Shopping Center Space, 3000 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States

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Had a very negative experience. The sales woman there was rude and condescending and was completely distracted and offered no help when we asked her a simple question. What was surprising to me was that we stopped at a store in Florida and we had one of the best experiences ever. Sales staff was amazing and we assumed the same standard applied to this store but no. Im not saying the brand is bad, but I am saying this store is simply awful.

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To get to the point, Instead of hating the brand, hate this boutique and since these people work on commission and earn about $1000 biweekly, these people do not deserve that commission and if i were you just order it from the online store (unless youre trying to get a birkin) and actually get the service you deserve.So I am very confused with this store because I have never been told no, especially when I am trying to buy something... Im not a million dollar spender at Hermes but I do have a handful of pieces that I truly adore... This rating isnt for the brand itself because you will never get this kind of service at their flagship store in Paris (Yes, Ive bought some of my pieces there), its for the tacky group of people that run the store and it is just pathetic. I came to the mall at 5:30 pm because like any other person, I have a job and a very good one that allows me to afford Hermes.... But they have security now and apparently I cannot come in anymore because they close at 6.... I was in shock because its 5:30??!!!! Its nothing against the security guard because hes just doing his job but the people that manage the store is the issue.My agenda of going there: I was dropping by to pick up a pair of shoes for a special day, but this situation tops everything that I have experienced with snobby shop-girls... Only here was I ever told no even if I just wanted to buy a pair of $800 mules.... Go figure.

Review №3

We have shopped at Hermes in Paris, Lisbon, and Santiago. The Denver/Cherry Creek store does not represent the brand well. Their by appointment only policy is not well-executed. I came and left my number with the doorman while I continued to shop in the mall and never got a call back, not even days later. I told him that I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase, but neither he nor whoever else was working there cared. The purchase literally would have taken less than five minutes. The store was empty. Ive been to the store once before with my wife (she did get a call back and we made a purchase) and the attitude of the doorman is that Hermes really doesnt want your business. Hermes sells extraordinary products, but the Denver store does not provide anything like the experience I expect.

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Five stars all around. A wonderful and incomparable experience from start to finish. I have been a client of this Hermes since it was across the street in a stand alone space. When they moved over to their space at the Cherry Creek Mall, as I was on their email list I was alerted to their move as well as the need to make an appointment to see their salespeople and shop due to current COVID restrictions and safety measures in place. I was easily able to make an appointment for the same week and picked up my vintage Hermes Kelly bag which had recently returned from being refurbished in Paris. The salespeople are professional, knowledgeable, and utterly charming and friendly. The new shop is absolutely beyond beautiful and perfect, and my experience with the Hermes staff from the guard to the salespeople was absolutely impeccable. I would recommend Hermes to anyone of taste who appreciates quality of product and the highest level of service.

Review №5

Very nice staffs! Great store

Review №6

McKenzie has been so great!!! Thank you for making my experience so much fun! Also Thank you for getting sets made not once but twice! Can’t wait to shop for myself next time!!

Review №7

Very disappointing experience!!! Im not the person who writes many reviews only if I made a really, really good experience or a really, really bad one. This was a very bad one. Sales person (lady) was unmotivated and unwilling to present items and answer questions. Very slack behavior accompanied by skeptical looks. I had the feeling that Im bothering her although the store was completely empty. Had just some very simple basic questions about material etc. but the employee showed no motivation and ambition to answer my questions or present specific items. Im used to a significantly better treatment at Hermes. Very, very poor customer service quality! Not appropriate for a store like that. 1/5/2021

Review №8

Get you a great representative who takes time to know you and your tastes and needs and relax. What a wonderful shopping experience.

Review №9

Great customer service and Polite was help right away

Review №10

Our seller was awesome. He was very attentive with what I was looking for. We had to make appointment but they were very efficient with their time. They only allowed 2 to 3 appointments at time to make sure they follow covid restrictions since their store much smaller than louis vuitton. And when come to product, my husband said the shoes were soft and very nicely fit him.

Review №11

Arrogant lady working there. We came to buy a 1k bracelet today but the lady was unfriendly, and arrogant. I left the money at Tiffanys. Will never ever go there again.

Review №12

Great store and most of the staff is helpful but a few of the employees have been very rude on multiple occasions. The employees will always favor the older “picturesque” clientele over newer younger clients which has pushed me away. The products are great and I love my Hermès pieces but I wish customer service was better! As of recently the customer service seems to be getting slightly better but still far from perfect!

Review №13

Horrible experience at the new location in Cherry Creek Mall. We were denied entry at the new store, told we need an appointment to shop. The store was empty. The phone number does not work and nowhere on the website or online is this mentioned. I am an Hermès collector, and I went there to shop! I will never go back. I will do my online and in my travels.

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I had the SAME experience as the person below AND I’ve been a loyal Hermès customer for literally YEARS. A terrible experience from a very rude sales associate at the door which I’ve never experienced at Hermès before.

Review №15

The staff were amazing and super knowledgeable/helpful. Multiple associates made sure I was doing okay. This store is so beautiful. Sometime when I go into these luxury designer stores the staff are rude but not here.

Review №16

Security guard at the door was rude.

Review №17

Love this Hermes... small store but new store will hopefully be bigger inside the mall. staff is excellent

Review №18

Nice selection of various items. Staff, especially Holly, was very friendly, courteous, and helpful.

Review №19

Rude staff...

Review №20

Rather small Hermes shop.They dont accept creditcards from Europe which have no name printed on them. Big fail.Very poor shopping experience.

Review №21

Staff was assuming I was poor so I bought 2 bags dropped the silver Amex on the counter so she could hear that metal clap

Review №22

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Review №23

Small store but knowledge staff. Excellent service of course.

Review №24

Mackenzie is wonderful and amazing help!

Review №25

Holly was wonderful to work with! She answered all my questions and really took the time show me the different leathers and bags for me to make the right purchase.

Review №26

Outstanding products. Youll never meet friendlier, kinder, or more knowledgeable store associates.

Review №27

Horrible arrogant staff!!

Review №28

Lovely place great service

Review №29

Staff is kind of rude.

Review №30

Even crazier than other places

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