White Glove Car Wash | Auto Detailing and Chip Repair
7759 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80231, United States

Review №1

I spoke to the mgr regarding a price increase for a service that I always receive but is never done correctly. He proceeded to lecture me about minimum wage being increased as if I was the person who increased it. Either way I just asked if my car could be done correctly and throughly because I always pay for a wash but leave with a unsatisfactory car. That must’ve upset him because my car was still dirty when I received it. My dash was dirty there was trash and crumbs in my back seat. Not to mention my custom wheels are Always dirty although I pay for wheel service. A woman before me car and wheels were squeaky clean. I told them I’d like to be treated no differently because of my nationality. I’ve been coming to this car wash for years along with my mother and her mother. I won’t be returning because I’m a obviously not welcome here.

Review №2

I have used this location and am mostly pleased with the standard car wash service. A couple of years ago they did a fine job detailing an SUV for me as well. Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend them for detailing. I recently paid well over $200 for a small compact that was mostly clean before the service. The dash was not treated and left dull with dust not even wiped off. No scratches or scuffs were buffed out on the exterior (I was told they would be) and the interior shampoo did not even come close to meeting my expectations. They are fine for washes but I will go elsewhere for detailing going forward.

Review №3

$30 cleaning service is a waste of money. They dint even wipe down the seats or any corners. You would be better off going to self service end running the vacuum on the inside by yourself.

Review №4

Not impressed. Spent $90 for detailing and they missed out on so many key areas I had to go back and do it myself. Didn’t even wipe down the dash or steering wheel…

Review №5

Cleaned my seats with shampoo which looks much better than before but there was still gunk in my cup holders and dust/ dirt in my air vents. Still had dog hair on the floors and beneath the seats. Didnt do a bad job but definitely wasnt worth the $100 I paid. Plus I was there for almost an hour and they werent super busy. Wont be going back there for the price and service done

Review №6

I am absolutely and completely disappointed with this place. I went in at 2pm on Sunday to get my truck fully detailed. At first they were very hesitant to do it because some bogus excuse about daylight savings. Store hours say they are open from 9am to 5:30 pm. They were absolutely dead but I understand they did not want to do a full detail. Well they took my truck anyway which really made me feel great. Then it all went downhill. They detailed it in 40 minutes saying they put more people on it. They missed so many key areas that were so obvious! Here is the best part! It cost me a 190 dollars!!!! How is that even reasonable? Seats werent fully vacuumed, wax was put on terribly and not fully wiped off, plus all the missed windows. I will never come here again and I would not recommend them to anyone.

Review №7

I spent $30 and they achieved in 10 minutes what I could have singlehandedly done in twenty minutes with a wet vac. No pride for work or authenticity to customers. Slimey.

Review №8

I love this place. Their prices are reasonable and they always do a fabulous job

Review №9

This place has worked MAGIC on some of the smelliest and dirtiest vehicles my family has been able to muster. The work was completed quickly, and as promised. Their pricing is fair and up front, and while theyre not the cheapest around I think the value for money is above par. Additionally the detailing team is always really friendly and welcoming and the facility is clean and well kept.

Review №10

Went here once and they broke my mirror cover. Now it just hangs off.

Review №11

Fantastic job on my car. Most car washes miss something, not this place. Highly recommend

Review №12

First time visiting the car wash, got the works package for my husbands Pathfinder for Fathers Day...I could have done just as good at a car wash myself, I guess it was nice to let someone else do it but the cleaning job was mediocre at best. Probably wont be going back anytime soon.

Review №13

Been here several times but won’t return. Paid over 100 for wash the thorough cleaning. Very disappointed with end result

Review №14

This place is so awesome!!! Brad remembers me and what I like every time I go in. Very great job I would highly recommend this place to everyone who loves a clean car.

Review №15

I usually dont come here but after so many of my friends recommending this place i decided to give it a try when i first got there i was greeted with a friendly smile and a warm welcome everything was going smoothly until the end when one of the employees started being rude complaining that i didnt give him any tips after i spent $52.00 i would honestly not recommend this place to anybody not even friends or family

Review №16

They always take good care of me ❤️

Review №17

First time there, they did a great job! Will go back for sure

Review №18

I have to say that unfortunately I will not be bringing our cars back to White Glove. They used to be a quality place but now they just go through the motions.Cup holders, dash and door jams not touched after paying for exactly these things. The wax job needed to be wiped down when I got home and I could still see parts of the wheels that didnt get worked on.Disappointing considering the money I spent. It wasnt the first time I had mediocre service here but I thought every place can have an off day. I think it has become the new standard for White Glove. I have moved over to Autawash and I am happier.I hope the owners of White Glove see this as more than just beating up on them for an off day, take a fresh look at daily standards and make the changes it needs to bring back the level of service they used to have. Im just 1 customer but we have 2 cars that we fully detail twice a year that go to Autawash now.

Review №19

The favorite place of me and my husband to get our cars clean. Even if they miss a spot or make a mistake they do so well I still give them a tip

Review №20

I always come out feeling like I got a new car thanks guys

Review №21

Guys do a great job cleaning your car. Deals for them to do it all for you or you do some yourself

Review №22

They did a nice job on my truck today and everyone was very nice

Review №23

I recently moved to Denver and everytime Ive needed my car washed they were professional and friendly. My car is always clean when I leave. Theyre the best.

Review №24

The monthly payment is awesome pull up and drive through. Simple

Review №25

DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE FOR ANY REASON!I called ahead of time to get sn estimate on detailing my truck. I explained to the lady that I needed an interior AND exterior detail and I even told her every scratch that was on it as I walked around it. She said it would be about $210 give or take. So I bring my truck in and these two guys come out to do a walk-around and give me a final quote. He tells me they cant do anything about the scratches but the interior detail and just washing the outside would be $600! I told them I was quoted $210 over the phone and they said that was just for shampooing the interior. $400 to wash a truck? I ran out laughing. The whole thing felt shady like the guys are overcharging and keeping the difference or something.DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE HERE!

Review №26

My favorite place! Been going for 4 yrs!! I do miss John!

Review №27

They did an ok job, not great but ok. They missed several dirty areas and did not remove any seat stains like they said they would.

Review №28

Meh. Most of my car was still dirty had to hand wash after and there was still so much dirt everywhere. Even the parts that were washed had so much soap residue I had to rewash it to get it off.

Review №29

Dont waste your money getting a detail here. They try to take the whole 185.00 and do barely any work on the vehicle

Review №30

Not going back because they dont get better, and finally reviewing them after several disappointments this one did it. Story is I want an elite service to be elite. And would be tipping if theyd spent more time doing an elite service. And whom ever it may concern if you dont get tipped still say thank you to a customer its Good for businesses reputation.

Review №31

One of the guys had a dispute with a customer. The customer left and the employee started with a very foul mouth and wouldnt stop. I told him he shouldnt act like that in front of other customers because it could be bad for business. He said he didnt care and started in again. I was very nervous before my car was done. On a different note, they did a good job on my car but this was the second time they didnt vacuum my seats.

Review №32

My car was looking very CO (aka coated in mud and nasty grit). During a break between recent snow storms, I wanted to get it washed. Surprisingly, nowhere was open! White Glove Car Wash was my fourth stop and there were guys working inside, but the sign said it was closed. I was starting to drive away when the someone ran outside yelling Stop! Were open!. They opened up the wash just for me! After the wash, I went to vacuum the interior. I was pulling out the floor mats and the same guy offered to power wash each one by hand. Wonderful service and great character by the staff!

Review №33

White Glove is my go-to place to get my Jeep washed and vacuumed. Always do a great job.

Review №34

I came for a car wash and was told for $70 more they could restore the faded headlight lenses on my 2010 car. I paid and when they were done I could see no improvement. I was told that the oxidation was on the inside of the lenses and they could do nothing more. I later took my car to Superior Auto Image in Denver and they did an excellent job and my headlights now look great. I returned to White Glove and showed the guy who was there before how nice they looked and asked for a refund. Both he and another guy (manager?) said I should have brought it back and I said you told me you could not restore the lenses so why would I bring it back. I received no refund and it was obvious that they did not care. For $70 I received very unsatisfactory results as well as having the engine and engine compartment splattered with some compound they used on a buffing wheel. I hope this review will prevent others from getting the same shoddy service.

Review №35

This is the only place I will take my car to get washed. In the past, I had tried several other places and none of them compare. I love the owner and all of the employees. I have been coming here since the late 90s

Review №36

When you get your car washed it’s a given that it’s not going to be perfectly clean. I’m also a very type A person and extremely perfectionist. That being said this was a great experience. Got “the works” which was $29 including tax.Pros: they actually cleaned every window (inside and out), the door jams, the rims (which weren’t entirely to my liking in the end), and vacuumed everything. they also conditioned my tires which was nice.Cons: the rims weren’t entirely clean when done (if you’re going to clean them then do it really well), and like with any automated wash the exterior had hardened on dirt that didn’t get removed or noticed.Ultimately it was worth it. I would have spent at least an hour and a half doing what they did in about 20 minutes and while I would have made it cleaner (again type A) it was a time saver I was willing to spend on. Will come again in the future!

Review №37

Best car wash ever

Review №38

Always a clean car and professional, friendly service... Been a customer for years...

Review №39

First time going to WHCW, everyone was very friendly, my car is sparkling clean...

Review №40

Got my bf car detailed here & spent close to $200. Needless to say when we went to pick it up it was not at all cleaned. We asked for them to go back over it and they had 3 guys working on it and 15 minutes later said they were done. We still had to come home and clean it ourselves. I would definitely not come here. I wish I could give 0 stars

Review №41

They just quoted my boyfriend $600 to wash his truck😂😂😂 Ill do it myself. Car detailing was my first job and this is not a normal estinate .

Review №42

Always satisfied.

Review №43

You get what you pay for and these guys take GREAT care of you! I have two huskies and the inside of my car was destroyed! These guys made my car look brand new! Highly recommend!

Review №44

They treat your whip like its supposed to treated. Clean Clean Clean.P.S. Leave em a Tip also!!!

Review №45

I had to go over my car myself after they were done, just little things, spots that could have easily been cleaned by them, my rear window is so streaked, it was cleaner before they cleaned it.

Review №46

DO NOT GET YOUR CAR DETAILED HERE! I just paid $190 and when I picked it up there was still granola all over the back seat and dust all over the console. Then they proceeded to tell me that I ordered the $190 combo package which doesnt include seats or interior cleaning, which is a flat out lie because the sign even for combo says Complete Interior Dressing. Then I just opened my trunk and the rubber mats still had mud all over them! Do not be fooled by this place - Id be surprised if they spent 10 minutes on my car.

Review №47


Review №48

Very disappointing. Paid $27 for The Works and received a totally sub-standard job. Had to ask for exterior to be dried only to realize there were many more missed spots. Interior floor mats never vacuumed. Back seat interior not addressed. Door jams not cleaned. Passenger seat not vacuumed. Was instructed to back out rather than being able to pull forward. Wondering who is in charge????

Review №49

Not going to lie, I’ve had issues in the past. But today the staff went above and beyond and did a great job. I really appreciate it.

Review №50

I will not go to this Car Wash anymore. I used to come for many years but the prices have increased and the services have went way down. If you pay for a regular wash it’s around 17 plus tax..and they will barely run your car through the lane without wiping it down afterwards. They used to get hair out of the floors for the price of a regular wash, but are now asking for 45 dollars for this now. Just not worth the price. They increased prices and do less work. Not worth almost twenty a wash with tip.

Review №51

I come here regularly with a car full of dog hair since my dog comes to work with me, they always take their time and do an excellent job. But I wanted to shout out an employee specifically, I wish I had asked him his name, but he was kind of short with lots of tattoos all over his body including his face , he went above and beyond, he did an excellent job all by himself and I wanted him to be recognized for how hard and how well he works.

Review №52

They always do a great job!

Review №53

Wow what a terrible place to go I spent $85 for nothing, I left and came back and my car looked the exact same, dirt on the outside and inside. They didn’t even wipe my cup holders out. Didn’t get the dust off any surface and didn’t even have any sort of cleaner smell when I got in. Do not spend your money here.

Review №54

This is the place to go for your car when u expect QUALITY as the service. Without These guys, Id really have a hard life!!

Review №55

Thank you for the uniformed discount 👍

Review №56

At 2:30am my car had a mess. I called one place but they couldnt see me until 7:00. I called Spotless and they took me in at 3:00.They dont have a storefront or a proper parking lot but they did an excellent job. Would definitely use them again!

Review №57

Awesome details and good sales service thanks guys

Review №58

I went into White Glove car wash center about two weeks ago to get my car waxed. First of let me say the price was outrageous $350.00 for a car wax. The Manager in charge told me it would be about two hours, so I left my car with them and came back. When I came back my car still wasnt finished. I waited another thirty minutes. After it was done they pulled my car out I immediately saw wax residue and streaks all over my vehicle. I demanded to talk to the Owner. I asked him for a refund or a discount he denied me both. I will not be coming back here. Terrible Service.

Review №59

Best place to get your car cleaned....

Review №60

Do not trust a quote over the phone. I called to ask the price for detailing, was quoted $220 for full interior and exterior detail but when I got there, the manager wanted to charge me an extra $50 for wax and because the car was dirty. Of course it was dirty, why else would I be getting it detailed!? The manager was rude, deceitful, and disrespectful.

Review №61

I was in a bind short of time to get the interior of my car cleaned I was in the process of selling it and the lady was on her way. I showed up and John took care of it very quickly knowing my time restraint. Thank you again John and staff.Dannie N.

Review №62

Best carwash in town. Fast, efficient, clean carwash. Wheel deal is rhe best way to go.

Review №63

The work they do is OK Ive been to better call washes

Review №64

WORST CAR DETAIL EVER!!!!!! Do not take your car here! I spent $42.00 for the car wash and detail, when I got in my car there was white stuff everywhere, nothing was cleaned on the inside. The only good thing about this car wash was the exterior was...DO NOT LET ANYONE FROM THIS CAR WASH DETAIL YOUR VEHICLE!!!! HORRIBLE JOB!!!!

Review №65

This place was awesome. We came in for their $7 deal but Anthony was so great that we purchased the $15 where they hand dry, vacuum, clean windows inside and out, blow out all the crap between the seats and etc! They were awesome! Im definitely coming back!

Review №66

A huge ripoff. Ridiculously overpriced for the services they provide. Tried to sell me a $220 car wash to include leather conditioning and carpet shampooing. When I asked for the $40 full service instead, the inside of the car was barely touched. Still tons of dirt and grime. SUCH a half-assed job. Very disappointing. DO NOT waste your money at this place. You can pay the same amount at Waterway and get a ton more amenities.

Review №67

Shampooed and cleaned my car very well. Price was modest and time was reasonable.

Review №68

I was very happy with Jaun and Brads customer service and washing! My car was filthy and they provided excellent floor and seat shampooing and threw in some extra services for no charge. I will definitely go back to them when I need my car cleaned. Because of Jaun and Brad, I will be a loyal customer

Review №69

Spent $30ish dollars for a full wash and dry. When I left my truck had multiple areas that were missed and still dirty. Pretty disappointed in the car wash, probably would have been better driving through an auto car wash for $10

Review №70

Wow!!!! What an extraordinary bad job they did cleaning my car. Ive had bad car washes and then Ive had the white glove. They didnt do my wheels, they cleaned half of my dash and didnt spray any protectant on it. They left streaks across the inside of my window. Oh and they didnt spray any fragrance. I paid 27 dollars for the works and it was anything but. Dont waste your money or your time. I know I wont be.

Review №71

The best place for car chip repair in Denver, CO. The team is professional and know how remove any damages on your auto paint. Also i am using their car wash service over 5 years and i am completely satisfied of their quality of work. High recommendations from me !

Review №72

Now I have fear several different express car washes in my time and this by far was the worst experience Ive ever had. Having never been to this particular car wash before I pulled up fully expecting to be explain to how the process works. Instead I just find a employee who asked me what type of car wash I want. After Choosing My Car Wash I was instructed to drive through and so I did. When I emerged from the other side of the car wash I turn to one side where there was some self service vacuumsThis points I did not want you vacuum my own car out because I am disabled and not able to do that so I went to the other side of the car wash where I saw employees of the carwash vacuuming out another customers car. I proceeded to wait in line for my time and I was told by another employee that because of the type of wash I chose I was not eligible to have my car vacuumed out. And that if I wanted to have my car vacuumed out I was going to have to do it myself on the other side of the car wash. By this time Im very frustrated because I have my handicap placard clearly displayed in my front window. Even after drawing attention to the placard I was turned away by the employee.I left the car wash with a sour taste in my mouth. So I decided to find the phone number and call the car wash for a complaint. I was directed to speak to Brad who claims to be the manager. After, expressing my concern Brad proceeded to tell me that it was my responsibility to explain to the employee exactly what my condition was and what my specific needs were that he does not pay his employees to ask questions. After I asked Brad why he was in the customer service industry if he does not believe in basic customer service, he proceeded to watch it and tell me it was not the purpose of his employees to ask questions but instead for the customer to volunteer information. If I were you I would have waited this place like the plague!!!!

Review №73

Unfortunately you cannot give “0” stars. Won’t be going back. The wash at the shell gas station down the road is superior.

Review №74

Had our Tahoe washed here today, used to go there all the time but not convenient anymore. Regular wash is now $18 for an over-sized vehicle. They wont clean the floor boards or mats for you for that price. I called and said I was disappointed and they told me to bring it back, but I am at work and my mom took it for me. I would love to come back and spend another hour washing my car but really I just dont want to pay for an inferior job. Thats not an option, they will not refund, I guess I will dispute. Save your money, go to the $.25 per minute wash it yourself carwash.

Review №75

Extremely friendly staff! Purchased the Elite Wash for 40.00 and was impressed by how clean my car turned out! Would recommend.

Review №76

They sold me the elite car wash telling me the it would clean everything inside and out. When they said they were done the entire back Seat hadnt been clean Formats werent washed it wasnt white down or Anything. The guy then proceeded to argue with me telling me that the back seat wasnt included in the elite wash. Why would anybody buy a car wash the doesnt include cleaning the back seat. He told me next time it would include the back seat I told him dont worry there wont be a next time Ill never come Back. This place is terrible dont go there.

Review №77

Very professional and outstanding service. They are very willing to work with you if you need some extra work done and need a reasonable estimate. Great guys.

Review №78

I took my car there 3 days ago and I received very good service. The also did an excellent job. Thanks guys!!!

Review №79

I had to call 4 car washes in the Aurora area before I found one who would sell me a gift card over the phone I love 4 hours away!.) Thank you White Glove car wash. I know my dad will enjoy this gift.

Review №80

Was there yesterday. Got the most expensive exterior-only wash available. The soft-touch brushes left a ton of dirt and gunk on the outside of the car, and unlike experiences here in the past, they no longer have people who hand dry the car. Not coming here again for such overpriced, low quality service

Review №81

The quality of car washes is just horrible they have prices listed but they do what it says one my biggest concern window cleaning and lack of experience some o labor has .This the second time in a few weeks Ive experienced.

Review №82

They are the BEST Hand car wash in town !!!!! They deserve 10 Stars!!!!! Victor and his team are Amazing!!!!

Review №83

I am not ok with double checking everything after the wash and asking them fix missed things every time after paying $20.Just last weekend me and my friend took our both cars and paid $20 each (with tips) for Works. Result: I had to point the guy the big stain from dirty fingers he missed (and probably put while cleaning) on the window glass. They forgot to do tire dressing on my car and they did not vacuum my friends car trunk. Of course we noticed those things at home and not at the place. Whats worse: when cleaning the dust from dashboard they have pressed the emergency lights button on the wheel which we did not notice during the daylight (lights are pretty dim but stay on even without the ignition key) but the next day we found the car battery dead because of this. Dudes! Learn your business already!Just two cars and failures in each. Previous time they did not vacuum leaves from drivers mat too, so it is not just a single case.It used to be a decent one but during past year they just went astray. Apparently they rush so much that they do not care about details.

Review №84

I used to work there and we worked hard to fulfill our customers satisfaction4

Review №85

Love this place, always great deals on waxing. The detail guys outside go the extra mile, especially if you show your appreciation.

Review №86

I have been going to White Glove car was for years. I agree with the other reviews that the service has gotten progressively worse. Today I had my SUV “detailed”. They did a horrible job and they were very rude when I complained! I had to point out several things that were missed. Then they complained about having to do, what they said was included in the “detail”! In addition, they still didnt do it! I would not take your car here; White Glove’s lacking service and rude management arent worth the high prices!

Review №87

Looked for a quick place to get our rental washed and was surprised at the awesome service! They clean your car inside and out and go above and beyond. Very impressed!!!

Review №88

Always courteous - do a good job on my car

Review №89

Price has changed they charge way too much for a job you can do yourself. Save your money and go wash your car these ppl will not even handwashing your car theyll just put it thru a self wash machine and vacuum smh

Review №90

Granted, the service I signed up for was cheap ($14), and my car is fairly old and dirty - but wow - absolutely nothing got cleaned to a satisfactory level. Additionally, when I got back in the car, I discovered they had broken the stereo knobs! No one had notified me of this, and had I driven off the lot with it, who knows if they wouldve taken responsibility. To their credit, they mixed up some glue and tried to fix the issue (hence the two stars instead of one), but still... Never again. I couldve done better with a moist rag and a little elbow grease, but thats what I get for trying to give myself a little break during a hot day.

Review №91

Such a great car wash! The employees always towel dry and the guys in the detail area know what theyre doing. Love this car wash!

Review №92

I have had no problems with this car wash if they missed something they will correct it! There was a streak on the windshield inside behind the mirror I asked them to redo it and they did the windshield over, they were happy to do it!

Review №93

Worse place ever... no customer service at all.. the reception guy is very rude and not friendly and manager is not helpfull at all... This is my last time at this place do not go there not worth it money at all...

Review №94

Friendly people. Great customer service and they do a really thorough job on my car each and every time no matter which package I purchase.

Review №95

Overall decent car wash. Raised their prices for same services. Friendly staff.

Review №96

Great work environment

Review №97

I spent $45 to get my car washed inside and outside and what a waste of money and time my car was still dirty. I am never going back.

Review №98

This is my job and I love it!!!

Review №99

They clean my filthy dirty car in about 2 hours it looks really clean I was just going to this place if you want your car

Review №100

They got me in and out quickly with a windshield chip fix. Quick and easy process.

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