Goodwill Denver - Broadway and Archer DONATIONS ACCEPTED 9AM-8PM MON-SAT & 9AM-7PM SUN
21 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, United States

Review №1

TL;DR: wonderful shopping experiences with a wonderful team of happy employees who enjoy what they doGetting better and better! The staff is the best its ever been. So many wonderful folks. Special thanks to Angel, Luke, Rudy, and Cameron without whom my new dope tarot trunk couldnt have existed. Ángelle is also super sweet and always makes a person feel like a really SEEN human being--really lovely person! Even the demeanor of the customers send to have improved over the years (for the most part--met 1 horrid hag but wont waste the screen space). Love this place--can definitely tell this is a real TEAM of folks who love what they do! Really sweet deals--esp if you shop the sale tags. Great Goodwill for unique womens clothing jewelry and shoes, stainless cookware, and random things that you are trying to manifest into your life (focus for 48hrs--itll be there if you arent OVERLY specific, like some commerce version of the Room of Requirements. Anyways, I digress--wonderful shopping experiences with a wonderful team of happy employees who enjoy what they do

Review №2

Had a few items to drop off and was pleasantly surprised in dealing with the people working (like actually working hard, effectively, and so forth... stuff you cant seem to find anymore regardless of status) there. I found them to be very pleasant and accommodating which hasnt been my experience at some other Goodwills/nonprofits.Shoot next time I come here will probably to look around for some finds and if not probably kick down some actual cash if Im in the position to do so.Thanks.

Review №3

This Goodwill store was the highlight of my day yesterday when a wonderful, helpful employee (and I suggest that he be made one of the managers asap!!) named Tony. Tony went out of his way to help me and was so professional, upbeat, kind and amazing in every way. Because of him I plan to go back to the store often. He creates a beautiful shopping experience. Such a quality person. Thank you.

Review №4

Absolutely love the selection at this goodwill. Whenever I need something for an occasion I always have luck finding something. Docked a star for experiencing, more than once, poor floor staff interactions. One employee in particular, (Theresa maybe?) who is always seen working the fitting rooms is very unpleasant and rude. Every interaction I’ve had with her, and have seen with her and another customer, has been snappy and mean. I’ve watched countless customers walk out of the changing room with the employee running and shouting at them to see if they’re done so she can lock the door making sure nobody else goes in with more than a strict 3 items. When the customer replies that they are indeed done, they ask where to put unwanted clothing. The employee snaps at them and tells them, “Nowhere.” Leaving the customer to walk off confused and looking around at other customers to see if they share bewilderment from the scene that just played out. If you even walk up to this changing room attendant with more than three items she will cuss you out and tell you to come back when you have less items you’d like to try on. She makes me not want to use the fitting rooms resulting in leaving empty handed.

Review №5

The store is over priced and doesn’t honor its prices. Management is not customer friendly and could careless about its customer or when they make a mistake.I suggest that you double and triple check the items you purchase at the register. They say everything is marked down prior but I was overcharged $100.00 and even tho it was there mistake, I am to accept a store credit. This is wrong. I didn’t want to spend $200.00 in a bunch of overpriced junk and they had a line out the door, so I paid it. They don’t deserve my business any longer.

Review №6

Employees are so rude. people working on the floor act like they are doing you a favor for let you shop in there ! horrible costumer service. never coming back .

Review №7

Large urban store with heavy foot traffic and free parking in the back. Covid requirements have cleaned up this location but its heavily shopped and typically crowded with lines for cashiers. Furniture, new mattresses bedding and sports equipment are in the basement. Lots of mens and womens clothing on the first floor along with books, dishes, glassware.

Review №8

I have found some great finds, and like Goodwills mission. Nice parking, good location. Could use more furniture and home stuff and less clothing.

Review №9

Good selection and quickly putting new things out but do not even bother if your in a wheelchair. Unaccessible kept having to back track just to get through the aisles, then was told there is no way to get to lower level for people in wheelchairs also no way to get to womens swimsuits as theyre displayed in the window which has steps. Staff was rude and checkout lady was too busy chatting away to even checkout people quickly.

Review №10

They always have such an amazing stock of clothing! Lots of boho and whimsical options.

Review №11

Always great selection here since its in the downtown hip area! Your gonna get high fashion here! I havent been successful with getting good furniture because its always sold before I even get a chance! Usually crowded!

Review №12

Providing the same customer service training for floor staff and cashier staff would suit this Goodwill well. I rarely have interactions with the floor staff because I typically mind my own business. However, Ive had numerous times where floor staff have blatantly rolled their eyes at me because theres a pile of clothes near me that arent mine. Ive also been aggressively told to move so they can put stuff away.However, theres one woman who works there thats always hustling to put stuff away and she treats every customer as they should be treated - a customer. I moved my cart out of the way for her and she said oh no! Do not worry, I will work around you. Also, the cashiers are always so friendly, helpful, and pleasant to be around.Most prices are reasonable. Every now and then I find a handful of obnoxiously overpriced dresses, but on average I always find at least one great deal. This location also tends to have great brands that are typically found at a BST store, not just a thrift.Overall, this is a great Goodwill to shop at. Just please inform employees that a lot of their customers also work customer service/retail and manage to not act so entitled and rude :D

Review №13

Very expensive for a goodwill..Probably would increase sales and revenue if they reduce there prices.Especially with all the apps selling used items aka letgo

Review №14

Ive been to this location multiple times in hope of my bad experiences being a fluke, but its clearly not. Make sure to be very thorough when looking at items before buying them. Stained shirts, ripped shirts, a toaster that smells like burning no matter how many times I clean it, a mug that was glued back together. I havent had an issue with any books Ive gotten, but unless I need books Ill be looking somewhere else

Review №15

Impossible to find anything quickly, expect to be here hours. They are badly organized shoes are all mixed up and above clothes so if you are under 5 2 you can barely reach them and have to go through each aisle to see them all. Dresses are never in the right place either but at least there are signs posted of where the sizes should be. Tanks tops and sleeveless shirts also are not by size but by color so you have to go through each to see if its your size who has time for this, and on top of that two of the female employees who are putting clothes back are so rude. Act like you are in their way because you are trying to shop. They roll their eyes and breathe all loud and say come on and when you look at them since they are not saying it directly to you they put hands on hips or tap their feet. Just overall terrible experience.

Review №16

This busy location will take most any donation.

Review №17

Watch out for overpricing. Most of this stuff can be bought new at same price. But overall you can find some deals. But the pricing...ridiculous on some stuff. Save the gas and surf ebay for appliances and electronics

Review №18

This is the creme de la creme of Goodwills. Two floors, tons of clothes, costumes, and furniture.

Review №19

This used to be a good thrift store now its a retail store that sells used stuff. Its high prices on everything but I usually like to find video games at thrift stores and this store prices about what GameStop does and higher than eBay or other used item sites. This isnt a game store, its supposed a thrift store. Youre getting peoples stuff for free and charging retail prices. I know where Im not donating items to, I dont need a company tearing off people with my stuff.

Review №20

I like coming here as it is a large store with a large selection. They especially have more clothes and more furniture than most other thrift stores.

Review №21

Nonprofit!?!?!?!? Shame on you if anyone buys this Old, faded, broken down Schwinn for $200. Someone donated that bike in good faith. Sell it for a fair price to someone that needs it. Stop pricing things based on upper middle class consumers that don’t belong there. Sell more products at a lower price instead of fewer at a higher price!

Review №22

I made 4 drop offs on the same day. It was a busy day, but the team accepting donations (Joe and Mark) had eveything under control. Joe and Mark were constantly hustling. There was no down time. What a great job interacting with so many people, organizing the donations, and keeping the line moving. They were also always in compliance with COVID protocols. Well done.

Review №23

Even when we’re not planning on buying anything we always come away with a steal! There is something for everyone from clothes to furnishings. The staff are helpful and are great at what they do.

Review №24

Great merchandise, fair prices, great sale cycle, and professional...personable staff.

Review №25

Poor customer service @ this location. Used to be one of best in Denver. Had @ return that they originally overcharged me on. Never apologized and responded no an aint gonna happen.... with the manager apologizing to the employee giving poor service for customers displeasure. Had to leave with my store credit I was so upset with service I was getting.... Funny thing is that on same day I spent [email protected] the cherry creek location near leetsdale and it was a pleasure. Mgt is everything at these store cause they have employees training in giving great service, not just their job....which is so lacking today, and it doesnt alway go well for customers.

Review №26

Kimberly went above and beyond what was necessary to help me and my friend out, and showed excelent costumer service. She was extremely friendly and professional, making our day in the span of 5 minutes. If anyone reading this is in a position to give her a raise, she definitely deserves it.

Review №27

Yesterday Patrick was rude as a manager I’d expect more. When 2 people are in line the cashier should complete both transactions. I had 2 small items.and was refused to be checked out since the cashier said she was going on break Patrick stood there smiling as I asked why they could not simply check me out since I had been in line? No repose they ignored me. I watched them finish the transaction and walk away telling me carelessly to go to another stand. Where the line was now 7 people deep. I watched the supervisor and the employee walking away laughing. As I watched 5,6,7 people stand in line at what was now an abandoned cashier station as I stood in the other line waiting I began to notice the register closed signs very clearly visible on their station that they had not even used they were pushed to the side.A simple 1 minute of customer service was all I was asking for. Being laughed at by your staff and treated with such indifference hurt. Then to be laughed at and then to have that inappropriate behavior validated by a supervisor (Patrick) was unprofessional and uncalled for. I thought the goodwill helped people not laughed at them...I thought the goodwill was for Good Will...and people like me who are different mentally had a place to go where they wouldn’t laugh at me.Guess not. Will not spend a single dime here ever again throughly shocked and disappointed by your lazy rude staff and the supervisor Patrick that allows this.....1 min / 2 items.

Review №28

Its a goodwill. Nicer than most. Larger too.

Review №29

I love this place, the staffs were very helpful. Price was very reasonable.

Review №30

U might even spend less buying it new!!! Way over priced

Review №31

I think people critique this place and probably most places too harshly. It’s better than most places but honestly the shoppers are the biggest issue. You can tell from the entitled reviews here that it’s true. Overpriced but look at the area.

Review №32

Good stuff but expensive... they had the 3x3 white bookshelf from target that’s originally 30$ for 24.99 and their tvs were like 100$ and they weren’t smart tvs when i can get a smart tv that’s the same size for 100$ brand new

Review №33

Very rude employees & management! I will not be back!

Review №34

I thought the items the sell was Donated? If they are then why so pricey? Ive found cloths brand new at Walmart for the same prices. The Dollar store too. Please explain Why So Pricey?

Review №35

The recent pricing increases at this store has resulted in prices for many items being higher than seen at outlet stores and the items at Goodwill are typically used and donated. Goodwill use to have such a simple and efficient pricing strategy that saved time for their staff to price items and allowed customers to not feel prices were all over the map. They have lost track of the fact that their customers are the same people donating items to support their store and mission and these customers are now extremely unhappy. I have decided to discontinue my support of Goodwill for the time being until the adjust their pricing to show respect for loyal customers and embrace their mission.

Review №36

Shame this location has raised its prices so much over the last year! This location is typically already very picked over and if youre looking to find designer or high end items for a bargain you wont find it here. Ive noticed pricing now discriminates between brands regardless of condition and there no longer appear to be tag sales - no one wants to pay $10+ for heavily used and stained mall brand clothing thats falling apart at the seams. If I have a choice Ill always thrift elsewhere. Ive also seen staff members in the past stash good items from the back under the register counters, not sure if thats still standard practice.

Review №37

Goodwill is a great place to get good deals on items you need around the house, clothes, etc. This one is great. They have a large selection of clothes, books, and furniture. Items are constantly refreshed as well. Its rare youll see the same item sit for too long. I like this location. Great parking in back. Its even walking distance from several bars, restaurants and other shopping. Why not make an afternoon of it!

Review №38

They have a nice selection of books, DVDs and CDs. The books are a great bargain at $3.49 for hardback and $1.49 for paperback. My friend says the clothes are more expensive than they used to be though.

Review №39

I arrived at 815 pm, with the sign on the door stating they close at 9. What a bummer because its my last day in town and was looking forward to checking it out. Shouldnt have a sign stating you close at 9 if it is actually not honored.

Review №40

Great charity, excellent mission and operations. Just wished their stores had more variety outside of clothing.

Review №41

I have been a regular Goodwill Shopper all my life, but that ended today when I brought a large donation to you guys and your staff yelled at me because I showed up at 2:05 and the donation center closes at 2 now. How rude to treat someone like that trying to give you something for free. I am now going to be a customer of Arc instead

Review №42

Found everything that I set out to get. The best part was that 4 of the 5 things I bought were 1/2 off. Cant bet that. And the cashier was very nice as well. 😊

Review №43

Typical Goodwill with a vibe similar to that of a retail store like Urban Outfitters. The sales are excellent. Foes suffer from the same level of organization/dustiness as most all thrift stores, but no more than is to be expected

Review №44

Great place to shop for costumes, regular clothes, and housewares. The staff is always exceptionally friendly. The big parking lot makes it easy to stop by to drop off or pick up things. I couldnt recommend this place more highly!

Review №45

I needes some warmer clothes for a few days and thought Goodwill would be a great choice. That way I can just donate the clothes back when I leave Colorado in a couple of days. On the way in a homeless person ask for help buying dry clothes. I ANKH and spent the $40 I had in my pocket to buy us some warm clothing. He got a waterproof jacket, sweater, hat, and sweatpants. I got a hat and a couple of sweaters. The staff gave us a military discount which was very kind.

Review №46

Sometimes you can get a good deal here. Electronic cables are priced well.Tvs are marked up way too much. 40 bucks for a 20 inch tv?Went to the small dress shirt section and out of the 100 shirts in that section, 10 were actually small. Whoever organizes the clothing must have some issues?Also I have found a lot of used items here can be purchased online NEW for cheaper shipped. Why would you mark things up higher then retail?

Review №47

Very nice. The layout of the store makes this a fun place to shop. They have furniture and larger items in the basement. There is a book/cd section in the back. Lots and lots of housewares and clothing. Multiple checkout lines around the display cases to accommodate this busy store.

Review №48

This goodwill is super clean and organized which always makes the shopping experience nice. they have the best shoes and accessories selection. for the most part this store is reasonably priced compared to other stores like it

Review №49

I really like this Goodwill they have a lot of nice things. And its that time of year they have a huge selection of Halloween items. But if you have time to shop you can find some really good finds.. its pretty organized for Thrift Store.

Review №50

Being in the service industry usually results in a short lifespan for clothes, so this place is A MUST for those seeking to replenish their wardrobe without depleting their finances. $4 for a pair of chinos, $6 for a collared polo, and socks & undies for less than $5 combined, thats a whole outfit for less than $20 that I can pay for with tips & still have $$$ to feed the dog and myself! you will ALWAYS find a good deal at goodwill, esp. this location cuz they have so much stuff!

Review №51

Great selection and prices. I got some great vinyl records for my collection. The customer service was great as well. Would definitely go again.

Review №52

ITS TWO STORIES!! They have a wonderful furniture section.

Review №53

Well organized, clean and simple parking. Customer service was great. Had a basement with furniture. Prices were a little higher than expected for a GW. Only complaint was that the dressing rooms were littered with tags, clothes and hangers.

Review №54

The staff are so very friendly. It makes the shopping experience fun and you leave feeling quite cheered. The collection of items are diverse and unique. This is a great spot to find kitchen supplies, books, furniture and clothes (dresses, specifically).

Review №55

This goodwill has a classy layout and nice wood floors, almost like a boutique, but the prices are still the usual awesome goodwill deals. The clothes are organized pretty well and not crowded onto the racks, and you can find furniture downstairs. We got some great ugly Christmas shirts for the holiday season!

Review №56

I love to come here to browse. This is a larger Goodwill store (two levels) and so it is able to have a selection of furniture and recreational equipment in addition to the normal clothes, books and housewares. The staff is very friendly even during high traffic times. Its well maintained and clean.

Review №57

Easily the biggest and best goodwill in the area. The staff is helpful and friendly, and there always seems to be a sale. Generally more clean and organized than other thrift stores.

Review №58

Huge piles of stuff full of hidden treasure if you like thrift stores this place is a gold mine. Not the cleanest not the best kept but who cares! Its a thrift store thats part of the fun. 2 floors lots of clothes and furniture and electronics and an entire room full of books. A+

Review №59

Great place to shop. All of the employees are super helpful and nice. I had a great experience here shopping.

Review №60

I shop at this store several times a year, great deals on Saturdays!! This thrift store is quite large and well stocked. Friendly staff, nice manager.

Review №61

Nicest goodwill Ive visited and a huge selection. Also the most expensive. Triple to quadruple the price for the same items at other Goodwills. Will drive 10 minutes for more reasonable prices.

Review №62

This Goodwill is the best! The staff is super friendly and I am always amazed at how well-kept the spaces are even though its always really busy and people leave stuff all over the place. Such an excellent spot for thrifting. Definitely recommend.

Review №63

This Goodwill used to be wonderous. One would always be able to find something interesting and fun. Im not sure if they just had a bad day, week or month but the store smelled and was dirty and gross.

Review №64

Love this Goodwill because it is walking distance from our house and they have a great selection. We always end up leaving with a treasure or two. A great organization to donate to.

Review №65

They re-sold my item after I bough it!!!!I paid for a mirror in advance and I left all reference for my boyfriend to pick it up because I had no car and it was big. He went after few days and the store sold it to a new person and refuse to give me back my money (only store credit). this is so unprofessional considering I paid upfront and they didn’t contact us or said anything about pick up rules. very very upset and poor unprofessional management.

Review №66

Love this store staff is really nice very helpful find great deals there and I shop there regularly, like weekly. Really impressed with the staff though theyre extremely nice and very helpful

Review №67

Save yourself the trip.

Review №68

Ive always loved this particular locations great choice of fun second-hand stuff. The location is reminiscent of a 1950s Department Store(great building). The staff could try being a bit more helpful and polite,however. And not sure I like their SET PRICING yet...

Review №69

Very busy but everyone that works there is so nice. It’s a big store with two levels so you can almost always find what you’re looking for.

Review №70

This is the best Goodwill I have ever been to! There is tons of stuff upstairs and down. I try to go here before buying just about anything. Also, the cashiers/workers are extremely kind and helpful which is always appreciated!

Review №71

Today I bought a few things including a pre lit christmas tree that was in the window. After Paying for my Items I asked if there was a box for it as it had new assembly tags on it. I had purchased another tree 2 yrs ago and it came with a box. the gentleman who helped me told me that they keep all of the tree boxes down stairs. But before that the new supervisor who I was told Justin was training her by and another worker. She had paged him to come upstairs and give a price check. He in a rush came over after being asked how much the tree was said it was $20 well charge him 19.99. then hurried off. As I mentioned I asked for the box. Sylvia said she would go ask him(Justin) I told her that I would go wait by the tree ,taking it apart and noticed it had no cord. After more than 10 minutes I walked over to the register waited my turn in line again. When I got to it another nice lady asked me if I had a return. I asked her if they were getting the box for the tree. she said no there wasnt one . Sylvia walked over after as I had decided to return the tree due to it having no power cord and no box. Sylvia and the lady were trying to process the return. They couldnt get the codes to work. the code was another employees. Justin came over after being called again, asked them if they did the blah blah they said they werent going to use another employees code. Justin put in a code and left. Sylvia apologized for it taking so long that he (Justin) is supposed to be training me. The other lady told Sylvia not to let him go until he shows you this. The lady apologized and thanked me for my patience. (I was trying hard ) Sylvia had to call Justin again to help again with the Return as I had paid with cash. Justin was very short at this point toward Sylvia and myself. And I was tired of the rigmarol. He handed me a card and a receipt. and started to walk away. I saw it was a store credit card. He said that since I paid cash I get store credit. I had never heard of this or saw anything saying that. I was fed upwith dealing with the tree return lasting over half an hour at this point. I told him I paid cash I want my money back that if i cant get my cash that Is never come back to the store. Justins actions and attitude toward his coworker/employees and me had pushed me over the edge. He said they dont do that and went over to the phone and picked it up. I said never mind. I gave to the store credit slip to a fellow customer walking by, and left with a few colorful words.( I apologize for those words)

Review №72

This store is huge and totally chaotic and disorganized. You could definitely find amazing things here, but youd have to spend a LOT of time and effort to do so. Lots of items were very obviously broken or missing parts/pieces. Probably wont be back to this particular store.

Review №73

Awesome selection in a cool modernized location. Staff was less than friendly to my male friend but nice enough to me. Love the camping/hiking finds and art selection.

Review №74

Christopher was very disrespectful about my return!! I was next in line he then told me he can take me on the other register. He then made me wait more than 15 min to answer a phone call; Just to be disrespectful & say he couldnt help me & I had to come back tomorrow until his manager was in ! Very rude & unprofessional!!

Review №75

The staff here are paranoid and suspicious. I go here almost 5 days a week bc I live so close, I try to keep a lookout for rare treasures. I do not make a purchase EVERY time I go here, tho I do buy frequently. I am the epitome of a loyal customer. I understand how my frequent visits and less frequent purchases could look suspicious(possibly) but I DO make purchases and should not be made to feel like a criminal for not making a purchase EVERY trip. I cannot afford that. I usually follow all rules regarding maximum items in the dressing room, and having been in retail before, I am polite and courteous in always rehanging clothing. I have never and would never steal from any place ( esp a charitable foundation) and have never so much as left an empty hanger or torn tag as evidence of theft in a dressing room. That being said- one woman who works here ( who is a special needs adult w an embarassing gas problem) frequently accuses me of theft and even once had an LP associate require me to open a dressing room IN ONLY MY UNDERWEAR to inspect and ensure I only had the allotted number of items. I did and nothing came of it, as I was following all rules and not stealing...but she wont let it go. While Im in the store she frequently alerts staff to my presence. I have considered not coming here because of this, but I have done nothing wrong so I am not shook by this womans paranoia. Prices are a bit high, but have found some great pieces.

Review №76

Asked to see an item in the display. Waited a few minutes after they paged someone.Watched two employees have a hearty conversation in a language I couldnt understand. Laughing it up.I walked over, asked why it was taking so long. They got a supervisor. Spoke to him, Chris I believe, in same language I couldnt understand.Next to display I wanted to get something from.He said that the volunteers could come open it when one was available.I told them I would take my money somewhere else.That was just now. 6/15/2017Guess who will be going to ARC, right down the street, from now on?

Review №77

One of one of the most vile people I have ever encountered in my life. The managers name is is Heather she seems to be an extremely miserable person she regularly demeans her employees in front of customers who she also treats with disrespect. I honestly think that Heather may need to be refreshed on the fact that shes working for a charitable company. Heather is certainly less than exemplary of the Willing of the good, and has no business working with the general public. I will not be returning to this store or any good will in the future, Ive spent FAR over 1,000 dollars in the last 6 months and also donated alot of things. Ill be going to the arc from now on, where they treat me like a human being.

Review №78

This is my most favorite thrift store in all of Denver. I go at least once or twice a month, and always find something worth the trip. A food dehydrator, vintage glassware, Born shoes, fashionable work clothes, and even nice jewelry. Some people complain about the relatively high prices, but I think its worth not having to dig through dirty bins and trashy crap. I absolutely love this store and always leave on a deal high!P.S. Sign up for the free Code Blue frequent shopper card - Its only for the Denver area stores, and it gives you 20% every buy!

Review №79

Points for organized, clean and quality items + store. This location always has something that catches my eye.

Review №80

Best goodwill ever, good selection of home goods and costume stuff for themed parties. Also great for picture frames and kids toys for teachers and home health therapists!

Review №81

I found a cool thing I liked here and paid with coin. The wood floors are creaky and a lil mushy and thats just how it is.I like that they have a basement, where they have more stuff. Like bigger stuff. Like furniture.This is unique in that you can really get an idea of whether somethings gonna feel right for that basement life.Because maybe youre going to put it in a basement, or maybe one day you might.

Review №82

They seem to be charging a lot more. Like new and ebay prices. The point of going to a thrift store is to find good deals, not paying what you would pay at a new store.

Review №83

I love this Goodwill! I always go on their 50% off days. Great selection and easy to find stuff.

Review №84

Love this one....Never lets me downWhen furnishing new rental units!

Review №85

2 floors of goods. lots of new things from target. nice furniture and house wares section

Review №86

This is the most organized and clean thrift stores in all of Denver. The employees are always friendly and there are great deals to be had. I highly recommend this Goodwill location.

Review №87

One of the best goodwills I’ve ever been to. They hire adults with disabilities for starters, but they also carry tons of cool stuff, they always seem to get the highest quality goods of all of the GW in town, and I can look through there for hours!!!!

Review №88

They do the right thing. Always. This is the best Goodwill I have ever been to, which us really saying something. Must stop here. Dont you leave Denver without stopping here.

Review №89

I went to buy a sweater. They had some. I went to buy kitchen s#!t, they had that too. Its Goodwill, they are doing their best-ish.

Review №90

Good location, busy, but nice selection. Just like any thrift store its hit and miss on certain days. I recommend this goodwill.

Review №91

Fun thrift store with seemingly endless items to explore. Clean and organized. Friendly staff.

Review №92

Great people. Big store. Great location.

Review №93

Its usually pretty packed on the weekends. Theres some really decent buys for rummagers. I think its one of the best thrift stores as far as clothes and furniture items.

Review №94

Great atmosphere for a goodwill. Awesome furniture and clothing selection. Staff is kind and helpful.

Review №95

If rifling through mixed bins of shoes, clothes and random items is your thing, youll love this busy Goodwill. But enter at your own risk

Review №96

It was very large, had two levels and lots of items. What ever you need they most likely have it. The prices are fare. The staff are great and the store is very organized and clean.

Review №97

Great selection and quality for GW. Staff is nice, but card read machines are slow so sometimes it takes a while if theres a line. I love how the glassware and stuff is organized by color!

Review №98

Negative 5 stars the staff are trash the managers are bigger drug addicts then I am and then they like to follow.Defiantly racial profiling business

Review №99

The store is dirty, the prices seem to be looking like Goodwill wants to be the next Walmart. Ive never seen a t-shirt In the ARC Thirty store sell for $6.99, but in Goodwill most of them were $6.99. The bulk of the merchandise Goodwill gets is donated . I think maybe the name should be changed to Greedwill.

Review №100

Value and parking are there if you look for it, yet a picky staff got on me for not putting merchandise back, even after I explained I was still trying things on. So, I didnt buy the shirt I might have, because the interaction gave me a negative vibe.

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  • Clothing store
  • Book store
  • Charity
  • Thrift store
  • Electronics store
  • Furniture store
  • Non-profit organization
  • Second hand store
  • Store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–8PM
  • Friday:9AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–7PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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