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1972 S Grant St, Denver, CO 80210, United States
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Maggie has been amazing through the entire process of having my wedding dress altered.She is pleasant and truly cares about her brides! She is kind and suggestive and very professional!I haven’t purchased a gown from her, but would! She has gorgeous designs and will customize to what you want!Post the dress once I’m married!

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Mrs. Maggie is one of the best designers that I worked with as a model and as a customer. Her talent, patience, skills, and hard work are admirable. Plus she has a wonderful sense of humor and personality that makes fittings and the whole process of getting your dream creation absolutely a joy. This yearMrs. Maggie made my daughter a First Holy Communion dress, and I can’t tell you how many compliments we got. We did all the fittings and going over the details through FaceTimewhich I can imagine could be challenging for the designer, but Mrs. Maggie handled it flawlessly with no complaints whatsoever. She listened carefully to all my details, and gave me her expert advice when needed. And when the design came in, it was delivered so beautiful packed and wrapped, opening it was so much fun. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful Mrs. Maggie is as a designer and person. She gives her heart in each bridal and special occasions dress. Lastly, in regards to that one review that put Mrs. Maggie in the negative light; I first hand know she did have a challenging year, and did have a car accident, because life happens sometimes, but by no means that makes her a bad designer. I absolutely recommend her for all your bridal needs, as I’m 100% sure you will love her as so many people do. Hiring her would make your special day simply extraordinary.

Review №3

Maggie is absolutely one of my favorite designers to work with. She is always professional and so attentive to her brides. She offers everything from traditional to contemporary options but each is unique. She is an absolute blessing.

Review №4

Two stars because what I asked for was eventually completed, but I would not recommend this business to any bride looking for alterations. The bridal store next door recommended Maggie with Marie Margot and said she was the best. I called to make an appointment at the beginning of April for my August wedding to have 3/4 sleeves added and a French bustle. We scheduled the appointment for the second week of April but I fell ill from the flu. So we had to reschedule the following week. She then told me she was all booked till the last weekend in June. I was hesitant because that didn’t seem like enough time to complete the work, but she assured me it was more than enough time. I went in for my first appointment and it was fine. We scheduled the 2nd appointment to pick up the dress 3 weeks later - which she also said was enough time. I arrived for that appointment to find out she was only half done and needed more time. I would have appreciated some communication as I left work in the middle of the day and had I known that, we could have rescheduled for the following week when the work was completed. In this appointment she also made a comment and questioned “why I waited so long” to get the alterations done. I reminded her that I tried to do it in April but she was booked up. I didn’t appreciate feeling like I was in trouble because of her scheduling. I went in for the final appointment this afternoon and she was still finishing up the work on my dress in the studio! She asked if we could go get a cup of coffee or lunch and to come back in a half hour. This was now the second time she failed to communicate with me on the status of the dress. We came back two hours later and were questioned about how “quickly” we ate. I told her we had been gone two hours. We proceeded to wait an additional 20 minutes for her to finish.The two star rating is because she did do nice work on the French bustle and the sleeves. They seem to be well done. But the communication is severely lacking. She made several comments about how busy she is during “wedding season” which I do not doubt. But I reckon she is taking on WAY more business than she can handle. I also think she is a bit overpriced for what she offers/for alterations being made.I honestly would not recommend using her unless you are in a serious bind and she is your only option. It’s a shame because the location is convenient to the bridal boutique and her work seems to good quality.I’m glad to have received the dress back complete and with everything I requested done, but am somewhat disappointed with the experience.

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If I could give Marie-Margot Bridal Couture 0 stars, I would. Similar to the review from 5 months ago, she ruined my dress and I now have to spend hundreds more to fix it. My first appointment after dropping the dress off with her, she rescheduled because she had a stomach bug. After rescheduling that appointment to a few weeks later, she hadnt even started working on my dress when I showed up. During the appointment she started cutting up my dress muttering phrases like uh oh... and whoops. At one point, she thought she put the corset in the dress inside out.... She then told me that shes more surprised than anybody when she actually does something correctly when making alterations.The second appointment, I showed up and her response was that my dress was at her house so we would need to reschedule the appointment. So, we rescheduled for the following week. The following week appointment time arrived and she told me she had gotten into a car accident and couldnt meet at her regular studio and needed to meet at her other location. Her other location is just her house so I showed up to that and she STILL was not done working on the dress even though we had discussed the fact that I had expected to take it home the week before. I spent 45 minutes waiting at her house for her to finish working on my dress. I spent hundreds of dollars for her to make the dress fit me and it still did not by the end. Side note, she told me that if any beads fall off of a dress while shes working on it, she just picks them up and saves them for later instead of putting them back on the dress correctly.Horrible experience and I dont recommend her to anybody. Definitely DO NOT GO TO HER even if the dress store next door recommends.

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Very very sweet! Making my daughters dress and dreams come true.

Review №7

Its not great! Where to start. She came highly recommended from the wedding dress store next door. My sister purchased her dress from there. I brought a Junior Bridesmaid dress for my daughter that required two simple alterations. I needed the bottom hemmed and the back had a low cut slit that I asked to be closed up. First appt took place Jan 22nd. She told me no problem. Pinned the bottom. Made some suggestions. Told me it would be done Feb 16th for pickup. On Feb 15th my sister had a dress appt that Marie decided was not important. Made my sister wait for 1 HR 30 MIN. My sister had to call her. She never bothered to EVEN communicate her tardiness. My daughter and I arrived 20 min to our appt. Concerned again because again her business was locked and she was not there. So I called her and she then tells me she will be late or we can reschedule bc my daughters dress did not come out correctly. I instructed her that I was not rescheduling and if she was unable to make our appt the she had an obligation to call me.She arrived 12 min after our appt time. Grabbed my dress out of the back of her car. Pretty sure it was on the floor. Took it out and honestly..... She has no idea how to hem a dress. This dress is 3 layers. Each layer was a different length. LITERALLY a kid took scissors and cut the length. The back slit was also all three different heights of closure. My daughters dress is ruined! I offered to pay her despite her awful work. She refused my payment. Told me to take the dress. Told me it was my fault that I was early. Told me next time she will not press my dress before she comes??? BRIDES.....DONT LET HER RUIN YOUR DRESS TOO.

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Great experience, one on one attention, one of a kind beautiful custom made dresses! We couldnt be happier!!

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Beautiful couture workmanship.

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