Total Wine & More
311 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015, United States

Review №1

Total Wine is bursting with hundreds of each kind of wine, liquor, and beer that you can imagine. The selection is unbeatable! But more importantly, the staff are super friendly and helpful. You can always find someone who has a great recommendation on whatever you might be looking for. Every time we go, we are probably asked 2-3 times if we need help finding anything. This is such a wonderful place!

Review №2

My husbands new favorite store. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. We never leave disappointed. Always a good deal on a great selection of spirits. We travel from SF just for pickups...worth it.

Review №3

Great place. Good selection of liquor from around the world. The staff are nice and very very knowledgeable. They take the time to explain things and stick to your budget.They also have some good selection of cigars too if you like those too. Big fan of the place and I regularly go back.

Review №4

Its wonderful. Well laid out, and lots of everything, wine,liquor, mixers. But if they want to shine? Work on lower prices! Volume lower the prices.

Review №5

Great selections, the prices are same like other regular stores. The lady staff by the cyder was not very friendly. Rude!

Review №6

When you walk in the doors its very beautiful very spacious and the salespeople are so friendly I nearly lost my mind in there from wanting to buy all . The bottles are beautiful and they have a huge variety of good liquor, pleasing to anyones pallet ️

Review №7

They stay fully stocked in most of their inventory. The people there are always welcoming and helpful.

Review №8

Incredible selection and great prices. Knowledgeable staff that offers assistance. My favorite spot to restock the wine fridge.

Review №9

Beautiful inside. Very nicely done. Clean and COVID free. All the booze you could ever want. Everyone who works there is very helpful and has a great attitude.I bought the rest of the BUZZ balls on the shelf for a party. YUMMMMMY!!

Review №10

The selection here is superb. Pricey but fair nevertheless. The only rough spot this place has in my experience is the overly attentive staff. By that I mean, employees following me around acting like they are organizing but in reality are trying to catch me stealing.... That is just sad . I make more money in a day than one of total wines managers makes in week.... Just chill folks!!

Review №11

Looks cooler than bevmo but you pay for the atmosphere lol same bottle at bevmo $30 less..

Review №12

Best place to buy alcohol. Great prices and staffs are so friendly

Review №13

Great service, almost always open, consistent stock, loads of parking, AND dogs are allowed in. Prices are OK, sometimes there are a few sales, but I’ve seen a few corner liquor stores with better prices.You pay extra for the convenience, and it’s great! My go to booze store.

Review №14

Absolutely a 10 as far as Im concerned. Incredible selection, decent prices, easy parking and mostly knowledgeable store associates. My understanding is that they position their associates on in different sections of the store on different days. Which makes them more aware of a larger percentage of their products.

Review №15

Ive ran into 2 types of employees here when Im having trouble finding a specific beer. 1 told me if you cant find it , its seasonal . The other heard this and put down what he was doing and went and found it for me.

Review №16

Great location for lots of expensive wines and other alcoholic beverages. I prefer Grocery Outlet for more moderate prices.

Review №17

I love this store. It has everything we need. The service is out of this world. The recommendations they make are wonderful.

Review №18

I like shopping at the One-Stop place movies in the prices up pretty quick I was thinking about going back to my old place

Review №19

Great staff, super helpful, would definitely go back!

Review №20

Fantastic selection of spirits, wine, beer and cider! Visually pleasing and clean which makes shopping for something new always exciting.

Review №21

Like all total wine stores, super helpful staff

Review №22

Pretty neat! It’s huge, and they have a pretty far-reaching selection for nearly everything. I think that half of the store is just wine, which fits the name.The guy working the beer section was stellar, he knew his stuff and gave me great suggestions. They have an absurd whiskey, scotch, etc. selection! If you’re hunting for Islays look no further.

Review №23

Good selection. Knowledgeable and very helpful staff.

Review №24

Well managed pandemic precautions. Not much time waiting in line.

Review №25

Booze heaven! Endless aisles of wine, beer and spirits! Refrigerated section as well. Private large tasting room as well as a public one. Weekly tastings for only a penny $0.01. Get on their mailing list for regular coupons of 15%. Store is always well stocked. You could easily spend hours in there. Photos of Grand opening.

Review №26

Great place and great customer service! I was in and out in 10 min.

Review №27

Very good place to visit.Huge selection of different wine and another drinks.

Review №28

The selection is excellent in all spirits and wine I find something new every time I go there

Review №29

Worst customer treatment. They asked me - Are you a door-dash delivery driver when I entered the store to pick an online order for my family. After I picked the online order and continued shopping in the store, the staff saw me so suspicious as if I am not paying for items in my cart (though I paid for them online). No discrimination in the store please. You guys dont judge a person by his appearance. Very bad customer experience in the store.

Review №30

Curbside pickup. Online ordering. Pretty good selection.

Review №31

Great selections great prices

Review №32

Friendly helpful staff .. clean and well stocked with reasonable prices. This store is a find of the best kind.

Review №33

First time coming to buy from here and the place is so clean and staff is so friendly everything very organized. Need more bottles than they had on the shelf so the employee went to get it for me

Review №34

So much stuff I want! Really huge selection of gin and whiskey. Helpful staff.

Review №35

This place is beyond prejudice. I walked in and within 30 seconds I had two of the workers on me. The old Caucasian male kept following me around the store. Not all African American steal. I mean come on I have on a $600 indochino suit. Not getting my business anymore.

Review №36

Nice roomy and clean wine store with good prices

Review №37

Knowledgeable and helpful staff, massive selection, and quick in and out.

Review №38

Love it, its also place u get any liquor, cigars, lots different mix drinks!!...

Review №39

Excellent selection, great organization, and good prices

Review №40

Great staff, was attentive and eager to help. My go to spot when in SF for mixers.

Review №41

Great selection, very friendly staff.

Review №42

Staff is always super nice here. They have a pretty large selection. And Ive never seen it elsewhere, they have Stiegl raspberry radler. Ive been back twice to get more. Im a fan.

Review №43

My husband and I really enjoyed this store, our first visit was a great experience. We were greeted as we came in. Any employee we interacted with were friendly and helpful. We came in looking for wine and left with beer and whiskey as well. Everything was organized and the store was very clean. Our cashier Marco was very friendly as well! Thank you, Total Wine & More!!!

Review №44

This place has everything booze related you could need. More rum varieties than Ive seen other places and an extensive scotch offering, with the best beer selection Ive ever seen anywhere. Clean and well organized, with helpful staff.

Review №45

Very helpful employees. They will walk you to the product and tell you about the product and ones similar to it if you want. The store has the most variety and biggest selection out of the brick and mortar stores.The store was well organized and clean. The aisles were clutter free with the ability to walk down without fear of knocking over a bottle or display.I had great service from the moment I walked in. I was greeted by an employee and asked if I needed help locating an item. The employee walked me to the item. I wanted the gift set which he located and brought to me at the register. The cashier was helpful and friendly.I had also asked if the store carried Black Dog. A third employee searched the database for me. Unfortunately, the store does not carry Black Dog whiskey. The place to stop for the none Costco alcohol purchases or if you want friendly service

Review №46

Amazing! Such a wide variety of alcohol and friendly staff. I appreciate this store

Review №47

Fantastic interaction with associates and the entire crew was friendly and helpful throughout the store.

Review №48

First time here. Definitely returning for Italian wine...

Review №49

Best beer selection Ive seen on the West coast. Total Wine is like BevMo but better in every way.

Review №50

Total Wine & More has a great selection of wines, spirits, and beer. Prices are good. Rewards are nice.

Review №51

Love it got a whole case of Sierra Nevada for what a 12 pack would cost at the local liquor store and the selection wow

Review №52

Always a good experience. Friendly and helpful staff

Review №53

Really enjoyed visiting this place. They have a very good selections of wines. Plus beers, and spirits. The staffs pick is a nice touch. Youve got to check out the temperature controlled beer cellar. The experiences room is very neat too. They host special classes there.

Review №54

An adult candy store! A must visit. Shelves always neatly stocked, workers always helpful, and prices are better than the competition

Review №55

I love this place! Their prices are way better than Bevmo. Also, they have a much better variety of wines available as well. I get almost all my wines from here.

Review №56

Tons of options plus selections of all! The only down is the staff seems to be almost never available.. & when you see someone unless they are young they super helpful. The older employees are the worst! Dont even ask them for anything they will just ruin your experience in general I would give them 5 stars

Review №57

Great variety/selections in every product line. Good prices to.

Review №58

Endless selection of really great craft beers. Staff is very welcoming and helpful.

Review №59

Very helpful staff, great prices and a HUGE variety of options!

Review №60

Great selection of alcohol and a variety of choices.

Review №61

Theres no place like home. This place is one of a kind!

Review №62

Unbelievable store, went there for the first time because I read that their house bourbon, Wolcott, won a well known bourbon tasting. I was amazed! This place is huge and awesome. I dont think there is a wine or spirit that they dont have...great service, puts BevMo to shame. Highly recommend.

Review №63

Very large selection of wines, spirits, and beer from different parts of the world, prices are moderate, the beer you can buy it by the 6-pack to the case, cheaper than most places.They also have a large selection of Champagne, Brut and Prosecco.

Review №64

Staff at this Total Wine were very dismissive when asking questions about different liquors. I was asking locations (as this was not my home store) where things were. A cashier was nice enough to at least tell me the area where they had moved to.

Review №65

Really good service almost all time, just some people there need to be more careful with their actitud again third party shoppers, they also are costumer as well.

Review №66

Amazing selection of booze. Nice staff and they are doing a good job with supplying wipes, sanitizer, and requiring masks as they work to do business safely during the pandemic.

Review №67

Great selection and friendly service.

Review №68

This is the best place to buy beer wine and liquor. Not only are the prices good but variety is incredible. Many local and international options. Huge bonus is the ability to buy just one bottle instead on a 6 pack without paying a huge premium. It takes the stress out of trying new stuff. Staff is knowledgeable too and helps find discounts in the wine area.

Review №69

Wide selection, good prices, easy to find stuff, polite staff.

Review №70

Immensely better than Bevmo. Space is much warmer and plenty of room to keep your distance from other shoppers. Selection was excellent and aisles are laid out logically. I have shopped on-site as well as ordering delivery. Delivery was perfect and within expected time frame (unlike Saucey and Drizly - which literally never showed up with my order).

Review №71

Very nice staff, friendly and helpful. Definitely returning because of their great service.

Review №72

Clean, well lit, well stocked. Good prices

Review №73

Amazing selection, clean and socially distanced, always has fun new things to try.

Review №74

Don’t order online, my house has two floors, the driver went to the upper floor and left without calling or ask anything, useless website, I wasted $10 delivery fee and $5 tip for nothing. I will not order from Total Wine again.

Review №75

This. Place. Is. The. Best.

Review №76

Great selection of spirits and wines

Review №77

Staff is helpful and store is clean. Shelves are well stocked.

Review №78

Bye bye Bev Mo, this place is incredible with knowledge staff

Review №79

The staff there are the nicest folks. Great selection, great variety and flexibility if you like to try lots of different stuff. Unlike most places, they allow you to buy singles of beer so you don’t have to commit to 4 or 6 packs of anything. Always a joy to get to make a visit and see what’s new there.

Review №80

Not bad for the first time comming here. The staff was accommodating and helpful towards my alcoholic needs.If I were to comeback, I need a list as there is so much to choose from. This place can sure entice someone like me to buy more like Costco.

Review №81

Everything Alcohol under one roof + a little more. The customer service is fantastic and they operate more like a service center. Love, , Luv them.

Review №82

Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Great variety of all items. Very clean and well stocked.

Review №83

I have been visiting this store since it opened, and I always walk away with something good. The staff recommendations are reliable. I buy wine, beer and the occasional bottle of hard liquor. The selections are extensive. So, it is a good place to go and browse leisurely.

Review №84

Always a good selection of too shelf tequila.

Review №85

️️️if u want anything booze related go here or if youre a proud drunky such as i am, then this is sacred space amen

Review №86

Best liquor store ever! Always excellent service too.

Review №87

Great selection and even better prices.

Review №88

Loved the great variety of wines from Spain.

Review №89

Their selection, as with most Total Wines is unparalleled. A little lacking in mid to high end bourbons, but then, who isnt these days? Staff is for the most part neutral or friendly. Vineyard connection wines are on a spectrum of just okay, to very good. More beer than you can possibly imagine everything from imports to local craft beer including Russian River. Regular, cheap tastings are offered weekly. Prices are good. Much better than most Bevmos Ive been to.

Review №90

Awsome store! Everything i need in one stop. Good and helpful employees.

Review №91

Great selection & prices.

Review №92

We went on Vacation and Found this AMAZING SELECTION OF WINE at this Store! Employees are friendly, ready to help, & have a wealth of knowledge. We were Greeted as soon as we walked in and had an Amazing Conversation with an employee named Cindy. She was so kind and answered all of our Questions and put a Smile on our faces. Thank You Total Wine & More you guys are Awesome and so are Your Wonderful Employees!

Review №93

Its Disneyland for grown-ups.

Review №94

Love this place, the selection here is amazing

Review №95

First time in Total Wine and More! Absolutely the place to find your party needs! Alcohol of course.

Review №96

Alcohol heaven

Review №97

Customer service off the hook

Review №98

Awesome selection and great prices

Review №99

Great selection of beer, wine and spirits. Prices are good. Staff knowledgeable and friendly. Wine tasting and beer tasting can be done on site at certain times.

Review №100

A beverage store full of fine wines, spirits,and liquors. One if the only spots in the peninsula that sell proper twelve whiskey. It was my first time in there and i was satisfied with the prices aaannnddd the wine tasting. I tasted 4 wines that were delicious. Come here to buy your drank!

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  • Address:311 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015, United States
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  • Phone:+1 650-488-2088
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Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • No-contact delivery:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Staff get temperature checks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ friendly:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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