Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th
1800 W 104th Ave, Denver, CO 80234, United States

Review №1

Horrible experience they messed my brakes system up when changing a speed sensor ruined my axle allAnyways these guys are some sneaky people watch ya vehicles when they come here. I’ll definitely be telling my jeep friends go elsewhere.Take the responsibility for your techs mess up.

Review №2

Car was running ragged. We took it in and got good service and the car is great. Tyler called me daily told me it would be fixed on Friday and called Thursday and said it was done. When we got there they had missed one thing and fixed it within 10 minutes and did not charge us labor. Thanks guys. You are great. Tyler told us he would be there to go between the office and the service department and he went over and above his job. A great job guys. Thank you.

Review №3

I had my first visit to the Larry H. Miller Truck Center last week and it was fantastic. Fair pricing, thorough review of what was needed, and they even sent me photos to show me what was happening with the tires to reinforce the need for the alignment. Very happy and will be returning for all my service needs. Thanks team, especially Henry who is a fantastic service agent.*Update: I had an issue with the airbag system after I had a heater installed into my converted van. Henry at Larrry H. Miller was fantastic again. They are thorough, kind, and I really appreciate their care to get me safely back on the road. Glad I returned.

Review №4

Always a great experience! Quality work!Knowledgeable! Thats why Ive been goinghere for many years. Robbie and the teamGo the extra mile to take care of you andYour vehicle.

Review №5

If you choose to buy the extended warrantee, make sure the math works. I was told that my extended warrantee would be $17 a month. I checked the math later and it was actually $44 a mo! Also when you go to get work done they will make sure you get worn down by not doing the work and getting you to come back another time for whatever reason (unless it is a simple oil change.) They dont have the part... FIVE trips later you still will not have the problem resolved with your NEW CAR!

Review №6

Henry was exception in his communication and setting my expectations of repair times.The service center took care of my truck a week faster than expected and it was a great experience.Thanks guys!!!Kyle

Review №7

I had an exceptional customer service experience purchasing a used vehicle at Larry Miller Jeep in Thornton, CO. The certified sales consultant Max Hourieh made my buying experience smooth and rewarding. He truly cares about what I need and he went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information required to make the right decision in purchasing the vehicle. I did get to meet some of the other team members and they also were friendly, upbeat and professional as Max. He comes highly recommended and anyone would be lucky to have him as their certified sales consultant.

Review №8

I took my 2015 Dodge Charger RT in last October for an intermittent starter not cranking over issue. After approximately a week I picked it up after they replaced the starter to the tune of just over $700.00. About three weeks ago I started having the same issue again. Intermittent starter failure by not cranking over the first or second time I pushed the starter button. Recently after a few attempts it did crank over so in order to save a towing bill I drove it back to the dealership. After the car being there for another few days they called me to tell me that they could not replicate my intermittent starter issue so I picked it back up. It behaved fine until a week later where the whole cycle started again. Fortunately the car was in my garage this time. Being past frustrated I decided to jack up the car and look for the issue myself. It took my literally two minutes to find the causes. One, the solenoid wire connector was all busted up and loose in the push tab. I crimped the connector to make for a better connection. Two, the starter cable was not even tight. I was able to take the nut off with my hand. I tightened everything and it cranks right over now each and everytime. The reason Im beyond frustrated is that because no engine codes were found the second time I dropped it off, no one went to the extra step to check the simplest of all causes by making sure the electrical connections were good on the starter itself. Just because they were able to start it did not mean a problem did not exist and I can say for certainty that the car never went on the lift to have it looked at. If it did you have some seriously incompetent mechanics working there. I do not drop off cars at dealerships just to make life difficult for people. When I do its for a reason. For any future repairs I will have to drive the extra 15 miles to go to a more qualified Dodge Chrysler dealership.

Review №9

I had an 8:00 AM appointment to have my oil changed, flush the radiator and have the drive shaft greased. At 3:30 PM I questioned if the Jeep was ready. The service advisor wondered if I needed the Jeep back today. When I indicated that I expected it today. He indicated, after checking with the mechanic, that it would be another hour. I understood that to mean the mechanic hadnt started working on it yet. It is unreasonable to wait 8 hours for an oil change and radiator flush.

Review №10

Max is an absolute pleasure to work with! I honestly cannot say enough kind words about him. He was so determined with getting us in a top vehicle for the best price and boy did he deliver! The entire process start to finish was so smooth and hassle free. I am NEVER buying a vehicle from anyone else except Max. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and great customer service!

Review №11

For the most part, I was pleased with the service my daughters car received at this dealership. My only discontent was regarding the information I requested about the after market replacement part and the warranty attached to it. I had to personally go down to the dealership to get that. One would think this would be readily available on the invoice for the service. It became quickly apparent to me why this is not the case. The part was $270 or less, if the dealership receives a discount from the auto parts supplier. The cost to me was $1200 total! Quite a difference!

Review №12

Larry H Miller dealership was honestly a terrible experience of lies and deceit. I would highly recommend going somewhere else if you are looking for honest follow through and good work done to repair your vehicle. This comes from the top down in the service department. Lack of follow though and in defense of the dealership to cover the lies of the service techs. When the issues were brought to the manager, his first response was defense of the service department, and then he told me he would look into the issue further and get back to me because he wants to make it right. I have never heard a word.I was told my vehicle needed repaired and the actuator was the part that needed repaired. Once the warranty company needed proof of this to pay the claim the service tech informed me he was sending over more information to get the claim paid and give them proof of this issue. This was a lie. Nothing was sent. This dealership had my car over 2 weeks and days would go by that I would get no response from the service tech. Once I went to the supervisor of the service tech I was informed that the actuator was actually not the issue and my car just needs an oil change. But guess what this dealership would have taken the money for this part that now all the sudden does not need repaired. Crooked and shiesty.

Review №13

No pressure sales guy, who took his time with us, was really knowledgeable and helpful. They had the selection we needed as well. Only reason not 5-stars was being encouraged to buy extended warrantys, protection packages, etc. then after purchase getting emails from Mopar offering the same thing for $1,000+ less! The finance guys are shifty.

Review №14

I was impressed with Wendy from Parts, she went out of her way to assist me in getting tires in (super fast) and helping to get me set up with dropping off my RAM truck rims for mounting.The price was a super deal and if they keep that priced right, I will return to this dealer to get tires in 50k miles.Shout out to Marissa and Service Advisor Keith. Thanks for your help and service!One day later we get approx 5 of snow (Oct).

Review №15

Just bought a new Ram, it was a great experience throughout the process! Given the pandemic I was certainly concerned about physical risk throughout the process but the dealership is taking very good precautions throughout each step. At no point did I feel like my safety was being put at risk, and at the end of the conversation I left the dealership with a great deal on a vehicle Im really going to enjoy.

Review №16

So Gary was the guy who took care of my appointment. We did oil change & rotated tires. Also looked into anti-freeze smell . . . .They checked all hoses & did a pressure test.Did not find any problem, yeah I feel so relieved. Thanks guysHAPPY HOLIDAYS

Review №17

My Jeep needed an oil change, and also happened to have a leak. Larry H Miller Chrysler determined it was a simple problem with the oil filter being loose. A quick oil change and new filter fixed the problem, but they didn’t stop there. They pulled my skid plate off and cleaned the oil off of everything! It’s hard to find decent service like that anymore - especially when they’re fixing another shop’s mistake. I’ll definitely be back again. Thanks guys!

Review №18

UPDATE:: so Jeff Low reached out to us to apologize and express that he spoke with Tyree about all that happened. He was very kind and professional and assured us that we do matter and that they want every customer to leave and stay happy. We appreciate that he cared enough to follow up and try to make things right in our situation! Things happen and the fact that he took the time out of his schedule to reach out, makes all the difference! (Rating has been changed)So my husband and I went to purchase a new 2020 Dodge Ram. Tyree met us and was very knowledgeable and nice. The purchase was smooth. However the problems arose after the sale was completed. Window tinting package was offered and was supposed to be “set up” the next week. My husband waited for a call but no one ever contacted him so he called dealership later in week. Tyree told him that it was all good for him to drop off truck Tuesday morning and a rental would be waiting for him. So he went in today and the service department had no appt, and no rental ready for him. They tried accommodate him on the spot. Service was so busy that they just wrote his info on a sticky note and told him to wait for enterprise rental to come grab him?!? An hour later he ends up at enterprise with a line of 15 other people and only 1 person working. Long story short, I had to go grab him!! Then... he never received a call saying it was complete either. He went to pick up truck and no one checked his ID, just acted super bothered that they had to go look for vehicle and then just asked “is this your truck?” He said “yes” and that was it. No signature or checked if work was correct? Anyone could have stolen this vehicle. Just unprofessional in every way!! Tyree has NO follow through skills or care once the sale went thru. And service was super disorganized!! We do thank the sales manager, Jeff Low, for being so kind to a “Bostonian” and caring to listen when I called to complain about the day. Tyree needs to be shown professional follow through and care!

Review №19

Robbie was great and very responsive. They had my car back to me faster than I ever thought possible. Definitely satisfied with their help.

Review №20

Excellent experience. Fast high quality service very professional and a quick turnaround! All of the staff are polite and very helpful. They are conveniently located and I would recommend Larry Miller for any service needs!

Review №21

Hands down one of the BEST car buying experiences I’ve ever had. Make sure you ask for Sterling, you will not be disappointed! He went above and beyond for me when I bought my Jeep. We needed a few recalls fixed on them after the buying process and he made sure everything was set up and ready to go. He sent us messages through every process to keep up updated as well. Even on his day off he called to make sure we got everything taken care of to make sure we loved the Jeep! Sterling is the man!!!

Review №22

Associate said would take about an hour or less and asked if I needed the rental. I said if it is going to be less than an hour, I can just wait for it. I waited and asked for an updated estimate after waiting one hour and 15 minutes. He said should be finishing up with it shortly. Again, he asked if I needed the rental. I said as long as its less than 20 minutes, rental will not be necessary. He said, and I quote Its going to be a lot longer than 20 minutes, brotha.At that point, after wasting over an hour of my time, I got the rental. Wish the associate would have been up front and honest with the time it would take in the first place.

Review №23

Good service but promised truck back on Tuesday and a phone call update. Called Wednesday when I hadnt heard anything like I was told. Had to check on the truck a few times Wednesday until it was finally done. Their reason for no communication was Marcus was off. IMO something like someone being off should not constitute lack of communication.

Review №24

I recently had some problems with my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and had to get it towed to the dealership. Being that it happened on a Sunday I had to leave my key in the drop box. I was contacted by 7:30 the next morning by Service Adviser Robbie Hatfield and went over the vehicle with him. Robbie was professional and kept me updated on the status of my vehicle as it was being worked on. My vehicle was repaired/detailed and ready by Wednesday morning. I highly recommend this dealership’s service department. They are highly professional and do great work.

Review №25

Took my 2015 3500 Ram there for service with the suspicion something was wrong with the suspension. They did a thorough review of the truck and made sure I understood everything about the truck and had no other questions or concerns. Ive only owned Ford 350 trucks this is my first Ram and the handling is different than the Fords; the mechanic took the time to explain the differences in built and handling between the models of Rams compared to the 350. I left in a timely manner confident in the service I was provided. Would definitely recommend their service!!! Great job guys thank you!!!

Review №26

I went in for a car I found advertised online and when I came in it was sold. No big deal, I needed a car so I asked to see what else they had. They were really nice and I did find a Jeep that I loved. I later came in to have the car detailed and told them that the remote start they verbal told me my car had wasn’t working even though it had only been a week since my purchase. We set up a time to get it fixed and when I went in I was informed that my car doesn’t actually have remote start. Upsetting to say the least but talked to my original sales rep, Vince, and he said he would talk to the Used Car manager to see how to make it right. I did get a call later that day and was shocked when I was told “You could go to radio shack to get a remote start but it wasn’t advertised online so we can’t do anything.” I never looked at the online advertisement because I was at the dealership. It’s so unbelievable that I am now paying for a car that doesn’t even have a feature that was kind of a selling point for me and nothing was rectified for THEIR error of their product knowledge.

Review №27

They have gotten better, great customer service and Gary Jakober is very helpful and gets what needs to be done quickly. He has made the experience better. They have really stepped up from our horrible car buying experience we had with them in 2014 so being back to have them service it has been refreshing this time around. I hope they keep it up!

Review №28

This dealer is one of the worst I’ve been to when it comes to managing and honoring appointments. If you are expecting an hour and half oil change forget it. Did you make an appointment? It doesn’t matter. The last time my *appointment* took about 6 hours, and this time I’m working on 2.5 hours, no end in sight. Go somewhere else if you’re on a schedule.

Review №29

Professional and polite. I would recommend to anyone for taking your vehicle there for a service. I also like their value packs on the oil change and tire rotations! Excellent value!

Review №30

The televised commercials from this company speaks volumes of the integrity and strength it has for people. Pushing forward to move on and get past these difficult times weve all endured. Its important to resume normalized stability and enjoy our everyday lives. Millers courageous Outlook is impressive and exactly what is needed at this time. I encourage this kind of leadership from all businesses, state wide and beyond to enjoy ours lives once again. Thank you, lets continue to Move On

Review №31

The service department is consistently amazing. They treat you with respect, provide you all the details you could want around your service, and keep you constantly updated on status and situation. Weve been to many other dealerships and service departments in the region and in fact moved away from another and stayed with Larry H Miller because of their exceptional service department. I would give a special shout out to Gary, who has been working on our diesel Jeep Cherokee for the last couple of years (all diesel services go through him)....hes been absolutely amazing to work with...knowledgeable and customer service driven.

Review №32

I would like to personally thank Brandon and Vince for such a pleasurable experience for not just the process of the vehicle but as well as the Post Buying experience!! They have been following up daily on me and making sure that everything is setup for what was promised in the deal as well. Vince has been handling everything with a white glove approach!! Very much appreciated since our buying experience with other Denver dealerships were horrible while Vince, Brandon, and the sales team and GM made us feel like family! Thank you LHM Team!!Kind Regards- Ernesto Flores

Review №33

Tino Ziegler was awesome! He took the time to find exactly what I was looking for and get me into the truck of my dreams! The whole team was friendly and helpful! Thank you.

Review №34

Money Mani was the most helpful salesperson, he helped me for half of the day until I found what we wanted. Best experience at a dealership without hassle!!!

Review №35

Weve done quite a bit of business with LHM Jeep over the past few years. I purchased a 2018 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and we leased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 2-door for my wife. Weve always had a great experience with both the Sales and Service teams and definitely recommend them for any needs you might have.The sales folks we worked with were never pushy and we felt like we made good deals on the vehicles we selected. The service team is very good about explaining any work that is completed, verifying any optional work that you might need done, and returning the vehicle cleaner than when you dropped it off.

Review №36

Fast Service. Had a small break on my Wrangler but the team did a fantastic job fixing it and communicating the updates that were happening every day.

Review №37

Amazing service here! I also received 2 complimentary uber rides to and from my apartment in downtown denver. Robbie in service took great care of me and my vehicle, highly recommend this place!

Review №38

They scheduled me for the 8th of September but to drop the truck off earlier so if they had an opening they would get it in. The truck wasnt running so I brought it in about a week and some days early. I was called on the second day and was told that it would be ready the next day. Very quick and friendly service. Thanks for the great job.

Review №39

Horrible experience. Would NEVER visit again nor would recommend. To begin, the Technicians don’t listen to what the actual problem is. Trying to deal with my third party warranty, they claimed they tried several times but got no where. I called and got straight through on two rings and had to connect the agent from Allstate to the director of service to get the process taken care of. Then when I picked up the Jeep they made a big deal about they gave me a complimentary multi point inspection. I drove off the lot and wasn’t 2 street lights away where I noticed a horrible sound and smell. I pulled over, popped open the hood and discovered they left my engine coolant reservoir dangling from the bottom of the Jeep grinding against all my belts. If this is what their multi point inspection entails then they clearly are running a scam trying to inflict other damage on the vehicle in order to force you to bring it back to them to service Save yourself the headache and money and DO NOT go to Larry H Miller Jeep dealership on 104th

Review №40

Robbie at the service desk helped me perform warranty work on my Jeep. I called another dealership prior and they did not inform me of an extended warranty for the specific part I needed fixed. Robbie identified it and, no hassle, fixed it all under warranty. Literally saved me $800. If you need a dealership to Service your car come here.

Review №41

Sales associate was helpful and responsive but that is about it when it came to getting a 2020 Gladiator from this dealer. Finance person was less than professional answering phone calls while going through my paper work and really rushed the process. Truck did not come with a hitch on it which is strange for a 50k truck so they ordered it and I am still waiting (2) months later for that to show up. Had to purchase a second temporary tag since I can still not register the truck for real plates because the dealership sent in the registration paperwork with multiple errors according to the registration office in my city.

Review №42

People were friendly and considerate to my needs and the work was completed in a fair amount of time for the trasks they needed to do.

Review №43

This car buying experience was hastle free and easy thanks to sales guy Francisco. He was attentive and really listened to my concerns. He was able to fully assist me and so I ended up buying a fabulous Jeep from him. Francisco said he would take care of me and he certainly did!!!

Review №44

The customer service was incredible. Henry and team provide courtesy and effectiveness that met the time I had slotted for my appointment. I definitely received a 5 star treatment

Review №45

Had my jeep in for a bunch of work. My service adviser Gary Jakober did an excellent job of keeping tabs and keeping me posted on the repair progress, best of all the repairs were spot on.

Review №46

Great service from drop off to pick up!! Robby Hatfield service advisor was efficient and a nice guy. Repair of lifters, rocker arms and 6 spark plugs occurred with my satisfaction and $86 less than my approved estimate!! Only been 200 miles so far, but feel great about tech’s work. They had Uber pick me up at home and I can’t believe the cleaning of my Town and Country they did at no charge! And I thought I knew how to clean my car. I’ll be back for my next repair. Sincerely, Russ Scofield

Review №47

A wonderful dealership Larry H Miller has been to me! Robbie Hatfield was very professional and took the time to make sure I was happy!!! Im excited to come back and service my Jeep in the near future!! Thank you Robbie and crew for making me feel like Im part of the Jeep family!!!

Review №48

I had a appointment at 8:00am it took 2days to change spark plugs and to do a flush on my engine. They also checked for leaks on oil and found a small one on the oil filter. After paying 700.00 They wanted almost 1100.00 to replace the part that cost 50.00. Last the day I came to pickup my car I had to wait an additional hour to get it. Done with this place. If anyone can go somewhere else I would. Appointments mean nothing.

Review №49

They are awesome we got kurt how is a blessing and got us a great deal on a family car dodge journey love it also made me and my family very happy and thankfull

Review №50

This was the best dealerships out of the five that we had gone to before. Tino was the man and was a great salesman. Always helping us get the best deal and explained the Jeep to us in great detail. Left my wallet after we signed and all the staff were on the look and found it. Treated like family. Would highly recommend this dealership and when you go ask for Tino!!

Review №51

Having made an appointment for my car to get an oil change and letting the woman who made the appointment know that I would be waiting, I was very frustrated when it took almost two hours to service my car. It would have been nice if someone would have communicated that it would take that long. I find it frustrating at this service department someone always tells me, “so and so is taking care of your vehicle” and I have experienced that that person is rarely around. Then you wait not knowing what is going on. The employee who took my keys and got my bill started was nice and helpful but I just felt that there was an overall lack of communication in the department.

Review №52

The check engine light on our 2005 Dodge Durango came on suddenly and began running poorly. Larry Miller Dodge service Department got us in quickly, diagnosed the problem quickly and fixed it on the schedule they promised at a reasonable price.

Review №53

Ive had to take my truck in to Larry H Miller Ram Truck Center 9 times now for the exact same issue. They rarely fix anything, though theyll always tell you they did. Then theyll make up an axcuse for why nothing was done, but they kept your truck for a month... sorry man I didnt even check it. sorry sir, I didnt see that. Sorry sir, we couldnt replicate the issue even tho it does it right in front of the service tech.Theyve actually smacked my truck into something and scuffed the bumper and front wheel flair. Then it took another 3 visits just for them to fix the damage they did. But they only partially fixed it, and couldnt even align my bumper correctly.. This is literally the most inept service department Ive ever dealt with. And Id advise that you go somewhere else.

Review №54

Very fast and thorough service. Will definitely do business with them again.

Review №55

Communication on repairs was delayed, I waited and waited to hear, I had to initiate all updates. When the repairs were completed I drove home with a bumper that was not properly attached. I then had to return to dealership to reattach. I serviced my vehicle at this location since purchase and service is gradually getting worse. Not sure if they care about existing customers or not? After reaching out and leaving a message as requested by the response email from the service department. I never received a call back! I guess that was not a sincere gesture to find out why my experience was unsatisfactory. My vehicle is still making a noise.

Review №56

Ya know, the people at this dealership are very nice, but it is REALLY REALLY REALLY important to put the drainplug ALL THE WAY BACK IN after an oil change. I imagine I left a trail of oil all over the Denver metro area. The mechanic that looked at it from my shop said I wouldnt have made it 5 more miles without losing it. Everyone makes mistakes, but this one couldve cost me my engine.

Review №57

Easy to schedule my appointment, easy drop off and was notified when my oil change was done. They did a nice thing and honored my service contract even though it had expired. Thank you.

Review №58

Larry in the Service Department (104th) was Great he kept me informed about my jeep and it was fixed in 2 days THANK YOU To the mechanic also Great job.

Review №59

Getting frustrated. Took truck in 4 xs for 4 wheel drive light on dashboard. Had new wiring put in, motor checked, used transfer case put in and front control moduler. Took truck home next day drove down street 4 wheel svc light came on.Spent all this money still not fixedGive Gary 5 stars

Review №60

Hello Everyone! My name is Erik Gonzalez and I am a first time car buyer! I would personally love to share my wonderful ‘10 star’ (Yes, that’s right!) 10 star experience over at Larry H. Miller on 104th. I was pleased and delighted with how amazing the team there was able to help me find my dream car in an instant. Words could never describe how smooth, fast, reliable, and easy the process was to assist me when I arrived. I completely assure you they took very good care of my needs taking me out the door with a brand new 2021 car Thanks to the Excellent team & service LHM CDJR has to offer. It was an amazing deal of a life time and the feeling of confidence & pleasure to do business with them, I highly recommend Anyone to please head down to the Dealership and find your dream become a reality come true. The feeling was very surreal to me and A Very Huge Shoutout to a Special Car Salesman over at Larry H. Miller CDJR ‘ Erik Chavez’. Thank you so much for an Outstanding and Unforgettable experience and for making it possible, helping me every step of the way. The most respectful, honest, and caring car salesman I have ever met that will meet your needs and expectations and will definitely set you up on a road for success! Happy and impressed with his communication as he exceptionally went far above and beyond in helping me out with getting me in a new car! Hands down the best car salesman that will help you out, pleasure doing business man I appreciate you taking your time and effort in everything it meant a lot and I couldn’t put it any other way. Another Shoutout to ‘Jeff Low’ for assuring and assisting me in the process, thank you so much, it was great being able to meet you. I also appreciate how remarkable and detailed both were in making this deal. Now head on down! I promise they will make it worth every minute of your time. I strongly consider them and look forward to continue doing Business. Thank you for your time!

Review №61

Greatest experience of ANY car dealership I have ever experienced in my life. I went into the dealership with one car in mind. I didn’t feel forced or manipulated by Aaron. Aaron is the best. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. He drove from Denver to eagle on his time off to meet with my co-signer from grand junction. He very genuine and up front. Doesn’t force.

Review №62

Worked with Gary. Was quick, courteous, friendly, and although my wallet was lighter, I felt that what I asked for was done, and am planning on using if there are further needs.

Review №63

I brought my truck in for a recall fix and thought it would take forever. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly and efficiently they made the repairs. Marcus, the Service Manager was great! Loved the warm, welcoming and clean environment.

Review №64

Michael and Gary are always incredible. I would highly recommend this Larry H

Review №65

Well I’ve took my vehicle there 4 times and every time they have gave me bill. My car still isn’t fixed just another bill. I’m picking up my car tomorrow and I’m not bringing it back

Review №66

Henry in service is fantastic to work with!! He and his team of mechanics got my Ram 3500 back on the road in less then a week. I would recommend LHM service department.

Review №67

Appreciate the great service. A well run shop with good communication and follow through.

Review №68

Excellent customer service! They got my car fixed very quickly and updated me through the whole process. I definitely recommend working with Gary, he’s the best!

Review №69

I went to Larry H Miller Jeep on 104th because I had experienced horrible customer service at AutoNation Jeep on Arapahoe & i25. I actually explained to Chris, the Service Manager at Larry H Miller Jeep, that I was looking for a dealership that would give great customer service after having such poor customer service at the other dealership. He assured me that I would get just that so I decided to give them a chance and have an oil change done. Mike, the service advisor that checked in my 2017 Jeep for the oil change was awesome. I left the dealership after getting the oil change done thinking that everything was great. I even purchased a package of oil changes before leaving. A month later, after seeing quite a bit of oil on the ground where my Jeep had been parked lead me back to the dealership. They told me that the oil filter housing had to be replaced. The only reason they gave me for this happening was that this sort of thing just happens. They told me they were covering it under my warranty. After doing some research I found out that the only way that the oil filter housing could have been cracked is if the tech overtightened the cap when completing the oil change. This made it very clear that this actually happened when they were doing my last oil change. They couldnt even take responsibility for breaking this part on my Jeep. When I left the Jeep with them to have the oil filter housing replaced they gave me a loaner to drive. Chase, the Service Advisor assigned to me, told me the best way to communicate with him was through their texting system so that is what I did. A week later I had not heard back from Chase even after leaving numerous text messages. Apparently Chase had taken time off the day after I dropped off my Jeep and didnt let anyone know what was happening with my Jeep so no one was checking the text messages. When I tried calling the dealership all I could get was voicemail. I ended up having to drive across town to the dealership to get any answers. Even then there were no apologies, just excuses. While they had the Jeep, they were also going to replace the front drive shaft. When I got to the dealership I learned that no one knew what was going on with my Jeep. They told me that no one had a drive shaft; that they were all on backorder for 45+ days. After my Jeep sat on their lot for 3 weeks, there was still no part. At this point I picked up my Jeep and took it to a different dealership that actually had the part and could install it for me. All this to say, I wont ever do business with this dealership again and, therefore, my search continues for a Jeep dealership that can give great customer service. I would even take good customer service at this time.UPDATE:I see that Jon Campbell responded to my review. (Jon Campbell is over the Service Managers at ALL of the Larry H Miller dealerships.) I find this very interesting that his comment to my review gives the impression that he was unaware of my experience at the dealership. Jon, I spoke to you in person at the dealership. You, yourself, told me that you would keep an eye on the text communications to ensure that my text messages would be replied to and that I would receive great customer service. This is just one more reason why I will never do business with ANY of the Larry H Miller dealerships. Jon, the right thing to do is refund me for the package of oil changes that Chris, the Service Manager at the 104th store sold when I got the initial oil change. This was the oil change where the technician broke the oil filter housing by applying too much pressure when putting the lid back on.

Review №70

The personnel working there from the secretary, service, and technicians were very nice and willing to answer every question I had. They even went above and beyond to find out a repair I needed was covered under my warranty so I wouldn’t be charged the full cost.

Review №71

I like taking my car to Larry Miller the fast and professional, also live there text messages to let you know the progress of your car.I would recommend them to anyone there good at what they do.

Review №72

If youre in the market to review, test drive, or make a purchase; I strongly suggest these guys. Great atmosphere, management, and sales force. Brian was our salesman on a recent purchase inquiry. He made the experience smooth and easy to go through. Dont be afraid to ask questions and state what your personal preferences are in any type of purchase or service needs. They are ran with professionalism via the GM and supportive staff. Save Time Suggestion; Look here first, no need to run all over the place. There is also no pressure and they will listen to what you are looking for in a purchase. We have personally purchased through them multiple times over the years and have never been disappointed. Thank you to Brent and Staff.

Review №73

Came in due to a manufacturer problem. I was dealing with Chrysler on correcting the problem but I needed it to be done at the dealership. Robbie got it all worked out so I didn’t have to waste my time playing phone tag with Chrysler. Great customer service and love how they streamline your experience with their handy dandy iPads.

Review №74

They were able to get me a 8:15am appointment for the next morning. I told them I really needed it done by 2pm so that I could make ot to work on time. They were able to get it done at 2pm amd had me right out the door.

Review №75

Please, for the love of GOD, please do not go to this dealership. Save yourself and do not go here please take my advice. Went looking for a older Jeep and got screwed by a “family friend” Monty into a buying 50,000 Jeep, which he knew I could not even afford. He played his tricks on my father, and made me give him a good review after he screwed me. I have had constant stress and pressure because of this car And the payments for the past year and I wouldn’t want it on anyone else. Never wanted a new car and here I am negative with this Jeep and I can’t do anything about it. Please for the love you have for yourself do not shop here. They try to act like your friend, but in reality they are just wanting to screw any of their customers. PLEASE DO NOT GO SHOP HERE

Review №76

My first service resulted in terrible service from my assigned tech Michael who never even acknowledged me however Tyler another tech who acknowledged me right away made me feel welcome with his excellent service.

Review №77

Larry H. Miller provided great service, and made my buying experience easy and fun. I will definitely recommend L H. Miller to my friends and family.

Review №78

Good service but not great slow at times for service work and it takes at least a week to get a appointment

Review №79

Steve was a really good sales person. Could not ask for a better person to help me.

Review №80

Great service. Friendly, helpful, quick and easy. Took care of and addressed all of the concerns I had with my vehicle.

Review №81

Unfortunately, this has been the worst dealership I have been to. I wish I drove 3 hours away for a vehicle then come to this dealership again. The sales rep. gave me false information even though I asked and been reassured numerous times. I went ahead and signed the deal (biggest mistake of my life). I went to the dealership the next day and spoke to the general manager, and he basically blamed me and said it’s my fault and it isn’t his fault that I had buyer remorse. (He used those exact words). Over 4 hours passed going back and forth, I was only able to trade in a car with a “better deal” because this dealership initially gave me the worse deal possible and tried to “pull a fast one.” However, during this time, I was rushed and felt pressured to hurry up, pick a car, and get out. After choosing a vehicle in only 30 minutes, even though 4 hours was spent of just going back and forth(keep in mind the general manager was very rude and disrespectful) no one came to apologize, not even my initial sales representative Jennifer. (I would not recommend her or anyone for that matter). They even had the audacity to tell me to give them all 10 stars or if not, do not fill a survey out. “Shockingly”, the surveys never came to me. When it’s time for me or any of my friends to get a new car, I would recommend to stay far away from here. Keep in mind that I am a disabled veteran and I felt VERY discriminated against. I usually do not ever write reviews, but I needed to say this since I never received any surveys to talk about one of the worst days of my life. Till this day, I haven’t received a phone call or any surveys to check up on me like other dealerships I have been to. Please do not buy a car here, there are so many other dealerships that will treat you like a valued customer.

Review №82

They did a good job for a great price and I appreciate the service! Thank You to Them.

Review №83

The repairs took a little longer than I expected but everything seems to be working fine.

Review №84

Received a quote for the price of a new minivan. Had it confirmed via text message. Drove down over the next test drove it twice. Decided I wanted to buy the vehicle. After sitting down to do the credit check was told the vehicle was 5k more than my quote. Two hours later manager confirmed that it was an error but could not do anything about it. Very frustrated. Overall a terrible experience that I suspect was purposeful - simply a bait and switch. Get me in the door for a stated price then refuse to honor it, hoping that I would be so invested that I would not walk away. They also were constantly trying to highlight monthly payments and telling me I was mistaken.

Review №85

Great place and great people ! Specifically Steve in sales and Leonel in finance ! Thanks guys!!

Review №86

Great and knowledgeable team. They were very open to working with me and my needs, and they were incredibly efficient in getting us into a new car that met our expectations. Highly recommend Brandon and the team at Larry H Miller Jeep.

Review №87

This place is horrible for service. They messed up a simple tore rotation. And also don’t go in for their express lane because they’ll just have you come back another day since their booked out.

Review №88

Very disappointedThis is the second time when I’m trying to give a chance to this location and they just completely failedAfter doing in appointments a month in advance I dropped my car 7am for a quick fix the hose purge was cracked 30$ part easy fix also I decided to change my oil ,they ask me they have tires on sales buy 3 get the 4 one for 1$ and I said yes , they told me the car is going to be ready by 6pm same dayAfter 3 days they told me the car is ready I went to pick up 7 am and of course the car was not ready check engine light was on And the part was never changed and no one knew whats going on , then I wait another 3 hours in till the technician fix the carMy total bill was around 1600$ with absolutely no costumer service or communicationI will not recommend this dealership

Review №89

We visited this dealership in late July 2020, amid record new cases of COVID-19 in Colorado. While employees were wearing masks, thats about the only precaution anyone there was taking. They had not moved their vehicles out of their showroom, making it very difficult to keep distance between people. The mask policy must not have been covered in great detail, because the entire time we dealt with our salesman, his mask was positioned below his nose. Further, they were not respectful of what we wanted, and were very pushy. To cite a specific example, I mentioned multiple times that I was only interested in test driving and did not want to buy on this visit, because there was another very similar car I wanted to test before making any decisions. Both the first salesman and then the second salesman—who was looped in for some reason I dont understand—didnt want to hear it and kept pushing to have me buy a car immediately. Also, they were downright ignorant about other vehicles from their competition; upon learning that the other car I wanted to test was a Hybrid, they tried to aggressively talk me out of it even before I had a chance to go and test drive it, saying things like Hybrids have no horsepower and are just golf carts, and that the Hybrid would leave me stranded on the road after 100 miles while I had to wait to charge it. I had to explain how a Hybrid motor works to a damn car salesman. I do not recommend this business if youre looking to buy a car.

Review №90

I have used Larry H. Miller for the scheduled maintenance on my Jeep ever since I purchased it there 3 years ago. As usual I had a great experience getting my oil change and tire rotation. Very friendly, helpful associates and it was finished before the estimated time.

Review №91

I had a great experience buying a new Jeep. I got what I wanted at a good price

Review №92

SERVICE CENTER:Rude and Ignorant service representatives, inexperienced and unknowledgeable mechanics, save yourself the time and frustration and just take your vehicle to a private shop. It is very easy to offer warranties on vehicles when nothing under warranty is covered or fixed while under warranty. They simply wait until the vehicle is 1000 miles over warranty to address major issues with the powertrain. The legal terminology for this is, Ill-gotten gains. Another term is, Racketeering. This is the first Google review (or any review) I have ever written. Im not the type of person to complain, but when something as corrupt as this is allowed to continue I have to speak out.

Review №93

I have only been to the service department twice, both times being horrible. There is ZERO communication from the service team regarding the status of your vehicle. You can try to attempt to reach out and get an update yourself, but theyll just promise you a call back from your team member that you will never receive. After dropping my car off at 8am for a minor electrical issue to be checked out, I have been left in the dark despite my persistence for updates. It is now 4pm and my service rep is no where to be found to tell me the status of my vehicle. I only decided to bring it to the dealership because my vehicle is still under warranty... Honestly, the warranty is NOT worth the trouble and stress this place brings.

Review №94

Monty was amazing with helping us find the car we were looking for! It was a great, smooth, and easy experience. Would 10/10 recommend going to Larry H. Miller Jeep and asking for Monty!

Review №95

Happy with my service advisor. Was NOT happy to find new scratches on my roof after I just paid $500 for a pro-detail a week ago on my Challenger (I know my car inside and out, those scratches were fresh. not about to trust their detail crew, having my own guy fix it at my own cost. frustrating).

Review №96

Brought my Jeep in for an oil change and tire rotation. I instructed them to rotate my tires a certain way and they didnt do it. Had to go to a tire place and rotate the tires the way it should be done. That was two days ago. Today I noticed my rear differential is leaking. Now I have to waste more of my time and take it to have to take it somewhere to make sure the filler bolt isnt stripped.

Review №97

I took my Jeep into LHM Chrysler Dodge and not only did they diagnose my Jeep correctly they kept me informed every step of the way. With COVID parts became heavy to come by but, Gary worked with his team and got the orders in to repair my vehicle.

Review №98

Welcomed with clean and clear atmosphere. No pressure from the salesman. He has very good charisma and all around pleasant to work with. His name is Andrew and I highly recommend this man. Thank you for making it fun and easy.

Review №99

We just bought a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee for a great price and couldnt be more satisfied! Our salesman McKay Baum was wonderful! He was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and explained everything he was offering in great detail. He was patient with all of our questions and took care of us well after the sale side was over! I would have given this dealership a 5 star review, but our experience with the finance department was less than stellar. We got a great rate for our loan, but like many dealership experiences they tried to pressure us into purchasing over $5,000 in extra warranty packages. My advice, bring a buddy and ask them to slow down and take their time explaining all the offers AND their prices before you agree. Also, dont be afraid to ask for some time in private to think about their offers and if you dont feel comfortable, just say no. Overall, we had a good experience and are so happy with our new car! Request the salesman McKay Baum if you make an appointment!

Review №100

I could not be happier with my vehicle purchase or the purchase process, HUGE shout out to Tyree. As a first time buyer, Tyree paid great attention to detail to my wants and made aware of all my options thoroughly. This man is extremely knowledgeable and professional with his craft! The entire process was smooth, honest and felt pressure free! A year and a half later, I still go through Tyree with setting up all my services and/or just reaching out to him for any questions that may come about. Tyree is beyond helpful and always goes the extra mile to make sure every visit I’m left satisfied. Such a pleasure working with Tyree, I would (and I already have... my aunt bought a car from him 6 months ago) recommend him to everyone I know.

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