SolarShadez Window Tint & Auto Works
5830 Downing St unit A, Denver, CO 80216, United States
Review №1

I waited two weeks to post a review. He used some nice tint at a great price! And I have clean lines no bubbles. Lifetime warranty!!!

Review №2

Took my Ram did a great job on my windows. They were really professional, fast and at a great price. Definitely recommend!

Review №3

I recently got my front two windows tinted to match the back windows and could not be happier with how my Jeep looks with the new tint. The quality is 10/10 and better than I could of imagined. Extremely happy with the job that was done. Great work!

Review №4

Great price, Decent tint. I just wish the customer service was a little better.Ps- One of the commenters were right about two things. The quality of the tint( it has a blue fog and creases easily, which higher quality film doesn’t) And the owner, is very defensive...Update- 30 mins later-Sir, to be really honest with you. the very long response and excessive use of exclamation points. Further more supports my first response about your defensiveness... I did not go into detail about what happened today because its your business. I just made my review and said little. But to clarify, yes i did point out the crease on the driver window and the bubbles on the windshield. You did them with no problem and i didnt have to wait long. When i pulled from your garage, i did not fully check everything. so i pulled away about 10 yds to the front of the warehouse. i never left the property.(your boy in the durango seen me checking the windshield in the entrance). I found some imperfections on the windshield i didnt like, so i reversed back to your shop and pointed it out. I apologize if me comparing my past tint jobs to yours offended you. I really didnt mean it, I even told you that i am not discrediting your 18 yrs of experience. its just i dont care for creases. i even offered to pay you for the re-tint as well, but you said i shouldnt have to, i appreciate that. It should of ended there and i would of came back, when you offered. But I didnt deserve to be told that im picky i shouldnt get my window tinted then im looking at it with a microscope. And you and your friend are standing there laughing at me because i dont want creases in the windshield?? I really think this whole thing could of been avoided.I now, really wish for a refund as i am not a satisfied customer..

Review №5

Best work in Denver hands down. I took my 2021 Jeep Rubicon to get the windows tinted, I could not be happier at the results! Workmen’s ship was perfection! He made my Jeep look awesome! I will definitely be going back for my windshield and telling family, friends, and anyone wanting to get their windows tinted to head to SolarShadez! You will not be disappointed!

Review №6

Went to Robert to get my windows tinted on my 14 Dodge Charger R/T and couldnt be happier! Robert is an awesome and professional businessman whom cares for his customers and is willing to go above and beyond! He hooked me up with 5% Rayno with a lifetime guarantee and looks absolutely amazing!! He had my car done inside of 2 hrs and it still looks great being now over 3 weeks since it was done. I would highly recommend Solarshadez to ANYONE looking to have their vehicles tinted or detailed! Unlike a lot of companies in the metro area that will just throw rule book BS at you and make you wait all day for shotty work, Solarshadez will not let you down and will always do what it takes to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their work (which is very high quality.)I am definitely a customer for life and is my new go to for all my tinting needs!

Review №7

Made an appointment with staff over the phone for car tinting. I was given a price and timeframe of how Kong it would take. Showed up and the address had a different business name on the door. Called the number, same staff member answered. I told him I had an appointment and he said ‘hold on’ and hung up the phone. Very sketchy. Probably an illegitimate business.

Review №8

Got my windows tinted here 1.5 weeks ago. They did a great job! Waited the full 5 days like recommended until I rolled my windows down. No bubbles, looks great, and all finished at a great price! Had me in and out of the shop within 1-1.5 hours. Also lifetime warranty! 😊 Definitely recommend, especially if you’re looking for a great price!

Review №9

This is my second car I’ve taken to them. The owner is very nice and works with you at the appt time and date. I was able to wait there which didn’t take too long for an all around tinting. I will recommend this location and take future cars.

Review №10

Polite, professional, quick, and reasonably priced. I called up and he got me in next day. He tried to get me in same day, and still got me in next day after I missed our initial appointment. Flexible and genuine. My windows cured to perfection and the dark tint is perfect against the black paint job. Thanks Robert!!!

Review №11

Got my car done over the weekend and I cant say enough of the job Robert did. He answered all of my questions and finished my car professionally. I will definitely go back to SolarShadez and recommend any and all people looking to get their windows tinted to go to him. Thank you again!

Review №12

Has taken care of two of my cars about to go back for my third! Love this place!

Review №13

Have both of my Malibus tinted and dont regret it one bit. Robert has you and out the door fast! Best prices in town 😎 if I get a third car I will be definitely be bringing it back 💪😁

Review №14

Awesome job on my windows! No bubbles, fast, and very fair price. I highly recommend them.

Review №15

Had appointment at noon today get there call owner and he said he isnt even there, dose t even remember who or what I was coming for and said he would be there within the hour, why make appointments if you cant keep them? I drove a fair distance to come to this shop and for no one to be there or even a call saying I will be late is kinda annoying.

Review №16

Best prices around I traveled 60 miles to save 60$ on my tint job well worth. Great work

Review №17

Brought in my brand new car to get the front 2 windows tinted. The wait and experience was good and I was in and out in a decent time. The tint looked good, it was difficult to judge immediately due to it having to cure. 2 weeks after the tint now, I have found a multiple amount of imperfections. The pictures shown just show a small amount and only on the passenger side.There are literally too many imperfections to show, but they include contaminants under the tint, bubbles and even cuts/scratch marks. I did not touch my windows or roll them down for 5 days so I know none of these imperfections are my doing. The tint color is also different from my factory tint color so it doesnt match despite all windows being 20%.The imperfections do not bother me though as I figured I could just bring it in and get it fixed. So I called and told him about the imperfections that I found and his response was a big ooooooookayyyyy as if I didnt know what I was talking about. I scheduled a time for the following day and had to leave work early to meet the appointment time. I was even interested in getting my windshields tinted if the fix came out good.I showed up 15 mins before the appointment time and the shop was closed! I figured he mightve gone to get food or there was an emergency of some sort. So I waited about half an hour and nothing. There was no sign on the door or even a phone call to let me know what was going on. I took time off work to get my tints fixed only for all that to happen which left a really sour taste for me. I will take my car somewhere else to get my tints fixed and done right.Update: so apparently speaking the truth and posting a review about a subpar experience is considered fraudulent according to the owner. I did not even ask for a refund because I just didnt even want to bother with this company and Im glad I didnt go back to this place.

Review №18

Great work, great service, and very reasonably priced for auto window tinting. Definitely recommend!

Review №19

Luv my tint it’s like a whole new car thank u so much definitely be back for my front windshield

Review №20

Got my windows tinted today, call this morning got and appt @ 4. They were efficient and price and quality are excellent, will be referring everyone i know to them. Thanks Robert u did awesome work

Review №21

Did a great job matching my factory tint on my 03 durango. ( I did not touch or use my windows for 5 days) beautiful job. I am very happy. Took less time than he had told me, which was an added bonus. I will definitely be bringing any future vehicles to SolarShadez. 👍 Thanks guys!

Review №22

From my mom Paula Woods, Robert thank you so much for the fantastic job you did on my new vehicle! You got me in on such short notice! The window and bra look perfect! Definitely will recommend you to people in home state! Thank you again so much Robert!! :) GREAT PRICES AND GREAT GUY!!!

Review №23

Great place! They do excellent work here, and use a higher quality tint than most other places. And to my surprise, they still quoted me a lower price for their highest quality tint compared to other shops whose tint is not as durable. There is a lifetime warranty as well, so thats an added bonus. I appreciate locally owned businesses. They even stayed past closing time to finish my vehicle just so that I could have it back right away. Get work done here... you will not be disappointed.

Review №24

Did a great job, and really pretty fast. My appointment worked great, and couldn’t be happier with my experience there.

Review №25

As i am writing this i am seeing a lot of bad reviews and i dont understand why. alot of them seem to be because the customers dont have very much patience. i had nothing but a good experience with this business and i dont have any negative comments. the tint came out perfect, they were very nice, and it was very cheap compared to other businesses in the area. very good.

Review №26

Clean work! Flexible schedule! Highly recommend!

Review №27

Wow man. These people were great. They took care of me when I need my windows tinted urgently. I got my Mercedes Benz c class tinted they did a great job. Thanks Boss for looking after me man. You boy did a great job. Plus life time warranty.

Review №28

Robert did an awesome job! I made an appointment and he gave helpful, knowledgeable advice on which tint would work best for me. I came back in about 2 hours and the tint was done and looked great.After a few days, I noticed that one of the windows had some spots where it looked like dust got caught underneath the tint. I called Robert and he asked that I bring in the car and that he would fix the tint for no charge. I made another appointment (he even accommodated my request to move the appointment earlier) and he re-did the window while I waited.Five stars because he fixed the issue with no charge. Also, its nice to be able to support local business. Thanks!

Review №29

I’ve brought in three different vehicles to tint and they all turned out great. Their pricing is very competitive and Robert is always super flexible on fitting you in. I’ve been able to get same day on most of my appointments! I’ll be back with my next vehicle.

Review №30

What a great service! Got me in quickly, and car looks great! Great customer service, product and finished result. Will bring all my cars here, and recommend them to all my peers. You will be happy!

Review №31

Amazing work and great staff! The owner is very accommodating and very flexible to your timings. The car was done in a maximum of two hours and ready to go even though I came in late. The price here for ceramic premium Rayon tint is unbeatable along with the lifetime warranty. I got my 16 Challenger done, and the work is free handed to perfection. I would highly recommend this place, and would definitely get another vehicle tinted from them. Thank you guys again!

Review №32

After shopping around for tint on my Tundra I went with Robert due to his prompt communication and flexible schedule. Robert helped me chose the right tint to match the existing factory tint and it looked great. I couple of days later I noticed a very small imperfection due to dust (Im that guy) and Robert was quick to fix the issue after fitting me into his busy schedule. I was in and out in under an hour and the tint looks perfect. Thanks Robert!

Review №33

Quality service, awesome staff ,quick service and friendly.Awesome price too,I highly recommend them.Tony was great to talk too.

Review №34

I made an appointment here last weekend. The location no longer exists and the guy made an appointment with did not answer his phone. Very unprofessional

Review №35

Got me in quick and easy. Great price - very affordable compared to other places. Easy to find location too. Would recommend to anyone!*update 8/22/15*One of my windows didnt set too well - they definitely stand by their product and installation. Called in said to come in any time and they would get me fixed up. Took it in and they are taking care of it right away. Great service!

Review №36

Best prices in Denver and great customer service!Brought my new 2017 Jeep here and Im so glad I did. Ive gone to a few different places over the years and this place is by far the best. No bubbles and came out super clean! Highly recommended!

Review №37

This place is amazing! Robert has tinted all my vehicles and does an amazing job every time. I’ve been coming here for several years now and the quality of the film is best of the best. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in the services offered.

Review №38

I cant recommend this place enough! You talk to Robert (the owner) directly, as he is the one that does all the installation and takes great pride in his work. He did the clear bra in my truck and tints the windows in my cars, and the result is just outstanding! Clean and professional! He is a genuine guy that breaks down the process for you and only uses the best products out there for your vehicle! Makes tinting your windows and getting a clear bra a stress free process! Keep in mind Robert does not up sell anything and his prices are on point for the quality work he does! Five stars without hesitation!

Review №39

Had my windows tinted on my Subaru today. They look great. It totally changes the look of my car. Robert did a great job on it, even though he had a bad day. I appreciate his perseverance and his fairness of price with professional installation. Thank you!

Review №40

Customer service was great and got the car in the shop right away. He was done 2 hours after I took it to him. I just wish he would have explained more how dark the windows would be. Mine came out a little light and I wanted darker. i got the 15% but Still can see what is in the car from quite a distance. I keep my bike in there and sleep in my car sometimes too, so I wanted it so nobody could really see that. But I recommend this place for quick service, great customer service and, quality.

Review №41

I’ve had 3 cars done by this shop and the customer service was amazing! Hands down the best pricing in Denver. Thank you

Review №42

Called at 9am and my windows were done by noon! Excellent work, fair price. I will recommend and return for additional services.

Review №43

Great place, I give five stars. Was treated with respect and excellent customer service. No imperfections, so I have no complaints. I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking out window tint and auto work.

Review №44

This place doesnt even deserve one star. I initially contacted the owner at 2pm on Saturday and set up an appointment for 230 for a full tint. When I arrived there was only one employee there who was just scraping windows. He was not cutting tint nor do I think he could. After an hour of waiting with no one starting on my truck I had the one employee call the owner. He claimed he would be there within 5 minutes. The employee had him on speaker phone and he was talking trash about having to tint my truck. They have very poor selection of low quality tint.Seriously do yourself a favor and pay the extra $100 for a real tint company that comes with a warranty. Stay away from these clowns!

Review №45

Called 5 shops before this one. No one answered the phone. These guys answered, got my vehicle in the shop in 1 hour. Finished job in 1 hour. Full tint. Flawless. Good price. Great service

Review №46

Robert is a great guy and tinted my windows the day that I called to inquire. Top notch service and picked my car up in an hour. The tint looked great and was much cheaper than any other shops I called. Would definitely recommend.

Review №47

Great service and value! Recommend you come here for all your tinting needs. Friendly and high quality customer service + material is on point. Best price in town, professionals and take pride in their work. Will be coming back for sure! Not to mention lifetime warranty though I doubt Ill ever need it. Flawless!

Review №48

Very respectful and helpful! Looks great and best price in town.Got my car done full ceramic 5% and he does same day! No waiting for a week or more! Al in all I highly recommend this place. 👌🏻

Review №49

I am a repeat customer. I have now had 2 cars tinted by Robert and my sons car as well. My daughters car is next. I noticed a huge difference in how hot my new car was without the ceramic tint and could not wait to get in with Robert to install the tint in my new car. Robert does an amazing job with high quality product at a great price. I am a lifetime customer. Highly recommended!

Review №50

Took my brand new Mazda in to get tinted and Robert did an amazing job! I was referred to him by my cousin and will definitely come back for services for our other vehicles.

Review №51

Such a great experience and spectacular job on my tint. He was professional and able to fit me in on a Saturday! The job was done quickly and done so so well. If I ever need another vehicle tinted again, I would definitely go back. :) Thanks again!

Review №52

Robert was great he changed my appointment to get me in a day early to help me save time. His work is great and the pricing is some of the very best that I have seen, and I have had a ton of windows tinted. I will be back again.

Review №53

Best customer service and prices around. Awesome staff. Highly recommend

Review №54

I had my car done yesterday, and I couldn’t be more excited. Great work and pretty fast. He gives you somewhere to wait, while having your car done. I wish he did more then just window tint, because he is a perfectionist.

Review №55

Best experience ever. Grade A customer service and truly help you with whatever your needs are. Great prices and very friendly environment. Recommended to each and any person looking for tint. Thanks Rob!

Review №56

I scheduled to get my boyfriends infinitys windows tinted this past Tuesday but I had a scheduling conflict with work. I stopped in on Monday to reschedule later in the week. They were able to squeeze me in that day and my boyfriend car was done in 2 hours. The window tint looks great!!!

Review №57

Updated review:Tried a new place to tint this car. I have had about 10 cars tinted elsewhere and decided to try this place due to convenience since it was close to my work. I will say they had a couple issues the first time I went in. However Robert the owner got me right in during my lunch and got me taken care of. The guys here are good guys and do try and take of you even if they made a mistake. The window film has nice color, looks good, and made a difference on heat in the car.THANKS ROBERT! Ill be back.

Review №58

Amazing service from Robert! You cant beat the prices and he got it done quick. I got the 20% tint for my Subaru Impreza and its quality work. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Review №59

Just moved into Colorado a few months ago and recently purchased a 2017 Honda Accord. Did a little bit of research/shopping around and once I found SolarShadez, the rest was history!! Friendly/knowledgeable customer service and my car was done within 2 hours. I highly recommend them if you are new to the area or you are simply searching for someone to trust with your car at the RIGHT price!!

Review №60

I recently got a newer vehicle and took it to them for window tinting less then a week after I bought it and they did an AWESOME job. Robert was very helpful to me when I was trying to choose the tint shade that I wanted. The price was very reasonable and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get their windows tinted!

Review №61

What an amazing experience! Robert is a great guy. He helped me in a time crunch doing the best clear bra work on my Nissan Xterra.Ill definitely be back!

Review №62

Very friendly staff and me having no idea about window tinting they were able to give me a great idea of the different shades that are available and prices were amazingly affordable! they gave me a great deal as well! Would recommend this place to anyone looking for great quality work at affordable prices :) thank you guys!

Review №63

Excellent customer service, more importantly excellent product! Pay for the carbon ceramic Ryno well worth it plus more affordable than the dealership. I have have tinted many cars in my years of ownership, best experience yet. You will not be disappointed.

Review №64

Reached out to them via Facebook And no more than 5 minutes I received a response. I needed not only tinting done but also a windshield replacement and Angel made it all happen within half a day. The customer service, the attention to detail and just feeling so welcomed made it a great experience.

Review №65

I have had 3 vehicles Tinted here in the past few months. Good Prices, Quick turnaround. The tint looks great. Nice work.

Review №66

Pride makes all the difference! You want the best, get it done by the best! Rob Fresh over at SolarShadez definitely came through with superb work, and provided exceptional knowledge to boot... Certainly a 5 out of 5, and THEE recommendation for anyone looking to beat the heat or remain discreet!

Review №67

Robert and the guys were great. Its like a whole new car. Went with the Rayno ceramic based tint that not only looks great but regulates the heat too. Excellent customer service.

Review №68

I’m really happy with their work! My Jeep looks amazing. Great quality and fast service for a good price .

Review №69

Robert did my fiancés new 2016 Mustang today and he did an amazing job! We both love it! I cant wait to bring in my car to have my windows done too! Robert was really nice and had a lot of great information to offer. Hes a great choice for window tinting!

Review №70

I had a windshield replaced and added a strip of Rayno film. They were fast and very reasonably priced. The install was perfect and really looks great. Awesome service, quality material and experienced. Definitely would recommend.

Review №71

Love my windows! Call for address moved!

Review №72

Great service - great work! Highly recommended for all services. Thank you!I actually did a 2nd car here now 4yrs later. Same great experience. Thanks for keeping things consistent so I know where to come with each car in need of tint!

Review №73

Solarshadez has done the window tint on 4 of my vehicles with high quality tint & the best installation out there! I would highly recommend their services to everyone! Pricing is reasonable as well!

Review №74

Another amazing job.... I have brought numerous cars here and they have always did amazing jobs with great prices!! Thanks 😁

Review №75

Im very happy with my experience at SolarShadez. The ceramic tint looks great and the work was completed quickly. You can tell the owner really cares about his business and strives to make each guest satisfied.

Review №76

These guys were excellent. My windows havent finished curing but if the end result is anything like their service and fair-cost, I have no doubts itll be great. Id recommend SolarShadez Denver for sure!

Review №77

Glad I found this place. Quality carbon ceramic tint. Great pricing when compared with competition. Most importantly, an experienced installer who specializes in tint and does the work himself. He happens to be the owner too and seems to really want to take care of his clients!

Review №78

Took my car To Solar Shadez Window Tinting. They did a Awesome job Robert and tino did it fast. Very good price cantBeat it. This Part Team USA National team sponsor thank you for your sponsorship and great work. Thank you Coach Mike Rivera

Review №79

Awesome! I had an 11am appointment and was told it would be 4 hours as 2 cars were in front of myou appointment. I decided to wait and because I did, I was in and out in 1 1/2 hours! They realized I was going to wait and bumped me up. I was impressed and the work done = awesome! Thanks

Review №80

I have had 2 vehicles tinted by Solar Shadez. Both have been high quality installations. Very happy with the ceramic tint. Just give them a call to get a quote.

Review №81

Robert was awesome too work with. He did my 2014 Subaru impreza. Has 9 window pieces all together. Did it in a timely manner, and towards the end of the day had no issues with staying a bit after too complete the job. Definitely a good indivadual too have my tints done by. Will refer him to anybody looking for tints.

Review №82

These guys do a fantastic time job. We drive out of to get 2 cars tinted here. Get precision work and pricing.

Review №83

Solar Shadez did an excellent job. They were professional and the pricing was fair. Thank you!!!!

Review №84

Robert did a PHENOMENAL Job on my 2015 Xterra Pro 4X. Robert was quick, clean, professional and very friendly. The tint he put on matched the factory tint on the outside just perfectly.When spending your money at a local business, you get to have a cool personal experience. I was in the shop with Robert while he worked on Xterra, and he explained and showed me the entire process.I highly recommend this business to anyone looking to get a window tint on your car....YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!!

Review №85

Best service and prices in town. Quality work and was finished when promised. I take all my vehicles to Solar Shadez. Thanks Robert.

Review №86

No bubbles at all and great price. Done very quickly too.My best friend who obsesses about prices and quality of tint gave me a list. SolarShadez was something I found myself and my friend was blown away with the quality and the price. Plus he drive me around and said it was very fast.

Review №87

Took in my 2013 Cadillac ATS last saturday.I got Ceramic tint all around 15% sides 70% windshield.The guys at Solar Shades were very friendly and helpful.Quality Tint at an affordable price!

Review №88

I got a new Tahoe in May of this year and the first thing I wanted to do was put tint on it. I searched through a lot of reviews on local shops and settled on Solar Shadez. I called Robert and he was cool and friendly. I brought my truck in to the shop and met with Robert. He went over my different options and was very thorough and patient with me, as I dont know much about tint. After making up my mind, he and his crew went to work and did a speedy job. They did an awesome job and gave me instructions for care afterwards. They did not leave a mess in my truck and the tint looked great! I would recommend this shop for anyone looking for a great tint job with fast, friendly, good service and results.

Review №89

Ive had two of my cars done here and will continue to return. They do great, quality work and are willing to work on a flexible schedule. I would highly recommend everyone to come here.

Review №90

Thank you for doing an amazing job on my Tint. I was in and out in an hour! Great service and awesome price!

Review №91

Excellent job and friendly service, but for me there was a downside: I was using Groupon. I paid $50 more for all windows with a windshield strip ceramic hybrid with lifetime warranty than a two people who walked in off the street did (I know because I was in the waiting room and heard the pricing). Avoid Groupon-deal with these professionals directly and they will treat you right. If you want different shades between front and back windows, just let them know! One more thing: I had rain guards installed on both front doors that had to be removed to get the windows tinted, there was no communication about this and now I have to re-install myself. A heads up about this detail and some re-installation advice would have gotten them 5 stars.

Review №92

Walked in without an appointment and he took me. Have a brand new STI. Look perfect no imperfections. Friendly service.

Review №93

Had 2 cars tinted here, good prices nice friendly guys to work with. The tint looks great and lifetime warranty!

Review №94

Robert did a fantastic job on my car! I highly recommend Solar Shadez

Review №95

Honest guys, great job, and the lowest price for the high end tint I wanted. Life time guarantee which is awesome too. Dont go anywhere else to get your tint on!

Review №96

I took my Jeep & Honda a week ago and I am so happy with not only their price but their customer service.And the cars look great!!:)

Review №97

Definitely recommend these guys. They are friendly and def get the job right the 1st time. 2nd time around for me because I wanted a darker tint on my windshield. They def took care of me and I would go to them again and again!!! Thanks Robert for hooking up my Lexus and 30% is def the right choice!!!

Review №98

Clean job on a brand new Chevy Cruze at an affordable price, great staff as well, very happy with the final product. Took about 2hr .

Review №99

LOVED THE END RESULT! I would definitely recommend. Courteous, responsible, job well done and above all AFFORDABLE!

Review №100

HOLY CRAP!!!!! Solar Shadez needs more then 5 stars more like 20!!! Took my 2012 avenger in yesterday took them 2 hours to tint my windows and WOW WE WOW my car looks absolutely stunning!!! They were extremely amazing as well I appreciate their customer service!! God bless you!!! I highly recommend them 1000% 💜💜💜💜💜 Thank you Solar Shadez with all my heart!!!!

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  • Phone:+1 303-875-9408
  • Auto glass shop
  • Auto body shop
  • Auto dent removal service
  • Window tinting service
  • Car detailing service
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  • Sunday:9AM–6PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Appointments recommended:Yes
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