FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
51 E 5th St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States
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Super nice and helpful staff. very clean store.

Review №2

Submitted an order with some custom requests on a tight deadline to meet a clients demand. Trent was great to work with and had a solution to all of my problems. Appreciate him and would recommend this location!

Review №3

I was overnight shipping a package for a client and the cost was much higher than the client wanted to pay. I brought the items in two separate packages and the manager suggested re-packaging. He re-packaged it for me quickly and was able to send to the client overnight. The price fell within the clients budget. Great customer service. Only negative had nothing to with that location. We purchased overnight shipping with guaranteed delivery by 12:00 PM and the package did not arrive until 1:50 PM. It caused the client a little bit of stress but we understand that sometimes there are circumstances outside of our control.

Review №4

I found the staff here to be very friendly and helpful. I had trouble printing from the self service station, and without question they just printed out what I wanted. I would add that I have used several FedEx self service stations for printing and find they are very convenient. Sometimes its easier for me to go there than fight with my home printer.

Review №5

On September 4th 2020, I went into FedEx I had to make copies, send a fax, and mail documents. There was a gentleman that assisted me, he was extremely professionally, but friendly enough, polite, patient, & understanding. That gentlemans name was Kevin. As he was assisting me, I told him I do apologize this is taking a lot of your time, he responded by saying; no please there is absolutely no need to apologize what are you apologizing for? This is what we are all here for.. To tell you the truth that man went above, and beyond that words cant explain, when I would run out of English words I would speak to him in both Arobic, & Spanish he still understood me very well. After assisting me, I was was tearing because of something that I was going through personally the gentleman gave me a word of encourageragement, guidance, & a sense of direction thanks to his good sense of humor. Later on I found out that he was the store manager. I had been to this particular FedEx before, its always a great experience there, they have great customer service.

Review №6

Always helpful and have what Im looking for every time!

Review №7

They were very helpful and courteous.

Review №8

Super helpful staff and lots of services to offer! I just had a piece of artwork shrunk down in multiples then laminated. Loved them so much and will be back.

Review №9

I called to see how much black and white copies were. I was told 20 cents a piece. I sent in 15 photos and was charged $27.00. I was told they had to downsize the photos first but they failed to mention that when I called. I needed these for court and was in a hurry or I would have cancelled the order. This place is nothing but a scam and I definitely will not be back!

Review №10

The manager seemed nice. Flustered but nice. I came in about an hour or 2 prior to closing. There was only 1 other customer but the manager was helping him. The manager asked the other employee to help me. To which that employee turned around , looked at me then continued to stuff some box . I could tell the manager felt bad for the lack of professionalism displayed by his employee. He then asked the employee again to which the employee seemed confused or bothered to stop his task. He finally decided to help me. Then in the middle of helping me stopped to help a girl he must have known . I waited a bit before having to speak up to ask if my prints were done. To which then the employee checked and printed the second document. The manager ended up comping me the prints. But overall the employee seemed to lack hustle and professionalism. The overall store was nice and clean. I will more than likely go back due to convenience of location. But I wouldn’t recommend this location if you’re in a hurry or easily frustrated.

Review №11

Easy to work with and always accommodating staff. I email ahead for the ultimate convenience. They are always staffed so can get the service you need.

Review №12

I came in on last minute notice and the lady working (I believe her name was Brittany, I was panicking too much to take the time to record it the same way she took time to help) and she took that and worked with me very patiently and made sure I got my package mailed quick, for the cheapest option and on a 2-day just because she felt the need to turn my anxiety into relief and satisfaction. Great great great, its making those quick decisions and bending rules to put the customer first! Thank you FedEx and thank you to that special employee.

Review №13

Very satisfied, workers are always friendly

Review №14

The entire staff was very kind. Haley, in particular, was extremely attentive & helpful!

Review №15

Ive sent in a couple projects to be printed and each time the order I pick up is correct and looks great. Theyre accommodating, the location is clean, and its friendly & convenient.

Review №16

Terrible! I went to this place to ship an extremely important package. After quoting me a price initially and independently over the phone, the situation changed. I was told my own box could be used as long as I had a label. However, after arriving I was told this would not be possible. So in plain english I asked if this would cost more, no, of course not. But after destroying my own box, the clerk Kelly, dramatically raised the price almost 30 dollars for what was to be the cost of their box. She manipulated me into a situation I couldnt back out of, and I wont be spending one more dime with Fed-ex at this location or any other. She had a nasty attitude, and a terrible persona on top of it all.

Review №17

Everytime I visit this location, I find a NEW untrained staff at the shipping counter. They keep changing the staff quite often. Very unprofessional!! I shipped one document to same address three times but they always CHARGED me MORE than the previous shipping rate. My International Ground shipping got DELAYED by one week only because the staff missed the Commercial Invoice. No compensation was given in return.

Review №18

For the past 3 years this Fedex office has been my #1 choice for all jobs that must be produced locally. The team always deliver great service and a helping hand in completing high profile projects. Thank you!

Review №19

From computers to printers to supplies to shipping options, this FedEx office is a mobile professionals dream. Well-stocked, organised, clear signage. Knowledgeable staff are quick to help, too. Check out the book and CD section for professional development topics.The Google Drive cloud print to FedEx on mobile seems to no longer be an option. You have to use a dedicated FedEx app. Meh. Instead, you can email your document to a FedEx address that quickly replies with a print code for self printing. (Note: the FedEx print-to-go email as of 28 April 2016 doesnt work with Android Inbox app, use the Android Gmail app to avoid error messages.)

Review №20

Brittany was a super help! Needed to ship four large cases near close of business and she walked through it expediently and cheerfully; while being able to help other customers in the meantime.

Review №21

This place may not be the least expensive shipping option, but that location seems to be well managed. Decent service, clean, and well organized.

Review №22

Very unprofessional ‼️ Someone delivery driver stole my package .... my packed was marked as delivered but I never received it and fedex act as if they never knew about my package did not help with anything 🤷🏾‍♀️🗣

Review №23

I came in to ship some fragile packages for my daughters birthday Vickie the attendant quickly tried to upsell me on a box that was three sizes too big I tried to explain to her that the fragile packages might need a tighter fit so that they wouldnt move around too much during shipping she got upset dropped my packages then said it was an accident suggested i should pack it myself refuse to let me use their tape then later threw some boxes at my direction that were in the counter her excuse was to make room for another gentleman who came in to ship packages after years of using this location Ive never been treated so rudely

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These people are SO FRIENDLY! Love you guys!!

Review №25

Slowest most incompetent service i ever seen. plan on being here a while. these people are just cashiers with no design knowledge whatsoever. ive been in here almost an hour! im the only customer in the store. & yes i have enough time to waste as im writing the review as im waiting for the cashier to get off the phone. what sucks is Im only trying to make 1 copy! the lady says she cannot find the paper i want and stopped short of calling me a liar, as if i dont know what Im talking about when Ive been using thier products for over a year. they have the attitude of a fast food employee if you try to correct thier mistake. & no one yet has said Im sorry, pardon me, or otherwise offer a better solution. Ill be sure to consult the store manager of my experience; although i expect no recourse or corrections to be made as the lower level management is usually equally inept.

Review №26

Brief experience; two of the staff having a conversation not realizing that a customer was in front of the desk (and them.) 3 stars to be fair and because of the size and location, as well as for the 1 other employee that I saw actually helping a customer vs. 1 for the short dissatisfying experience that I personally had.

Review №27

Prices are 3 Times the Online Quotes. Boxes cost upwards of $15 . What a scam. Go to home Depot and buy a large box for $2.

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Always receive less than subpar service from this place.

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Decent place, well lit, friendly people

Review №31

ALWAYS a wait... slow.

Review №32

Jesse rocks!

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  • Packaging supply store
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