U-Haul of Sharonville
11880 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241, United States
Review №1

Unfortunately, they were not able to install the hitch on my van due to rust on the vehicle. They knew it might be an issue when I got there but they gave it a shot anyway. I appreciate them trying and being up front about the potential issue. Everyone was friendly when I picked up the van and they were great about making sure I got refunded for the whole amount since it couldnt be installed.Hopefully you have better luck with install, but they will at least treat you right.

Review №2

Making somebody wait in line for 40 min while only 1 rep takes care of people at the speed of smell only to tell me when its my turn sorry we only fill tanks before 2:00pm because we are too busy is total horse **** this location can be added to my blacklist. ill be using other rental service or simply buy a trailer before dealing with these arrogant ****offs

Review №3

I have given this location thousands of dollars in sales but that run is coming to an end. The consistently terrible service which is the new norm is not acceptable in the least. Ive spoken to the manager about their issues and was told dont come in, thats all I can tell you. Im going to follow his advice.

Review №4

Your processing is so insanely idiotic it’s not even funny. Literally sat here for almost an hour trying to get to an area to park to come in to pay for a bill. The girl washing the truck has zero sense of urgency. It’s not entirely her fault tho, maybe move the cleaning area out of the one lane that takes you in and out of the business or have separate parking for things like this. Your “customer parking” area is entirely blocked by the one lane entrance and exit of the business. Will never shop here again, will never recommend this place.

Review №5

Got a motorcycle trailer from here and it was as easy as can be. They did all the hookup and they did it fast. They know what they are doing here and they are efficient. Ive rented trucks from this location in the past as well and things always go smooth at this location!

Review №6

Good place, be patient. I had to come 3 times for propane but talked to the manager Christina and she had worked several weeks alone with no help. I felt bad for her that place can get busy. Surprised she didn’t quit. They got her some new hires and things will get better. Very polite and apologetic.

Review №7

Couldn’t care less about customer service. Showed up to return a trailer rental. Was told to take it back where the other trailers were, unhook it and they would be down to check it in. I figured that meant they would come down while I was there to inspect and sign off. A half hour later no one came down. When I saw the woman who told me I made a “is someone coming to help me” gesture and she did nothing. Didn’t think “hey maybe this customer could use some help”… or “maybe I’ll be clearer that he doesn’t have to wait for us to check him in”. They completely couldn’t give a damn. I will look for ANY other option than UHaul in the future.

Review №8

Waited 20 minutes for a propane refill while the attendant was sitting doing nothing, then when I went in to ask where the guy was, the attendant said it will be a while and began to clean a truck that could have waited the three minutes it takes to fill a canister. Wasted time.The entire staff except one specific guy (Samoan looking guy are rude as hell. The other guys actually pretty on it. But dont waste your time.

Review №9

Go with zero expectations. Expect your reservation moved changed canceled with no remorse. Customer service at its new level of worst. Smackin gum at your face.

Review №10

Had a terrible experience. Rented a large truck and arranged help through movinghelp.com. The movers never showed. We’re not able to use the UHAUL truck or load anything because we had no help. Went to return the truck and they still charged us even though the moving help they are affiliated with didn’t show up. Spoke with store management about the issue and said that they couldn’t do anything about movinghelp.com and that the truck still fulfilled its duty (which it didn’t). Extremely disappointed. Will not use either UHAUL or movinghelp.com again.

Review №11

Ignored for propane service for half an hour. Rude employees. One cussed me when I finally said im leaving.

Review №12

STAY AWAY. They have no controls for inventory. So what you reserve online may or may not be there. Their organization is terrible at the store.

Review №13

As a Realtor I strive to go above and beyond for my clients, and as a customer I notice and appreciate when others do the same for me! When a seller recently needed an urgent solution in packing and securing a significant amount of belongings that didnt fit in her car after closing and literally on her way from the title company to driving to new home in Florida, (moving truck had left the day before and she had no hitch on her vehicle) I called around and luckily found Jim at U-Haul in Sharonville who listened to the problem, dropped everything to prioritize us and quickly offered and assisted with a solution that neither of us 1) knew existed or 2) could have pulled off without him. Heres to excellent customer service and teamwork and GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND to make a difference in peoples lives. Thank you so much, Jim!!! Your positive, can-do attitude, knowledge and experience saved the day.

Review №14

I just rented a van for a couple of hours.This is my favorite location.Good customer service on 1-11-21

Review №15

No masks, half of the crew was smoking cigarettes, 3 employees made eye contact with me without saying anything while leaving me as the only person in the shop before someone finally addressed me. There were only two other customers that I saw while I was there. But 6 people working.

Review №16

U-Haul installed a hitch on our car. We thought we had an issue with the cars sensors following the installation. Jim, the GM, was very helpful and accommodating as we looked for a solution. Ultimately the issue was resolved - kudos to Jim and his customer service!

Review №17

Store staff is extreme helpful, no matter who you speak with. Work was completed on time. I would use a again. The only problem I encounter was the warranty for the work. I purchased the trailer hitch parts over the phone, from the sharonville store. To get the work expedited I had to pick up parts at the Glencrossing uhaul. Parts were installed at sharonville. Work was not warranted because I pick up uhaul parts at a uhaul and delivered to sharonville uhaul were I purchased the parts. Confused about warranty.

Review №18

Staff was rude....manager was rude. Will never return!!!!

Review №19

This is my favorite UHaul store location in Cincinnati. The staffs are always friendly and equipments are always in good working condition. GREAT JOB!

Review №20

This has been a positive experience for me. I have rented reliable vehicles on occasion, as well have had a hitch attached to our SUV here. Reasonably priced. Sure made the jobs easier and was able to reserve vehicles and pick up on short notice.

Review №21

One of the worst and most unprofessional locations. Be careful they will lie to you about their equipment. They are all in bad condition. They overcharged my friend and never paid him back . Not going to use them again . Try the one in Hamilton

Review №22

I had a hitch installed. Amazing service. Did everything I asked plus more!! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I will always recommend them to friends and family. Special thanks to Phil for answering any questions I had and being a cool dude

Review №23

I like this location better than many others. It is a huge one-stop place that provide many different services. I went there to install a hitch, that I ordered online and they installed at a low cost. People in desk are friendly. Though, I want to point out one big negative and hoping to get the attention of the management. You can not reach the in-store folks by phone. When I dial, the 513 number listed, it directly takes to a centralized call center in central America. And those people are totally disconnected and were never helpful. These call centers might sound like money-saving to the management, but definitively comes at the cost of frustrating their customers. Hope the management sees my review and recruit a dedicated local assistant to answer the calls.

Review №24

Good thing i checked the back and there was broken glass inside. When I notify the guy inside, his initial response was that is the only 10 truck we have available (implying take it or leave it) and not sorry let me clean that up. After complaining some more, he finally got the manager and the manger went out and cleaned it up.

Review №25

The best part about this U-haul location is Matt Setser. His customer service and professionalism is much above average. I literally went out of my way to drive to this U-haul location just so I could deal with Matt. If every employee at every U-haul took pride in their work like Matt, they would rule the competition. By the way, I never leave reviews.

Review №26

Correction, they made things right for me almost immediately. 2 thumbs up!

Review №27

The couple times Ive been here theyve been easy to work with but busy. Ive had to wait at least 10 minutes for something simple. Also, some of the employees smoke while working around customers.

Review №28

Would not recommend for hitch installation. One of the parts was not ordered initially. Had over 5-6 phone calls before the whole thing was complete. They do not have enough staff, so always behind. After the last piece was installed, had a rattling they couldn’t find. I had to go to the dealer with my new car. Turned out the wire installed was carelessly placed, but the dealer found it and fixed it since U haul couldn’t find it and didn’t diagnose the issue. Have used them in the past to rent a trailer, and it was always fine, but the installation process was horrible.

Review №29

Awful customer service. Guy asked if we had a reservation and we said no, so he turns around and says “then we don’t have anything” and leaves us standing there with no one to try to get reservation with. A little help would have been nice.

Review №30

I wish I could post for everytime Ive used there trailors but that is not allowed. I have rented about 7 times and all rentals have went smooth and great people to work with. EXCELLANT JOB SHARONVILLE.

Review №31

Great service. They care about the work. It was a pleasure interacting with Jim.

Review №32

Trash employees

Review №33

Ive used this Uhaul twice and am getting ready to use for a third time. They always have my truck ready to get in and out. Easy to drop off. Best Uhaul place Ive ever used, and Ive used a lot!

Review №34

This Uhaul location is very unprofessional and rude. They over charged me $125 after I already dropped the truck off. I needed to pay for my over mileage and gas whiched totaled to be $37. When I called to talk to the manager Jim, he was completely unprofessional and rude. He wouldnt even listen to me. Then he hung up on me, so I called the customer service line and they took care of my issue. I have no problem paying what is owed but dont hang up on me because you didnt do your job right! Jim should be fired for the way he talks to his customers. He is a disgrace and I will NEVER go back to this Uhaul ever again.

Review №35

Great location with great staff. Needed a car hauler and they were the only location that had one. They helped me hook it up and did a great job.

Review №36

Great place what more can I say

Review №37

I picked dropped off the truck at 2:30am (suppose to be by 2:45) and was estimated to drive 50 miles but instead I drove 41.7. Well when I woke up the next day I got a voicemail saying that it was noon and they still havent received the truck and was wanting to know when I was going to bring it back. So I called and spoke to a lady who said it was probably something on their end and I would receive an invoice whenever the truck was found. Well when I received that invoice they billed me that I drove 52 miles when I never even drove the estimated 50. So after 2 mess ups in one rental, its safe to say I will never rent from this uhual.

Review №38

Customer did not return equipment on time, so we were bumped to a location in Loveland, 20 miles further from our location 20 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up. This was the 3rd relocation in 24 hours for a truck. Disappointed with U-Haul in general for their poor customer service and lack of communication.

Review №39

Always been super happy with their expert and low cost trailer hitch installation services.

Review №40

The rental process was easy, but we were upcharged because the customer service representative put an earlier return date in the system than our one-week rental really required.

Review №41

Inventory is subpar, and Owner was non schalant, not empathetic! E did make up for it on their if you dont get what you paid for promise, but what a hassle.

Review №42

Service is good. The place to go in the Northern Cincinnati suburbs.

Review №43

Had an appointment today to have some wiring done on my van at 12. I have an emailed confirmation number with the time and date. Drove 40 minutes down there only to be told they couldnt do it today. I was told they tried to call me but I received no call. I was irate, and the guy working there simply said our conversation is over. No apologys, nothing but rude service. I will never waste my time with Uhaul again!

Review №44

Where do I start! Reserved a hitch install on 7/1, after 3 hours of having our vehicle, they told us the hitch was not in stock. They rescheduled us for 7/4, thought that was odd but went for it. Surprise, hitch didnt come in! They left us a voice mail, scheduled us for Friday, 7/7. We could not make that appointment. Had to call their answering service twice, location would not respond. I had to go to location to reschedule for Saturday 7/8. Received reservation for 7am on 7/8. Dropped car off at 6:55am. Finally received notification our car was done at 1:15pm! And management was not present! Would never recommend this location ever!

Review №45

Friendly staff and got all the boxes that you need to move with.

Review №46

Nice, have been there for many times, always a great service.

Review №47

Quick, easy and friendly service with the benefit of online check-in to make the process even smoother.

Review №48

U-Haul of Tri-County was great to deal with today!I had booked my truck and trailer online and was going to pick them up close to me, guaranteed by emailed receipt and reservation number. When I got to me local location the lady literally threw her hands up in the air and said she didnt have my reservation and couldnt help me despite the email their name and address on it.After I made some calls, I found U-Haul had moved my reservation. I was kind of mad when I got to the Tri-County location, because I had wasted an hour making calls and trying to find my equipment. However, the staff at U-Haul of Tri-County was great and took care of me to the letter. I really appreciate everything they did to get me rolling.

Review №49

Easy/fast rental of U Haul box truck. Approx 15 mins.

Review №50

Staff was friendly and helpful in answering few questions on moving stuff. We rented a 9 cargo van to move a 2 bed apartment, took us about 6hours.

Review №51

Great service and everything you need to travel.

Review №52

Friendly owner, large facility, friendly phone staff. Have used them twice and they are great.

Review №53

Gets it done. Easy drop off.

Review №54

Purchased and refilled a propane tank, however I had to wait a long time for service. Really need to sort out their staffing, two men working but only one helping customers.

Review №55

This is the worst u haul the people just look at you and dont help its like nobody wants to work here I sat in my car for 40min+ just to get propane. I asked for help and all the worker pointed me to the next guy no service..

Review №56

We got unloaded fast. Thank you U-Haul.

Review №57

Great service, good people to work with at this location!

Review №58

Great service and assistance on your move.

Review №59

Top notch staff and service.

Review №60

Unprofessional, lazy, slow, and unwilling to help. Would not recommend.

Review №61

They helped out when a vendor wont hand over the keys to a truck...

Review №62

The manager was incredibly rude and disrespectful. I will go out of my way to never use this location again.

Review №63

Service is good, but with so few staff the wait for the good service is long, tiresome and boring. It is giving me the time to write a Google review :)

Review №64

Reasonably priced and super easy

Review №65

Large U-haul location which means lots of supplies and trucks but also long lines

Review №66

The regional HQ and maintenance shop also located here

Review №67

Not the best customer service.

Review №68

Great Rates!

Review №69

Staff very prompt and friendly!

Review №70

Good peeps

Review №71

Great experience

Review №72

Trying working here...

Review №73

God sweet Ghali Bs price Vadtna in the transfer of all luggage comfortably without the basest thing in the car, but a basket and coffee Shahi napkins

3.7 Rating
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