3000 E 3rd Ave #8, Denver, CO 80206, United States
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If you ladies looking for great designs, fabulous hats, unique accessories and awesome service then this is the place! Denice is terrific. Her sense of style is outstanding!!

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Let me being with: I am a VERY picky shopper. I recently had two children, so finding clothes that fit me well and that I feel confident in is VERY rare. The owner, Denise, is absolutely wonderful and has hand picked the beautiful clothes in her store herself. There was no pressure during the shopping experience, but she seemed to know what would fit my body best and it sure did! I was in a crunch for time and she picked out several fabulous things that I would not have seen for myself. I never previously walked into this store, thinking that it would be outrageously priced due to its beautiful window pieces- but it is TRULY couture runway piece for a fraction of the cost. I never write reviews, but felt it was absolutely necessary to share this gem of a clothing store with the world! I am almost afraid to share, because maybe all the best pieces will sell before I get to them. Incredible customer service, extremely friendly and a sincere connection. If you are thinking of shopping here or stopping by, please do. Unfortunately, the rest of cherry creek stores lost my business because Mariels is A++++!!!! I will be forever a loyal customer (they get new pieces in almost every day!) I couldnt recommend enough!

Review №3

Had a very unpleasant experience and would not recommend this boutique ! I was hoping to find a mother of the bride dress was told they are too busy to help and wasn’t even allowed to look at the dresses. You would think a small business would want you to spend money there but apparently not.

Review №4

Stopped by yesterday and saw a woman trying on the most exquisite dresses, unbelievable selection. So beautiful!

Review №5

The best evening wear and party clothes available in Denver

Review №6

Best ladies shop in cherry creek north. All the ladies are super great at finding the right clothing for my body type. I really appreciate this as I can be difficult fit, and I always enjoy the compliments i get on my selection. Love this shop! 💕

Review №7

Had a lovely time getting my ‘mother of the Groom’ outfit together!! Denise is fabulous knowledge & gracious. And her staff is equally supportive. Thank you Denise for all your help & suggestions. Cannot wait to send you photos from the wedding 💃🏽👍🏽❤️!

Review №8

Very nice and friendly atmosphere. Here you can find very stylish and interesting variants of clothes, shoes and bags. Denise the owner of the store, with a wonderful taste and always will pick up a stylish image and exactly what will suit you and your budget. I have very pleasant impressions from this store and of course I will coming back as far I will travel to Denver. Thank you Denise!

Review №9

I had a great experience with them! They were so nice and friendly. They tried to help me with my dress. When I needed a help to find a tailor, they recommended someone for me! I really appreciate their helps and supports.What I like also, they care so much of their dresses, so all dresses are clean and have high qualities because they dont let people to touch them. I really recommend this place for you!

Review №10

I have had thee best shopping experiences of my life here! This store is truly a gem, its so nice to have such personalized attention, I had three ladies helping me find my look the last time I went. They helped me pick out the perfect things I never would have chose myself. I truly felt like I had a personal shopper! I love that they get really unique items, have new inventory everyday! I got a gorgeous wedding gown here and feel like I never want to shop anywhere else because they have everything that I want and love. Creative and classy. This store and their customer service is amazing and refreshing in a land of overdone commercialism and consumerism.

Review №11

I have always had a wonderful experience at Mariel and thought that I would share; just the other day I was looking for a black tie dress and explained what I was looking for. They picked out 3-4 dresses and the first that I tried on was perfect! Not only did they help with me with the dress but they also advised me on undergarments, shoes and jewelry etc. Denise and the whole staff are so friendly and not pushy. Always enjoy going in and feel comfortable although I am not really fashion savvy!

Review №12

I love shopping at Mariel. I have been going there for years and think the clothes are unique and fun, and the service is top notch. Denise (the owner) and her team make sure the clothes are the right style, fit and color for me - they arent afraid to tell me if something just doesnt look right. Last year I needed a new ball gown, and the individual attention I received in the special section with gowns and wedding dresses was amazing. Denise worked with me one on one the entire time I was there, making sure that I didnt ruin my make up or hair while taking dresses on and off! I received numerous compliments on the gown I purchased. And, it wasnt that expensive!

Review №13

Phenomenal as always! Caring staff makes each visit worth the trip. Theyre expert at finding the perfect look for every occasion!

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Review №15

Great selection and really nice helpful women! Its nice that you can buy a dress right off the rack and at a reasonable price $500-900! Only problem is if they dont have your size it can take 6 months to get your dress!

Review №16

Always helpful staff has never disappointed. I visit Denver several times a year and always stop in. I rarely leave without something new and different

Review №17

Very friendly and helpful staff. Great selection of womens hats.

Review №18

My daughter and I went to this store because we were looking to buy a gown for a pageant. There were two ladies, the older one with blonde hair treated us nicely, however, the other one with darker hair (and old and grumpy), treated us like we had no business there because we didnt have an appointment. I started to browse around, at least trying to see the dresses and the black haired lady yelled at us saying that we could not touch or see the dresses, to what I said, not even see them? To which she replied, No. You need to have an appointment. The blond lady seemed to feel sorry for us because of the way we were being treated and she offered to show us the dresses, however insisting several times that these are 300 or less...these other ones here are very expensive. I left there very frustrated and went and bought a very nice dress at another boutique which cost us $900.00 dlls. And by the daughter won 6 first places, among them Spokes Model, Casual Wear Model, Photogenic, Top Model and ended up being 3rd runner up in this Colorado Pageant, which earned her the opportunity to compete in the National Pageant in California. We will buy other pageant dresses, but will never go back to this store.

Review №19

My wife was looking for a nice dress for a gala. We were told that the dresses were behind the gate and we didnt have an appointment so we couldnt go there. When I described the dress we were interested in, based upon a friends suggestion, the clerk deigned to show us the dress, but you cant touch the dress, which meant my wife had to disrobe and put a bag over her head before having the clerk put the dress on her. I understand the reason for this procedure but we felt completely devalued by her attitude.All in all, this was the most demeaning experience of my consumer life, and certainly the worst of my wifes. With a welcoming and warm tone, she could have made a sale and created a lifelong customer. Stunning lack of customer empathy!

Review №20

Outgoing, friendly staff! Cute clothes.

Review №21

I must say that I agree with the last review. My daughter and her friends were shopping today for prom dresses & had the same experience. They were treated poorly, was also asked to leave their drink & asked not to touch anything. This is just ridiculous!!!

Review №22

Extremely rude! As a shop owner myself in another State (not a competitor of this boutique) I was shocked by the poor customer treatment! I was told not to touch any of the clothes and the sales associate insisted on being in the dressing room with me at all times! When I said I preferred my privacy I was told that was not permitted. I dont mind being zipped up or helped when needed but to insist on being in the dressing room at all times is demeaning! The items in my ladies boutique are equal quality to everything in Mariels and I am able to treat my customers with the respect they deserve! As a sidenote, not that it should matter, I went to Mariels well-dressed and tidy. You would have thought that I was barefoot with a torn up T-shirt and dirty jeans based on the treatment I received.

Review №23

Beautiful boutique - ladies of expertise & grace maximizing your personal style, perspective & goal - lovely.

Review №24

My girl friend went to wear great dress and leather pant she went to fun to wear great place that was incredible fabulous beautiful hope we will come nack soon anytime soon

Review №25

I went there today to look for formal gowns for my bridesmaids and there was an older lady there who treated my sisters and I very badly, she kept on implying that her dresses were just too expensive and not what we were looking for and that we should try a store that had cheaper dresses. Excuse me? I did not even tell the woman I wanted a cheap dress. She did not let my sister bring in her bottle of water into the store which in my opinion is fine but this lady didn’t stop there she tried to make us feel wortbless and kept insisting we try another store. Guess she doesn’t want the business. We drove all the way from Colorado Springs just to be treated horribly. Never ever shopping there and will definitely not be recommending it to anyone.

Review №26

Personalized service, unique fashion from casual to black-tie.

Review №27

Great staff, great selection and very helpful!!

Review №28

Absolutely worst customer service Ive ever experienced! I will NEVER go in this store again. The store staff needs training on how to treat clients with respect.

Review №29

Horrible experience calling them to schedule a wedding dress appointment. I was rejected as I have never tried wedding gowns before!!??really? So I am deemed less ideal customers because i happen to pick them as my first stop? what a ludicrous idea. hope you dont get any single customer ever in your door!!!

Review №30

I bought my wedding dress here and I absolutely loved it! The sales associate by the name of Erica is absolutely amazing and needless to say I got a super good deal on my dress!

Review №31

Great owner!!! Very nice and helpful!!!!!

Review №32

I was treated very rudely and asked not to touch anything

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