Colorado Liquor Mart
865 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246, United States
Review №1

I love our neighborhood liquor store. I always find what I want at a decent price & the staff are knowledgeable & friendly. Plus they have an awesome rewards program. I rarely shop anywhere else for my supplies.

Review №2

Amazing beer and wine selection for beverage nerds (:

Review №3

Was turned away after showing an acceptable form of ID. On our way back to our apartment to get my passport, we called the store to see if they could hold the items up front. When I came back the items were not held for us and the cashier refused to help me find them again. I was asked to leave and shop elsewhere. Don’t waste your time here. Just go to one of the many other liquor stores in the area.

Review №4

Big choice of wine of different origin. Also have a loyalty program. This time we bought very tasty red Italian wine for only $15! Amazing! Recommend this shop to visit.

Review №5

Surprisingly great beer selection!

Review №6

Don’t waste your time here. There is a better option .25 miles away with Glendale Liqours on Mississippi. The owners and managers here have 0 customer service.I lost my wallet and ID on a recent trip to Miami. When I went to this store with my passport they declined me service because it wasn’t a Colorado ID. Even though I had a reward account with them showing numerous purchases matching my passport with my old ID on file — they still declined me service. So, I went to the DMV finally and got a new license.When I return to the store with the official temporary drivers license from the DMV they decline me service again. This time they say I need the old drivers license to accompany the new temporary paper one until I receive the plastic permanent card in the mail. I showed them the temporary license says it’s for all official purposes and that the old ID is only required for airline travel for REAL ID requirements per the state of Colorado. They read and acknowledged that on the DMV paperwork then still declined me service.Do not waste your time or money here. There are plenty of places to buy wine and liquor within a half mile. Go somewhere where they value their customers.***Update: After reading my review I saw the previous review from two weeks before me with Dylan.... This seems to be a regular problem understanding ID regulations and hassling customers. Again, dont waste your time or money here.***

Review №7

Great selection. Great staff. Everyone is knowledgeable. The cashless thing they do is lame. But overall like the place. People like buying alcohol with cash. Its not good for business.

Review №8

Good selection with plenty of local brands and convenient location. Employees have always been helpful when I had any questions.

Review №9

2 stars because it’s close to the apartment. The “gentlemen” at the front has been rude on a number of occasions unfortunately. If you can get past the stale attitude and the lack of common respect it’s a great place to spend your $100 worth of alcohol.

Review №10

Friendly and helpful staff.

Review №11

Very rude. Terrible customer service. Take your business elsewhere. You cant trust these people at all. Bad members of the community.

Review №12

Great service from great staff

Review №13

I appreciate this store being open and providing lots of options. I do not appreciate them selling out dated wine. I did not ask for a refund. and simply asked or a new bottle. They told me they could not do either of the above options. All Im asking for is a credit. Otherwise this is a good place

Review №14

The best customer service Ive ever had at any liquor/beer store. They noticed that I was always looking for a unique and hard to find beer, and then ordered it for me without me even asking. The next time I came in they came up and let me know that it was there just for me. These guys are awesome and great prices too

Review №15

Huge store. They have a really nice walk-in wine cooler where I found a chardonnay that I could afford but was also really good. The cashier was pretty rude but thats not what people come here for.Edit: Second visit was good! They were out of soju but they have what I believe to be a pretty good selection of sake, so I got some of that. The girl at the counter was nice.

Review №16

After six years of shopping in this store, I will never set foot inside ever again. These people were indescribably rude and insulting. They are behaving as if each and every person who visits their store is a massive blob of disease capable of infecting another person just by looking at them. They obliviously dont know there are countless other stores who dont behave as if their customers are a threat. They should just close if they are this afraid, rather than staying open.

Review №17

Meh. Selection has always been decent. No standout deals or employees. However, no cash and everyone was masked. Good job.

Review №18

Great value. Good selection

Review №19

Favorite store when I visit. Great beer and other liquid selections!

Review №20

They have a great selection, and a customer reward program where you earn points for purchases. It takes some time to get to that reward, but I suppose if you purchase a lot of alcohol you can get there quicker ;) Theyre friendly and only marginally knowledgeable about the wine.. but if you know what youre going there for, its a good place quick to get in and out, and usually have a decent sale on something from each category

Review №21

Staff is incredibly rude.

Review №22

Incredible beer selection and friendly staff. Be sure to check out the walk-in fridge for some special beers - they go quickly!

Review №23

Manager or whoever he was very rude and uncouth and the prices are extremely high. You could find better service and prices down the street on mississippi ave. Avoid this place.

Review №24

Great Customer Service! The young man behind the counter recommend a dark craft beer that was fantastic! Thank you!

Review №25

Its in the neighborhood. They hav great sales of known alchohol brands. Liked the sale and enjoying the red wine. Clean store with good clear labeling of bottles.

Review №26

Great service and adequate selection of standard microbrews, international beers and some limited releases. The wine and liquor are also serviceable. The customer service and banter with employees was excellent.

Review №27

I come sometimes, because they have a great selection, but whats stopping me from coming more is that most employees here seem to have poor attitudes. Surly with customers–I asked about the rewards program once as I was being rung up, and was told Id have to do it next time, since hed already started the transaction.

Review №28

Great selection of beverages and the prices are always fair. Best of all the service is impeccable, Tommy always remembers our names!!!

Review №29

Awful and rude workers. Had three horrific experiences and now refuse to go back. Save yourself the trouble. Total Wine is a 5 minute drive away with much nicer people.

Review №30

The selection isn’t bad. But it isn’t good either. But it’s better than meh. Get what I’m saying?

Review №31

Excellent wine selection and good prices

Review №32

Poor customer service. I ordered a $200 keg from them a month or so ago over the phone, and called to re-order. The first time I called, I was hung up on, assuming accidentally. I called back and got a hold of someone, and asked to place a special order for a keg. He told me I would have to come in to the store to place an order. I told him I did everything over the phone the last time, without an issue. His response, was Well, we dont have anyone here who can take a keg order.If you dont have anyone who can take a keg order, then why are you telling me to come into the store??? Quite a helpful staff they have, my business is going elsewhere.

Review №33

What was once a decent craft beer option has evaporated into almost nothing. To say this location needs a new beer manager is the understatement of the century. Still a fine place to get your standard liquor options, its the craft beer selection that has just gotten worse and worse, with beers from 4-5 years ago being sold at full price despite many having gone bad. Go anywhere else if you want a good beer selection.

Review №34

Great selection of ciders and beers!

Review №35

Very helpful employee. Solid selection. I like that there is an app I can use to see what they have.

Review №36

Good selection and prices, but not the best on either.

Review №37

This is the best liquor store of the area. With great selection in beers wine and spirits.

Review №38

This little liquor store has more to offer than one might expect.

Review №39

The staff is very friendly and helpful. They always have what I need.

Review №40

Stinks like ball sweat.

Review №41

Very helpful staff. Huge selection with great prices. Best liquor store in Denver Metro Area.

Review №42

Good prices great location

Review №43

They dont have a public restroom.... I spend over $100 everytime I come for a visit to Denver... but they dont have a public restroom???? Would give a 5 star for dude who was cool checking us out he wasnt rude. GOOD ON YA DUDE!

Review №44

Terrible. Customer service. Rude cashier plenty of other places to buy my wines!!

Review №45

Bunch of snobs, happily condescending to anyone with questions. Management should be made more aware. Matt Allen.

Review №46

Best liquor store Ive seen in the area so far! Great and best selection of beers too!

Review №47

These guys have a great selection of beer, and a decent but not huge selection of bourbon.The beer guy knows his stuff and is more than happy to help.

Review №48

Good selection of affordable wines and liquor.

Review №49

Very good beer selection and decent prices.

Review №50

Good selection but high prices. Keg liquors at the Rite Aid has much better sales.

Review №51

Everyone is pretty helpful here and very knowledgeable with the selections.

Review №52

So helpful. Was led to the perfect gluten-free beer. Thanks!

Review №53

Plentiful but not enough San Diego beers.

Review №54

Beer guys knows whats up, awesome selection of hazy New England IPAs.

Review №55

Great place with great prices.

Review №56

I have being going in and out of this store for a few years now and honestly I have never liked the vibes of most of the workers. I continued going because I live nearby but that will stop now. I am African American and tonight I had the pleasure of listening to one of the workers talk about how his family owned slaves. His conversation with another customer didnt turn to this direction until I walked up to the counter. This is NOT the type of conversation you have in a customer service position when dealing with the public. I called to complain and the tone of the manager was less than sympathetic (which is what I expected). This simply reinforces the negative vibes I have encountered in this particular store more than once. I will not be patronizing this location and would advise anyone I know who is equally disgusted with these types of people to stop patronizing them as well.

Review №57

Carries a great selection of craft beers including Russian River. Great prices.

Review №58

Huge selection. Very professional, and handsome, sales clerk.

Review №59

Nice, nice beer selection

Review №60

Great store, service, and prices.

Review №61

~meh~ its a liquor store.

Review №62

Very well stocked. Fair selection. Clean.

Review №63

Friendly staff, great selection.

Review №64

SUPER rude man who works at the counter ... Just cross your fingers hes not helping you. He was so inappropriate I asked first if he was kidding - but NOPE ... he was just being that big of an @$$!

Review №65

Good selection.

Review №66

Very helpful staff.

Review №67

Old man was very rude because I didnt see his boxes for the sorted six pack , then got a small drink with unmarked, 17 dollars, when asked why he got an attitude, I didnt want to deal with him so , I walked out without saying anything, I forgot my credit card, When I went back he just said I didnt buy anything and wouldnt say if I left it, Then he said get out and refused to return my credit card.

Review №68

Huge craft beer selection.

Review №69

Excellent selection of craft beer bombers!

Review №70

Usually have everything Im looking for and the wait to checkout is nonexistent

Review №71

Large liquor store with great selection

Review №72

Shop local baaabbbeeee

Review №73

Great selection.

Review №74

Gluten free beer and lots of wine

Review №75

Alot variety

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Great beer selection.

Review №78

Huge selection of local beers

Review №79

Place is a joke

Review №80

I was very disappointed

Review №81

Good selection

Review №82

Pricey but they had late hours

Review №83

They are higher then most liquor stores.

Review №84

Astonishing expensive!

Review №85

Place is big!

Review №86

Good selection

Review №87

Great Liquor store

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I found a Venezuelan rum, its not very easy to find in Denver ...

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I like it

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  • Address:865 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80246, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-744-9500
  • Beer store
  • Liquor store
  • Beverage distributor
  • Wine store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–10PM
  • Friday:9AM–10PM
  • Saturday:9AM–10PM
  • Sunday:9AM–10PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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