Renegade Brewing Company
925 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204, United States
Review №1

Great low-key spot. No TVs No distractions just good beer and conversation. Would highly recommend as a nice neighborhood brewery.

Review №2

This place is laid back and friendly. Great selection of beers and just minutes from other fun spots in Denver!

Review №3

Took a while to try this place because the brewery’s flagship ale sucks (frankly). However the other beers on tap were FANTASTIC — every one of them! Staff was fairly knowledgeable and relaxed, if cool. Nice quiet and large patio given the location. They have some bar-style food, but I get enough yeast and grain from the beer…$2-3 snifters are a steal.

Review №4

Nice place with friendly staff in a great location. The rye IPA tasted good but somewhat bland. BUT, that doesnt make it bad: if i had to pick a quintessential IPA, this one would be the poster candidate, making it a very good IPA indeed. Ill definitely go again to try a few more brews.

Review №5

Its a great neighborhood brewery that has been around for a while! Greta rotation of seasonal beers and year-round main-stays. Puppies are welcome on the patio.

Review №6

Hey there, garbage beertenders. Take the attitude down a notch. Youre not even a real bartender. You couldnt handle the things a real bartender has to deal with every night. You work in some hole-in-the-wall taproom most people have never heard of. Get a grip and lose the attitude. Youre a joke.

Review №7

Quiet spot on a Thursday night to enjoy a nice beer.

Review №8

Service was average, beer was expensive for such a small poor. Beer flavors that I tried were nothing to brag about.One example of a day I spent there I ordered an IPA and they gave me a less than 10oz poor (less than a half glass). A well dressed young lady walked up to the bar and ordered the same beer and was presented with a full glass.After my 3rd visit I decided that this is not worth the time or money. I would not recommend coming here unless your friends/family with the staff.A charming gentleman approached me last time I was there and gave me some great advice on a amazing place to eat BBQ called Owlbear and apologized for my poor experiences. Cheers to the gentleman who stood up for his brew house! He may have convinced me to give it another go next time I am in town.

Review №9

Yay! Renegade tap room is open! Cozy space, great beer, and super friendly beer tenders. Loved the sour on tap and the Brown Ale is actually a true brown ale! So good 🍻

Review №10

Renegade is by far my favorite brewery in Denver! Good craft brews, good tunes, and good company are guaranteed. I love meeting all the doggos on the patio and chatting with the manager, Michelle, during quieter hours in the taproom. Jack is a great brewer and super nice dude. A 5-star experience every time!

Review №11

Great little place didnt realize that it was also a bar. So far loving the experience nice place to grab a drink have yet to try the food but if the put half as much care as they do into their beer then I am quite certain their food is on point.

Review №12

Hands down one of the best breweries in town! Great beer and an awesome staff!

Review №13

Good service, solid beer selection. Had the pancake maple porter and found my go to breakfast brew. Pumpkin beer was also very tasty. Not much to do except drink beer. No darts or pool. Good prices for a neighborhood brewery. Nice place to wait for rush hour traffic to subside with a cold pint. Good deal on Crowlers to go!

Review №14

Stopped here after a long day of work and was very pleased with the beers I tried! They have a variety of beers to cater to your taste as well as fun drinks like the Evolet, a beer and wine hybrid! The bartender was very nice and personable. I would recommend checking out this brewery, I know I will be back!

Review №15

Awesome neighborhood brewery! Welcoming staff and a diverse tap list with a good blend of styles. Great ambiance.

Review №16

Offensively delicious brews, friendly bartender, dog friendly💕 and a relaxed atmosphere. Couldnt ask for more!

Review №17

Great local spot to enjoy good beer. Enjoyed an excellent afternoon with good conversation. Some of the best staff in the area!

Review №18

Cozy spot, great beer!

Review №19

Good brew. Good people.

Review №20

This place has the worst beer. I have bought their beer at the liquor store in several varieties (blonde, stout, IPA) and none of them were good. We thought we would give it a chance on tap during the art walk and immediately regretted it, both beers we got (an IPA and a sour) tasted awful.

Review №21

Delicious beers! Just amazing. Tried several of their selections and it all was really good. Try the redecated special

Review №22

Love it! Super cool vibe, super cool staff and spectacular prices. Just go.

Review №23

Great beers with a wide range of choices. Great staff and some food(pizza, pretzel etc)Endpoint Triple IPA is one of the best Ive ever had

Review №24

Came here for butterbeer and Harry Potter! Didnt get my book, sadly. But the beer was awesome and was a good place to hang out.

Review №25

Nice folks, great brews, fun taproom. Excellent addition to the Santa Fe Arts District for a libation or two. Rotating food trucks for a tasty treat. Cheers!

Review №26

This place does the most important thing right: they put good liquid in the glass. We tried seven or so beers and all of them were at least good. Some bordered on great. I also love that theyre willing to experiment and try different styles!

Review №27

LOVE THIS PLACE! Staff is the coolest and fun. Beer is fantastic and always changing. I like the events that they throw. LOVE THE SUMMER TAN!

Review №28

Renegade checks all the boxes - delicious beers, friendly service, tons of games, charming decor. Even in a city crowded with awesome breweries, this one deserves a visit!

Review №29

Nice little spot with great brews!

Review №30

One of the oldest nano breweries in Denver and still one of the best

Review №31

The warehouse on 1st is a great place to pickup cheap cases while the 9th st spot is closed due to COVID.

Review №32

Cool place. The beers are pretty good, but getting a beer usually takes awhile.

Review №33

Outdoor heated area. Great people, great beer. They can your beer to go or growlers (yours or theirs). Try them!

Review №34

I’ve only been once and the two beers we ordered weren’t our favorite but we want to come back to try a few more! Friendly staff, quick service, great patio, COVID and dog friendly.

Review №35

One of the original in Denver. Great beer selection, nice wait staff and relaxed seating. Do wish they would bring back their summery festival on 1st near the brewery and PLEASE bring back Hiatus Beer!

Review №36

Great beer, great people, awesome time. What’s not to love?

Review №37

The best brewery in the baker area. Every beer is amazing and the bartenders are all awesome. The pancakes beer is one of my favorites.

Review №38

Good staff and appropriate situations.

Review №39

Love this place! This is my go-to brewery in Denver. The beers are perfectly priced, theyre delicious, and the staff here is always amazing. The outdoor patio area here is perfect for socializing - there have been so many amazing people that Ive met here. Everyone should stop by here. It has a super Cheers vibe to it and I love finding that in a town like Denver.

Review №40

Comforting atmosphere. Great beer. Keep up the good work Renegade!

Review №41

While this neighborhood is still up and coming (looks like has been hit bad from the pandemic), this brewery is still one of my favorites. Staff is great and i love the beer!

Review №42

My favorite staff in Denver

Review №43

Great beer and atmosphere! Get early tickets for the girlscout cookie pairing that happens every year

Review №44

Their Blood Moon Ryesin, a beer I never knew I could love so much!One of my favorite breweries and bars to hang out at in downtown.Love their Tap 4 Tap programUnique beers that are always fun to try, plus solid benchmark beers like the Rye IPADog friendly patio (pre-Covid)Highly encourage biking / pub transport here due to limited street parking

Review №45

Great place for a quick stop. We were on vacation and wanted to check out several different breweries in Denver.

Review №46

Great beers, great service, and great to see these guys back up and running. Grabbed some crowlers to-go today but will be back soon for patio beers

Review №47

Had a good time in this location, the bartenders were nice enough to serve us when we were coming a bit late, they are super friendly and cool. In the other hand the variety of beers was on point, definitely coming back! Great place to hang out!

Review №48

I like this place but please update your google listing to reflect that you are closed. I biked there on a Friday night around 7 because it said you were open but you were not.

Review №49

Great beers from a perfect tap room nestled in a quaint neighborhood. We loved the feel outside on the patio, and inside as it got colder. None in our party agreed on one single favorite, but mine was an awesome triple IPA that I would best describe as getting a hug and a slap at the same time. The two gals running the place that night were on top of things, with fast service and all the right answers, but still chill. Cant wait to get back!

Review №50

Great tasting room with lots of variety to try. Make sure you try the Pancakes brew or the Coffee and Pancakes Maple porter. Most people make their porter too sweet, but this is very drinkable.Also, try their lagers and stouts. Great service and taste. No wonder they are Colorado’s top emerging brewing.

Review №51

Excellent stout. Too many hipsters!

Review №52

Great beer and selection

Review №53

They have some wonderful brews here in a nice friendly community. The staff was Nick and accommodating. The cost of the beers were reasonable for the wonderful pint you get.Parking can be a bit challenging in this neighborhood and it is all on street parking.

Review №54

Ive been coming here for years. The atmosphere is just average but their beers kick ass! They specialize in strong beers though theres something for everyone. Dont miss their annual birthday celebration where they block off the street and have numerous special one-off flavors. In todays plethora of craft brew, Renegade is a must-visit.

Review №55

Great small brewery with creative seasonal concoctions. Their E3 IPA is a great signature beer thats always on tap. They dont serve food, but there is often a food truck or two parked outside if you want some munchies to go with your excellent beer. 🍻

Review №56

I liked Renegade brewing for the simple fact that they had a huge list of beers. However, I didnt really think their beers were superb in comparison to a few other places in Denver / CO area but the atmosphere is great. They have a large selection of random board games that will keep you entertained into the wee hours while you spend your life sipping away.We had the whole shebang in terms of tasting flights. We did both the pilot and the co-pilot flights and both were okay. I think I liked the pilot flight better since their co-pilot flight had some very funky experimental IPAs, some of which tasted like ... well, not an IPA.The staff was friendly, the brewery dog was cute, and overall great little spot in Denver to visit.

Review №57

Favorite brewery in Denver! Really enjoyed the show they had here last week. Great place to start the Santa Fe art walks.

Review №58

I DO NOT LIKEBeer you can chewYet this company refuses to respect my palate, produces a outstanding pancake and syrup thing, then follows up with this HAMMER IMPERIAL STOUT that resulted in texts like:Its like a matte black brick of pure carbon to the brain. A polar opposite of the pan-dimensional gargleblaster.A superdense epicenter of the night from which nothing can escape......I wouldnt have but for the......I was fine until......It was a friendly game until...And finallyIts immense gravity draws all that fall under its influence into a delectable and infinite darkness from which there is no escape from the crushing chocolatey finish.

Review №59

Great beer options! 4oz pours allowed us to try a bunch of their choices! Bartender was great, cant remember his name : ( assortment of board games were fun!

Review №60

Hands to the ground down, my favorite brewery in recent memory. This place has a wonderful mix of offerings from The Juice is Loose (IPA) to an Oat Ale in Covfefe, all of these beers are worth a try. Renegade was the first brewery on my list for an evening in which I had three stops planned. I never left Renegade until it was time to go home. The staff is wonderful and the atmosphere is a brewery being a brewery, nothing else. Simply, this place is perfect for beer.

Review №61

Beers were delicious! I recommend the pancakes maple porter!

Review №62

Good beers. Service with an attitude. Why do the bar tenders act like Im bothering them? I work two blocks away so Im here as a matter of convenience. Beers are great though.

Review №63

Looking through these reviews, Im a little reassured that many think the staff is friendly, but it seems like Im not the only one who has had a disappointing experience. My very first time coming here with a few friends after this months first Friday art walk, my friend and I were openly mocked by two bartenders repeatedly when we were just trying to order drinks, even though we were perfectly polite. We just made the (common) mistake of trying to give a bartender a polite wave after we were overlooked a few times (were used to this, were tiny women in a loud bar) and hadnt realized she was in the middle of helping other guests. It was an honest mistake, but she and another bartender were just extremely rude to us after that, even after I apologized. Ive been a server and bartender for several years, so that, combined with the fact that this is the very first review Ive ever put online, is telling of how bad it was. Cool place with good beer, but I dont have plans to return :/

Review №64

Good selection

Review №65

Id say newer craft beer tap room off Sante Fe Street. Nice set-up with a decent amount of bar top seating (L-shaped bar) and plenty of table seating in the main section area.Their beers were all tasty (we sampled a flight of about 10 4oz/5oz samples) that were all pretty good. They have outdoor seating as well (not covered).

Review №66

This was a GREAT brewery.

Review №67

The 1916 was great.

Review №68

The atmosphere and beer here is excellent. We tried 4 different beers and they were all really great! My favorite was the strange tail v.

Review №69

Offensively Delicious.Seasonals like Depravity, Hammer, Jose Flanders, Grapefruit E3, and more, are some of the best, most creative beers in Denver.Come for Firkins, special theme parties, or just for your daily routine. Look out for special events, like block parties.Crystal and company are amazing; ready to befriend you and serve some great beers.Outdoor patio is small, but mighty.

Review №70

Not much to say other than this place makes solid beers and is always a good choice. In the distant past, I didnt care for their beers very much as they seemed to all be stronger flavored high abv beers. They seem to have corrected that in the past few years.

Review №71

Recommended by a friend. Best place Ive been so far in denver.

Review №72

This is a great place to start out for the first Fridays ART crawl! First Fridays of each month from 6:30 to 9pm. And also a must for Micro beer enthusiast.

Review №73

We really liked this brewery - good brews and a good atmosphere. I had the gluten reduced offering and very much enjoyed it.

Review №74

I did not have a good experience here, mainly due to the rudeness and demeaning attitude of the man behind the bar, who I assume is the owner. First of all $7 for 10 oz of beer is a joke. And you cant even leave without spending a $10 minimum, a fact which was made painfully aware to me in a degrading tone when I didnt see it first on the menu board. I shouldnt have to tell you when its right in front of your face, he said. Yeah, maybe not. But I shouldnt have to tell you how to exhibit prosper customer service either. Do yourself a favor people and skip this place.

Review №75

Great beer in a spacious building with a patio. They even have board games. The beers themselves were delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the IPA and stout.

Review №76

Love this Brew. Super chill and not very busy on this particular Saturday night.

Review №77

My favorite brewery in Denver!This is one of Denvers exceptional breweries. They usually have about a half dozen beers on tap at a time, including their standards - Elevation IPA, Remanded (formerly Ryetous) Rye, and the 5:00. Other than brews, the only other choices available are pretzels and water. I recommend going early, especially on weekends. This tasting room gets packed early!

Review №78

Great beer in a great space! I sampled a few & loved them all. E3 mango was my favorite! Taproom staff is very friendly. Great atmosphere!

Review №79

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Review №80

You can find some uniquely styled beers here, and the food trucks are always outside. Its close by the bike path, so you can do your own self guided tour of local brewpubs.

Review №81

Very nice patio, they brew IPAs - lots of- very little else. If you dont like IPAs dont go. Beer is good for the most part. My husband is the IPA lover, me not so much but I did find a few I could drink.

Review №82

Great atmosphere. They have big front doors that are opened on nice days. Great place to hang out and have a pint.

Review №83

Great beer!

Review №84

HORRIBLE 1st (& last) IMPRESSION. We were in this area to meet up with some buddies, got thirsty waiting and thought wed try this place for the first time. Unfortunately, their customer serv was so terrible we didnt stick around.It was a quiet afternoon. The bar was full but the tables were empty. No one acknowledged us so we sat ourselves. An employee was standing in the dining area with a beer - I smiled at him but he didnt smile back. Whatever. We took 5 min to glance at the menu. 2 or 3 employees were walking around so we waited our turn. 5 min later, a lady from behind the bar curtly told us over a pair of heads that we had to order at the bar. So we made our way up there, stood around for 5 min, IDs and credit cards at the ready, again NOT being acknowledged, while a few employees stood around idly, gripping what seemed like their personal growlers. They looked dumbfounded.We walked out. If it had been ONE employee ignoring us (or if it had been busy!), I could have shrugged it off, but there was a group of employees standing around being useless. This must be a place where youve gotta know someone who knows someone to matter. Seriously - were we invisible?I was bummed. I sooooo wanted that beer. I wish I could give you guys 0 stars.

Review №85

Love that someone is making something:-)Good beer, decent ambiance, food truck is groovy. Feels like community can/should.Yum yum yum, get you some.

Review №86

Used to come here a lot after work to enjoy a very good beer with some food from the truck outside. good atmosphere for conversation with friends

Review №87

Great beers and atmosphere! if you like interesting beers and a nice place to drink them, this place is it. E3 all the way.

Review №88

Hi, Ive been to Renegade Brewing a handful of times and I have enjoyed it quite a bit.The crowd tends to be in their 20s to 50s in an up-and-coming neighborhood in Denver!Ive enjoyed their beers of several different types from their taps. On weekend nights, they tend to have a food truck. If youd prefer, grab some food at another restaurant and then, get your beer fix at Renegade Brewing.Ive also enjoyed their beers on the First Friday nights of each month. (First Fridays are an evening each month where galleries remain open far later than their early normal closing times on Friday Nights. :))The crowd that I mentioned earlier in my review of Renegade Brewing can be nearly anyone... Theres a man in Denver with so many tattoos on his skin, that I refer to him as the illustrated man. I have seen him in a bar north of 20th on Zuni by Tejon southeast of The Bug theater.Down the street from the Bug theater Hey (illustrated) dude!!! -- I dont find him scary, but hes definitely a quite unusual man.Hmmmm, I think that Ive included all of the experiences at Renegade Brewing in Denver. :)

Review №89

Never a bad experience. One of the best brewerys in Denver. Great atmosphere and amazing beer.

Review №90

Run 3 unblocked is nice game and nice game and so easy, im playing on

Review №91

Delicious beer & Cool atmosphere! Highly suggest visiting

Review №92

Avoid this brewery. We arrived at 10:07 after double checking the webpage listing 11:00 as closing. We were turned away because they decided to close at 10:00. Even after showing them my phone and the Google webpage listing 11:00pm as closing they refused to serve my father and me even one beer. They were completely unprofessional and rude. Their beer may be good but I will never return to this place after being treated so badly

Review №93

First and foremost they have awesome and original beer. The atmosphere cannot be beaten.

Review №94

Walked several miles in the cold and got there at 10pm. Google says they are open to 11. Bartender said they closed at 10pm. She said the register was closed and would not serve us even when we showed them that Google showed their closing time as 11pm. She said come back tomorrow at noon. We said we will never be back. Bye.

Review №95

Delicious Variety of beers, in the old WESTSIDE of Denver. Try the Redacted

Review №96

Look, to be fair the beer is awesome! BUT on New Years eve when I came in the 2 bar tenders were so wasted or on drugs that the service was AWFUL! I truely hope this gets straightened out.

Review №97

Great beer. great people. Pancakes. Depravity.

Review №98

Really liked this brewery, great service, good selection of beers, with outdoor seating as well. Try the Redacted Rye IPA youll like it.

Review №99

Cool beer. Cool people. Cool place. Cool

Review №100

Awesome brewery. Great place to hang at night, tends to get pretty busy and lively.

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  • Address:925 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204, United States
  • Phone:+1 720-401-4089
  • Brewery
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  • Beer store
  • Brewpub
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  • Monday:12–10PM
  • Tuesday:12–10PM
  • Wednesday:12–8PM
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:2–8PM
  • Saturday:2–8PM
  • Sunday:2–10PM
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  • Takeout:Yes
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