Coffee at The Point
710 E 26th Ave, Denver, CO 80205, United States
Review №1

Coffee is amazing and the experience is too. I was helped by Jude and they were amazing and made my Monday not so terrible! The whole staff was really nice, and made sure to get everything on my table ASAP. I ordered a salad and I had it on my table in less than 5 minutes.The environment was a great place to work. Lots of seating and very quiet. Not too many outlets, but extension cords for the ones you find :)

Review №2

First time coming here I was greeted by a youthful, healthy, and vibrant staff who informed me of the Vegan options on the menu. They have quite the selection of tea and pastries that I found suitable to my palate. My order was made very quickly and both the tea and my vegan bowl were absolutely divine. I like the vibe here and to top it all off you can print documents right in the coffee shop which was my initial objective. One of the gals informed me that it was game day in the back and there were a few other peaceful patrons playing card games. I will definitely come back seeing as my first experience here was quite pleasant.

Review №3

Great local coffee shop. Tons of drink options and a nice place to catch up with a friend or get work done. They also have a nice patio.

Review №4

One of the best coffee shops in Denver. First, the staff is amazing. That alone will keep you coming back. And I’m actually most partial to the food! Big fan especially of The Baxter, The Welton, and Fire Station No. 3 sandwiches. You also can’t go wrong with the breakfast sandwiches.

Review №5

Nice coffee place with amazing sandwiches and coffees.

Review №6

First time here. Got their drink of the day, mocha cold brew. Didnt taste good at all and you can see where the syrup wasnt mixed in. Clearly wasnt much effort put in here.Not sure if its just the staff or the coffee but would not recommend

Review №7

I always come to do homework and the environment is perfect. good food and coffee, and great service/kind employees

Review №8

Cute cafe with good food and coffee! The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, especially for working or meeting up with people! I love that parking is so easy with the parking garage, right next door! I will definitely be returning! Thanks! 🤗

Review №9

Walked in early morning weekday and was the only person in. I’m a pretty outgoing person and am usually the first to greet, but the barista made it clear they weren’t going to speak. Am I good to order???? Okay, I guess so.My americano was truly subpar or I could deal with the snark and hatred of my presence. Hope their day got better. Maybe I’ll give it another try sometime.

Review №10

This place is one of the best coffee shops in the city. The breakfast sandwiches and lattes are great. The staff is always friendly and helpful especially Brianna. She has memorized our order and faces which makes us feel very welcomed. She makes the best sandwiches and the bacon she makes is always crispy. We come here at least twice a month if not more. Highly recommend this shop :)

Review №11

Excellent clam-chowder! Exquisite black raspberry chocolate tea! Cozy couches, clean bathrooms, fast wireless printer, and even a sellers market in the back end on occasion. Not too loud either. Great lighting, big windows and outdoor seating. Ben, Nichole, and Natalia were so friendly. Im so impressed with this shop. Great for remote working.

Review №12

What a find! Great location to study, catch up with friends, enjoy a book, and/or host a meeting. Coffee at The Point is one of my new favorite coffee shops that is so much more than a coffee shop - in addition to coffee/tea drinks, it boast a delicious menu, adult beverages, and also serves as a community center.Food/Beverages: They are generous with their portions and I love the HUGE mugs that the coffee beverages come in (see picture). Furthermore, their menu is infused with history - the sandwiches are named after influential African American leaders with ties to Denver.Ambiance: Spacious, clean, and bright. They utilize their space well with individual tables, tables meant for groups, space along the walls, and more lounge-like spaces. There is also a patio space available.Service: The staff is friendly and helpful; I was so thrilled to be greeted with a welcoming hello as I walked in. Furthermore, during COVID, staff are wearing masks and ensuring that the coffee shop feels safe.Pricing: Reasonable for the amount that you get; expect typical Denver prices: $3-5 for specialty drinks and teas. $9-12 for prepared foods.Tip: There is free garage parking! You can gain access via Washington street.

Review №13

Great location, super cute and spacious inside! The staff was so kind and offered great local suggestions. One of the cashiers (I didn’t catch their name) gave me a little history on five points and we had really nice conversation. The orange tea was delicious too, I highly recommend!

Review №14

The breakfast sandwich I ordered was so small and it literally tasted like nothing. 4 bites and it was so disappointing, plus a tea and it was the saddest breakfast Ive paid for in a while.

Review №15

Prices on food are ridiculously high for small portions(Palm size sandwhich $9)Great smoothies and coffeesStaff is so active and welcomingThe art in this place is immaculateI loved my visit here .

Review №16

I love this place! The choices are great! I rate the food, coffee, customer service and aesthetics 5/5!! Great location, near downtown Denver, close to public transportation. If driving, location isnt the best as parking can be a bit of a pain but it is totally worth parking a few blocks down and walking. I HIGHLY recommend this place. I come to study, hear live music and catch up with friends! Best of all worlds.

Review №17

I usually love coffee places where you can smell the coffee been processed and that the reason why I fell in love with this place! Their coffee tastes amazing and I was able to observe the coffee beans they use.

Review №18

Friendly, active, clean, good meeting spot, nice menu. Good place to people watch.

Review №19

Nice spot for meetings if you can set it up in the back area for privacy. Coffee not bad, the green tea is good. Sam iches (yeah I said sam iches) are good too, nice selection of choices.

Review №20

Came here yesterday on a recommendation from friends. Awesome spot! Great customer service e and awesome food! I was able to get a few hours of work done uninterrupted. Highly recommend!

Review №21

Solid coffee and excellent breakfast sandwiches at pretty good prices. Good place for a basic, sit down breakfast or grab and go.

Review №22

Dope, nonpretentious, and spacious cafe. Love the wide variety of drinks and snacks/full meals. Lots of open seating, good couches, sectioned off quarters for minimal disturbance. None of the furniture looked old or grimy, but it wasnt sterile-feeling either. I think there is retail parking in the garage but we parked on the street before we knew it existed.

Review №23

Fantastic coffee shop and iconic small business, they offer a variety of items from the usual coffee shop fare to actual meals and gelato. Will definitely be back!

Review №24

Recommended to locals by locals. Great place locally.

Review №25

Coffee was good. Excellent atmosphere to sit down and drink your coffee or have a snack. Very open and relaxing.

Review №26

Coffee at the Point has such chill vibes. Im always greeted when I walk in and there is never a wait. I typically get the chai tea latte which is solid. They also have super soft & delicious pumpkin bread. They usually have a good little selection of pastries & cookies to choose from. They also have milk alternatives which is awesome. The customer service is great and the place is so spacious. There is plentyof seating, including lounge areas, accompanied with reliable wifi & plenty of outlets.This is the perfect spot to chill, read a book, or get some work done. Plenty of space to meet with a group of friends or coworkers.

Review №27

Always a great place to sit, relax, or meet friends!! Terrific and friendly staff!!

Review №28

This is absolutely my favorite cafe in all of Denver!!! I love their coffee, love the baristas there and I adore the atmosphere. I always make a point in stopping here when in Denver

Review №29

We stopped here a week ago for our first visit and were so delighted! The staff were so welcoming, everything was absolutely spotless, and the coffee was just delicious ☕ Look forward to our next visit and really want to support Black-owned businesses as much as possible. The whole neighborhood had such a welcoming vibe, we need more of that.

Review №30

The breakfast sandwich bacon egg and cheese was mediocre at best. Cheap bacon, not nearly enough egg or cheese, packaged ciabatta. Not at all a good value at $10. Coffee was ok

Review №31

This place never fails to be the best espresso, food (no seriously the food is better than some 4⭐️’s. And the vibe is great!

Review №32

Delicious coffee and sandwiches. I got the #1, she got the salmon sandwich. Both were excellent but if you enjoy good salmon, go with the salmon. I missed out!Also, based on just two experiences: Saturday seemed dead but Sunday was pretty busy.

Review №33

Very nice ambiance. Coffee price is definitely on the high side. Overall great location right on Broadway with super friendly people

Review №34

Great spot. Used it for working remotely while passing through Denver:1. Great wifi speed2. Plenty of space to work (tables & desks)3. Chill atmosphere4. Nice ownerIn addition to the above, their lunch sandwiches are incredibly delicious!Would recommend to anyone passing through the area.

Review №35

Airy roomy coffee shop. Great service

Review №36

Had a very good breakfast sandwich and staff was friendly

Review №37

Great food, Great Coffee, Great Atmosphere! Love coming here when I am in the area! Support your local coffee shops!

Review №38

Great staff, food and caffeinated beverages. Love the Welton sandwich.

Review №39

This place is amazing. Great coffee (seriously, completed in Americas Best Coffeehouse Competition and did well), Gelato and an owner that cares about the community and his employees. Plus Coda coffee!

Review №40

The staff was chill and friendly. They let me stick around for two hours just biding my time until going for dinner. Their drinks were good, but the gelato was AMAZING! the hazelnut gelato was the best gelato I had ever had! So even if you dont like coffee, try the gelato at this place!

Review №41

A most chill place to meet a friend or grape a bite and beverage alone. Staff is very helpful

Review №42

This is probably one of my favorite stops in the Five Points area. This little coffee shop is cute, and totally represents this community. With local art, flyers, and community events on display.

Review №43

Friendly, welcoming staff with a solid coffee/tea and food selection. An anchor of Five Points.

Review №44

Great latte and the Denver omelet sandwich is top notch.

Review №45

Good double espresso, the chicken salad sandwich was delicious. Staff seemed under stress but tried to be courteous. I will go back and try their omelets.

Review №46

This spot is really cute. Love the inside decor. The staff is very friendly and kind. I really like there special latte that they advertise. Last time I tried it, it was blue muffin. It tasted more like a blackberry scone imo but still very good. The food is pretty good depending on what you get.I also love how they have so much community information on the side table when you walk in. Papers, pamphlets and even locally made items you can buy. I highly recommend the pickles and the bloody mary mix. I didnt realize a bloody mary could be so good.The only reason I give 4 stars is because not everything is amazing. I tried the tiramisu latte and it just tasted like, a regular latte. And some of the food I didnt really like. Also, I wish there was more seating. I dont blame this place for that though. Its pretty popular and gets crowded often. I think if they place was less crowded Id love it. It gets kinda loud on certain days so not the best place to sneak away to at the end of the work day.

Review №47

I went to this coffee shop this morning, to have my morning coffee before coming to work. This place was having the best Latte than any other coffee shop in the city. They also offer macaroons, cakes, muffins, and donuts, which were very tasty and delicious! This place is heaven for coffee lovers out there, like me! A must-visit coffee shop in the city!

Review №48

The smoked salmon and pesto bowl hit the spot. Great flavors and just the right sized portion.

Review №49

Didnt take pics this time but very stylish modern coffee house , warm environment.

Review №50

Coffee at the point is an amazing coffee spot. The staff are very kind and good at what they do. The egg, tomato, avocado sandwich with in house salmon cream cheese is utterly delicious! Their coffee and lattes are also very good. If your looking to do some homework, business, or just chill. This is a safe place to do it. Bring a positive attitude and you will only add to awesome environment! This 5 points coffee shop, that deserves a 5 star review!Have a good one!Cheers

Review №51

This is such a great location right by the DMV (which ALWAYS includes a super long wait) swing by here to grab some coffee and delicious food! I was lucky enough to enjoy some in house, didnt need to be on the go today. Owner & staff are friendly. Kid friendly place.

Review №52

Delish! Had a hot lavender latte with coconut milk.Indoor seating available w great WiFi and a wireless printer, I didn’t use it but that’s nice they have it!

Review №53

Its beautifully inviting, comfortable and open. I dont drink much coffee but the coffee smelled divine. My friend had the smoked salmon and pesto bowl and she highly recommended it.

Review №54

I should have took a photo of the food but it was too good to interrupt. Prices were reasonable. I can see why they have a lot of positive reviews.

Review №55

A bit of calm, creative, perfection!Ive been here a number of times, and today:1) I had my first cup of coffee here (I had been ordering their positively divine spiced chai previously).2) I noticed that there is a small parking structure right next door, (on the west side of Washington street), offering free parkingThe vibe here is incredible. Good quality, mellow music plays unobtrusively. Theres varied seating available, art hangs on the walls, theres a long laptop/phone table with charger jacks (bring your own cord). The restrooms are clean, well stocked, and unisex, labeled whatever, with pictures of aliens and mythical creatures on the signs.As I said, I ordered coffee today. Latté made with half and half milk. I make no claim of being a connoisseur, and its quite possibly the best coffee Ive ever had.Ive had several of their food items, and theyre all been positively fabulous. Theyre made with great care, with very chef-like complex design and beautiful presentation.Theres a free loyalty program available that can get you some nice discounts texted to you occasionally.The best part is the employees. They all exhibit a similar still waters run deep, Zen-like, calm joyfulness that is the key element to the peacefulness of this place.Do yourself a favor, come see for yourself.

Review №56

Best coffee in denver. Employees are friendly spread out tables make it feel safer during covid19

Review №57

Ate brunch here with two teenagers. Long line, but moved pretty quickly. Quiche was great. My son had the waffles and liked them so much, he asked to go back the next day.

Review №58

Lovely staff, lots of food and drink options. The nitro cold brew is crisp and refreshing. Lots of space to work and they even have a printer you can use. The heaps of natural light and groovy music makes it a pleasant place to hang out.

Review №59

I absolutely love this coffee shop. Every time I go I know I can receive a delicious cup of coffee or a tasty bite by the friendliest staff I have ever met. The positive vibes keep me coming back and I always leave with a smile on my face. The shop is right at the center of 5 points and has a huge inside lobby and a beautiful patio. Definitely my favorite coffee shop in denver. I highly recommend everyone to give it a visit!!

Review №60

This is one of my favorite coffee shops in Denver... and there’s some tough competition, we’re fortunate here in Denver when it comes to coffee. Love coffee at the point! staff is super friendly, the shop itself is adorable and they serve a quality product!

Review №61

I loved this coffee shop. Quiet, comfortable and affordable. I will be back! Also have free refills on black coffee (:

Review №62

Very wonderful. Free parking, great coffee, delicious food, lots of space to distance appropriately, friendly employees, plentiful electrical outlets... what more could you want? Will definitely be back!

Review №63

Good coffee options and quick bites

Review №64

I met my college friend at this place for a coffee. It was recommended by him. . I liked the store, very hip and nice modern architecture. Coffee was OK

Review №65

Best breakfast sandwich EVER! Veggie breakfast with Salmon cream cheese! Delicious coffee, great 👍 service.

Review №66

Dog friendly patio, some good cafe food options, like sandwiches. Im not giving 5 stars because their chai could be better.

Review №67

Incredibly friendly and fast service. The nitro cold brew is incredible. Highly recommended.

Review №68

Cool vibe. Very relaxed. Good coffee and felt good to support a black owned business.

Review №69

This wonderful neighborhood café has everything! Perfectly poured espressos and steamed lattes, delicious breakfast sandwiches, and sweet treats to tide you over until you grab one of their healthy and tasty lunch bowls. I love to post up here for work, not only for the great coffee and food, but for the always friendly service and cozy set up. Im always greeted with a smile and feel right at home. Thank you for bringing such a great environment to our community!

Review №70

I drive from DIA to the point just for that red pepper 🌶️ gouda cup of soup! I love it that much 😻 wish I knew the chef and get that recipe lol

Review №71

Really friendly staff, very wide selection of snacks, sandwiches, coffee, tea, beer, and wine. All the tables are responsibly spaced and the decor is super fun and modern. Even has free WiFi and a printer, fax, and scan machine!! Lovely black owned business

Review №72

The coffee is good if a little pricey. Their chairs are certainly comfortable and the staff is very pleasant.

Review №73

Great neighborhood coffee shop wit plenty of drink and food options and a sizable patio and interior seating space.

Review №74

Nice service and good tea. Would recommend to a friend or a relative all that

Review №75

I venture out of my way for this coffee shop, especially since my favorite neighborhood one closes too early. Theres plenty of room, comfortable seating, and a large outdoor patio.

Review №76

Extremely friendly and amazing selection!It is a large building with plenty of space inside and out. Definitely come support this business!

Review №77

Love this place. The environment is comfortable enough to get work done, the sandwiches taste great, and the staff is super friendly.

Review №78

First time in, greeted right away and felt welcomed. Relaxed vibe, plenty of space where people could enjoy a socially distanced cup of coffee and conversation.

Review №79

Always good

Review №80

Good place

Review №81

My favorite coffee shop! Everyone that works there is so friendly and helpful. The coffee and breads are always on point!

Review №82

Absolutely awesome, vibrant and open community spot...great for working and relaxing!

Review №83

I enjoy Coffee at The Point. Its cozy & quiet. Has a couple different seating options. Tasty healthy foods, loose teas💚.Courteous staff! Beautiful art all over the walls! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №84

Wonderful place quit & clean, I like the design its cafe and business lounge

Review №85

This is an excellent local coffee shop. They have plenty of tables, and even when its crowded, its not super loud. They also donate space for local businesses and non-profits to market themselves, and are involved in the local community. Its nice to have a place that has good food, good drinks, and is also doing good in the community.

Review №86

Awesome place! Has a nice environment, and they actually have their own parking! There breads here are super good and the people working where the nicest people of any cafe Ive been too. Will definitley come back if Im in the area.

Review №87

Such a great coffee shop. I use to live 3 blocks away and loved coming here to work. They have a wonderful selection of drinks and food at a reasonable price. The employees are also all super friendly. There are tons of tables and outlets and they have good wifi, so it is a really great place to work.I also really love and respect the community that Coffee at the Point supports and helps contribute to. They are constantly hosting different events through the week, and provide a great space for local groups and organizations to meet. It is just such a great business to support! So everyone should come here and do so!

Review №88

This is the spot if you want a relaxed atmosphere, a great drink and a cool little patio to work on. The staff here were incredibly friendly and seemed happy to be there. Definitely would bring people here next time someone wants to meet for coffee!

Review №89

As always ... Amazing service! Friendly staff, clean and beautiful, delicious food and drink. I love having my work sessions here!

Review №90

I stopped by while waiting for a pizza to be made across the street. The latte was to die for like always. I was able to relax and read while enjoying the best part of my day... Coffee. I will be back soon!

Review №91

To say the Welton was the best sandwich Ive ever had wouldnt be fair to Fire Station No. 3 Sandwich that I cant wait to try next time! I want to become a regular here and support the great staff!

Review №92

Good, simple and enjoyable. Worth a visit

Review №93

We go here all the time, they have a really big menu too which is nice!

Review №94

This place is great! This is the first time that I have been here and its great! The staff was so nice and answered my questions very polity when I ordered. I ended up ordering a black coffee with a flavor shot and when I ran low the lovely lady who took my order asked if I needed some more. ALSO! THERE ARE OUTLETS AND USB PORTS ALL AROUND! You can sit almost anywhere and charge which is AWESOME! Im so glad I can come to a place like this and not have to go to campus to work on reports.

Review №95

Relentlessly awesome customer service! The staff here clearly takes personal pride in making sure ever customer is taken care of. The menu is fresh, diverse, healthy, and — most importantly — delicious. This place is clearly at the heart of its community, and I keep coming back. This one is a keeper.

Review №96

Great atmosphere nice quiet little spot for drinks and convo

Review №97

Great coffee spot! The sandwiches are amazing and the menu over all is very creative. All the baristas are friendly and foster a great environment. I recommend trying the lavender Italian soda.

Review №98

Had a great tea tonight. Very helpful staff and wonderful service. The tea selection is large and varied from herbal to fantastic blacks. Previously I have had wonderful food, service, and community. The shop is very active as a neighborhood meeting location which is a wonderful service to allow/provide.

Review №99

The place was superb and we had good experience here . The ambiance was awesome With delicious food. If i talk about the price was decent. The staff was genuine and dedicated .Finally i would like to recommended this place.

Review №100

I love the atmosphere and the people here. They really want to make their customers experience a high quality ones. The food and coffee is great! The neighborhood is beautiful! This place really fits in. I plan to come here regularly.

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4.8 Rating
  • Address:710 E 26th Ave, Denver, CO 80205, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-955-2237
  • Beer store
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Sandwich shop
  • Wine bar
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–5PM
  • Thursday:7AM–7PM
  • Friday:7AM–7PM
  • Saturday:7AM–7PM
  • Sunday:7AM–7PM
Service options
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great coffee:Yes
  • Great tea selection:Yes
  • Live music:Yes
  • Live performances:Yes
Popular for
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Solo dining:Yes
  • Good for working on laptop:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Coffee:Yes
  • Happy hour drinks:Yes
  • Healthy options:Yes
  • Late-night food:Yes
  • Organic dishes:Yes
  • Prepared foods:Yes
  • Quick bite:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Breakfast:Yes
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Cozy:Yes
  • College students:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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