Goodwill Outlet World - Denver
4355 Kearney St, Denver, CO 80216, United States
Review №1

I was told I had to leave the store today as I had my infant strapped to my chest because she wasn’t 16 and due to COVID-19 they are not allowing children in the store. How selfish and disgusting! Parents today are struggling to provide for their children and families, yet I am made to leave a store because I have an infant. I have no where else for her to go. I have never been so disgusted in my life. Discriminating against me because of my child should be illegal, as most discrimination is. Goodwill should be so very ashamed of themselves!!!!!

Review №2

Sophia was a wonderful cashier, I had never been but she answered my questions and was amazing with everyone

Review №3

16 and over but no signs in the front. Just announce to the whole building. Thats okay everything looks unorganized. Thanks for nothing. I will not come back when I am 16.

Review №4

Im a bargain hunter and open to places having different layouts but man... this place just looked dirty. I didnt feel comfortable looking through the unsorted bins. Left right away

Review №5

This place gives goodwill a BAD name. people sitting around doing nothing, others are throwing merch around. braking stuff and no one cares.Id give it ZERO stars. Keep away from this location. they also DONT price ANYTHING, it goes by weight. everything is a different weight.Never again. Tower and the other locations are better. Its Rude People, Very dirty and NOT arranged at all. save ur time

Review №6

If you want to go sorting through dozens of unsorted bins of things sold by the pound, more power to you. It was too chaotic, kinda dirty, and unfriendly for my tastes. Won’t ever go back, but I know there are other people who would love this place so maybe go judge for yourself.

Review №7

Always an adventure. Amazingly respectful clientele on recent visit. Often people are rude reaching in front of you. No carts in the rows.

Review №8

Fast pace shopping! I can see how this can be dangerous so pay attention to employees, they dont mess around! Stay back till you hear shop and find some treasures! Second or third time you go you will think youre a pro!

Review №9

Careful, you could spend hours in here rummaging through just about anything you can imigane. I suggest for first timers observing how they operate with the bin switch outs. Pay by weight and not ticket price. Staff was helpful, and did a good job cleaning up after people tossing things around.

Review №10

This place is a little out of ordinary shopping. Bring gloves and a facemask and be prepared to rummage through tables and bins to find great clothing and shoes and nick knacks. 1.96 lb and you can walk out of there with a full cart of treasures.

Review №11

Its ok.. wish they would sort stuff in category.. they just throw stuff in. Alot of breakable stuff

Review №12

I just called the store to get some information about it since we are visiting from out of town. A very sweet lady named Sylvia answered the phone and walked me through how the process works. Im so excited to come see what goodies Yall have later today. Thank you, Ms. Sylvia for being so kind to me. 😊😊😊❤❤❤

Review №13

There are so many possible treasures to find here. Of course it’s unorganized but that’s a part of the charm I guess.

Review №14

So I drive all the way to the outlet and they proceed to tell me no children under 16 I am a single mother with a sleeping 7 month old baby who I would never ever let run a muck I just think that you should list the information on your website!!! Real nice 👌. I guess other peoples kids ruin it for others!

Review №15

You cab find thongs ,you never thought , you needed or wanted and before you know it, you have a entire cart full. But thats ok because you pay by the pound not the item.

Review №16

Pretty decent outlet. Personally I have only been to a few. This one has better prices than some. 8$ instead of $10 per pound for items over ten pounds. $2 saving. Seems like they had some decent shoes and general merchandise overall. Negatives are the place didnt smell great and it seemed like the bins took longer than usual to be swapped out but I could be wrong about the timing.

Review №17

Gloves and a face mask are a must. Gloves are given for 1$ donations. If your looking for an adventure your sure to walk out with a prize. Prices are based on weight so if you play your cards right you can purchase alot of items at a steal of a price.

Review №18

Drove from Colorado Springs to this one because I want to see the difference, at first I was really impressed nice staff clean bins (unlike the one in the Springs). I got a total of ten items nothing heavy I mean a three year old could have carried all but one item comfortably and the price came out to $65 and some change.... I can get 3-4 cart fulls at the Springs location for that not ten items.

Review №19

The man was a sweetheart .he is management we was traveling. Thru and didnt have gloves or mask and he gave us his own. He had. So nice

Review №20

FYI- They don’t allow babies inside so if you’re hoping to find cheap items for babies or kids think again or find a babysitter (ha!) but they do allow dogs so there’s that.

Review №21

Really great experience! We shop at Goodwill bin stores all over the country and this one is by far one of the best. The manager - Bobbie - really goes out of her way to be accommodating and pleasant and insures her staff is the same way. What a great experience!

Review №22

I heard a lot of good things about this place but when we went to it ... it was a little scary ... nothing bad but not for us ... I am a teacher so I didnt like seeing children unattended especially outside ... we may give it another try in the furture ...

Review №23

If youre going to..go to a Goodwill ...based on my experenice at this location...honestly this I the 1...to go to...They have good customer service ...The Management will even ....get out there...with their co-workers...not sitting around being lazy...And their bins are clean...(unlike the Mississippi)..

Review №24

The manager here is extremely rude. She shouted at me today.This was my first time visiting and had been looking forward to it for a while. I live out of state. I didn’t understand the rules to stop shopping during bin exchange and she ripped something out of my hand and shouted at me. I was shocked. Horrible customer service.I would like to be contacted by corporate office immediately.

Review №25

Not as big as I thought it would be— its smaller than a normal Goodwill. You could leave here with some good gems, but youll have to do a lot of work for it. Large selection of shoes and clothes, buy the clothes are all mixed together so its hard to find anything relevant unless you spend a long time digging.

Review №26

This is a pretty hard-core shopping experience. There are usually no shopping carts, so you have to wait around until someone is done using one. There are huge families of people who basically live in these stores setting up from the moment the store opens until the minute it closes. They bring in meals and eat there and aggressively protect their corner of the store. When new bins come out, there is something resembling a football game around the new bins.

Review №27

Can be fun. Gloves are a must. Be prepared to stay a few hours to find the best stuff. Bring your own shopping bags as there are none in the store and shopping carts are few and far between. I got a used $200 rice cooker for $3.99.

Review №28

Absolutely love this place! You can find pretty much anything here. Ive got an addiction to coming here and its always something new to me thats awesome.

Review №29

I have found some pretty amazing things here. You have to be willing to sort and look. It takes patience. Fun

Review №30

Warning this is not a store where things are organized. Buy thrift for $1.29 cents a pound! Heavy items go for $5 or $8. Large bulk bins where everything is thrown in for one last look before heading to the dump. I get all my camping stuff from here. Lots and lots of used clothes if thats your thing.

Review №31

Wow! if you are NOT ready to be scratched, tugged, pushed, pulled on or injured, then dont go here. It is like wild animals on the Serengeti ripping and tearing at a carcass. I took my elderly mother to have a little fun finding a bargain. What she got was one of the regulars who proceeded to grab a purse from her and almost dislocate her finger. The woman didnt even have the courtesy to say she was sorry for hurting her after she took the purse from her. She just walked off with her wad of purses and claimed she didnt speak English. I made a complaint to the management and they sympathized with me, but did nothing to the lady who hurt my mom. She was allowed to continue to shop. There really needs to be some sort of system at this store that prevents things like this from happening. Everyone loves a good deal, but REALLY....at what cost. Bring your boxing gloves if you want to shop here!

Review №32

Treasures trash and junk by the pound get yourself some you wont be disappointed with what you find unfortunately there are some people that show up here in groups like a little Mafia and they hoard up all the baskets and scrounge up everything thinking that they are entitled to just because they hang out there all day so watch out for that recommend you wear some gloves dont take any kids with you because sometimes it breaks out into a snatch and grab when you have something they like so be cautious of this. and the staff members are not very smart they like to throw in glassware that break in the bottom of these containers that you scrounge from and you can cut yourself. The first time you visit this place it will blow your mind how everything works Dont Be afraid just go with it you will actually enjoy it once you ignore all the mischief that takes place here. But you cant beat the bargainer taking things home by the pound youll end up with unbelievable treasures for pennies on the dollar

Review №33

Beware, two live MICE were found yesterday scurrying inside the shoe bins. Very shocking and gross, to say the least. There is an outbreak of the Hantavirus here in Colorado, which is spread through contact and breathing in dust carrying mice saliva, feces and such. For safety reasons, I would caution not taking children or the elderly here. If you decide to purchase anything from this store, be sure to wash and spray down hard objects with Lysol. Also, wear gloves and a mask over your nose and mouth. But its best to stay away from this store until this issue is properly addressed.

Review №34

This place was cool. Found lots of great stuff today! People will.push you though. Hella attitude! But thats not the stores fault

Review №35

Drove all the way from Texas because my son has dreamed for years of coming to this store. There are NO KIDS ALLOWED. Discriminatory!!!!

Review №36

The most fun you can have by the pound. Items are rolled out in large bins. Get ready to pick your way through the crowd to grab the best items or sit back and wait for easy perusal.

Review №37


Review №38

Always have kind staff and the atmosphere is warm and the bathroom is clean

Review №39

If youre not a reseller, stay away from this place. Dirty, loud, and fights. Thats right, fights. To buy here you dig into big table containers 4ft tall. This is an activity that is going to hurt your back and get several cuts on your hands. There are sharp items, broken dishes, knifes, metal mixed with toys/clothes which is dangerous because most of the time you are digging blind. There are a lot of dirty/bloody/wet items. The staff is 90% of the time screaming and treat everyone like thieves checking tickets at the door like a Sams club.

Review №40

This place is great if you have the time and patience to dig for treasures. It does get intense at times and recently i almost saw a fight occur over a backpack. Everything is 99 cents a lb at most. It always has a sense of second hand black friday 365!!!

Review №41

No one under 16???

Review №42

1.19 per pound plus they weighed the shopping cart. 120$$ worth of stuff adds up quick. But we got some good deals.

Review №43

LOVE the No Children policy!

Review №44

Better going here then a regular goodwill for a lot less money. Its been very profitable for me investing sourcing to resell on ebay. Its my second source of income this and driving a semi truck. With many times really high profit margins!!? I find all sorts of items for super cheap anything and everything for just $1.29 pound new and used items. People come all the way from Mexico and load up to sell back in Mexico for a a good living. You will see alot big vans with Mexican license plates here 🙂.

Review №45

Berta, Berta,Berta....what a wonderful asset to the store. Kind, helpful, outstanding customer service. I walked out of the store at closing time a

Review №46

This place is an experience all by itself.You can always find something!Be careful and have a good time digging for treasures

Review №47

I just want to say the price i paid for the little items i bought was outrageous im pretty sure i wont be going to that outlet again. not to mention it was filthy and i would say 3/4 of the store should have been in the garbage dumpster outside. it was gross. and the cashier was rude as hell. not good at all goodwill 2/22/2017 i didnt even want to rate it but i had to in order to post it.

Review №48

LMAO at the reviews! Its The bins!! There are always fun finds in the most wonderfully chaotic setting imaginable. Not for everyone. Yes its scrappy. No, its not a great place to take kids, although surely many do anyway. No, its not a good place to take sick, weak, elderly or dust allergic. If you want to find rad things on the cheap. Enjoy! I do every time!

Review №49

Keep your expectations where your budget is and youll be pleasantly surprised. got some amazing deals here.

Review №50

If I could give minus stars I would. Staff was rude, items just thrown in those blue trash bins. If you are looking for shoes you will probably not find the second one. Its just like a dump pulled up and emptied items into bins. Prices are terrible.

Review №51

This is a different kind of a store. They bring the stuff out in great big carts on wheels. Then everyone is given the green light to scavanage out of it what the want. Then you pay for everything by the pound. A different concept on shopping.

Review №52

This is like extreme garage sales on steroids ! Ive never seen anything like it. Ive been three times now and have purchased at least 8 electronic items ( including night vision goggles )and they have all worked.....

Review №53

Its a fun place to find hidden treasures. You must be patient, enjoy digging through lots of items to find things you like.

Review №54

One good thing - you can find very good staff for very chip. But you have to fight for it with professional shoppers. And crew can take you staff if they like it and say - this not for selling. Bad store. Always dirty.

Review №55

Wish I could leave no stars. Managenment is a joke, you sit down and become a babysitter because no one wants to take care of their kids, and if you find something good hide it. It will either be taken by management or another shopper will take it out of your hand and YOU get in trouble for reporting it. The people with a LOT of money in their pockets run the store and can have you kicked out at the drop of a hat for no reason, and it usually happens when the shoppers get mad at the things you find. Place is a freaking joke, ya there are some good finds (if your lucky) but its like being on the streets with a pack of hungry dogs. They throw out the meat and sit back watching/enjoying the madness and fighting. Something needs to change at this store and management needs to put these rude animals in their place

Review №56

Great deals if you dont mind digging through stuff! So cheap!

Review №57

This place is so good you can find anything here and it is so cheap they price 125 per pound and you can get a lot of clothes for very cheap this place is known to have very competitive resellers so watch out they will do anything to get that 1970s vintage shirt that nobody else wants they they will fight over a shirt called mosquito head forever you you have to watch out for the hispanic women that resale at the flea market they are really aggressive they will kick fight punch and bite to get that Lululemon .overall it is a very good Outlet make sure to bring a mask gloves and a hazmat suit because there is cancer cells floating around in the dirty clothes once I found a bag of teeth in one of the bins so this lets you know how clean they really are if you come on a good day you can maybe get something good

Review №58

Where Goodwill donations come to die. Great deals if you find treasures on their way to their ultimate demise.

Review №59

Absolute chaos. Bins full of unsorted goods and people frantically searching through them for that lucky find. It is loud, busy, and full of easily-agitated people. You pay for your goods by weight, so everything is EXTREMELY cheap. Everyone should go at least once.

Review №60

This is a very odd experience where they bring out giant bins of items for you to shuffle through and people literally line up to fight through the bins as they take them out if the back. I wish you luck in finding a good deal but it takes a lot of dedication as people are super insane about these deals.

Review №61

This place is amazing if you are a musician like me. I always find random Records, CDs, Tapes, Books and Equipment here. It is so random what they bring out on the bins. To me it is a wonderous place. I dig it.

Review №62

Great if you like the hunt! I found 2 large door mirrors for $5.

Review №63

Gross.. gross.. gross.. if you enjoy digging through bins of CRAP in a nasty warehouse setting this place is for you. I walked in and right back out. This is not what I thought it was and I will never return or recommend this to anyone!

Review №64

Id give it no stars but thats not a choice. You find amazing stuff here, if it makes it to the floor. If you have anything taken from you (personal or that you found) even if you notify management good luck getting it back. Leave any purses or anything important in your car...people will take that and anything they want in it and dump the rest in the bins. The managers are a joke and all they are worried about is what they can get their hands on. Unless your hispanic and have money in your pocket they dont care what happens

Review №65

This is definitely an experience. The parking is terrible and it smelled like urine in one corner of the store. I think I was only here for about 5 minutes before I had to leave.

Review №66

It.....was..........an experiance that lasted about 5 minutes. When the family, lined up against a wall, almost beamed my 4 yr old in the head, throwing a book, or something, by throwing it to a huge bin, instead of walking his lazy ass the 3 whole feet...we left. Its dangerous, youre better off not even going in. Its not worth it...its garbage. All of it. Its like every Goodwill in Denver threw all the broken, unwanted trash on a truck, it gets loaded in bins, and people actually fight over it.... Id have to be very desperate indeed to ever come here again. And YES! Bring Gloves, a body condom, masks, hand sanatizer....well...maybe just a huge plastic bubble with sealed hand holes, and an oxygen tank.... Good Luck.

Review №67

It was good a few moths again, now is presorted and just leaving trash in the bins..... not so good

Review №68

Everything is 99 cents a pound, you have to dig through things its like a treasure hunt seeing what you can find is part of the fun really good stuff check it out

Review №69

First time going here and have to say stay away from this place, mostly junk, really unorganized and people act rude, pushy, and extremely greedy over tubs. A more traditional thrift shop is better than this place.

Review №70

Ok so heres the thing, this isnt a regular good will. Everything is in gigantic bins, somewhat sorted by category, ie, clothes, shoes, housewares,electronics, etc. You might have to dig to find something good, but you will definitely get an awesome deal. They change the bins out every 30 mins so new stuff is constantly rotating onto the floor. However, there are some super serious people that attack the new items, so dont be afraid to grab fast and get your hands dirty! Since this isnt a store store, the items they have vary day to day, but give definitely seen plenty of brand name and even brand new things!The first time I went the staff was super helpful in explaining how everything worked. Most everything is by the pound. I would recommend bringing your own basket or bag to Carry your items in. They do have carts but a very limited amount and most are taken by the serious people who spend the whole day there.I would also recommend setting a few hours aside. It takes time to look/dig through the stuff and it goes by a lot quicker then it seems!Edit to add: the one down side is the parking. As busy as they are its atrocious! Theres maybe 15 spots in the lot and there were a few handicap spots so thats great. If your lucky there might be some on street parking available, but its kind of an industrial/office area so usually the street parking is people 2ho work in the surrounding areas. So, cross your fingers and say a prayer the parking gods are helpful, because otherwise you might drive around for 20 mins waiting for someone to leave!

Review №71

I thought this place was a bit trashy for a goodwill, but it was also very busy so I guess Im just not the particular audience for this kind of place because so many other people were clearly very excited to be here!

Review №72

Expect a crazy experience, wear some clothes you dont care about and be ready to spend a couple hours potentially for no reward, and you just might find something good!

Review №73

This was the most bizarre thrifting experience I have had yet. Giant blue plastic bins, almost like dumpsters, are rotated in and out of the showroom floor for people to dig through. After people have selected their trash treasures they are paid for by the pound. That was a new one for me... While taking in the environment and watching these people almost leaping into the bins it struck me - This is nothing more than semi-organized DUMPSTER DIVING! HA! Keep your crap by the pound, Ill be going to a real thrift store next time.

Review №74

Never been friends took me there great deals and buys. A must check out place.

Review №75

Place was gross. I felt like I was going to get pink eye if I didnt wash my hands immediately after my only and last visit.... Truly nasty.

Review №76

Dirty, but if youre willing to dig you can find great stuff

Review №77

Could not have been better, great people and quality merchandise.

Review №78

Great place for bargains by the pounds. Have to dig for the good stuff

Review №79

Thrifters haven. Bring lunch and a friend. Plan on spending some time.

Review №80

Gloves are required? Dumb

Review №81

Horrible experience. The manager Gary is running this place like his own backyard but he has no idea how to run the store. The registers turned off and it took him 3 hours to turn them back on. They have prefferrential treatment for some customers.

Review №82

There was no organization whatsoever and things were being thrown in tubs everywhere.... It also smelled really bad in there. It is the worst goodwill I have EVER been too!!!!!

Review №83

After calming a couple more times and learning dues and donts its a good experience always Bring gloves

Review №84

Nice staff let.me come in when they were closing so I could get a blanket. Little did they know I live in my car and really needed that

Review №85

Big blue bins full of assorted junk sold by the pound. If that sounds like fun, this is the place for you!

Review №86

Iv been debating on writing this review for a couple weeks now but i feel and have talked with multiple friends and they think i should do soo. Couple weeks back i visited this location for the first time with some friends and the inside is very crazy the employees think its a game they get off on watching people rush and dig threw wet donated items they scream at customers i have never been to such a rude goodwill EVER!!!!!! ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. multiple liability issues inside the shoping areas trip hazzards. Any way i eneded up on buying one item and i walked out to my car as i was about to get in and leave a gentleman started screaming his car was in distress and just caught FIRE i ran back inside the goodwill an asked if i can use the fire extinguisher to help assist the guy and i qoute the lady said NOPE YOU CAN NOT USE ARE FIRE EXTINGUISHER FOR THEM JUST LET IT BURN. OMG I COULDNT BELIEVE IT. SHE SAID LET IT BURN. Wow i thought goodwill was suppose to be a people store they are not for the people. They are pro profit on peoples good will on donating their free items i hope goodwill corp gets in contact with me i made numerous attempts to contact multiple people even this store manager and i still havnt got any answers back. Boycott goodwill and stop donating items to them.

Review №87

Very reasonable price for what you can find. Also you might find a huge amount of keepers!

Review №88

This place is strange ...if you had the nerve to go through stuff great dealsI wasnt brave

Review №89

Welcome to bizarro-world. Watching new bins get rolled out, then having packs of scrappers tear through it is a site to see. Its like one of those time-lapse nature films of a carcass being recycled on the Serengeti. Consumer culture purgatory. Yes there are mountains of rubbish. But thats why theyre called diamonds in the rough. Bring gloves. Get weird.

Review №90

Nothing will prepare you for this experience. Someone else said it right, be prepared to get weird. I will add be prepared to get serious about digging through troughs of junk like you would a dumpster but without the apple peels and dirty diapers. The troughs are mounds of underwear mixed with vases and old recorders and anything else you can think of that GW either didnt sort or is dumping from some other store that didnt sell it. There are pieces of broken glass in the bottom of the troughs. Wear gloves! I didnt. Huge regrets. Its filthy. Employees yell, NO SHOPPING! and push out troughs from the back. Then, SHOP! And it looks like Walmart on Black Friday. Its insane. I think people pillage and sell at the flea market. It looks like people camp out there for the day too. Dont look in the carts along the wall. They belong to people and they will get territorial! Troughs are for fighting but respect the carts. All that said, I left with two carts of items I needed for my bootstrap business. I carried in one reusable bag. The finds are that good. Items sell by weight unless its 5+lbs, then its a manager just picking something random. Ask what the weight prices are as it varies by item. (i.e. regular stuff is $.99 and glass is $.59 but I think books are something else.) Its crazy and dirty but... Im going back today. Its unbelievable how much stuff there is!

Review №91

Love this place you can find anything and everything for cheap cheap.

Review №92

This is actually an update to a previously rated 1star review afer my family had a very bad encounter and experience. After I had posted my 1star review I got contacted by a lady who was in charge of taking care of these types of situations among her other duties. She asked me about what happened and it showed she actually cared and wasnt just going through the steps her job might require, she asked questions and for more detailed information and told me she would do whatever to make the situation right and for it to not happen in future...what had happened was immediately upon entering premises my family and I were immediately stopped by a cashier who treated us poorly, had no reason to stop us upon arrival, and flat out insulted us...I did not expect a whole lot to happen however the lady who was helping us (I wish I could remember her name) did get back with me shortly after our initial discussion and explained to me that they were able to figure out who the employee that treated is so poorly was and corrective action would be happening. The lady also had talked to the store manager about how they could possibly make it right fpr my family and they offered to have a pre sorted selection of various items we had originally intended to shop for set aside for us to browse through and let us know that even though she worked at a central she would make herself available to be there when we could come in again and that the manager would be with her as well. They loved up to their word, my wife ended up having to go without me but said they put together a rather nice selection was helped and treated with dignity and respect, and after making her selections they told hee it was no charge and to also have my wide let then know anothee time she could come in and do it again because of an error communicating one of my daughters sizes. The lady also followed up with me afterwards to ensure my wifes happiness with last visit. It went from being one of the worst experiences I had in a retail environment to being one that showed the people there do care about their customers overall happiness and it was just a single person who messed up in a place where most of the employees are great, and helpful people.

Review №93

It requires a special kind of hoarder to be successful here, but every time, I am able to flip something from this place to make the purchase of everything else worth it. BRING GLOVES.

Review №94

Bring gloves but find good things and great prices

Review №95

You never know what you might find. It is a great source of entertainment as well as a good place for bargains.

Review №96

Fun and cheap way to get clothes and other household items. Bring gloves if youre a germaphobe.

Review №97

Love shopping here its legal dumpster diving ....

Review №98

Great place to treasure hunt, despite pusshy rude fellow customers. The workers here deal with a lot of this yet keep a good attitude.

Review №99

Its a place where our consumerist society comes and gives life to what was no longer worthy of having. Recycle, reuse and relove. Its not for everyone but once you get digging blue bin bug, youll find time in your day to dig-it. I dig-it for you!!!!!!!

Review №100

Its truly a diamond in the rough... A must for any Bargain Hunter

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3.4 Rating
  • Address:4355 Kearney St, Denver, CO 80216, United States
  • Site:http://goodwilldenver.org/
  • Phone:+1 720-496-2195
  • Clothing store
  • Book store
  • Charity
  • Thrift store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Non-profit organization
  • Second hand store
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Working hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible elevator:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
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