Review №1

It was so nice experience in loft cafe

Review №2

Time really does fly in this place,Great

Review №3

I love this place

Review №4

A great place for a pleasant pastime with delicious drinks and snacks (really tasty, by the way) and a large selection of entertainment for every taste :)I had a strange situation - I work remotely and for two weeks I had to settle in a place where I could work from 8 am or earlier. There is only one such place in our city and this is Loft :) You can come at least at two in the morning.When you sit in some place for several hours every day, you start to pay attention to different details. I will share what I noticed.Attitude towards clients, preparation of rooms for guests, cleanliness around - everything shows how cool the administrators do their job. Nastya, Roma, Vitya, Artyom, Albina, Dasha (sorry if I forgot someone) - thank you very much for your professionalism! I believe that whoever found these people is a recruiting genius.They seem to feel who needs to turn up the sound, who needs to turn down, who will be more comfortable and how.You can be sure that in this cafe you will not be communicated with contempt or condescension, as is, unfortunately, sometimes the case. You will be 100% taken care of: 3You see how all kinds of people come to this place at any time and have a good time, and this is the most important thing. Its cool that the employees seem to like everything too, otherwise there would not be that amazing atmosphere. It’s illegal to be so friendly in this city!Loft, thank you for sheltering!

Review №5

Beautiful place! Great administrators and a cozy atmosphere! I would like to come back again!100 out of 10!

Review №6

Perfect place! A lot of board games, there is even chess and backgammon. For 3.5 hours, they paid 338 rubles per person. Of the teas - only packaged Greenfield, 10 pieces of different flavors. There is also a coffee machine that can make not only coffee, but also hot chocolate. The selection of cookies is small, mostly simple.There is also playstation. Of the minuses - you cannot pay by card, only by transfer.

Review №7

A wonderful place with a unique atmosphere. Nice staff, we will definitely come back here with friends)

Review №8

A place for a super-duper pastime for people of any age, alone, or better in a large company, at any time of the day. Normal prices, clean, comfortable, helpful, friendly staff. Recommend!!! Administrator Adelina is always very kind, will help, explain, cheer up, always clean and ready to receive guests)

Review №9

Visited this place with friends for the first time. I liked everything, from the work of the administrator and the decor to the state of the toilet. Huge selection of board games, plenty of space. Delicious coffee and hookah, a large selection of tea and biscuits. Loft, wait for us again!

Review №10

We periodically run into this cafe, which always pleases with interesting events and where there is always something to do. You won’t be bored even in a nice conversation with the administrators, of which it is worth noting Nastya and Roman - funny, cheerful and sociable))

Review №11

Time-cafe LOFT - a great place! Time flies imperceptibly, especially with a friendly company. A large number of different board games, a prefix, a library, a hookah, unlimited for tea and coffee with sweets, a cinema, polite staff and a cute parrot Loftik. Food and drinks can be ordered or brought with you. In general, now I will often go here.P. S. The birthday is free for the birthday person.

Review №12

The first time in anti-Coffee, the impressions are wonderful, at 4 oclock in the morning they immediately answered the call, very friendly staff, everything is very comfortable, cozy, the most peaceful and calm atmosphere. We liked everything, there were only good impressions

Review №13

Great place to sit with the company, a large selection of board games, video game consoles, a cinema, good coffee, tea.

Review №14

Celebrated the birthday of their son. All liked it

Review №15

Cozy. You can spend time at your leisure. Consoles, board games, musical instruments and hookah. Free tea, coffee and buns)

Review №16

It is especially useless to tell something if you previously disappeared in childhood in places where hourly people play curling iron or a computer and love a little informal atmosphere - go to the loft - you will not regret it

Review №17

A good place

Review №18

I liked the work of the administrator Danil. A very polite and sensitive attitude towards visitors, one gets the impression thanks to the work of the administrator that you are always welcomed in the cafe. Had a great time.

Review №19

Beautiful place. Warm and cozy atmosphere, friendly admins. A chic place to spend time with friends

Review №20

Perfect place. Many different games) nice staff. Good prices 👍

Review №21

Nice atmosphere, good staff, a lot of board and computer games, as well as a lot of sweets and hot drinks.

Review №22

Cool place, cozy, with teas and coffee, different games, just super he

Review №23

The place is just awesome, the atmosphere is great, the games are superOnly the only negative, very uncomfortable chairs (sofa), the back and legs are numbAnd everything is just super, I love you! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review №24

Ok, but the biscuits were dry. Bring back delicious gingerbread Christmas trees !!! (Shouting);

Review №25

Found a bunch of great guys here.

Review №26

A great place to relax, cozy atmosphere: you can play board games and drink tea.

Review №27

Great place, we come with children, a lot of games for every taste cookies, coffee, tea, cocoa in a free supplement, its just super) well come back here сюда very cozy уют

Review №28

The price is average, so I added 1 star.Lets go in order: the toilet is stuffy and dirty. Sofas are dirty.The coffee there is of cheap quality. Naturally, it is not tasty.The administrator with a black beard and glasses turned out to be some kind of cattleGames on consoles are the same type and boring. Gamepads are empty.

Review №29

The place is good, only the current administrator in the person of Anastasia leaves much to be desired, she was rude when they wanted to ask a guy for help from the cinema, this person was sitting and giggling at the poker table, scoring on the guests, Viola was running around like crazy, she has no complaints, except how to hang out there, this person knows how and does something in general? The evening was ruined ...

Review №30

Everything is wonderful in this time cafe. The staff is friendly, helpful, responsible. There is a small variety of coffee drinks. Five different types of tea. Cookies are always present. Two consoles, a huge TV, soft and comfortable chairs, warm rugs. There are also board games, but there are few of them, most of them are at least four and incomplete. Otherwise, everything is fine

Review №31

Perfect place! Daniel is the best admin!)

Review №32

My favorite place for all occasions. An evening of board games or a night of video games, a company to celebrate or to relax together - youve come to the right place!

Review №33

Great design and price

Review №34

Great place to hang out with friends. Cozy atmosphere, various entertainments. Administrators are welcoming and welcoming in a special atmosphere. Separate love for Nastya and Vita. Keep up the good work❤️

Review №35

Very nice staff. large selection of board games, drinks and sweets. incredibly comfortable sofas and even have a guitar. prices do not bite. amused tariff rogue. place satisfied. we advise you, and let us go again

Review №36

A cozy place, I use it to the fullest when the window is in the schedule, I advise all students🥲

Review №37

We really enjoyed having a good time.

Review №38

Fine. There are xbox, ps4, coffee and snacks.

Review №39

A great place to sit with a company, there is a console, board games, a hookah and of course coffee with cookies

Review №40

A wonderful place for a big company and just for spending time with your soul mate. Very tasty drinks, especially hot chocolate. Maintains the wonderful atmosphere of a cute parrot.

Review №41

Great place, nice atmosphere, many different consoles and helpful staff, I recommend visiting!

Review №42

Every time I come and everything is fine. The atmosphere is created by excellent administrators. They always smile and help if there are requests.

Review №43

A large number of board games and cookies! great place to spend time with friends

Review №44

Perfect place. A lot of games. The company of 10 people did not get bored.

Review №45

Great atmosphere, helpful staff. Tea, coffee and other drinks. Delicious cookies, a lot of board games in a complete set, guitars and accessories for consoles in excellent condition. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT IS PARROT!

Review №46

Cool place.You can sit and play board games, sit in the cinema, play consoles. Drink hot (tea, coffee).In general, if you want to have a good time, then come to Loft Anti-Cafe and enjoy your time)))))

Review №47

Cozy, there are several consoles, a separate cinema, coffee, tea, nice decor. The staff is friendly. The only thing is that there are few board games and there are no events with them.

Review №48

12/10 at your fingertips 🥶🥶🥶

Review №49

Nice place, the best choice for hanging out of any kind: sThe best chairs that I saw, I want to sit on them forever and the same wonderful admins with:

Review №50

Very good

Review №51

Ideal for viewing spiders and ponies

Review №52

Great time cafe. Very nice and helpful administrators, there is all sorts of interesting things, and overall quite comfortable.

Review №53

Interesting design, many board games, a small cinema and a couple of consoles plus a large screen, as well as free drinks (various tea, coffee machine). For guitarists - electric guitar and classical. What else do you need to have a good time with friends?

Review №54

Red place to relax with friends.

Review №55

Excellent anti-cafe. Nice staff and an unbelievably cool coffee machine (which also makes hot chocolate!)Two ps4, xbox, lots of board games and a cute parrot. Love this place

Review №56

Starlet for desktops and consolesFor coffee and cookiesCozy atmospherePolite staffAnd Loftika, of course:>

Review №57

Very cozy. Administrator is a very good girl, its very nice to be in this place. Many consoles, there is even a Guitar Hero

Review №58

It’s a great place to spend a couple of hours exchanging a night, and there is no desire to take the hotel, nice interior, there is a cinema hall, consoles, a guitar with an amp, a coffee machine with tolerant coffee (by the standards of a coffee lover) snacks to choose from, reasonable prices.In a word, wait a couple of hours, charge gadgets, drink coffee, go to the toilet

Review №59

A good place to relax with the company, sit comfortably, play a set-top box, you can take food with you. Or order a hookah. For you is always free coffee and tea with different cookies.

Review №60

The most favorite place ❤️

Review №61

Delicious cookies on weekends

Review №62

Great place, we are often going to play board games with friends there and have a good time usefully)

Review №63

Very cozy and nice place)

Review №64

Beautiful placeI advise everyoneSociable staffEverything is convenient and reasonably priced.

Review №65

There are 3, as I counted, game consoles (XBox - 2 pcs. And Sony 1 pc.) I did not remember the model, as well as many interesting, carbon monster board games.

Review №66


Review №67

I had to rest on the couch. Liked the tea with cookies and the general atmosphere

Review №68

Cozy atmosphere, fresh design.Cool parrot, lots of games and a responsive administrator.

Review №69

Nice atmosphere, lots of games, the staff is friendly and attentive😊

Review №70

Great for viewing ponies.Have hot chocolate.

Review №71

Delicious hookahs, friendly staff, cozy atmosphere. The best place for a pleasant evening)

Review №72

A place for high school students. I see, have a good time👍

Review №73

Beautiful interior and a good selection of board games.

Review №74

Had a good evening

Review №75

Friendly staff, delicious coffee, good, active games, cozy atmosphere. Class!

Review №76

Basement. No toilet paper. The advantages are round-the-clock operation of the establishment and wifi.

Review №77

Awesome anti-cafe, with top-notch staff, there you can have a good time with Just Dance, there is a loft parrot (such a nyasha) quests are held on holidays, a lot of board games xbox one, ps4, corporate design of the cafe))Im delighted))) put 5

Review №78

A very soulful place. Cozy and cool.

Review №79

A great place for both gatherings with friends and for visiting in splendid isolation

Review №80

Super institution, excellent interior, the administrator is just a ducky

Review №81

A good place for two of three to sit and play board games, if more is expensive

Review №82

Very nice place, there is wi-fi and free coffee

Review №83

I like everything, but the coffee machine does not work (

Review №84

A very cozy place, get together in the evening with a group of friends and play games!

Review №85

Seats are few, from the entertainment console and board games. Overpriced

Review №86

A cozy place, friendly staff, interesting entertainment.

Review №87

Great and peaceful place

Review №88

Celebrated dr, great time cafe, delicious tea

Review №89

Luxurious place. Curling iron, iksboks, parrot and nice prices.

Review №90

Good cafe to spend time with friends.

Review №91

Very cozy, polite receptionists

Review №92

A great place, cozy atmosphere👍

Review №93

Cozy place, great receptionist.

Review №94

Great place, well rested

Review №95

Cozy, pleasant place

Review №96


Review №97

Nice and cozy

Review №98

Everything is awesome

Review №99

Cheap and cool

Review №100

Cozy, not expensive

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