Review №1

Decent prices, good quality, what else do you need.

Review №2

I want trousers, I found trousers:)

Review №3

Quality is good

Review №4

A store where you can find everything, there is always something to buy for children and cute goods. I especially like the underwear department, the quality is 200%. Today, for example, I bought a hat, 800 rubles. very warm) and cool boots for the fall, I recommend 👍

Review №5

A shop of cheap clothes ... There are models from the new collection, so at least they put ironed things on mannequins and beautifully designed

Review №6

To leave things at the checkout, for further purchases, you need to stand in a general queue

Review №7

I like the assortment of women, men and children. The quality is average, but quite enough for a couple of seasons.

Review №8

Excellent shop. Huge selection, affordable prices. I have been looking for a shirt for a long time, I found it only here.

Review №9

Finally we bought a jacket for my husband here. Denim, good

Review №10

I like the size range and quality of products. I wandered with pleasure yesterday, studied. I noticed the dress, I will come with a friend for an honest opinion.

Review №11

Love this store. You will find it. Everything you seek. The main thing is to know what you want!

Review №12

Items of frankly poor quality. I bought a sweater and found a clear wear on the chest on the right side. The lack of a fitting room seemed insignificant to me, but at home it was striking. Manager Gulnara is rude, arrogant; refused to return the item due to marriage, as she did not notice any flaws. It is clearly visible only when you put on a sweater. I had to return it along with the other thing I bought. I dont want to deal with this store anymore. Prices are comparable to the local middle market, and the service and quality of things are not worth the money. Dislike.

Review №13

Large selection of clothes: womens, mens, childrens, there is always a sale, when returning old clothes at the checkout, only 10% discount

Review №14

My favorite store. I like everything!

Review №15

A fairly expensive store with an unprofitable loyalty program. Moreover, the promised points for the purchase were not credited!

Review №16

There are no consultants. To ask where, what lies, there is no one!

Review №17

Good quality affordable location! What to say about the prices? Prices yes, a little expensive but the quality is worth it! Well, I recommend!

Review №18

You will not find a consultant in the daytime with fire, and the range itself is getting poorer every year ...However, the underwear is all praise! 😊

Review №19

I like this store, my son used to take it there very often. So I returned again and bought nice and beautiful shirts for school)

Review №20

A large store, located in a convenient location, a wide range of clothing for every taste. Courteous staff.

Review №21

Cool shop ... and for kids ... teenagers ... and adults ... you can turn in old things and get a coupon for a 15% discount

Review №22

A very good department, a lot of choice.

Review №23

The system of delivery of things has changed. Previously, they gave 15% for 1 package. And now 1 package gives a 10% discount and the purchase must be 2500.

Review №24

Nice store, things always hang in their places, there is no mess.

Review №25

Nice store, large selection of goods at a reasonable price. Additionally, you can return old things and toys, receiving a 15% discount coupon for this

Review №26

An excellent store, a large selection of clothes for every taste and color.

Review №27

Super store with a huge selection, but a lot of people at the checkout take a long time. And its not clear what to do if you dont take the package бере

Review №28

There are a lot of goods, but it is difficult to choose due to overcrowding

Review №29

Favorite store. Especially the childrens department. High-quality, beautiful, inexpensive clothing.

Review №30

Одежда качественная, покупаем тут чаще, чем в других магазинах

Review №31

Rarely did I buy things here for myself, but this time I bought it straight, everything fit the size of the price, a good promotion - for old clothes handed over, you get a discount!

Review №32

Everything is always broken, do not care.

Review №33

The most disgusting H&M store in terms of assortment and responsiveness of sellers.

Review №34

Just do not like!!!

Review №35

Not expensive clothes and a large selection

Review №36

Disgusting store that staff that the network itself.1) a) Staff at the checkout normally could not explain the conditions of the action b) The process of issuing the goods to the end was not finalized. The keychains were not removed from theft, which was not convenient. The guard declared robbery, although the checkpoint contained the positions that he considered stolen ...the stand says discounts on everything.2) The terms of the promotion are not specified anywhere. Those. a discount is written at the booth for EVERYTHING, but in fact it’s not for everything ... And it’s not written anywhere, they don’t say anything at the checkout either, only after the proceeding of the checks.Bottom line: the negative on the part of the staff and the lack of desire to buy things on the H&M network yet, and I do not advise you. For you can be deceived by the amount and / or acacia.

Review №37

It was in Park House that it seemed a bit dark. And there are less and less normal clothes with decent discounts.

Review №38

Good store.

Review №39

For some reason, all the clothes are wrinkled.

Review №40

An excellent choice for a child, I advise everyone !!! Thanks.

Review №41

I especially like the childrens department in this store :)))

Review №42

I love childrens assortment in this store

Review №43

I like it very much, a large selection of clothes for everyone

Review №44

Great store, great choice. You can always find something larger than 48th. There is even a line + size, but for me everything is too big there. There are also shoes, and jewelry, and other accessories. In general, you can spend half a day in the store and get dressed upside down

Review №45

Typical H&M in a good way. The mens assortment of clothes is wide enough, as a lover of classic and simple clothes, I found a couple of pleasant things here. I can’t say much about the consultants, because I didn’t contact much, nevertheless the staff as a whole are very nice, they give advice, including on washing and caring for clothes. Thanks)

Review №46

Hypermarket clothing brand H & M. It is mainly designed for adolescents, women and children. The remark - poor quality of fabric, but cheap. Discounts, promotions. Adheres to modern trends in fashion.

Review №47

I dress the whole family here)

Review №48

I like the wide selection.

Review №49

To catch the eye, I will not say. The store is big, a lot of different clothes and shoes. I also cannot say that I want to dress from head to toe right here. You can buy a pair of T-shirts, jeans, and a blouse, and you can buy a wife’s shirt A plus is the department of womens underwear, not bad, everyday acceptable, but I prefer the store with the letter M .. ..

Review №50

Great assortment, large store, polite sellers

Review №51

Quality clothing at reasonable prices. Beautiful childrens little things for all ages. The most comfortable shoes. You can pick up good pants for pregnant women. Often arrange a magic hour 20% discount from 5 to 6 pm on Thursdays. They also accept old things in exchange for a discount coupon, and do not even look at the quality of things, they are left on the conscience of buyers)) One package - one discount coupon.

Review №52

High-quality stylish clothes at an affordable price

Review №53

Im comfortable .

Review №54

I like childrens clothes very much. Quality 🔥

Review №55

I love this store very much! You can find a lot of things from good quality fabrics (natural cotton, rayon, linen) at affordable prices. You can take any old things for recycling and get a coupon for 15% discount on a new collection. Minus: few consultants, if you need to ask something, sometimes you have to run around the halls.

Review №56

Good store! Prices are not scary, a lot of clothes for every taste. I got a coat there, sits perfectly and looks good. I advise, in general.

Review №57

One of the favorite shops for the whole family)

Review №58

I like the store, and at prices, and in quality, and in style. But here is the order of things, or rather their location on hangers and shelves, shelves depressing. It’s hard to single out one thing from the heap, it’s hard to navigate up-down, or just find something specific. It’s good that there are various departments for children, men and women, this is convenient. But sometimes it’s hard to find a consultant. With the age of things, there have never been problems, there are stocks. I go often :)

Review №59

Nice store with good size range. Of all H&M stores in Kazan, this is the only one with H & M + sizeMinus one star that there are not so many clothes of this size unfortunately. There are 3 hangers in the middle of the hall on which clothes of size + weigh

Review №60

The store is big, there is a lot of choice. I took t-shirts from here, polo, I didn’t like the quality, skirts with tornness immediately appeared. If you look, you can find things and the quality is not worse than in branded clothing stores. Often there are good discounts

Review №61

Here you can buy fashionable and quality clothes. Having handed over unnecessary clothes, you can get a 15% discount - on one thing - one package with delicate things.

Review №62

All clothes are of very poor quality

Review №63

Good store

Review №64

The clothes are good. BUT! If you are going to call, are there any specific products from the catalog by phone - you will waste your time. In terms of coordination, you will not get through to either the consultants or the administrator. Horror.

Review №65

Excellent clothing store, very pleased with the prices, especially during sales, which just started. Casual style is mainly for everyday wear, but if you search you can find something more elegant. I advise.

Review №66

Good store, a wide range of products and sizes (including skinny))

Review №67

Favorite shop

Review №68


Review №69

Large selection of goods. Large selection of size range. We often visit this store.

Review №70

There is a choice

Review №71

There are worthwhile things, but you should take them only by stock

Review №72

Mens clothing is not like it at all, women are good. With discounts very good. You can take your clothes and get a discount, its better than throwing

Review №73

What does the store like - that they accept for recycling and processing old clothes and give coupons for this discount. Of the cons - in the store is very difficult to find a sales consultant, until you come to the checkout and they do not flutter out of something at the call of wonderful places.

Review №74

Long service

Review №75

Cool shop. Many cool clothes for my taste.

Review №76


Review №77

Favorite store, many sizes, great promotions and deals, stylish clothes

Review №78

You can find premium clothes here ...

Review №79

Good store

Review №80

Good store, great choice. Designed for youth

Review №81

Disgusting quality for not little money.

Review №82

Simple things, but you can buy immediately the whole family: there are something for children, women and men, and even for pregnant women.

Review №83

For such a store, I did not like the quality of most goods, I do not like that there are enough things in which the material is such that spools constantly form and everyone sticks!

Review №84

Favorite shop. The assortment is good.

Review №85

A good store, there is always a choice. But in mega it’s better, maybe more choice

Review №86

I love this store. I buy clothes and not only here for the whole family!

Review №87


Review №88

You can return the old clothes and get a 15% discount coupon when you pay for the goods

Review №89

I bought nothing expensive and there is nothing

Review №90

Sometimes you can find good things, but you rarely get to get nice prices.

Review №91

Oh yeah, the best store

Review №92

You can order through the online store at a discount for subscribing to news 25%. On sale, like, this action is not valid

Review №93

Not a bad clothing store, but for the money, quality is not the best.

Review №94

Good store

Review №95

Very cool store. There is always everything for the whole family. The quality of clothes is super

Review №96

Love the big fitting rooms

Review №97

So-so. Inadequate prices and security.

Review №98

I really like your products

Review №99

Good quality dresses and well thought out prices

Review №100

Daughter likes this shop

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