Review №1

The store was very well organized and the bar inside was an awesome surprise. I was able to have brunch there!

Review №2

Good but, little bit high price to me 😥

Review №3

Good food,good service and affordable

Review №4

Horrible experience with shoes dept. sales staff and manager. Never go there! Save your $ and shop for the same shoes elsewhwere! Should be 0 star.Waisted 1 hour of my time. They made up all types of crazy reasons for why they cant accept an online purchase return. I had to call the online NM representative myself while in the store to assist (thank you Janice from Texas!) which point they conveniently changed their mind. Completely ridiculous!

Review №5

Favorite place to shop and have a quick cocktail in the midst of my perusing.

Review №6

I enjoyed having lunch while seeing perfect Hawaii scenery!

Review №7

Lunch at Mariposa is always a win and especially after a day of shopping!

Review №8

Beautiful department store very chic elegant great place to do shopping

Review №9

Stephen Kalama is extremely knowledgeable with Tom fords line of fragrances. He took the extra time to go though the entire line and found the perfect one for me. Thanks again stephen for everything.

Review №10

If I had an endless shopping card limit, the card would be [email protected]

Review №11

A fantastic wedding anniversary gift meal!Started with the ample and well executed popovers with consomme. I will say as a fine dining experience the waiter said broth where the menu says consumme, it definitely was chicken broth and not consomme, from my experience in the culinary arts :) regardless the popover was delicious and accompanied by slightly sweetened guava butter.Next up was the 3 cheese board. We selected a blue, brie and manchego. It was accompanied by fruit past gels, candied nuts, crackers and slices strawberry. All pleasant and fresh. The manchego was about 6 months or less aged, the brie was creamy and had no acidity or bite so perhaps double creme or triple and the blue was not too pungent. All tasted delicious and the portions were quite large.My wife had the Atlantic salmon with salad and it was cooked just below mid rare which is exactly how fine dining should serve salmon, allowing it to finish in the resting period prior to service. It was fresh, seasoning vibrant and just fell apart with slight fork pressure.I had the grassfed wagyu burger rare and it was cooked and seasoned exactly as it should be. The portion, generous and the build of the burger correct. Toasted bun, aioli, lettuce tomatoes onion cheese burger lettuce aioli bun.They kindly brought out a small burnt creme dessert with a candle. It too was delicious.I always reccomend friends and family try Mariposas. Its fine dining feel with out fine dining prices compared to Alan Wongs.

Review №12

Lunch @ the Espresso in Neiman Marcus, lobster sandwich a mus try item. Very delicious & njoyable..

Review №13

Great shopping g experience

Review №14

Best place ever....

Review №15

Very clean and always so nice at the store. Please everyone support this store to shop more.

Review №16

Loved the tomahawk steak at Mariposa

Review №17

Nice place to eat and shop

Review №18

My favorite place to go. Great food and elegant ambiance.

Review №19

Great store very high class

Review №20

Good place with meet friends and small

Review №21

Customer service is excellent, especially the male Creed representative in fragrance. He will go above and beyond to meet your needs, and is great uplifting conversation as well. The store represents what a department store should be. It is well-curated, staffed excellently, and Mariposa to dine and the cafe are great. They also have a lovely collection of artwork hanging throughout the store. They are progressive in cosmetics and have started embracing eco-friendly brands. It’s a fun store to shop!

Review №22

They are so keen on serving and treating their clientele there with that exceptional personal touch. The Tom Ford boutique has my heart. I purchased a new scent and two travel sizes of two other favorites AND paid my NM credit card bill. Thats service!!

Review №23

Beautiful store as always. Customer service was lacking and no one asked if I needed a dressing room or help. I was holding pieces of clothing walking around for at least 10 minutes and no one spoke to me. They definitely cater to Japanese tourists.

Review №24

Customer service here was great. Every employee we passed welcomed us. I thought since it was a high end store employees would look at us as if we cant afford anything in there. Surprisingly prices in there are not to bad. Brother bought a bag at a decent price.

Review №25

Exelent, high quality branded products,

Review №26

Place is ok, food is alright, Bathrooms need to be revamped.

Review №27

Location is great. It is clean it needs to be updated. They forgot to leave enough fresh towels few times.

Review №28

I bought fragrances on this trip and the sales associate was helpful, knowledgeable and attentive. She knew the different fragrance lines and was able to recommend some additional samples to go along with my usual scent that I was purchasing. She also threw in the promotional item that wasnt starting until tomorrow.

Review №29

Great neckties!

Review №30

Always a great store.

Review №31

Great lunch menu and its a tradition my family and I have every year.

Review №32

Good service staff and reasonable high end pricing

Review №33

We had lunch at the bistro on the mall level. Great food, & fast, friendly service. Get there early, there is limited seating.

Review №34

Clothes to expensive and young for my taste. The restaurant on the top floor is pretty good. The bar on the second level is where I spend my time while my wife shops. I like the pistachios there. Selection of beer is limited, but it is a small bar.

Review №35

Customer service was horrendous at this location. We waited over ten minutes until we had to interrupt the sales associate from a personal conversation she was having with a friend to assist us with designer sunglasses . Her coworker could not even be bothered to acknowledge our presence until after we spoke with the other associate. Then the first associate tried to force the sale which is completely unprofessional. We will not be returning to this location again

Review №36

Great atmosphere! Nice place to dine. Not a place for a quick stop. Its a place for leisure dining. We took a friend there for her birthday. Plan to go there for a meal. Well worth all the popovers you can eat. Strawberry butter and regular butter is served with it. I ordered a Salmon entree. It was exceptional. Good service, too. This is at Ala Moana Shopping Center on the Makai side (oceanside). Free parking. Theres also valet parking.

Review №37

Wow, really expensive clothesthat just dont look expensive. We love playing the game of look at the clothing item and guess the price. It really is that extensive - and then about dike that again. Its fun to walk through and look, but mauve keep your wallet back at the hotel. Thete ate better places to ship in Ala Moana than here

Review №38

Mothers Day luncheon at Mariposa. Creative menu, tasty, delicious food, great service! However I was disappointed as to our seating. It was to the side of the serving entrance, constant flow of servers, just was not a relaxing atmosphere. That was the only disappointment, as I made the reservations 2 wks prior. Other than that love the restaurant and its ambiance!

Review №39

Clean nice customer service is GREATVery accommodating if they dont have something no order it for you I loved it thank you.

Review №40

Good lunch overlooking the Pacific. Very enjoyable.

Review №41

I think Ill go back to get the Aventus by Creed. The gentleman was very nice and that means a lot! The prices are worth it.

Review №42

I love Neiman Marcus. Its a high end place to shop. Its 100% aunthenticity for name brand products and fashion. Its also a great place to eat and the place is clean.

Review №43

Friendly, attentive service, beautiful setting, delicious food, great value.

Review №44

There is a restaurant on the top of Neiman Marcus that Is to die for. Food delish although a bit pricy. Their bread is like eating air. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Review №45

Stunning store in Ala Moana with sooo many products to choose from. Its also not too busy like the rest of the center.

Review №46

Also a nice venue with consistent service and food quality.

Review №47

Exquisite collection of kotomori and Robert Graham. Cha ching.

Review №48

Mariposa restaurant on the 3rd floor is excellent. Good view of Ala Moana Park as well.

Review №49

Visited my friends that work there Val Porter Manager of 3rd floor restaurant Mariposa and Lazar Joseph waiter at the Mermaid Bar😎Got me out of the heat and got something yummy to eat

Review №50

Went to the Mariposa Roomm. Delicious food, however the wait was a bit long today.

Review №51

Lilia Ogata was awesome and so helpful to me. She took the time to search for what I was looking for and found it. Wool pants. Honestly I called Nordstroms and Macys. Nordstroms tried to help and looked for the black wool pants but didnt have them. The girl at Macys was totally unfamiliar with their merchandise and not willing to search for the item.

Review №52

Late lunch at Mariposa with ocean views, cant beat it. Good food, outstanding service

Review №53

Unbelievably great friendly people

Review №54

Clean and friendly staff in the mens section. Mariposa is very nice.

Review №55

Service excellent, spacious, lunch menu nice portions and tasty and filling...

Review №56

Great service. A variety of products found only at the store.

Review №57

Called into customer service because there was a problem with my credit card account. When I tried to resolve the issue with the loss prevention manager Shawn Higa he completly disregarded anything I had to say even though I verified all of my information for him as he requested. This animal spoke to me like if I was the scum of the Earth and closed my account and transferred me to a Kmart customer service number. As awful as this sounds its true. I was taken back by this so I called back and was never able to get in touch with a manager. I had to call back 5 times just to get an address so I can submit a complaint. I have had it with this RACIST instituion who treats its Brown and Black customer as if their money is worth nothing. I will never shop here again and I hope that this review gets many views so that people know what kind of people work here and how they treat their customer. I wanted to give this company 0 stars but apparently you must give something to write a review but I give this place negative reviews for their treatement of customers.

Review №58

Such a limited range and very unhelpful staff. If you want a specialist then dont bother as they dont have the range or product knowledge. While the store is layed out well and it looks great it is superficial.

Review №59

The girls shopped forever, and I met them at the restaurant on the upper level for a delicious lunch that started off with the best chicken broth shots and pop overs youve had outside of your moms house!!

Review №60

Nice place to shop for higher end attire and products

Review №61

Very nice, but not my price range!😥🤙

Review №62

Went to exchange a gift and the sales person was very helpful and very accommodating.

Review №63

Ayako sales associate in 3 F gourmet candies and cookies Department very helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you Ayako san!

Review №64

Beautiful products, mainland & International appeal, at a good, easy access line location...

Review №65

Good quality. Helpful staff.

Review №66

Mark in mens is always helpful!

Review №67

Meh, it was Neimans. No better or worse than any other

Review №68

A great location. The Mariposa rest

Review №69

So much selection great customer service

Review №70

Mariposa. Love the popover. Pork belly, 5 cheese platter and a warmed Remy XO.

Review №71

Always a great time at NM!

Review №72

NO department employee come out to help you. No price match for any of the valentinos or balenciaga where right next door has 15~ 20% off all items called hawaii priceAlso I learned same cosmetics sold much much cheaper at DFS, cosmetics not in DFS such as chantecaille are sold in bloomingdales with much nicer employees and better return policy. Here I went to chantecaille and try on a lot of stuff but no one come to help. Maybe entire department store I saw 2 or 3 people who actually did come out to see me in the 3 year span I lived in hawaii. Too bad, I still use NM to pick up online merchandise not sold anywhere else in hawaii such as moose knuckles

Review №73

Great service at Eileen Fisher and in the restaurant too

Review №74

Mariposa Restaurant food was good

Review №75

Best deparment store in Hawaii👍👍👍

Review №76

Most of the workers on the 1st flr. are not to friendly

Review №77

Awesome salesgirl-Linda Doi

Review №78

Mariposa was excellent.

Review №79

EXPENSIVE AF! only come here to hang around.

Review №80

Great food in the restaurant - world class

Review №81

The very best in customer service.

Review №82

Nice place with open view.

Review №83

I always have a good experience here.

Review №84

Labor day!, great ocean view!!, great service!

Review №85

Good staff and nice special collections

Review №86

Looking for animal prints, and I want a journal and stationary too.

Review №87

Excellent lunch at Mermaid Bar

Review №88

Mariposa room meal was great

Review №89

Great place for lunch with view

Review №90

They close way too early. Should close when the mall closes, not several hours prior.

Review №91

Just went here to pee. Bathroom wasnt impressive.

Review №92

Prefect place for great selections

Review №93

Mermaid Room is excellent.

Review №94

Best food in Ala Moana.

Review №95

They have changed their return policy and money back is offered only for returns within 30 days.

Review №96

Excellent food and service.

Review №97

Sold a kidney to shop here.

Review №98

Always a fun experience

Review №99

A grand department store. Just to walk around and dream. Or find a purchase or three.

Review №100

Nice department store.

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