New Belgium Brewing
8500 Peña Blvd, Denver, CO 80249, United States
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What a pleasant surprise to find our beloved Fat Tire at the airport. We had to sit down and partake in a few pints before leaving CO. Service was great, nice selection of snacks and sandwiches that paired well with New Begiums offering. Will be our first stop when we return to CO and our last when we leave. Worth a try.

Review №2

Crowded but seated quickly. Friendly staff and rapid service. The brat & black lager is a good combination.

Review №3

Before being seated I asked if a beer menu was available. The waitress seemed offended. The beer is alone is a 4 star though.

Review №4

Not Bad a little pricey. Had to wait till 1000 Local for other than breakfast menu. Enjoyed the Chicken Cobb Salad.

Review №5

Great service , craft beer , food . Very fresh local ingredients. Very clean & following all Covid cleaning etc .

Review №6

I had the pulled pork sandwich. It was... Meh. The pork sauce I think was vinegar based without a lot of flavor. The slaw also lacked flavor, but nice and crisp. Pretzel bun fell apart with eating. Service was quick. Servers were polite.

Review №7

Great food and draft beer selection. Great service also.

Review №8

Youre a captive inside the airport. This place was busy, so I assumed the food was going to be excellent, but it fell short. I had the Fat Tire Chicken sandwich and asked for no bacon and after a 20 minute wait, it had bacon on it.

Review №9

Wow! The staff is so friendly. The pumpkin 🎃 cocktail is the most amazing drink Ive ever had. 5 stars on the pretzel to

Review №10

Service was excellent and breakfast was delicious! I was already recommending it to people as I was leaving about what a great breakfast we enjoyed. Check it out if you have a layover.

Review №11

The ribs were really bad. Probably the worst ribs I’ve ever had. Really chewy and greasy with a lot of connective tissue and fragmented bones. I’d expect more for $17. Fries were good though. Service was really good too, only reason for the 3 stars, but stay away from the ribs.

Review №12

Great burgers and beer. Quick service. Would eat and drink here again next time Im at DIA

Review №13

Great food. Legendary beer. Staff is super fun. Love watching them rock out to the greats of the 80s.

Review №14

Quick and delicious with fantastic service! I couldnt ask for more when in a rush at an airport! A special thanks to the New Belgium Brewing staff on 10/9/2021

Review №15

Great service. Thank you Sheya!

Review №16

Great food and Drinks with quick service

Review №17

Best grilled cheese Ive ever had. And their beer was delicious. Great service too!

Review №18

Good service, friendly pricey but this is an airport.

Review №19

Great collection of beers. Loved the Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA.

Review №20

Been to NBB three times on different trips. Always good fresh beers and really good food. When in DIA, my go to place

Review №21

Awesome spot. Great food. Great beer. If youre looking to kill some time they actually have shuffleboard. I could play for hours. Im definitely swinging by here to play on my next visit to DIA. Street tacos were delicious. Make sure to squeeze the lime over tacos. It made a difference.

Review №22

Good beer friendly staff

Review №23

I hate coming out of the gate with a bad review as a dont normally review restaurants or anything really, but Ive traveled quite a bit and this is the worst breakfast Ive ever had even for airport food. The potatoes were precooked and soggy, no cheese on the scrambled eggs, the bacon in the photo represents two separate orders, one extra and one thats was a side, the only thing decent was the bacon. The side of sausage was dry took one bite didnt eat the rest. They didnt charge for the sausage at least. The bar staff was friendly and quick but absolutely terrible food. I wouldnt go here for anything but a drink. Oh and no butter for the bread.

Review №24

Service was good. Beer was more in line with a juice bar than a brewery. Not for me!

Review №25

Just FYI: breakfast actually stops between 9:30 and 9:45, depending on what they feel like. Don’t count on getting there by 10am like they have posted.

Review №26

Pretty good breakfast for an airport! Coffee was great and server was friendly and attentive.

Review №27

Good place to grab a bite or drink before your flight

Review №28

Had breakfast here and it wasn’t that busy. Really nice staff and the BEST breakfast burrito you’ll ever have at any airport, anywhere. Highly recommend the 5280 BURRITO. Do yourself a favor and grab breakfast and a drink at this place the next time you at DEN International Airport.

Review №29

Great perfectly cooked burger, juicy but not raw. Nice crispy fries. It is the 303 burger. The beer is amazing, I had the Juicy Haze, it is high ABV so watch out as it doesnt taste it at all.

Review №30

This place boasts a very cozy and quiet atmosphere despite being in a heavily trafficked area of the concourse. There is a very nice, modern aesthetic and moderately comfortable seating. They provides tables near windows so you can watch planes come and go as well as seats near the walking lanes so you can people watch to your hearts desire.The food is of tremendous quality, their Highland omelette was especially notable. The omelette was filled with high quality and great tasting ingredients. My girlfriend ordered the 5280 Burrito. She absolutely adored the green chili sauce that topped the burrito.The server we had was very quick, responsive, and immensely kind. The food was prepared very quickly, so if 6ou are strapped for time you need not worry.

Review №31

This New Belgium Brewery restaurant is brand-new near gate 32 in the B Concourse. Of course all the traditional New Belgium brews are on tap and served in their iconic belgian-style glasses. I enjoyed one of their liquor and beer combination cocktails. It was called a Fix-A-Flat and incorporated their traditional Fat Tire Amber ale, mezcal and Bloody Mary mix. It was a little unusual, and to be honest I probably would have enjoyed a traditional Bloody Mary better. Theyre fancy grilled cheese sandwich really hit the spot! I chose the sweet potato fries as the side, and they were nice and crispy! The service was very fast and professional. The place was clean, and I was in and out without any problems.

Review №32

Good food and service.Open on 14-Aug-20 (google has as temporarily closed).Airport prices, but the spinach salad is excellent quality.

Review №33

Great atmosphere food and service!

Review №34

Had the angus cheeseburger and it was exceptional, the quality of the meat was really good and it was cooked to a perfect medium!

Review №35

Quick & very friendly! Thank you!

Review №36

Got here on a Thursday Dont know if the airport was busier than usual but the service sucked and my food was cold.

Review №37

Really bad coffee. Did not get anything else here.

Review №38

Great service. Didnt try any food, but always love the beer!!!

Review №39

Bartender was amazing and super awesomeTo everyone he contacted. Guy deserves a raise for his kindness alone. Plus the service was amazing.

Review №40

Beer saves them.+$2 for airport tomatoes is insulting..

Review №41

Good breakfast sandwich, took a little while to get to me sitting down but in the end a good beer with breakfast is just what I needed on my 2 hour layover at dia! Guess take out orders are done first, its okay as I wasnt in a rush

Review №42

Great selection of NB. Super friendly staff.

Review №43

My favorite place to go in DIA! I seek this place out no matter where Im at in the airport ...

Review №44

BlackBerry Black Tea Sour so yummy SS

Review №45

I was in a rush to catch my flight but, OMG!!!! They have THE BEST RIBS that I have EVER had in my life!!!!! I wish I could remember the name of them to hop on the site & buy the sauce for myself!! Gotta take a trip to Denver, now! Just for those ribs!!!

Review №46

Closing at random times in conflict with the posted schedule despite having a full house

Review №47

Great bloody Mary and the fruit parfait is awesome.

Review №48

Closes at 10 .. or whenever the lazy employees decide

Review №49

Great beer and grub

Review №50

Tasty traditional breakfast, reasonable speed and service. $20 including tip.

Review №51

Always busy, but great place to refresh

Review №52

Poor customer serviceTypical lazy unprofessional

Review №53

I only ate a burger here and its was great I loved it, im planing on coming here more to taste more of theyre delicious food cant wait! Also the service here is great they keep on check if you doing okay like a great restaurant should.

Review №54

Great food and beer.

Review №55

Clean place

Review №56

Great burger!

Review №57

Great beer but they overcharged me, watch yourselves, shake it fast

Review №58

Lychee sour was 👍

Review №59

Bartenders were great.$9.50 for a 12oz pour.Ridiculous.

Review №60

Good beer. Horrible music and ambiance. These guys should take a lesson from root down for ambiance. For music they will have to look somewhere other than Denver. There’s many positives of Denver, but musical taste is not one of them.

Review №61

Christine and Seabass are awesome! The pretzel and accompaniment mustard is amazing, the jalapeno cheese dip did not taste like cheese or jalapeno. The beers are quite tasty, a broad range of lager to black lager. Service is timely.

Review №62

I sat down and was told I could not because the table needed to be sanitized. There was no other place to sit so I got up and as I walked away two gentlemen sat down in the same table and the waitress started to clean the table for them and then told them to sit! As I was standing right there! Never again will I go to this eatery. Disgusted with their unprofessional behavior.

Review №63

It was awful poor hamburger

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Review №65

I can’t speak for the drinks, but the burger I had here was decent. Comparatively to other airport food it was really good. I had the one with the cheese curds

Review №66

For beer lovers. Just go there! F

Review №67

Great beer and a fun place to spend some time while waiting for a flight.

Review №68

Greatest chicken sandwich I’ve had in my life.

Review №69

The Dark Water was great and the staff was super helpful!

Review №70

Breakfast burrito came without cheese, without salsa and only had a single breakfast potato included (my second to last bite). Not ideal when you are boarding a flight and even unable to return and address.

Review №71

Ok meal. The place is ok, not busy when I was there. $15.95 for a burger seems high even for the airport. It was near my gate, probably wont try it again.

Review №72

Fast service!

Review №73

Good place to grab a beer while your flight is delayed

Review №74

Pricy, but par for the course in the airport Terminal. Enjoy some New Belgium beers while you wait for your flight!

Review №75

Best chicken sandwich I have ever had. Once place to grab a bite

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Review №77

Great Old Fashioned!

Review №78

Expensive, nothing to go the for except if you are waiting for your flight.

Review №79

The Pulled Pork Sandwich was too die for!!!

Review №80

I work here

Review №81

The steak 🌮 are to die for!!!!

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  • Phone:+1 303-342-6735
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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