Mondo Vino
3601 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211, United States
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What a wonderful place! I bought a bottle of wine here last night, and it was reasonably priced. I was also pleased and surprised by how entertaining and sweet the employees were. The wine tasted well to me as well. It was easier and appropriate. When I had free time, I went there because it was a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for making me happy, even though it has only been a short time.

Review №2

I loved the atmosphere here! My boyfriend and I did a wine tasting and were able to try several different ones for free. Alexa helped us and was great! She was fun, personable, and gave us good suggestions on what to try. We ended up buying three bottles of peach wine. I will surely recommend them to all of my friends!

Review №3

This store is amazing! Wines are grouped by geographic region which makes the best sense to me. Staff was super friendly and helpful. There is also a great selection of beer and liquor.

Review №4

It doesnt get better than this folks. Great selection and very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They get beer from breweries that other stores cant. This store really embodies west highland to me and I will miss it. I recently moved out of state and wont be able to find a spot like this 😢

Review №5

This is my go-to wine shop. They have a great selection of wine and beer, too. Their rates were way cheaper than other wine stores in the city. They have the friendliest and helpful staff than anywhere else. Their store was fully stocked always and the wine and beer were well-organized on the shelves.

Review №6

Must have new management. Been coming here for over 10 years and have sent so many friends here. They marked up all their whiskey to over the insane online prices, when asked why, super rude about it. Peace.Update: Duey here is lying. Weller 12 MSRP is $40, on the shelf for $400 😳 Other bottles with extreme mark up too. Never heard from him either.

Review №7

Such a great find! Excellent wine selection and a fantastic beer selection, as well. I can’t believe today was my first time stopping in. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. Needless to say - I will most certainly be back here soon.

Review №8

Great place. They welcome dogs (and even have treats for them), they have a large amount of liquors, and they have a surprising amount of sakes too.

Review №9

Arrrived after close but opened up for me and were very helpful! Great wine selection.

Review №10

Very good selection and convenient for people in the neighborhood. Some discounts. If stocking up on a staple not the best spot but its serves its purpose and customer base excellently. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №11

I love this store so much. Best, most friendly and helpful staff ever. Even as employees come and go over the 17 years Ive lived in the neighborhood, they always hire and train great people. Prices arent low but theyre fair and with the neighborhood discount, sometimes better than the big stores. Cornerstone business of West Highland.

Review №12

Friendly staff and great selection. My go to wine and liquor store in Denver!

Review №13

Fantastic wine selection! Very helpful staff!

Review №14

Mondo vino is a great store with very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will work with you to find something to both tease and tantalize your taste buds and provide an enjoyable experience both in the store and with beverages to enjoy afterwards.

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Review №16

Great beer selection - the best weve seen around Denver if youre wanting something unique. The staff is always funny, helpful, and happy to let you browse.

Review №17

Very good selection of wine. John was super helpful, kind and very professional. Lets see if US Riesling can mess with our german stuff ;)

Review №18

Always a great selection, they have a ton of wine mainly European, not a vast selection of California wine though. Prices are pretty good but you won’t find any super cheap wine here(besides the box upfront with $10 bottles) they used to do wine tastings but Covid shut all that down unfortunately. But I’m happy to have this place in my neighborhood.

Review №19

This place is the best. Every time I’ve been in they have a great selection and great service. I don’t live nearby but I come for the quality. Definitely recommend.

Review №20

Ever had a liquor store owner laugh at you for asking if they have a certain bottle for sale? These guys will ensure you can feel there unprofessional egotistic attitude. Highly recommend shopping elsewhere until they find new management.

Review №21

If there was an extra star for being literally the undeniable best of something. Then Mondo would get it. The crew, the selection, all of it. I have sent hundreds of people here and everyone of them calls me after and thanks me for it. Well thank you Mondo for being you!

Review №22

Great wine store. Amazing selection and great staff.

Review №23

Always a lovely experience. I go here especially when Im trying something new or need advice, they are so helpful.

Review №24

Awesome store. Amazing staff. Great selection.

Review №25

Helpful and friendly staff! Lots of selections! More than just wine!

Review №26

The absolute best! Kind, thoughtful people and a brilliant selection of wine, beer and spirits.

Review №27

Incredibly knowledgeable staff, I left with 2 great wines and I can’t wait to go back to try more!

Review №28

Mitch and John are very knowledgeable about wine and always help us find the perfect beverage for our meals, celebrations, or Mondays!

Review №29

Great selection. Look out for their 25% off day! Very helpful team

Review №30

Friendly, helpful staff. Told them what I was looking for and was quickly offered several options of wine and beer. Both of which were reasonably priced. Will definitely visit again on our next trip to Denver.

Review №31

Beer is nice and cold you can actually drink it right away. Staff is very knowledgable about everything.

Review №32

My husband loves armagnac and its so difficult to find in the states. The folks at Mondo Vino went absolutely above and beyond in researching vintages and bringing in two special bottles for me to give him for Christmas. It is absolutely appreciated more than they know!

Review №33

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Superb wine selection.

Review №34

I highly recommend these guys if you are planning a large event. They provided the alcohol for our wedding reception, which turned out great. They provided great help in selecting everything to serve, free delivery to the venue, and they refunded the unopened bottles when it was over. Top notch operation!

Review №35

Amazing wine selection and fantastic staff. Highly recommend!

Review №36

Best beer and wine shop in all of Denver. They are super knowledgeable, very glad to help and have a lot of rare finds, I highly recommend Mondo Vino!!

Review №37

You get what you pay for. Friendly staff and best beer selection in town.

Review №38

Great local shop with a friendly and knowledgeable staff!

Review №39

My favorite place in the Denver highlands! Such kind and amazing staff! Always picking out the best drinks to go with my dinner!❤️ Worth it to go to Mondo Vino!

Review №40

Great selection, great staff

Review №41

My favorite wine store in Denver.

Review №42

Overpriced but great selection!

Review №43

Great store but def 20% more than normal stores

Review №44

Great local shop with excellent taste and friendly staff with recommendations for every occasion.

Review №45

LOVE this place! Amazing wine selection, extremely friendly & knowledgeable staff and beautiful space.

Review №46

I live in the highlands and have a few go-to spots for wine. The selection here is pretty big and they curate some interesting wine beyond mainstream wine tastes, which I really appreciate. I’ve been a member of their wine club too and they pick good wine! If you go in, the staff is knowledgeable as well and can make good recommendations if you have more experience with wine as well. The only nit is that I’ve bought 3-4 wines that have been corked. It’s impossible for them to know that when selling the bottle, and they are gracious about returns. However, I’ve never bought so many bad bottles from one store.

Review №47

Great depth of selection. Have a good amount of specialty wines, but also carry $10 bottles for casual occasions.

Review №48

Theres no better store in town. Knowledgeable staff. Wide variety. Awesome free tastings. Great deals year round. Dewey is an incredible owner.

Review №49

Great selection & Great service!

Review №50

I love Mondo Vinos! This place is full of old world charm and the people are the best. I have gotten to know the owner and he is very knowledgeable, funny, considerate and full of life. His staff is kind of witty too! Someday I want to own a vineyard and have Mondo Vino sell my wine. Blessings on Mondao Vino and to those who run this fine establishments and bring joy to the community.Ryan & Family

Review №51

Great, cultivated, selection of spirits, wine, and beer. Knowledgeable and friendly staff that can point you in the right direction. Little to no turnover in staff so you know the management/ownership is doing something right. Bravo. Lovely shop!!!

Review №52

The staff is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The wine and beer selections are excellent. There’s also a pretty good liquor selection too. I highly recommend everyone in the neighborhood visit this place!

Review №53

We had a large group staying on 32nd Ave. The staff at Mondo Vino was so helpful in picking out wine and beer for the group. We stopped in while waiting for our table at the wing place down the street, and they offered to deliver our purchases back to the house we were staying at so we didnt have to carry it to dinner. Amazing service. Great location. Helpful staff.

Review №54

Great local wine and beer store that has free wine tastings on the weekends. If you live in the neighborhood they will give you 10% off. They also are pet friendly and love giving pups treats and pets!

Review №55

Love Mondo Vino. Such an amazing spot. Staff is phenomenal, always willing to help you find what you’re looking for(beer, wine, liquor, you name it). The selection is beyond what you’d expect for a small local shop.

Review №56

Stephen was very knowledgeable about some very specific wine requests. Prices are a bit on the high side, but the service is worth it. I highly recommend Mondo Vino, especially for wines that you cant find anywhere else.

Review №57

Great selection and great customer service!

Review №58

Hailey at this store is excellent! She always helps us find exactly what we are looking for and makes spot on recommendations! They offer a wide selection on fine liquors and I have never let with a disappointing selection! Highly recommend this store to anyone!

Review №59

Standard liquor store, solid selection

Review №60

Helpful staff, great selection

Review №61

Favorite liquor store in Denver. Its a little pricey, but youll come away with a beer you like, many times something youve never had before. Make sure you talk to their employees. Theyre very knowledgeable about their product.

Review №62

Humongous wine selection, decent liquor variety, and a respectable beer wall. Staff is well educated on their products and happy to assist and inform. In addition, they have regular tastings and miscellaneous in-store events, I believe.

Review №63

Large store with excellent wine and spirits selection. Very fair prices. Lots of staff on hand to help during the busiest time. Will return next time I am in the area.

Review №64

Outstanding wine shop with a huge selection. The store is well organized and it is easy to find what you are looking for with no trouble. The staff is very helpful and friendly and can make good suggestions based on taste or the event you are serving.

Review №65

Had fantastic and in depth (read: nerd out) conversations about wine. Learned so much and bought what promises to be a funky and delicious Argentine wine.

Review №66

Excellent store!! Unique wines, excellent (relaxed, friendly, attentive) service, great location. Duey is amazing; extremely knowledgeable and always willing to introduce me to something new. Youll be happy you visited.

Review №67

Amazing selection and amazing staff. I have looked far and wide for a good wine shop in Denver, and this is it! The staff is amazingly knowledgeable and is so able and willing to help you with whatever youre looking for. Theyve got everything covered and not to mention an impressive variety of older vintages that you cant find from any other shop in the area. However, I still need to shop elsewhere for my Spanish/South American wines. They have racks upon racks of Italian, French and Californian bottles--great! But only 1 rack of Spanish wines and another of South American wines. Spread the love!

Review №68

A great selection of beer, wine, and spirits, paired with some of the friendliest employees around!

Review №69

Unbeatable location, fantastic selection, extremely helpful and friendly staff. Its not the cheapest place, but youll get great suggestions and theyll actually pay attention to you if you have questions or need anything. They have a vast selection of everything from Sake to Whiskey to Wine. My new go-to liquor store

Review №70

Bought 1 can of ale charged me 50 cents more then cashier rushing me to move on. Oh $0.50! He didnt want to check the price.

Review №71

Was staying with a friend who lives in Highlands and stopped in here for some wine one night—what an incredible experience. The selection is excellent and very well curated, and the service is top notch. After picking out a Cote du Rhône that looked nice, the staff told me an interesting story about the winery and their history. Highly recommend this store, I wish there was a place like this by me!

Review №72

These guys have the best selection of craft beers available. Great wines also. The staff are very knowledgeable!

Review №73

Awesome wine/liquor store!! Josh was so helpful and knowledgeable! I will definitely be back.

Review №74

When it comes to quality wine and beer and knowledgeable, friendly staff nothing beats Mondo Vino! I have lived in the Highlands neighborhood since 2005 and they have never let me down. I can just walk in and tell the first person I see what I am making for dinner; they grab the perfect wine to pair with my dinner and hand it to me. They are right every single time! I love the variety. Not always stocking the same wines, I have been encouraged to try wines that are out of my comfort zone and surprisingly Ive learned a great deal about wine in the process! If you get on their email list, you will discover some great deals! Free wine tastings every Friday and Saturday are a plus. They are dog friendly, too!

Review №75

Great place! love the tastings on Fridays. There is a large variety of just about everything.

Review №76

The best place in town to fine rare and hard to find beers! The staff is very friendly and helpful! Also when they get Russian River they just put it on the self, not contests or special lists, just first come first serve.

Review №77

Excellent assistance; quality selection.... Awesome cellar room. Very nice wine tasting

Review №78

Incredible selection of wines organized by country. Lots of liquor choices and good selection of beers too. Staff was super helpful with suggestions.

Review №79

Friendly neighborhood wine shop with a great selection of both wine & beer with excellent service & recommendations. I called ahead once to ask if they had box wine - turns out they had 26 kinds, and I was greeted with Youre box wine guy! when I walked in 20 minutes later. Discount grab bag wine bottles for $10 by the register. Prices on the high end for beer, but ask for the locals discount if you walked there for 10% off. Have dog treats for fido if youre a dog parent. 10/10 recommend for a sunday afternoon stroll for booze.

Review №80

One of the best shops on the Front Range. Staff is super knowledgeable and the selection is great. Dont forget to check out the cellar.

Review №81

Love this place! Great red wine collection. You can also bring your dog in.

Review №82

The staff is incredibly friendly, the selection is fantastic, and theyll spoil your dog with treats. My only complaint is that the prices are pretty steep. They more than make up for that with the service and selection though.

Review №83

Best neighborhood bottle shop ever. Very unique selection and excellent customer service!

Review №84

We were greeted by the manager and he was a kind man but the The Cashier was very rude and had an attitude with me and watched me the entire time I was in the store then asked me to leave the other person I was with at the time thought it was rude too and didnt want to buy anything from themover all the place was very organized and pleasant to look at but we are not going again

Review №85

We have been going to Mondo Vino for over 15 years. It is amazing every time. Dewey & all of the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks for being a cornerstone of the neighborhood!

Review №86

Great local shop. Good selection of wine, beer, and spirits, and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Review №87

Great selection and very courteous staff!

Review №88

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Weather you are a regular, or first timer. They treat you like a friend. Dogs are also welcome! Check out the dog pics on Instagram!

Review №89

Beer prices are a bit steep on some items, but their selection makes up for it.

Review №90

Great selection, but the prices blew my mind. Charging an average of 12-15 dollars for local 6 packs of craft beers is not a way to keep repeat business, not to mention the very high prices on common whiskies. I may be back if Im looking for something rare to celebrate.

Review №91

A great wine shop with helpful and knowledgeable staff

Review №92

There is more than just Vino.. aka Wine!.. theres vodka, and whisky too. There is also the staff!.. very friendly and full of great suggestions!

Review №93

Boutique wine, beer, liquor shop. The prices are alright, but the reason to go there is for the service and exptertise. They often carry harder-to-find stuff and will order stuff on your behalf which is awesome.

Review №94

Always a great visit, very helpful and friendly staff!!! They even do gift wrapping!

Review №95

Amazing whiskey selection and very impressed with the knowledge they had of each bottle.

Review №96

Fantastic selection and even better service. Great place to go for good drinking advice

Review №97

Good selection and good prices.

Review №98


Review №99

Great local wine shop. Super great selection and knowledge from the staff!

Review №100

Great spot with good selection and knowledgeable staff, just overpriced.

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  • Phone:+1 303-458-3858
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  • Monday:10:30AM–10PM
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  • Curbside pickup:Yes
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  • Same-day delivery:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:No
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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