Review №1

I used to love shopping at this store because it’s affordable. It something my grandmother & I would do together. We would shop for our younger family members especially around Christmas time. But over the years the customer service has completely went down hill. The workers are extremely disrespectful & don’t even try asking for help or any questions because you will receive nothing but attitude. It’s like if u don’t like your job then just quit. You can’t even complain to a manager because their attitude are just as bad. I’ve worked customer service for years and never spoke to anyone or treated anyone as bad as you’re treated in that store. They need to Train their workers in RESPECT. Hopefully things change. I’m not to sure they will but I guess until it does I will not be spending my money in this store. The Disrespect is Real!!

Review №2

Very little actually good clothing. Mostly cheap reprint knockoffs of actual brands with wierd graphics. Good for marijuana themed clothes but not much else

Review №3

Great prices and great selection especially if your guy is a bit tall

Review №4

I like the variety, Im larger so always looking for things i feel comfortable in.

Review №5

Great place for cheap sunglasses.

Review №6

I always tell my performer friends (mostly drag queens) Gen X is such a secret gem when it comes to shopping for club looks. Only rating it 4 stars because theres this particular person who works in the back where they do the prints and he always gives me mad attitude. Other than that this place is cool 😎

Review №7

Been going here for over over 10 years. Love the prices and the selection

Review №8

If I could do zero I would. Horrible customer service. Return policy is store credit or exchange and you can’t try anything on. Why would I buy something I can’t try on and then not be able to return it?Won’t be back!

Review №9

I love this place I want to go there all the time they dont have one where I live

Review №10

Made a customized shirt and sweat shirt for my man and it didnt come out like the image we sent. He was in such a rush the letters are all messed up.Update: changed it from a 1 star to 4 star, I went back the next day and spoke to the manager, I explained what happened and showed him how they came out. He re did them himself and fixed the logo to fit a larger size. He took his time and made them look great. The only reason its not 5 stars is because of my 1st experience and having to go back.

Review №11

Clothes are cute but a little expensive for the quality. Meaning cheaply made clothes for too much money

Review №12

LOVE LOVE LOVE this store!!! They have all types of clothing for the whole family. My husband only buys shirts from here!!!

Review №13

So apparently this clothing store is the only one that doesn’t accept returns due to covid.There was no signs up or anything not even did the staff say anything about it either considering the dressing rooms weren’t open.You can’t even exchange so now I’m stuck with clothes that don’t fit and I spent a lot of money there. I’m sorry but how does THIS store Meanwhile Walmart accepts already purchased steaks out of individuals back packs not accept returns this is just mind blowing.

Review №14

Worst customer service ever!!! Charge me twice on the same transaction , and they wouldn’t pay me back my money!!

Review №15

Cheap clothing that wont last long at all. One wash and your stuff is ruined. Save your money and buy something that will last.

Review №16

Psst, listen...there are really GOOD FINDs here so dont hesitate...just go...the best part though is...this place makes window shopping enjoyable again...

Review №17

Beautiful affordable store but cant find any designed 5x sizes. Only plain I can find. I forgot how affordable it was.

Review №18

Good evening,Pricing is a little too high on selective customers they pick if thats the case we might as well shop at walmart other than so the area is ok for the young to go shopping theres no hanging out etc which i love.

Review №19

Got some decent clothes you cant find elsewhere..

Review №20

Some really fun finds as far as pricing. Basic sweatshirts and tees for cheap plus the imprint center was super affordable and we loved working with Christopher to make these for my sons birthday! Christopher was easy to work with and made handled this detailed print amazingly!

Review №21

The only place Ill buy my t shirts. Unfortunately in the last 10 years or so the prices have skyrocketed on everything in the store.

Review №22

Actually found bras in a DD nd D cup sizes. YAY!!!

Review №23

No returns or exchanges and would only accept cash or debit card

Review №24

I honestly cant get enough of this store!! Cheap and cute clothes!! Cant beat it

Review №25

Great prices!

Review №26

Excellence and I definitely recommend!

Review №27

Came to this location June 3rd 2020 around 11 a.m, by the time I found a parking spot and walked to the door, signs says, No mask No entry?? So I wasted my time coming to this place and left we drove off down to Top to Bottom and they dont require masks to enter!! Yall losing More money and theyre making More because people need clothes, shoes etc and have NO time to wear a muzzle over their faves just to go in a store over this bogus virus scare tactic!!

Review №28

I came here trying to look for some t-shirt or something that has some Mickey Mouse Disney characters on it but I didnt find anything so I give him like three stars apologize but didnt find what I was looking for

Review №29

Came in looking to buy a large amount of jeans. Found some awesome deals but once I got to the dressing room I was followed in by a male employee stating they are closing in TWO minutes with no warning. I quickly fumbled to put the items on finding I needed the size down. I quickly ran to put my stuff back (so they wouldn’t have too) and grab the size down. As I’m folding and placing a pair of jeans back a female employee demands I need to leave. Mind you the store still has guests one of which is my sister still in the dressing room. I explain I’m putting my stuff back and grabbing another size. She continues to harass me as I’m placing another item back. I took a deep breath and told her I decided I no longer wanted to purchase anything. She screams back at me that’s fine and that I need to leave....... I then sat in the store for another twenty minutes waiting for other transactions while she glares at me the whole time. I will never be back again. WORST service I’ve ever had.

Review №30

Very friendly and helpful employees. Great selection of clothing. Has everything that you need one in place.

Review №31

Cute clothing

Review №32

Lots of inventory and great prices!

Review №33

Ive been shopping here for many years. The prices are great and the inventory is large.

Review №34

Got a sweatshirt had it for two weeke ans pocket has already ripped.

Review №35

They didnt have much that my son could wear. No shoes in his size no hoodies in his size and they had alot of Jeans but they were all mostly wemons Jeans. I did care for the clothes and styles they had. Alot of knock off looking clothes. Service was a 3 or 4 I would say. But it is what it is

Review №36

The prices are good and i like the clothes the girl behind the counter just watched us like we were going to rob the place! However other than none of the staff being approachable the prices and selection was awesomee.

Review №37

Good prices but the staff is involved that helpful. It takes a minute to get them to come to the floor to help you with anything. It seems like theyre a little understaffed to. the closing is good quality at reasonable prices.

Review №38

My friends enjoy the clothing and decent prices

Review №39

Found a high end brand name originally priced at $32.00 for $4.00. Great score. The prices are lower than a lot of resale shops.

Review №40

Music is so excessively loud it’s miserable to try and shop.Terrible customer service. Trying to get a t shirt printed is ridiculous. It’s to bad because I love the clothes and prices and I would probably shop there more.

Review №41

Good prices, I really appreciate how much care the girl at the vinyl decal counter takes with customers

Review №42

No actual person really willing to help you. Unless at the cash register buying your, self chosen, new gear. As far as accessing higher hung items.(read above). Dont get me wrong . Genex has nice,quite,fun,casual, busniessish and sexy clothing . If you can fit into them. It brings a (if you have time that is) new fun adventure to shopping.

Review №43

Wear A Mask!! Keep it covid free and open unlike most clothing stores🤔🖖

Review №44

Some stuff is overpriced and some stuff is cheap. The clothes get worn out quick so if you plan on buying anything from here plan on not keeping it very long.

Review №45

Usually has nice clothes. Inexpensive. Nicer style of clothing than say Walmart, but not high end fashion....

Review №46

I love this store. Good prices. And they always have my size.

Review №47

Clothing, shoes and accessories- they offer a large variety of options and their prices are generally low. Sale and clearance items at a bargain. I frequent their store to purchase my wardrobe basics and occasionally purchase body jewelry such as gauges, plugs and rings.

Review №48

All the sizes were jumbled among each other. It took me over an hour to find two pair of jeans and three shirts. That being said they have a large selection of clothing, and some big and tall stuff, if youre willing to wade through everything.

Review №49

Had great service when I Needed help . I wish I could thank the young gal that helped me !

Review №50

One of my favorite claimed was a comfy environment that had been built with you and the force of will shroud of the world shroud of the earth shroud of the dirt and trees and wine and mud

Review №51

Very helpful customer service!

Review №52

Absolutely horrible customer service in t-shirt printing department. Called, was told they were open until 7:30. Arrived at 6 and waited a half hour in line only to be told by the guy who does the printing that he wss going to close early and I should come back tomorrow. Spoke with manager who promised 5 appointment the next day. Show up at 5, and the printing guy is not here. I did alot of business with this company. I wont anymore.

Review №53

Always have enjoyably courteous staff, a great selection of clothes and thrift store pricing.

Review №54

Great place to buy all my shirts here I just wish they had bigger pants or sweatpants and socks no one has my size socks.

Review №55

I use to shop here all the time great store

Review №56

Waiting to see when these guys will go out of business. My business partner and I went in to check how fast they could do a couple of custom shirt prints for us and looked at their t shirt but none were to our liking. We told them we would be back in 30 minutes to get t shirts from somewhere else and have them print it for us.Once we got back they avoided us like the plague!! They just randomly started hanging and folding clothes for no reason, and didn’t even attend to us? Then I went over to them and was like what’s going on? They said, oh well we can’t print for you until our guy gets here... like what? How come you didn’t say that to us before we left to go get the shirts so we would know? It was a complete waste of time and terrible customer service especially if they have nothing else to do than walk around, look at their phones and unfold already folded clothes and fold them up again.

Review №57

Love this place. They do custom shirt printing - photo and letters, for super cheap

Review №58

Never have custom tee shirts done here theyll ruin yours!!!

Review №59

So much fun! Cheap clothes some good some bad.

Review №60

They got new management. The printing place used to be quick now they take 2 hrs for 3 shirts. Not goin back to get something printed again.

Review №61

Great place for cheap prices and great clothes

Review №62

Great price , but I just wish ,they carried long sleeve orange shirts

Review №63

You want swag or just trying to stay looking like a real G, go here instead of genx..they have better customer service. But genx does have some stuff that they do not like different brands of shoes and clothes

Review №64

Would rate a zero if I could. Went in today to get some prints on a few shirts. Got there around 3:15, employee was helping someone else so I waited for him to finish, i was next so the guy started asking me what i needed. I told him. I asked for something simple nothing too hard to do. Mind you ive been here plenty of times. So i know how the process works . Long story short. He didnt want to do my shirts because he was off at 4, and it was barely 3:30. So he had 30 minutes to finish. The other guy who used to work here would do more than 3 in 30 minutes. They for sure lost a customer since the guy told me to go somewhere else and get them done cause he wanted to be off at 4. Dont mind if I do. 👌

Review №65

Always have the the clothes I need for work and always have to hook up someone shirt pressing.

Review №66

Bought fience sweatpants for xmas and found out the reason theyre prolly so cheap is because one pocket is small and other one is big.And a jacket.1st night he wire it the top breast pocket zipper got stuck and broke then the zipper to zip up jacket broke.

Review №67

Got shirts made at Gen x they were friendly and efficient shirts came out great

Review №68

Cedric, made my printed my T shirts and was awesome, perfect job,and friendly,thank you Cedric

Review №69

Clothing for men and women in very different styles and they have items at a very good price .

Review №70

Bad customer service. Clothes are dirty. Not good quality for the high prices. Used to be a great store to shop for back to school. Its really gone downhill. Wont be back.

Review №71

Theres some sweet threads and gear here hidden among the wannabe gangsta clothing.

Review №72

My best place for buying new fashion ...

Review №73

Alrite.... For a quick fix... Or an off hand drop in for sumting real simple... Nuttin special...

Review №74

Great prices. Large section, Quality sweats and hoodies at excellent prices

Review №75

You would have to pay me to wear this stuff, but, if its your thing, they have a lot of stock and seems as though they do custom prints or something.

Review №76

Great for hats and other apparel love going there I lose myself when Im in there

Review №77

Poor customer service at the t-shirt printing a snobby little girl at the front check out. She called me a not nice customer after waiting an hour for a mistake on a t-shirt. Ive been going to Gen-X for 20 years, I will never go to the store again. After there first mistakes they still did not get the font right

Review №78

Great place to shop and very friendly

Review №79

Unique baggy jeans and graphic ts. Service is apathetic, but their selection brings me back.

Review №80

Lots of choices okay prices able to make custom items.

Review №81

Doesnt provide public restroom. even if your a customer or a child

Review №82

Greatest store with so much to choose...i will return...😃😃

Review №83

Great selection of cheap and fabulous fashions. Custom tshirts for as low as $9.00.

Review №84

I love that we get to put stuff on clothe

Review №85

This store is always on top of ther game. Always 100% satisfyed

Review №86

Liked the styles I cant find else where great place

Review №87

I have not figured our why people go here to this store. I guess cuz they think its a one of a kind. It isnt folks many people do this around town. Try your local screen printing shops. They get far better shirts than just china made. Every shirt in this place is far too small about 2 sizes too small. If they arent just wait till you dry them then they will be. I have not bought one quality shirt out of this place. Make sure you bring your own fan also cuz they do not know how to please and make customers comfortable. It is far too hot to stick around in the summer. I have bought zipper hoodies for the winter time and the zippers break the next day. Some people love throw away clothes if you do then you have arrived at your next big store. Yes customer service does move you in and out like a number also.

Review №88

Very great back to school prices for my first middle school. Thank you for the customer service you showed today.

Review №89

Its alright. but would feel way more comfortable shopping if they didnt act like everyone that goes in there is gunna steal something and follow u around the dang store then act if thats not what there doing especially bad at the hillsboro store

Review №90

Great prices for good quality clothes

Review №91

Good place to find cheap new clothing.

Review №92

Prices are ok. But the music they play has a lot of profanity in it. Definitely not taking my kids here again.

Review №93

Big choices...not enough plus sizes for women

Review №94

Good place for gear..

Review №95

Idiots. The 3rd time I have tried to come in and just buy letters and numbers for my baseball jersey, and even though someone is standing right there doing nothing, they are closed. It is saturday, and I was told come back monday. I explained, I dont want them to iron, I just want the letters that are visibly 3 feet from the both of us. NOPE. Horrible.

Review №96

Great prices

Review №97

This store does not work there is no one who can help you with things

Review №98

Great clothing selection but sizes are always a complete mess and confusing for pants and kids clothes(run very small).

Review №99

Always get what i need at great savings

Review №100

Found what I was looking for!

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