Mountain Khakis Flagship Store Denver
1412 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
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Ive always had a good experience shopping there and would recommend it. This shopping center is a must-see.

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Bought a pair of pants and a flannel from this store after it was recommended by a friend. The clothes look great but I have an impossible time drying them. I have to put the pants through the dryer multiple times to get the wrinkles out and even still they dont come out great. I dont want to over dry them and shrink them but at the same time I dont see the point in ironing pants/flannels. The pants are also really heavy and not practical. The pockets are so tight that its hard to take my phone out.

Review №3

A great store with an amazing selection of clothing for the outdoor enthusiast. Love a store that makes you feel welcomed when you walk in to shop. On a nice stretch of shopping in Larimer Square.

Review №4

I was in Denver for some “window shopping” but couldn’t resist Mountain Khakis! Stephen and Dan made my shopping experience super special. I’ll be back for more! Thanks for such great products and customer care!

Review №5

Low Quality, Especially Considering PriceI purchased a $200 Mountain Khakis wool zip-up at a place in Utah early last winter and have worn it about 25 times, tops; its lining is coming undone in multiple places. I greatly like the outer wool material and overall design, but I just took it in to a seamstress to fix pocket lining that came completely apart, and when she turned the jacket inside out to get at the pocket, she discovered (and showed me) that the lining in the sleeves is also coming undone.Really? Barely a year of light wear and the lining in a $200 jacket is falling apart? Very bummed. I like Mountain Khakis clothes design, but if this is representative of Mountain Khakis quality, this first of its products that Ive tried is the last that Ill try.

Review №6

We’ve always had an excellent shopping experience at this store. Today they went above and beyond for me. Thank you for being so kind to me and my son. We’re customers for life.

Review №7

Awesome store. I didnt actually buy anything but the guy at the counter was handing out drinks and snacks. Will definitely stop back again (when I have money).

Review №8

The store has a great vibe as soon as you walk in, plaids and flannels all around with a nice outdoors feel... The owner of the the store greated us warmly and after a bit of talking and picking out an outfit or two my wife and I were offered a beer or whiskey on the house. There arent many places like this left in a world of Stitch Fix and Amazon... I would highly recommend any one that is in the area stop by and look at adding a new outfit to their wardrobe.

Review №9

Fun experience! They give you a shot if you wear the clothing out, and have games to win discounts! Great quality brand with lots of variety!!

Review №10

I bought a Beene, some khakis of course and a white t shirt that had a Red buffalo on it love their clothing. Also the person working that day was so nice to my family and I. I think his name was Mark or maybe Matthew sorry I’m bad with names but he’s an excellent work. So thank you Mark for showing my family and I such great customer service.

Review №11

Fun store. Whiskey with purchase. Whats not to love

Review №12

Wow. Just such cool clothes and accessories. Great quality. The owner was so nice to our kid! We came back the next day. So happy with our purchases!!! We will be back when in Denver and plan to shop online.

Review №13

Great team and management. Excellent and rugged apparel. Absolutely a solid value for the quality. Check out the fleece lined flannel outdoor promised, its the perfect whiskey shirt.

Review №14

The clothes have a wide variety of sizes, so that is much appreciated. The staff was very friendly, welcoming, and willing to help out as much as possible!

Review №15

Had such a great shopping experience! AWESOME staff! Thank you for a great experience!

Review №16

Very nice place, excellent selection and quality products.The Owner and staff were nice and very accommodating. They also give veterans discounts.

Review №17

Its frustrating to check the hours on the Internet, drive out to Denver, find parking, and then find that the store isnt open at 12:10pm on Wednesday.

Review №18

Super helpful and nice. Really nice location. Best pants Ive ever owned

Review №19

Im very disappointed with your new Denver flagship retail location handling of my retail purchase. It was my first time visiting the store today. I had two items (1 pair of pants and a pair of board-shorts) I needed to return from an online purchase that did not fit (that would give me a credit). I wanted to buy four pairs of pants for over $400. When I went to pay for the pants I gave them two gift cards. Your store employee told me that I was only allowed to use one gift card per visit. So, I said great Ill only buy two pairs of pants and come back on a different day to buy the other two colors. He said I still had $14.16 on my gift card. I thought the whole thing was dumb because it went from a transaction where I was giving the store money... to a transaction where I leave upset knowing I have to make a second 40 minute drive to Denver. Then when I get home I read on the gift card that This Gift Card must be used in its entirety. Any unused portion of the value will be forfeited after the transaction. What a ripoff! I will never go back to your Denver location again. I cant believe I have to eat difference because the store was out of plastic charge cards and that your employee was so dumb that he would lose a customer like that. Ive been wearing and buying your brand since your first Outdoor Retailer show. To the level that I brought you in as a brand to my retail store and its still in the same store today. I have worn through several pairs of your Original Mountain Pants and thats no easy job. Just because I worn then so much at work and they last. Now I finally had a local store that had everything in one location that they could find in the catalog and a place I could send my co-workers and the people who would compliment my attire at my new job. But, now I wont because I feel ripped by an untrained flagship store location employee. It was Order # 1388 on11/14/2017 @ #:19PM Credit Memo#: CM18184. I hope you can retrain your employee on how to treat potential customers and how to represent the brand.Ive managed a ton of retail stores in my past, including the Patagonia store a few blocks away from your Denver location and Ive never left a store more confused as to why they would not let me spend my money there. There was no sceen at the store so the employee who worked with me (and he was training another employee at the register while doing my transaction) might not remember me at all. I have to reach out here because the Denver store doesnt have an email contact that I can find on your site. I hope you can help me find a reason to stay with the brand.

Review №20

SUCH A FUN EXPERIENCE! Unbelievably cozy flannels, whiskey, wear it out discounts, it smells like a campfire, on a beautiful street and great hospitality!

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The best! What an awesome shopping eperience!!Amazing customer service, charming store.

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Great service and selection.

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So i wrote a huge review then google decided to crash and i just cant write it again. So awesome pants! Even better staff! Runs small so if you dont want to see what the definition is of muffin top try on one size up. I am normally a 32w 30l, my mk 33w 30l are perfect, the pants i just bought(without trying on) at 32w 30l were a struggle bus to clasp. Here is hoping for some stetch. Anyway thanks MK for the great product. Dont get cheap on us. Like so many other companies

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High quality clothing, professional and kind staff!

Review №25

Friendly staff and great clothing

Review №26

Ive never had a favorite clothes store (its a guy thing) but I walk out of this store owning new clothes every time I visit Denver. See you soon MK!!

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Cool shop in the middle of a trendy area!

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I saluted the Mountain Khakis Admiral at this flagship store

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Best Customer experience ever!

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Too expensive

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  • Address:1412 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202, United States
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  • Phone:+1 303-505-1566
  • Clothing store
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  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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