The UPS Store
2692 Madison Rd Ste N1, Cincinnati, OH 45208, United States
Review №1

It is 10:17 am 10/16. the store JUST opened… I just got back from delivering w UPS. The woman, she had glasses and curly hair, sort of stalky; that scanned my package COULD NOT have been more disrespectful!!! RUDE!!!!!! It is a gorgeous Saturday and she was so rude!! It was an impatient I am not wanting to help you at all RUDE!!! F you lady!! Did I inconvenience you by you doing your job ?!

Review №2

Unbelievably RUDE!!! (blonde curly hair female this time) Refuses to give a receipt & I explained I am not tech savvy, please may I have a receipt & was told NO. Why not? I have never been to a UPS store that refuses to give a receipt! Why are the employees of this store so unpleasant, so unhappy?! BTW; not the first time encountered miserable employees at this location. Problem is, it is the only one in my neighborhood.

Review №3

Do NOT buy stamps from this location! They charged me $16.60 for the same sheet of 20 stamps that I later bought for $11.60 from USPS! They told me “stamp prices have increased” when I told them that their prices were higher than the post office’s 🙄😡

Review №4

Youd be better off smashing your package against a tree and throwing your money out a window. FIVE times they assured me they would double box my musical gear, and I paid through the roof for them to do so. It arrived single boxed and damaged, and nobody at the store will take responsibility for it. Go somewhere else. Fast.

Review №5

Avoid! This terrible UPS store was recommended by a local auction site for shipping. They followed exactly none of my directions for packing fragile vinyl records. Ive never seen records packed so poorly. They charged a premium price for minimalist packing. Several arrived damaged because of the poor packing. Do not use this shipper, they clearly have no idea what theyre doing or they dont care. Either is unacceptable. Booooo!!!

Review №6

Out of the many UPS Stores I have visited, This Is the ONLY one that attempts to charge an egregious $3.50 to print a shipping. Even if you have one that needs to be reprinted for some reason, there still is no courtesy provided to customers.

Review №7

Completely incompetent! I hired this store to pick up and ship a very valuable oriental rug. They never called to get my payment info, instead they shipped it and charged someone elses account, never giving me the opportunity to insure the rug. UPS lost the rug in shipment having separated from the shipping container. Then they reported it as damaged. Repeated calls to the store and corporate offices have gone nowhere. They continue to lie to cover up their mistakes. They have never provided the first receipt or any kind of paper backup. Theyre CROOKS! Stay away....still dont have my rug!

Review №8

Regarding UPS office on 7672 Montgomery Rd... AWFUL! On 7/31/21, I arrived several minutes before they closed with a simple package to drop off, and the blond haired lady behind the counter decided to lock the doors early this day. She looked at me as I knocked on the door, while I showed her the time on my phone that they should still be open. She ignored me and walked to the back area. Basically, she didnt give a dam#. In other words, UPS is taking the model of the US postal service... poor customer service and quality.

Review №9

This UPS store is worst. The staff never gets things done in your single visit. They close at 7 PM daily but if you go there to drop a package off at 6:30 PM they always have an excuse ready for not accepting your package like system is installing anti virus or some maintenance is going on. Why they do it during their work hours? Also, over the phone I was told that if I have the barcode they can take the print the label at the store but when I went there they told me they charge for that. Pathetic customer service!! Never go there!

Review №10

I have had a box here for two and a half years and mostly have been very happy. I have had a few problems with employees with bad attitudes but most seemed very efficient and helpful. Several employees have gone out of their way to help me out and i really thought they were great. Joe and Sam are two names I remember.I am now concerned about the integrity of the store. I paid a lot of money to have the contents of my mailbox send to Mexico where I am residing. The first time your office did this for me, everything was fine. But, this second time, I received a large envelope filled with mail belonging to other people, as well as my own of course. The letters of the other people were all opened and some seemed quite important. I called store and they felt that a new employee had mixed up discarded mail from old mailboxes and somehow mixed it in with mine. I am still very nervous about this. Plus I paid dearly for all that mail to be sent to me. I am expecting a check to come to my UPS address and now I wonder if my mail is safe coming here. I never had doubts before.

Review №11

This is by far the best UPS store around it was quick easy and the staff is amazing always helpful and polite

Review №12

This location charges you to print a prepaid label. WHY ARE YOU CHARGING ME TO PRINT A UPS LABEL??!! I ship tons of items for work with FedEx and ups, no location I have ever been to except here charges to print a PREPAID UPS LABEL!! $3.50 to print a label! What a ripoff. Choose another location for your shipping needs so you dont get nickel and dimed.

Review №13

Terrible Terrible Terrible. International Shipment sent and the merchandise was broken. Ongoing claim going on for over a year. Unacceptable. Had insurance. Isnt that what insurance is for.

Review №14

I dropped a package to return to amazon, which included about $200 shoes. It was missing -- Amazon said the return label was never scanned. I called to this UPS store to ask what happened. Their response was it is not our responsibility... never call back .... However, the package was missing in their store.... It was terrible experience.

Review №15

Went in the store to drop off a few things and get something notarized, I was given the wrong information over the phone and when asked for the correct information the lady behind the counter would not give me any information and backhandedly told me that I never called and I was completely wrong. If If there was A rating less this store would get. Time to clean house.

Review №16

This location used to have a guarantee on leaving me in a bad mood. BUT today my husband and I went in to ship something and the person helping us taped up our box and was so kind it prompted us to say something about the change. We learned the location is under new management and IT SHOWS! So happy to be able to ship things again without becoming a grump!

Review №17

This is Connie Allen now and I have used UPS stores for 2 decades, first in Maryland, then in West Virginia, then Columbus and now in Cincinnati. I have always received outstanding service at all of these locations. I do have to say though that the service provided at the Cincinnati store located in the Rookwood Pavilion shopping center is absolutely the best! They acknowledge every customer and show that they honestly care about the reason for their visit. I am always greeted with professionalism and a wonderful caring smile. I tell everyone I know to go to this store because they will be treated as someone special. I ship many packages to family members across the United States and have never had any issues or problems. I highly recommend this store. Great service, easy to do business with and reliable delivery. What more could you ask.

Review №18

Paid for a package to be overnighted for $126. Package was delivered 3 days later. Called to file a complaint and they never called me back. Still have yet to receive any help. Have tried calling 3 times, no help yet. Seemed helpful in store but apparently not very competent. Would not recommend using this location.

Review №19

Their Amazon returns drop-off area is so incredibly helpful and efficient. I had 3 boxes and it took a grand total of 30 seconds inside the store. Great service.

Review №20

I had a fantastic experience with all of the staff at this location especially when shipping 10+ moving boxes across the country. Madison, in particular, was very helpful

Review №21

Brendan is a very nice young man, helped me out very much with my transaction and made things super easy for me

Review №22

The four gentlemen that were working the store today were all extremely kind, attentive, and greeting new costumers as they came in. They helped me get a paper printed, and was happily on my way. Outstanding service today!

Review №23

It was easy and quick! Tiffany was super nice and made everything easy!

Review №24

Bad costumer service.

Review №25

I started going to another UPS about a year ago after they repeatedly refused to scan in my Amazon returns in arrival and had a snarky attitude about it as well, which is so petty for an adult to get worked up over. They always said to leave it in the counter. I wonder how much money they lost from my frequent packages just to save a few inches of receipt paper.

Review №26

Ive been a UPS customer for years; I rely on them regularly to ship paintings to and from exhibitions. The most recent piece I shipped required a signature; on return, the driver left three sorry we missed you notices on my front door. The bad news is I was home those three days and my doorbell never rang. The good news is I called the store after the final attempt notice and spoke with Logan (who had taken the initiative to email me after the first delivery attempt to let me know 1) that a signature was required and 2) approximately when the driver would be in my neighborhood - truly above and beyond customer service). Logan is amazing. He tracked the package down and had it returned to the store. He was patient, thorough, and friendly; he even requested we open the package in the store to inspect it and make sure nothing was damaged. Ive never been so impressed with customer service. Despite the delivery SNAFU, Logan is the reason Ill continue to be a UPS customer.

Review №27

When you pay for express shipping, you expect the package to be delivered when you paid for it to be. Poor service experience and I will definitely never use UPS again. I will be telling my company, business partners, family, and all that ask not to use this company. Go with another reliable company that can meet the service expectations paid for. Not even worth the one star which is the lowest possible to give. Read other reviews and make the call yourself.

Review №28

I have always had good experiences at this location. The location provides opportunities to do shopping and dining. The parking is pretty convenient most of the time. Staff is helpful and greeting. Tall light skinned gentleman provided some help with the items that needed to get brought in and he was funny. I know he went to Purcell Marian.Another time, a lady came out and helped me carry in a very heavy package with a hand truck. She took the initiative to help.Thanks.

Review №29

****IF YOU HAVE THE CHOICE,CHOOSE THIS UPS STORE EVERY TIME, IF YOU WANT THE SAME, BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD, FIND A REASON TO BRING ALL YOUR SHIPPING HERE****I recently purchased an item (a Large Portrait in glass!) from Main Auction Galleries (Who was also Wonderful, also, If I might add, If you go through them or any local auction House, THIS UPS Store will pick up, and Ship Your item affordably!)I worked the entire time from Here in Pennsylvania with Sam Over there in Ohio, Sam is a shipping star, and is exactly the kind of professional every future customer, and even within Their own company UPS, From their CEO, President, even down to their general, or distric managers would be proud of, who is the model employee, Sam Told me They could retrieve and safely ship this portrait from Main auction galleries, They even Worked with Main auction galleries to schedule a pick up time in the inconvenient time of Covid, They Found a way and a time and Went and got it, I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU THE CARE THAT WENT IN TO GETTING THIS PORTRAIT TO ME, I had no idea it had glass, they Covered the glass in a protectant “Glass Wrap” then, layer after layer after layer of the biggest thickest bubble wrap O’ve ever seen, They cared for my future treasure as if they were sending it to their Mother! They Put THAT Much Care into it, I’ve never seen anything like this, and It was a Lot bigger than I thought, When you buy from an auction house, let alone have a shipping service Providing this much customer service, You Expect to pay through the nose, Not Here! In fact, when My Huge portrait arrived I couldn’t believe everything they did, and for the price they did it for, in fact, I couldn’t Go out and buy That much bubble wrap alone, Let alone Ship A Gigantic antique portrait to a whole other state away for well under a hundred dollars, It’s unbelievable, THIS STORE SPECIFICALLY IS UNBELIEVABLE, And SAM IS UNBELIEVABLE, a true pleasure to work with, I Hope if You’re out there reading this, considering to go through this store, Along with every other “Would-Be Customer” who’s On the Fence, Celebrates This Store, Go there, Use their services, Keep their Location going strong! In fact, for such a wonderful, rare experience, I would encourage you to buy something somewhere, anywhere, just to have a happy experience, We all know they come along far too rarely in life, If you shop Here, You’ll Have one.... Not only will I Be a proud future returning customer, I want to bring all of You along with meTo the President of UPS, I want to tell You I Hope You’ll applaud Sam for Going above and Beyond for His Customers, For Me, For This wonderful example in the time of a Pandemic, when Even the Auction Gallery Had Hours that Were off an on, And even given that and such limited tools, Sam Excelled! He didn’t just meet, but far beyond exceeded any expectations, I would go as far as to say that this is, if not the Best, one of the Very Best Customer Service Experiences in My Entire Life,I Hope You’ll promote Sam through every opportunity He deserves, and can advance through within your company, because He is the type of all star employee Helming this ship,that Makes it An unbelievably special Place to do business with! Please Print this, and put it in His file as a fine example of His Very Best Work,and Send a “Thank You” from High up for a Job very well done,Before,During,and after the sale, I Have never,ever Had an experience like this!To all Future Possible Customers, Find any and EVERY REASON YOU CAN To shop Here at this Location EVERY SINGLE TIME,You will have an unbelievably positive experience,Sam’s Store Is the Very Best Shippers Out there, I Use the Postal system all the time,It’s so expensive for Getting what feels in my opinion like nothing in return,try this route, even if you live states away,Or even if you live locally,I wish I could use this store, With these Fine Professionals like Sam, with the Best rates I’ve ever seen for ALL YOUR SHIPPING NEEDS,GO HERE!(I also added 4 Photos!)Sincerely,-Dan in PA

Review №30

I have a feeling that these guys are getting a ton of Amazon returns which frustrates them. Maybe they are taking this frustration on customers?And who charges $15 for a notary, $3.5 just to use the PC (to print using Pen Drive).I used the next day Air Saver at 2pm on friday. I was expecting it to reach destination on saturday but apparently the cut off was 11am so my package reached on Sunday. I was told about this when I went back to store to find out what happened.

Review №31

I am very impressed with the service at this store. We do a lot of shipping (including some very high end items) and Erica is always there on time, and not only that, she takes as much time as needed to properly pack and protect each and every item. I couldnt be happier with their service, Erica handles each shipment with dispatch and regard.

Review №32

Fast, responsive, friendly. Had some IT issues

Review №33

Have come in this store a handful of times to drop off amazon returns. Never once has anyone behind the counter been friendly. They act as if they are upset that a customer has come in and they have to do something. Had a ups delivery that came, boxes were beat to hell and they told me they had to charge me to take them back up. Said UPS delivered them and that’s what they looked like, was told I’m not UPS. I sell mailboxes. If I was UPS, probably not the type of people representing my brand.

Review №34

If I could give Zero stars, I will without any hesitate. The service providers are so rude. They never told me they would cost for using their computer and their printing. When I check out I was shock. I have to paid for $7 for using their computer and printing 1 label? Its really ridiculous. I went to other UPS, they never cost me a dime for using their computer and printing. They even loan me an iPhone charger.

Review №35

Great workers and positive energy. Ive been coming to the Rookwood UPS for years and never once have been disappointed. There were some times i needed last minute shipping and to track packages. Madison helped me through every step and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend this store and feel secure every time i go there.

Review №36

Rude workers. Also the store does not print premade UPS labels for free. They want you to use their Public use PC for 3.50 (No exceptions during COVID). FedEx near by is far more courteous and printed the premade FedEx label for free that same day.

Review №37

Great service to return Amazon orders. Scan, they pack and ship it. Only, just go to another UPS store, like the one in Kenwood. This location has rude CSRs and does not supply receipts. Each of these stores are individually owned which explains a lot.

Review №38

Visited the store for a delivery and had good service. It was busy but the staff seemed to have fun and it didn’t seem like a long wait. A couple young men were working and I believe one was Mat or Madison.Parking was easy, as well. I only wish shipping cost were less, but USPS is expensive now too. Spoiled by drop off at Amazon for free most of time.

Review №39

Beware!!!! $36.00 to pack a small suit case $50.00 two day ground delivery now expected to be 4 day delivery when I was told emphatically it would be 2 days so this is not the end of the world but I’m out $86.00 to ship a small suit case to my mom and no refund and I was told...what I was told to ship 2 day they could not have told me, except that’s exactly what I was told because there are lower rates for longer deliveries. So will I go back never, I suggest you take this review to heart cause I feel I was lied to twice day of shopping and when I just called to see what’s up- untrustworthy and rip off artists - boycott this location if you value your money and your property, I would give zero star is if could!

Review №40

The service here is terrible. You will be nickel and dimed for every “service” they end up doing. Need your box to be taped? You’re gonna pay $2. Need a box for your Amazon return? You’re gonna pay $10. Need to print off a label? Another $2.50.I have never ever needed to pay for returning an Amazon purchase, ever, but somehow this particular UPS location says they “have to” charge for all of these things due to Amazon.I would highly advise going to any other UPS location - this one has a 2.7 star rating for a reason.

Review №41

I only left 1star because 0 was not an option. This store NEEDS better customer service skills. Was not happy about my service or lack there of. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND doing business here. The idea of customer service is to help provide solutions for problems, not to make situations harder. Im upset that this is the access point location for the area which I sent a package to, I would rather have my packages sent back to me.

Review №42

I walked in needing a package sent out. I had no tape to seal the box up so I was under the impression UPS would offer for customer courtesy. I was floored when the guy representing UPS informed me and I quote since you didnt tape up the box I have to charge you $2.00. Yes I as aggravated with his delivery on the charge and being charged for few pieces of tape I feel Its price gouging. I replied really $2.00 for pieces of tape. His reply was we receive 300 packages a day here and we charge for taping the packages. I feel charging for tape is very petty and I understand its away to bring in more revenue. However it would have been easier to swallow if the UPS employee had more empathy about it and not stand there with his arms crossed and the I dont care attitude. I call Anderson Ohio UPS to confirm the charge which there isa charge, but they only charge a $1.00. Franchise or not shouldnt pricing be unified? I will never come to this location again. its not just me look at this location reviews on how employees treat customers.

Review №43

Googled this location to get directions. Noticed the very poor reviews but went anyway. I just needed to drop off a package (Amazon return) so what did they matter to me... I walk in and the guy at the counter tells me its going to be $3 to tape my package. I reply $3 for one piece of tape?, to which he very hastily says Ill put several pieces on it!. I say no thank you that I will take it to the Loveland location where I live (Ive never been charged for tape there). Then as Im walking out I say just so you are aware, I googled you on the way to get directions and you have 2 out of 5 stars for reviews. Another man replies Oh, we know, and if you would of read the fine print youd know your package should have been taped up. Never going back there again. Its not even about the money, yes, I find $3 for a piece of tape excessive, I mean I can buy a whole roll for that amount. Just the way and tone in which they spoke to me, just plain awful. Anyway, if you plan to go there make sure you have everything in order or be prepared to pay.

Review №44

I visited this store 6/27/20 at 10:04 am, and I want to start off by saying the male cashier was extremely rude and UNPROFESSIONAL. I did an amazon return option no packaging no label, choose between kohls or ups, and I chose ups. barcode scan. I have done thousands and at this store , this morning the cashier scans my car cover and proceeded to tell me I have to pay for him to box and tape it,$15, some junk about consolidated and non consolidated I have never heard any terms like that and wouldnt even known anything thing about that because its not a visible labeled on the walls or over the registered counter as a service you would pay for at ups. So he charges me, after I told him thats not something i was prepared for or knew was even a possibility coming in to ups today to return this Amazon item. Had I known that when choosing my return option/method I would have prepared the item myself or just elected to do the return at Kohls store not ups. I wouldnt be out of $15 that was what I was using at a time like this for food. I called Amazon and spoke to a supervisor and they advised me I shouldnt been charged nothing for ups to package that part of the return isaleeady paid for in the return method I elected. Alli was supposed to do is drop the package off at the ups or kohls store and the cashier scans the return barcode. I called back to the ups store and spoke to the rude cashier who claims to be the acting supervisor and he refused to make it right,never apologized, was very argumentative, expressed to me he doesnt work for amazon and that its my fault hes not going to do anything about it, he refused to give me the name of his self or his store manager , I advised him I will file a complaint and he HUNG UP THE PHONE. I still have my receipt where it shows the ups charge. I need my $15 refunded to my credit card because I did the return correctly according to amazon, I do believe the cashier just wanted to charge me for his labor of having to box up the item do to his non desire for the size of it, and I have always done barcode scans and have never been through an ordeal like this before and this makes me reconsider my business relationship with ups moving forward.

Review №45

You wrote a review for The UPS Store10 minutes ago1.0 star rating5/30/2017I had the pleasure of dropping off 2 packages today 5/30/17 only to find out that their systems were down. An excuse Ive gotten a few times within a 3 month period. I find that to be strangely convenient that the systems have been down a few times shortly before their closing time. Where I have witnessed the cash drawer(s)/till(s) on the back counters, with receipt paper scattered around them as if theyre in the process of being closed out for the day. Now Im no idiot, Ive worked in retail for a number of years... I have the inkling feeling that the systems are down is nothing more than a bogus excuse. The employees are simply closing the registers early so they can get out of doing their jobs until its actually closing time (7:00 pm). When the systems are down, supposedly; this means you cant get a receipt for dropping off your packages, in which I have a big grudge against. I like to have a receipt as some sort of proof that Ive actually dropped off my package(s). However Ive always gotten a bit of a hassle from the staff in receiving a receipt; as if they have something against printing a damn receipt for me since Im just dropping packages off. Ive literally had an employee try to convince me that I dont need a receipt; he even stated that receipts arent really a what they hell are they if they arent a receipt? I usually stop in shortly after 6:00 pm roughly 6:15 - 6:25 pm; during which Ive also noticed the metal security gate visibly dangling from the ceiling (the gate that should only be visible when the store is closed); another indication that the employees are attempting to close up shop in a hasty manner; this is simply not an acceptable display of professionalism on the staffs behalf.

Review №46

Not sure why the ratings are so bad. Joe was professional and made returning my amazon order simple.

Review №47

Needed to ship a heavy piece of lab equipment halfway across the country. The team was so helpful and knowledgeable, they made it easy for me! Thanks go to Logan, Erica and Sam.

Review №48

They are incredible.I walked in with an unboxed shipment, expecting to take 10-15 minutes boxing it up, but they literally just asked what I was there for immediately upon me walking in, so by the time I got to them at the counter, we were already on the same page and he just charged me for the box, and then set it aside to box up upon my leaving.In, and out in 3 minutes.Good job UPS. Very happy customer here. 🙂👍

Review №49

I came to this store last week when my package was lost by UPS. I was informed that I had to call UPS directly to handle this matter but when I told the associate (Erica) I was not able to get through the automated message she took the time to help me get in contact with customer care and walked me through the steps to follow to fix my problem. I come to this store a lot and I have never had a problem. They are always all very friendly and helpful. I do pay attention to reviews and know people are more likely to leave a review for a bad interaction vs. a good one and I think that the extra help is what matters and think they deserve recognition for the helpfulness they provide vs. the bad reviews people give when they are just not happy with the the fact they have to pay for taping of their packages ect. They are a business and that is the way business are ran. *Satisfied return customer

Review №50

Quick and easy Amazon return. Staff was professional and courteous.

Review №51

If you want to lose your packages this is and ideal spot. Can’t even handle amazon drop offs

Review №52

I could not have had a better experience today, and I won’t go anywhere else in the future. The staff is friendly and I was greeted and helped before I was even all the way through the door with my 4 year old and two rather large plexiglass signs. The first quote they gave me was over $400–the man working next to the man helping me, jumped in and started helping try to figure out how to lower it for me. All said and done, they got it down to just over $200 and I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you for such a great experience Rookwood UPS.

Review №53

A package was re-directed to the store by UPS. The gentleman working at the desk said he could not locate my package and gave me a number to call saying sorry he is a franchise and cannot track my package. Good luck. I called the number and they stated they do not take customer calls and I should never have been given the number. This was some of the worst customer service I have experienced in a while. Other than the service, the store was clean and looked nice.

Review №54

I have a mailbox at this location and come in on a daily basis. I have never had an issue with anyone at this store. They are courteous and help me carry boxes in and out of my car whenever I need help. I have nothing but good things to say about the customer service I receive at this location. :)

Review №55

Kris is consistently upbeat, friendly and remembers me! Steve is professional, courteous and funny. Box rates raise about $5/month per year and so are now almost twice what other UPS locations charge.

Review №56

Do not use this business! A liar and a thief will steal your packages after charging you to ship them and claim they were first delayed because non-essential during Covid (what?!), then later say they are missing, then later say there were destroyed and thrown away at a UPS hub when they were not even picked up in the first place! UPS corporate confirmed they were not picked up after a missing package investigation and screen shots show the package was never picked up and given a delivery date. Then there was not a delivery exception attached to the tracking number! Because of this you will not get the insurance money either.

Review №57

Was having a miserable time with trying to return an Amazon package. UPS wasn’t helpful with pickup. So I hauled it to the store and had to jump through several hoops to get it done. A very pleasant gentleman named Steve helped me while I was being less than pleasant because of my aggravation level. I was very impressed with his cool head, helpfulness & kindness & wanted to say “ thank you “. I’d recommend this store to anyone looking to mail thru UPS.

Review №58

Do not go here..These people are rude as can be ..Every single person who works here should not be be dealing with people ! To include the owners!I live locally and will make sure I let everyone know .

Review №59

I heard a very disturbing about this UPS location from a number of different people. They said that the manager, Sam, at the UPS Store in Rookwood steals packages. I can’t confirm or deny this, I can only speak to personal experience. I’ve also read reviews about this same manager, Sam, saying that he’s disrespectful and sketchy. I work at another store in Rookwood. UPS claims that they run packages over if they’re delivered to the wrong address, and that they return things to sender even when according to tracking, it says it’s been signed for. This is a reoccurring problem. When our store manager called to bring this to their attention, Sam was rude to her. Super sketchy.

Review №60

I go here often to drop off packages. The staff constantly feel like they are constantly troubled by the customers and speak an a very agitated type tone. I kindly ask to provide a shipping receipt when returning items and they seemed to be frustrated of the idea that I need piece of mind. One time. during the holidays, they refused to do so and told me to place it in the box, even though they werent busy. Its the only store near me, so I do not have a choice but to continue to do busy with them because of pre paid labels that I receive.

Review №61

I went in to send off my rent to my landlords drop box in witch i guess theyre were two different rental properties before i could say the name the man automatically assumed i was paying rent on an apartment to some ghetto rental property ... And when i corrected him that i was paying for a rental property Home he was like oh .. Then took forever to send it off answered the phone numerous times ..then theyre was a woman who seen i needed help ignored me then asked me the same question he did automatically assuming i was renting a apartment v.s a Home .. I felt racially profiled and disrespected. .. They are very unorganized and unprofessional ...they need to wipe out and employ all new staff ..this location is a joke ..

Review №62

They were awesome. 3 handmade wreaths made it with no problems

Review №63

I asked if they print off shipping labels and they directed me to print my label on a computer. No one told me it would cost $2.50 to print a half a sheet. Manager looked blankly as I asked why no one told me there was a fee, let alone $2.50.When I was leaving I wished them a happy New Year and they looked at me like I was an idiot. I was not rude in any manner.

Review №64

The owner/manager is horrible. He’s rude and condescending. Staff isn’t much better. My packages were lost and I was given the run around with several different stories during the times I contacted the store to follow-up.Go to a different UPS Store or the nearby FEDEX shop. Wish I would have read more of these reviews before using this store - that’s for sure.

Review №65

Excellent customer service and quick on getting my packages ready to ship.

Review №66

Asked them to ship via USPS a legal document. It never got shipped. I had to go back and complain to the manager. He said he would call me after researching the problem and he never did. I have to go back now again and have him overnight it. Simply the worst service.

Review №67

Very efficient. These gentlemen are on top of their stuff.

Review №68

Poor customer service!! Lied to my face about a package they have in their possession. And still refuse to admit that they have it, even though I have the tracking history which says that it was delivered to this store.

Review №69

The employees at this location are rude and illiterate. They can’t even accurately enter a simple address into their very own systems.

Review №70

Staff was great friendly funny!! was in an out they packaged two items for shipped.... an shredded some documents for me!! the double plus is I have two boys...1 an 2.. they kept them bizzy w bubble wrap!! thanks ups Madison rd. !!

Review №71

Shipped 2 oversized baggage’s no problem. I Always get treated well at this location. Steve is great.

Review №72

Very friendly, competent service. Especially liked the loading/unloading zone in front of the store. Steve made sure that the computer got into the store without damage.

Review №73

This is the best Ups store in Cincinnati. The employees are super helpful and patient. The printing manager helped me tremendously with printing for my wedding. Super grateful!

Review №74

Their words We are not concerned with cooies sorry, we ship things Manager was a joke. Sales counter rep misquoted prices.. Manager took employees and walked away and proceeded to talk about us.. Brought up religion and that the owner wouldnt help anyone because they were fasting. Worst service ever.

Review №75

The staff offers triple A customer service. Rates are affordable, while the staff offers the upmost skill and professionalism!!!

Review №76

I visited this location today and they apparently just lock up when they feel like it because the door says they close at 7 pm but they were closed with lights off and a woman counting the tills at 6:50. I stood there in disbelief for a minute that they just write their own rules and a man came to the door and said I can take your box if you have a prepaid label.

Review №77

Always receive the best service when I go here! I always seem to work with the same lady and shes always so patient and kind, even in difficult situations.

Review №78

Came In to have an art piece packed and shipped and Shianne was very helpful through the whole process. Will be back for sure.

Review №79

Great service, friendly staff and a clean store every time I come in!

Review №80

Very unprofessional, came in to return a cellphone, it was pre packaged, the guy at the counter just kept telling me sir you can sit it right there youre good to go while I stood in line while I told him I wanted a confirmation, had someone have problems before with a situation like this and the company said the stuff was never returned, didnt want this to happen to me

Review №81

Tried to return my Amazon rental textbooks back at this location. They wanted to charge me $20 for shipping it back. Since I suggested to go to a different location(Amazon covers the shipping cost), I still had to pay for the two sheets of copy paper (black and white) I printed out for $5. Could have gone to a local library branch and printed off those same sheets of paper for 30 cents. Went to another location on Glenway Ave and the total for everything was $4. This place will rob you. Would never suggest this location. Save your money and time.

Review №82

I refuse to use UPS ever again. Worst experience ever. I had to ship a package through Amazon, and I needed a tracking number. The cashier claimed the tracking was included in the price, so I figured hed give me the tracking number on the receipt or something. Not only did he not include the tracking number, I cant find find my package through their online package tracking search. I called them only to find out that they had just closed. So, I would just call them tomorrow to get the information, but its Saturday and they are not open on Sunday.... so I have to wait until Monday to get a tracking number for a package I already shipped (the number should have been given to me right when I checked out). Never again UPS, never again.

Review №83

Cashier Sam laughed at me in my face. Awful customer service. Avoid them if at all possible.You can see from previous reviews that this isnt the first time Sam has been rude to a customer. Obviously management just doesnt care.

Review №84

The fact that this store offers notary services Monday thru Friday is super convenient. Banks are almost impossible to get a notary from anymore!

Review №85

Fast, efficent, friendly, overall great service

Review №86

I recently shipped a bottle of alcohol (with the clerks knowledge) to my dad for Fathers Day via 2nd day air ($44). Apparently the package was damaged and discarded in the UPS Cincinnati distribution center.When I filed a claim with the local store and UPS corporate, they indicated that my package was improperly packaged and consequently there would not be a refund. When I asked for photos that showed it was not packaged according to their guidelines, I was told that I would need to subpoena the photos. My guess is that they do not have the photos.When I suggested that I would file a claim with the credit card company, the manager said good luck as he bragged that he has never had a credit card claim upheld.

Review №87

This is the first review I’ve ever left for any business. I’ve shipped a lot of packages through this location these people are the absolute worst, avoid at all cost. Still waiting on an investigation to be complete on a close to $400 package that never even got out sent out of their facility. Almost every employee I’ve encountered , especially the manager, is complete lost to the concept of costumer service.

Review №88

Worst store where you can go and ship your valuables. We gave them around 1500 dollars of business to ship items and the store rep Sam told us that he will be there all the way until the items are shipped and delivered. Through out the delivery, UPS confused us with the delivery status. Sam was nowhere to be reached over phone. The packages were delivered with fragile items broken, although they were specifically labeled. All the boxes were either peeled off or knifed in with some tapes put over to hide the damage. Simply the worst service received through out shipping and delivery process. DONT GO TO THIS STORE. You have been warned.

Review №89

I ship UPS several times per month. The Rookwood store is by far the worst in the city. I would go to Montgomery if possible. They are alway so friendly there. The short bald guy with glasses that works at Rookwood has been rude to me several times. I requested a drop off receipt on multiple occasions and he always gives me a hard time. He was rude to me today and I’m not going back there again. Customer service is not his strong suit. UPS labels will not pull up to print on iPhones. I showed him the barcode to print the label for me and he stated “he could not print the label for me. That it is mail fraud for him to print for me”. I drove to another store the next day and no issues.

Review №90

Rates are higher in store than on the UPS website. That part is not good, but the employees are nice and Ive never had a problem with the item getting where its supposed to. Really wish the rates were the same as you calculate online.

Review №91

Didnt bother to SPEAK until I was leaving the store. Had to ASK for a receipt. Smh. I Will go back to Kenwood.

Review №92

Staff is so rude every single time

Review №93

Havent had any issues with them. They are courteous and helpful.

Review №94

They are morons. They will close early with no notice. I was there more than five minutes before closing time and they had already locked doors. When I knocked they just looked at me and looked away. There was even a time when they closed an hour earlier than the website said they would. They just taped a piece of paper on their doors with some other scrawled hours on it that were different than what they should have been. They try to upsell you to say your package should be double boxed too. Prices are insane. Have been treated rudely here several times also. Do yourself a favor and either use USPS or go to a different location.

Review №95

Tried to return an Amazon package and the jerkish cashier tried charging me $3!? Stay away from this location. What a ripoff!

Review №96

The worker tried to charge me $1 for sealing my package for return. I worked at the UPS Store for one year, and I know that was against store policy. Each return already pays the store $1-$1.50 and this might actually be against UPS policy.

Review №97

Unreliable. Closed before closing time stated.

Review №98

I rushes to get there before closing to pick up a package and pulled up at 6:53 and the doors were locked. If your hours say 7, then the doors should not lock until 7. What a waste of my time and energy.

Review №99

One of the Worst UPS Store and least bother to Help You when the package is broken. More over they dont give 100% accurate info upfront and loot your money in the form of Insurance.

Review №100

Very helpful and friendly staff. I had to get papers notarized at 5 oclock Saturday afternoon and thankfully One of the employees (Erica)was a notary.

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