YoYogurt- Briargate
8816 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States

Review №1

Usually is great but tonight at this location 3 different flavors strawberry chocolate vanilla were all spoiled and soured. UPDATE: owner is wonderful and refunded a gift card. Due to Covid they can’t taste to make sure product is always fresh. Wonderful customer service!

Review №2

Great flavors, friendly staff! Accepts competitors coupons! Good amount of seating.

Review №3

$3 base pay for DoorDashers driving 6 miles, regularly, plus gas, plus footwork, not worth it. YoYogurt, please renegotiate with DoorDash. Thank you.

Review №4

It was very overpriced, I wish I would’ve know that I would’ve been paying $10 for half of a small. The customer service was not great, and the general quality of the frozen yogurt was no where near the price.

Review №5

Im partial to vanilla ice cream with Oreo crumble, M&Ms, Strawberries...

Review №6

Every time I go here the staff is beyond kind and helpful. Today in particular the girl at the counter was so kind and welcoming. It really made my day. So happy with my experience here! I dont remember the girls name but I really hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

Review №7

Cant remember how many times we ended up at YoYogurt- Briargate in the 3 days we stayed in Brooklyn. Being 2 blocks away, it became our default dessert spot each day + afternoon + night. Because, how can you hate on good ice cream?

Review №8

Always great service and plenty of yummy toppings to choose from.

Review №9

Very good yogurt, however, I paid $15 for 2 of the 16oz cups!!! They both had about 10oz in them, making them about $.70/ounce, I believe. Thats more than I paid for dinner tonight. I wish the prices had been posted somewhere. I asked the girl behind the counter how much the to-go cups in the freezer were and she couldnt tell me unless I handed her one to weigh it. Even though they are tiny little cups they still cost almost $6. I can get ice cream for 3 people at coldstone for the same price and its much more satisfying. I just wish I had known before I went.

Review №10

This is one of the best tasting yogurt places I have ever been to. The facility is super clean and the staff welcomed my 2 sons with open arms. I highly recommend stopping for a taste of one or more of their many delicious flavors...dont forget the toppings!

Review №11

My daughter got her tonsils removed today, so I grabbed some frozen yogurt for her. I figured it would be nice and smooth. I grabbed a couple of pre-filled cups.When I gave the yogurt to my daughter, I was really disappointed. This product must have been sitting in the freezer for a long time. Its covered in ice crystals and the yogurt is sticky nasty goo. $11 wasted!

Review №12

My wife and I come here after movies. Its one of the only desert places open after 10. They frequently have new flavors, and Ive never had a bad experience.

Review №13

So happy they offer dairy free yogurt. Tons of fresh toppings to choose from and the night staff is very friendly! Clean indoor and outdoor seating area.

Review №14

Desperately craving fro-yo. TCBY closed. Next closest. Absurdly overpriced!!!! I will not make this mistake ever again. Will not return!

Review №15

Without doubt the best froyo Ive ever had. Strong, pure flavor with smooth creamy texture. It was so good!It is pricey which is why 4 stars, but I imagine the price is to cover the expense of quality ingredients.Open late, accept competitors coupons. Highly recommend.

Review №16

Mmmm frozen yogurt on a cold Colorado day!

Review №17

A good place to try new taste

Review №18

I was told they dont have any nuts other than peanuts because they are too expensive yet a 16 oz container 25% full was $5. In a world of peanut allergies I think that is a pathetic excuse considering the prices they charge. I will not be coming back.

Review №19

Colorado! Kids and I love this place, and the lady behind the counter is always super friendly!

Review №20

Nice place for quick date nights with my daughters

Review №21

Nice workers, but the yogurt tasted bad the last few times Ive been in. I threw some of it away. I dont think Ill go back.

Review №22

Staff is very friendly, flavors are good and the place was super clean! My husband and I will definitely be back to bring the little cousins in.

Review №23

We just ordered from Yo Yogurt on Union Blvd. If I could leave a 0 star I would. This ice cream tastes like it’s made with carbonated chemicals. It’s disgusting. I just wasted $30 on gross inedible slop. Do not waste your money. I’m probably going to get sick from this fake mush they’re passing as ice cream.

Review №24

Bruh the strawberry froyogurt here is kinda like fire doe!

Review №25

Big sign posted inside that says We Accept All Competitors Coupons! When I gave them a competitors coupon, they said that they wouldnt accept it because some of the managers dont like when we take them. Sooooo heres a thought, dont post the sign!

Review №26

Amazing selection of flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings that change so there is always something new to try. Always very clean and the staff is very friendly. My kids and I love coming!

Review №27

This place has amazing flavors and they are sooo yummy!!! The staff is super friendly and very conversational. I recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Review №28

Charged us $1 for a water get water from THE BATHROOM FAUCET. Thats right, no complementary water. And to top it off...from the bathroom faucet. Customer service? Id say abysmal, but really its non-existent.The atmosphere is nothing special either. A couple of chipped chairs, and ugly floors.Looking to take your froyo out? Sure, it still tastes fine.Dont eat in. Dont take your dates here.

Review №29

Best frozen yogurt Ive ever had, and a Great selection of toppings too.

Review №30

Yogurt was decent... But $34 for a family of four!! Wow... Expensive and we didnt get elaborate servingsWont go back... Could have had dinner for that price

Review №31

The employee was very nice and helpful

Review №32

They had a nice selection of flavors. The frozen yogurt was delicious!

Review №33

They use to be great till the owner changed recently. You can tell they dislike the younger crowed. I am 19 and I went in a got some and she didnt say a word to me. I came toCheck out and asked if they had military discount and she just held her hand out for my Id she stared at it for about 30 seconds then set it down on the table next to my outstretched hand. An older gentleman came in and she immediately lit up and said hi sir, have you been in before!? I was standing waiting for my receipt and she ignored me. Once I asked for it she said oh then printed it and walked away not saying a word. Completely rude. So if you are younger, dont even bother. Youll get crappy service.

Review №34

We like going here because its very close to my house and we can walk. Customer service is pretty bad. Took my father in law and he got tart vanilla. Its absolutely disgusting and tastes like sour cream. There was no candy or anything in there and it was such a small amount. We asked to swap it out for something he would like and they said no, thatd theyd have to charge. I get it and we realized there were sample cups after the fact. Any good business owner would have said sure.

Review №35

Taste good but way too expensive for just yogurt. Your better off buying a MEAL for the same price just down the road. Flavors dont change as often as other places in town. Staff is totally unhelpful, one was rude, and they basically just stand there a lot . Might as well use a robot for checkout. Music is horrible, turn it off so people can enjoy their yogurt.

Review №36

Best frozen yogurt shop in town!

Review №37

Literally showed up at 9:15 to the Open sign on, the hours chart on the door saying closing at 10 and the door was locked. And the employee we saw when we pulled up and parked had completely disappeared. If you changed the hours update it on the door chart and turn off the Open sign. Rude and ridiculous.

Review №38

The flavours are changing from season to season but are all good. The toppings are amazing, and its all very cheap.

Review №39

I am on a diet where I have to measure all of my food. I got vanilla and weighed it and realized I could have a little bit more. Because these two machines are next to each other, I accidentally put some tart yogurt on top of my vanilla. It was no more than a sample size before I realized my mistake. When I asked the girl if I could scoop that little piece out she told me that she would have to save it and charge me for it. You lost a customer.

Review №40

Typical self service yogurt place. Friendly staff and clean lobby

Review №41

AMAZING. Yogurt tastes amazing, they have several flavors, and toppings. Not that expensive, although they price it on weight. Recommend.

Review №42

Lots of fun toppings and plenty of flavors of yogurt to choose from.

Review №43

Love this place kind of a family tradition now, we love the yogurt and the staff is friendly.

Review №44

Friendly staff and a decent variety of yogurt.

Review №45

Great place and great people.

Review №46

Always very nice and clean. Love the flavor combinations.

Review №47

I prefer this place over summer sweet on academy based on how rude that place is to my kids.

Review №48

Delicious flavors, military mondays

Review №49

Good place to get some frozen yogurt

Review №50

Fun and easy; Frequently having new flavors; and they are open late. But be prepared to pay about 6 or 7 bucks per person.

Review №51

Good selection of flavors and toppings and the store was clean.

Review №52

Excellent variety but a little pricey

Review №53

Great toppings and yummy fro yo.

Review №54

Love the flavors and the toppings!

Review №55

The owner is really nice, and is always friendly

Review №56

Love it!

Review №57

Absolutely delicious

Review №58

Nice. Pay by the ounce, quiet

Review №59

Great selection of flavors.

Review №60

Seemed overpriced for what it was... Quality wasnt what Im use to from places like Cherry on Top. Open later than some places! Id go back it I have another late night yogurt craving.

Review №61

Always yummy!!

Review №62

The smells of YUMMY hit you the moment you walk in the door!

Review №63

Lady running it was rude.

Review №64

Terrible service, very unfriendly

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  • Address:8816 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States
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  • Phone:+1 719-375-8523
  • Frozen yogurt shop
  • Dessert shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–10PM
  • Thursday:11AM–10PM
  • Friday:11AM–11PM
  • Saturday:11AM–11PM
  • Sunday:12–10PM
Service options
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Great dessert:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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