

Review №31

Helpful, good selection. Perfect for when your friend throws an eighties party or a 1920s night.

Review №32

Simply the best place for what you need

Review №33

Great selection. Great service. I found a lot of items I can wear at Burning Man!

Review №34

Didnt buy anything this time because it is pricey (only as much as any vintage store) but we will be back! They are jam packed with the COOLEST clothes and accessories!!

Review №35

Bought a couple of things here for my birthday party. Great items but the vintage sweater that I bought for $55 dollars didnt fit properly. Took it back to get a refund only to be told they would give me 30% of what we paid for it. Sad.............make sure you have enough time to try everything on because their prices are high and if you have to take back a truly vintage piece, you get ripped off.

Review №36

I enjoyed my first visit but when I went to return my item, they were not open during their posted hours and no sign on the door. If you’re not going to be open during your posted hours, at least put a sign on the door.

Review №37

Great selection of fashionable clothes at great prices with very upbeat and friendly staff. I cant wait to go back.

Review №38

True vintage

Review №39

Wonderful vintage clothing selection Great prices. Well organized Clean quality clothing.

Review №40

Cool spot to find some second hand retro gear. Staff have always been very friendly. The only reason I didnt give 5 stars - the prices can be a bit high for second hand clothing.

Review №41

Great stuff in here and friendly staff. I get compliments on the stuff I get from here all the time.

Review №42

I drove 25 mile across town since they told me they would be open on 4/17. Shop was CLOSED. Nota happy camper. Ill take my business else where.

Review №43

This place has an incredible selection. The guy working at the front is super cool to chat with.

Review №44

Wonderful selection, affordable prices, and the staff was super friendly. Highly recommend.

Review №45

Found some of the cutest vintage clothes for my toddler! The guy working, I assume owner was nice and friendly with us☺️

Review №46

Overwhelmed with all the neat stuff. really cool place

Review №47

This is the best vintage store in Denver. And great prices

Review №48

Wow sushi an amazing place. Owners are very nice and helpful

Review №49

Very eclectic clothing store! First time in.

Review №50

Fabulous place to shop for vintage clothing

Review №51

Very interesting place, owner is super nice three are unique pieces.

Review №52

Best vintage clothing and costume shop in denver period. Prices are not cheap, but the selection in the overstuffed shop is amazing.

Review №53


Review №54

Never been inside, bit items look cool and retro, so I recommend you to check it out.

Review №55

Clothing is indeed vintage, and affordable! The clerks are very helpful and fun.

Review №56

They actually open at 12 throughout most of the week... apparently. Ive tried to go to this store two times: the first, I waited till a quarter past noon and they didnt open. The second, the same thing happened. So infuriated, theres no way Im going to even try again.

Review №57

Cute shop with a huge selection and cat who hangs out among the clothes

Review №58

Great selection, friendly staff, and a cute shop cat.

Review №59

A great little thrift shop that has a little bit of everything no matter what youre looking for and the guys that work there are great

Review №60

Variety of period specific costumes in good condition and available for fair prices.

Review №61

Great vintage clothing with a great buy back program!

Review №62

Cute stuff but the owner was so rude, he refused to let me try on a dress bc my waist looked to big and I might damage the non existant zipper. I will never go back as I left a woman tell me he did the same thing to her and refused to take a dress down for her daughter bc she was not 100% on it with out trying it on.

Review №63

Great vintage clothing! Awesome shop!

Review №64

Lots of fun clothes along with a friendly atmosphere, prices can be a bit cheaper, overall a good place to by vintage clothing.

Review №65

Something for every style and budget here! I love this store!

Review №66

If youre looking for 80s and 90s apparel and knick-knacks, then this is the place. A little pricey and could use more grotesque Halloween costumes and decor.

Review №67

Nice selection of vintage clothing and accessories, albeit in small space. Friendly staff.

Review №68

This place has a great selection, reasonable prices, and really friendly staff. A winning combination!

Review №69

Rude attitudes dont make up for unique clothes offerings.

Review №70

This store is AMAZING

Review №71

I LOVE this store!!

Review №72

Great variety

Review №73

Great selection!

Review №74

Love the clothes

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4.4 Rating
  • Address:1866 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-830-0216
  • Vintage clothing store
  • Clothing store
  • Used clothing store
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–6PM
  • Thursday:11AM–6PM
  • Friday:11AM–6PM
  • Saturday:12–4PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Buys used goods:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
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