7Twenty Boardshop
135 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, United States
Review №1

So happy with the Adidas boots I purchased the other day. The guys at the shop were super chill and very helpful. I must have tried on 6 or 7 different pairs of boots before I finally found the glass slipper. I really appreciate them being patient and talking me through each boot design.

Review №2

Had a really great experience today. My 10 year old wanted to upgrade his starter board and the staff was incredible. Helpful, supportive, creative and got my kid excited about his new board. We got into an affordable pre-made set up that can be upgraded later. Thanks everyone :)

Review №3

I live near Parker and drive across town to support a local shop rather than a corporate store, that changed today. I purchased a board for my 5 year old Saturday evening 6:45. Admittedly I was in a hurry as the shop was closing at 7 and I needed to get home as well. Once home we realized the board was too long. I tried to return it less than 48hrs later with a receipt and was told I could not due to “store policy.” The board has not been used, never been outside, no markings on wheels, nothing. I think this is a terrible policy and does not allow for any flexibility. If it was a clothing item with the tags ripped off, I get it. But a clearly unused board purchase by a parent returned in less than 48 hrs? Come on.Update; photos of shiny, glossy new wheels with texture. If Covid is limiting your supply you now have 2 unhappy customers, the one who has the wrong setup that can’t return and the one who wants to buy this but you don’t have inventory. Maybe time to rethink old policies.

Review №4

Super friendly, low pressure, open to young lions just starting out. Had a nice time walking around, picking up hardware, browsing the clothing racks

Review №5

Stopped by to buy a few longboards, during business hours. Doors were locked. Closed despite their hours saying open till 8. Sweet.Noted reply, but your phone message says youre open till 8 as well. Called the store.

Review №6

Love you guys! Live local shop local

Review №7

Decided to get back into skateboarding so I came here to get a new set up. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff helped me put together an awesome board. Will definitely go back in the future.

Review №8

Great local shop for skate and snowboard gear. Staff is friendly and helpful. Thanks guys!

Review №9

My wife and I finally gave up on this place after going several times and the guy at the front desk consistently acting like he doesn’t even want customers in the store and being rude. For some reason they’re employees also thinks it’s okay to not wear a mask even though it’s been a state law in Colorado for almost a year now. So not only are you uncomfortable as soon as you walk in the door, the service is terrible. Do yourself a favor and go down to 303 Boards. They not only have amazing service they have a free rewards system too.

Review №10

They were closed when I arrived still let me in to buy a long board great people

Review №11

Be aware!! Someone stole my credit card information here and made a lot of purchases using my card.

Review №12

Grahm was super cool, helped me find a skate board for my son. My son loved the board. Life is good. Thanks 720

Review №13

Knowledgeable, patient, helpful. Helped this tyke pick out a new board, trucks, bearings, wheels, and explained all the options. Good selection. Would recommend and will return.

Review №14

Came in the other day looking for a specific arbor west-mark rocker snowboard. Not only did they have it but they had my size even when I looked everywhere for that board. The customer service and knowledge of every bit of gear in there lead me to leave with a complete snowboard set up. Thank you Graeme, Davis and the rest of the 7twenty crew for being my go to local shop in Denver.

Review №15

My new favorite board shop. John is the nicest guy ever! He was super patient with my sister and I, answered every question we had, and helped us put together some awesome boards. They even stayed a bit late to get them set up and made sure we were happy with everything. Honestly I had a great time shopping here. I cant wait to have another reason to come back!

Review №16

Got a snowboard wax and tune here. Basically seems like it was done in about 5 minutes, didnt even take the time to remove the bindings so there was wax all over them. Sloppy work, better off finding another shop. I want to support local but not if it means paying extra for worse quality.

Review №17

I showed up needing help mounting my new flow bindings on my board and all the dudes working in this shop were not only hella nice and friendly but incredibly knowledgeable. They answered all my dumb questions and taught me what I needed to know to make my own adjustments later. A++++++ customer service. Absolutely will return for future tune-ups and stuff!!

Review №18

Nice guys. Helpfully and polite

Review №19

Went in to buy a longboard with my girlfriend whos fairly new to it and immediately felt a negative vibe in the store. Looked at longboards found one that looked suitable and went to roll across the floor on it before purchasing. I was told I couldnt ride boards in the store which is fair enough but still wanting to support a small shop over a large corporation I asked if I gave my ID and credit card if I could roll it around outside and the employee was very rude about my question. Ill never visit this shop again and Ill stick to 303 boards where its understood that being a douchebag isnt a personality

Review №20

Super good skate shop. Cool guys, great products and good shop decks.

Review №21

Pretty disappointed in this place to be honest. Have been in the shop quite a bit since moving to Denver and have spent a good amount of money, between skate and snow gear, and have always been happy. I recently went in to buy my fiance bindings as a Christmas gift and admittedly, I did not double check her boot size first. After she opened them and we realized they were too small, I brought them back. They literally were never even put on a board, so still completely brand new. All I wanted was store credit, so I could get her alternate bindings at a correct size, so I was not even asking for a cash return. They did not allow it. I would love nothing more than to consistently support a small business, especially a skater/snowboarder owned shop, but they have lost my business moving forward.

Review №22

Super impressed with the service! I ordered a never summer board (last years model) off of Ebay from 7Twenty, and I later received an email informing me that the board was no longer in stock. They gave me two options, either I can be refunded the money, or they can send me out this years model board for the same price! I was shocked to see they were willing to do this for me. I called the store to confirm this and they were happy to help me out and I couldnt be any happier! Thank you 7Twenty not only for the hook up, but for true, quality online shopping.

Review №23

Amazing place! Great prices, knowledgeable and chill staff and a super local, authentic place! We’re so happy with our boards, thank you!!

Review №24

I came in with a dilemma ... I needed an entire setup and knew nothing . I was given the royal treatment and left a happy man. Thanks!

Review №25

Friendly, patience, I even left my shades there came back and he had them for me

Review №26

First purchased two decks at South Glen shop for my daughter and her best friend (matching design with slightly different colors). We used parts from an old skateboard otherwise as we didn’t know if she would really stick with it (she is 12). We just recently went in to get her new trucks as hers were stiff. The gentleman at the store actually tried to loosed the ones she had before we bought new ones. Unfortunately one released and other didn’t. We were prepared to buy new ones. He showed us how to change out the bearings on the wheels we brought with us that we had bought with the deck last year. We ended up purchasing new bearings at the same time as the old ones were nearing their ending. He was really good not trying to up sell us or get us to buy the most expensive. He understood that she was still a fairly beginner rider. He gave us awesome tips and spent time with us. We will continue to go to 7twenty for all of her skateboard needs. They have done us well and have our business.

Review №27

Brought in my longboard for a tuneup. Guys were super helpful and knowledgeable, they didnt charge for a few tweaks other places would and they had a great selection of accessories and gear. Will definitely be back

Review №28

I havent skated in a couple years and really wanted to get back into it. I came across this local skate shop online and wanted to give them my business. everything was very good prices and when they didnt have the item I ordered they messaged me instantly to help out. I would defiantly give this shop 10/10, definitely recommend.

Review №29

Highly recommend 😎

Review №30

Dave was so helpful and really understood what my daughter wanted! We came in to get my daughter her first custom board for her 13th b-day. Dave listened to her and gave her choices so she could create her dream board. He also explained and showed her how to build it,what to look for and how to take care of it.

Review №31

Soon as I walked in a cute dog and friendly staff member were waiting to greet me. Got my son some new skate shoes, socks, board and tape. Staff member transferred the trucks to the new board and put on tape on like a pro. Wonderful skate/snow shop. Coolest and newest quality gear. Got 10% off the shoes too. We will be back soon. Thanks!

Review №32

Big veriety

Review №33

They;re on the come up new owner is mega dope knows what shes doing, has a skate background and new product has been crazy dope. Emage and 7twenty mos def got my support! Shout out the team to those boys shred ; bobby, dylan, etc

Review №34

Took a chance on this place because of an amazing Groupon offer for a snowboard tune-up and wax. I definitely got way more than what I paid for. Customer service was excellent, turn around time was quick, and my board looks amazing. Ill definitely be using this place for all my future snowboard tune-ups and waxes!

Review №35

Great shop! My 9 year old wanted a long board for his birthday and these guys delivered. We will be back soon

Review №36

Bought a Santa Cruz board with Bullet trucks and Slimeball Wheels for just over $100. Great board, great staff. They helped me with the utmost attention and pointed out board sizes advantages and disadvantaged even though i didnt need a lot for myself. Good deal on a quality skateboard. Im used to spending way more for a similar product. The only downside is that the selection is a bit lacking but i wanted quality, not too picky on board graphics myself.

Review №37

Took my snowboard in for a wax and tune after seeing the Groupon deal. Both staff members I interacted with were super helpful, upbeat and friendly. It was a quick turnaround and the work was quality. Will definitely go back in the future.

Review №38

These guys have great snowboard equipment and accessories. Theyre local, and they will support you in providing good deals! Highly recommend.

Review №39

Hands down best skate/snowboard shop in Denver. Great gear & clothing selection, even better customer service. Prices for products have always been fair & they have lots of sales. The employees are always friendly & easy to work with. They also provide services like waxing your board, changing bindings, etc.Skateboarding & snowboarding can be expensive hobbies, yet this shop can make ways for you to get going without hurting your wallet. .

Review №40

Yo I went into the store today to buy wheels for a used deck I was setting up. I havent skated in years and Ive been cruising my longboard. The employee listened to me ask about squishy wheels and when he realized how novice I had become to the sport, he showed me 5 different set of wheels until I picked the perfect set. I always wanted to have soft wheels like the cool kids at the park and until today I had no idea they were sold hard vs. Soft and I have only ever had hard wheels. I thought skaters wore their wheels in but anyway, dude offers to set up my deck while I browse the store trying on jackets. Dope service.

Review №41

Awesome, knowledgeable, and patient staff with quality selection. They dont have a tremendously large selection to choose from, but the staff has made me a very loyal customer. I came in with no idea and needing all of my gear and they took the time to help me and explain everything without up selling me.

Review №42

Great options that you cannot find anywhere else.

Review №43

My snowboard needed to be fixed and so I brought it in here. Not only did he help me fix it and give me the plastic piece I needed, he did it all for free! What a nice and cool dude. I gave him some cash anyways as a thank you.

Review №44

Just got some boots from these guys and they were really patient and knowledgeable. Definitely will be back.

Review №45

I visited for the first time a couple days ago and met Miles, who was super helpful and very welcoming to someone getting back into skating after a 5 year hiatus. He helped me find the right pair of shoes and informed me of a bunch of new things Id missed out on (brands, tech, etc.). Definitely a really well stocked, fair priced floor too.

Review №46

I was looking for a snowboarding setup and 7twenty delivered. All they sell is top of the market product (not necessarily the top priced either), just good gear(and at market value). The sales assistant was really knowledgeable and given my background set me up with what I was asking for. Going from a skiing background to snowboarding the guy knew exactly what I should go with. The setup was great after getting out on it and I know it is something I can grow into for a few seasons and not throwaway gear while not being unwieldy. Maybe not the best shop if you just want anything at a cheap price, but aside from that, the staff knowledge and professionalism and direction was great.

Review №47

Awesome experience this morning! When we left my son said, Thats my boardshop from now on. Thanks for making a beginner skater feel welcome to the world of skateboarding!

Review №48

This has always been a favorite shop of mine, even though I live in Vail now. They have a great selection, but there customer service is outstanding! Katie went out of her way to help me get replacement parts for a my bindings. I highly recommend stopping by and checking them out!

Review №49

Save yourself a trip. Buy your board online.

Review №50

I love the staff here! So helpful and knowledgeable. Theyll answer any question and really help you get into the right gear based on your skill level. They all play and so they know their stuff and arent just trying to push product. Excellent resource for the skating/boarding community in Denver.

Review №51

Love This Place!! Plenty of boards, wheels, trucks, bearings. Although; quite lacking safety gear.

Review №52

Dropped my board off 2 months ago for a tune. Got a call saying it was done but when I drove over there I was told they hadnt gotten to it yet.Call outs - I prefer to support local companies whenever possible which is what encouraged me to try this place out. The staff members have always been really nice and helpful.I am picking my board up this evening and will update my review after.

Review №53

Nice little shop, with decent selection and helpful staff. The only issue I had is that the guy on the phone told me things that were not true and I wasted a trip in traffic to get there. I did end up getting gloves, so it turned out alright. I may have had the wrong store...

Review №54

My local skate shop. These guys and gals are always happy to help me when I need any parts, or even when I just need to vent about how frustrated I am that people driving their cars keep running me over then yelling at me like its my fault. Good prices, decent selection, fantastic service.

Review №55

Miles and Gram were amazing consultants and helped me pick the perfect board. They went over all the details technology and specs to help me make a tough decision. Love the shop and love the selection. Would highly reccomended to anyone looking for a snowboard. A+ shopping experience

Review №56

Great staff, very knowledgeable and down to earth. All around good board shop.

Review №57

Needed a longboard for a good price. Turned out to be the best value for money purchase Ive ever made. Incredibly wide range and helpful staff.

Review №58

Visited from Tampa and stopped into the local shops to peep around. Found 720 and was suprised by how big of a selection they had in their shop for skateboarding. They had everything you would want and had great customer service.Skate selection was on point from decks, trucks, wheels, and the shoe selection was crazy. This is the type of shop you want to walk into to just feel the OG nostalgic feelimg like back in the day.Walked out with a bunch of goodies and even a couple shop stickers!Awesome shop 720, I cant wait to come back to visit you!

Review №59

Sweet place. Great selection and knowledgeable staff

Review №60

Graham was extremely helpful. Especially for some one just getting there foot back in to skating.

Review №61

Recently ordered an NS longboard. The order was fulfilled promptly, packed well, and it arrived in flawless condition. If youre considering buying online do so with confidence.

Review №62

Ben immediately made us feel like valued customers. The dude had a plethora of product knowledge and great customer service! Definitely my new skate shop in Denver

Review №63

Nice selection. Helpful staff. Good prices. Easy parking in lot.

Review №64

Best board shop in Colorado. Period. The guys are amazing and beyond helpful. I purchased some bearings for my new longboard [from another shop] and the gentlemen put my entire board together for me. Highly reccomend 7twenty to anyone (new or seasoned) in the skating community 💯💯💯💯 [10 stars if I could]

Review №65

Whet in today didnt know anything about skateboards trying to by one for my little girl and they explained everything awesome stuff

Review №66

Really good Service, we purchased a Skate Board for my Grandson.

Review №67

First time getting a snowboard awesome place locally owned, Great service from Ben, and he explained everything very well. Thank you man you hooked it up! I totally recommend this place!

Review №68

Knowledgeable staff, lots of decks to choose from, run by skaters who know how to make good suggestions based on what youre looking for.

Review №69

There was good customer service

Review №70

These guys are super helpful! Ive taken my snowboard for tune-ups and they always do a fantastic job!

Review №71

This place is sickk, great location, awesome staff. Good prices, quality selection. Had everything I was looking for.

Review №72

Went in for a new board for my 4 year old. She graduated from the plastic Burton with a leash. I never imagined I would find a brand new 85cm for $45!! Then, my wife spotted a 173 Never Summer Chairman for $400 that we just couldnt pass up. They threw in a free tuning to boot. Next time I need a board or any other equipment, this will be the first place I go.

Review №73

Best shop in town. Great staff great selection

Review №74

Awesome company! Great customer service and selection.

Review №75

Nice local skateboard shop. Friendly and helpful staff got me everything I needed!

Review №76

My son needed some skate stuff Im an old dad,lol but they helped, thanks a bunch. Son was happy and so was i

Review №77

They did an excellent job tuning up my board!

Review №78

Love this skate shop

Review №79

After dealing with the self-proclaimed snowboard pro of the shops disgusting breath, bought a pair of the pricier longboard bearings from him, only to be told to put them on myself. What??Unbelievable. As a box of random tools is pushed in front of my face, I am told to use what I want. The owner of this store is extremely lucky for his sake that I didnt slice my finger(s) to the bone as I was digging through the box of tools and loose RAZOR BLADES that I had absolutely zero idea was dumped in with the tools. Wound up not having the right tools to get my trucks off anyway. Left the shop and spent well over $100 at 303 boards buying gear that they will actually install and maintain. GO TO 303 BOARDS IF YOU DESIRE A GENUINE BOARD SHOP. They also sell Santa Cruz snowboards!!

Review №80

Rad fellas in here, great service and knowledge, hellagood products!

Review №81

The bestest in the westest

Review №82

Great people. Helped me out with a broken binding and gave me a used part for free

Review №83

I got my snowboard from this shop last year. I really appreciate how much time they took to educate me on which board and bindings to get for the type of riding I do as well as make sure Im able to advance a little.

Review №84

We purchased a board from the Littleton store and had it shipped home. Went to this location this evening and got terrible service. The young man (who was laying down on a bench when we arrived) was dismissive when we asked about buying another board and having it shipped. He said, “we can’t do that”. When I told him we’d had one shipped from the other store yesterday, he said, “you’ll have to go down there”. I asked if he could call them - but got a “no”. If I were the owner of this shop, I’d be concerned about any employee being so unhelpful to a customer. He seemed like he didn’t care less.

Review №85

Got my board tuned here and they were great. They finished ahead of schedule.

Review №86

Kids always want to go to 720

Review №87

These guys have such a massive store but probably the smallest selection of skateboards in town. A bit pricier than other shops too.

Review №88

Great service, great board. My son loved it! :-)

Review №89

Sold me a broken truck then wouldn’t take a return or exchange, told me I was out of luck

Review №90

Got one of there shop 7.75 deck its great rides

Review №91

Great people good amount of knowledge regarding the products

Review №92

Great selection and high quality products, cool people, good service

Review №93

Holy cow great guys and amazing place, my kid will love skateboarding for a long time because the fantastic impression everyone left on his first trip to a real shop!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Review №94

Been coming here for years great merchandise and customer service

Review №95

Awesome shop, awesome employees.

Review №96

Jared fixed my snowboard binding in record time. Thanks man!

Review №97

Always helpful. Got my board there.

Review №98

Local, honest shop. Stickers!

Review №99

The ONLY place for skate and snowboard gear!😎

Review №100

One of the best skate shops in Denver

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  • Address:135 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, United States
  • Site:http://7twentyboardshop.com/
  • Phone:+1 303-282-8972
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  • Monday:11AM–7PM
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Service options
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
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