U-Haul Moving & Storage of Downtown Cincinnati
2001 Dalton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45214, United States

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Highly recommend choosing another rental place or even a different U-haul location. I reset the odometer when I picked up the van, yet they somehow charged me for 30 more miles than what the odometer read. They absolutely take advantage of customers by saying Yeah, just drop off the keys, no problem. Have a great day! Then they simply over charge you when you leave without your knowledge. Complete rip off. I will never rent from this location again and highly recommend no one else does...unless you want cheated.

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Had a wonderful experience here! Gary hooked us up and was so helpful with our entire process from the truck rental to the storage unit. Even helped me back the uhaul into the spot to unload at the storage units. 10/10 would recommend I have a good experience every time I come here! Will definitely be using them again!

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I purchased a trailer wire harness through the call center three weeks ago. When I got there they didnt have it. No big deal things happen I came back a few days later they still didnt have it I asked for a refund. Didnt get it. I went back another week later still didnt get. Today I called customer service. I have currently been on hold a total of 4 and a half hours today and been switched around to at least 6 different agents maybe more. This is over a $35 item. They wanted at one time refund my money and charge me $7 more to buy it from another location. 1 agent put me on hold I waited for nearly 40 minutes until I finally hung up because he never came back....Finally after another try a rep. Ndu Chino helped me! Thank You Ndu

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My son rented a 10 truck for 5 days, 2 months prior to his move. He confirmed the reservation leading up to the move. When we arrived there were no trucks. They said that a reservation does not mean anything. Its first come first serve. Thats how we work and there is nothing we can do to help you.Please be aware, if your moving plans hinge on renting a moving truck, please know that a reservation is meaningless and have a plan B, just in case.This turned a stressful time into complete chaos for us.

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One of the worse experiences ever. My girlfriend needed a truck to move her stuff from the storage unit to her new apartment trying to be self sufficient we decided to use the app to arrange and contactless free pick up and drop off. We arrived at the location the app was having difficulties that’s understandable app do mess up but the problem is when we went to one of the employees to ask for help and was helped with the worse attitude and professionalism. This is our second time using this location and the first time was great the employee was helpful and we told her how helpful she was and really appreciated her efforts. I don’t know if the guy was overwhelmed or woke up on the wrong side of the bed but you should never cuss and tell a customer “ I don’t care “ and I hate writing bad reviews because everyone is entitled to a bad day but this was inexcusable.

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Heidi was absolutely Mazing, had to extend a extra day she made getting the extra day so easy and smooth on such a stressful day. Thank you so much for being so kind and understanding!

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We reserved a truck but they had given away the truck without notice. Be advised that trucks really are first come first serve. They told us we were late so the truck was canceled so I suggest you show up before your reservation. There is nothing indicating a time frame in the emails or agreement. Another couple came in early and their truck had also been given away. Note the there were trucks available in the lot but refused to give us one despite our reservation from a month earlier.

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Can not express enough how pleasant my experience was using the U-Haul at Dalton Ave. The transaction was quick and seamless and the gentlemen working inside were incredibly friendly and helpful! Extra shout out to Danny and everyone working that day for going out of their way to contact me after finding that I had dropped my wallet outside of the building. The turned what could have been a nightmare into peace of mind. Thank you!

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Recently returned a rental van & over-charged an extra day by store mgr.Called Cust. Svcs but they were No Help.Read that Small Print closely before taking your rentals!

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Tried to charge me double for even though they already took money off my card. Charged me an extra day even though i brought it back on the day that i said SCAM PLACE go somewhere else

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Friendly and helpful staff. However, be aware that despite the sign on large two story high propane tank, they won’t fill tanks - they explained that they aren’t licensed to sell. Unfortunate. They were able to direct me to other U-haul locations like Northside that will fill propane tanks.

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GM and his staff were very helpful and friendly. Turned my whole UHaul experience around. Id recommend this place as a solid source for your uhaul needs.

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The guy at the register couldnt perform basic functions on the keyboard such as placing my name in the system. He also wasnt familiar with the system. The guy next to him was on the phone with someone else speaking about their personal life. Then I was forced to find the truck on my own.Once I went to return the truck, I got there about 2 mins before closing time, I was being yelled at saying Its closing time! I looked at him confused and continued to walk into the store. The older guy at the register was counting the money and told me he could try to go back into the system but it would be hard because he was counting the money. The guy that was outside came back into the store yelling we closed, we closed! My sister asked him why was the door open if theyre closed and he responded Im detailing and we closed.Overall this was the worst experience Ive ever had at U-Haul.

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Employees dont wear masks.

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They claim that they put a hold on my bank card. However there are three separate transactions from them that POSTED to my account. If the money was on hold it wouldnt have posted it would say funds held that is how my bank does it. This happened about three weeks ago and I still havent received my money that they stole from me.

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Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff!

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This was the only store in the tri-state that was able to help and fix the problem that the Ft.Thomas store created by cancelling my reservation 1 he B4 pick up. Thank you the Union terminal store for great service and friendly staff. I recommend This store Union terminal store. Please dont go to Ft.Thomas KY store as they do not care about the customer at all.

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It really depends on who is working. The manager is fantastic. Most of the workers are fantastic. But they need to stress that they want EVERYONE OUT of the building at 6 45. ..i was told 7 . The board outside says they close at 7. TODAY i hear over the speaker system that u cant hear clearly that im being charged a 50 dollar fine if im not out by 6:45. . They need to change the closing time to 6 :45. NOT 7. Its only for 15 min. But that 15 min in the heat when u have been hot sticky an miserable moving is terrible. An only hearing part that i get a 50 buck fine does not sell with me. Also not enough carts to go around at all. Tried 3 times to get my stuff an had to go back 3 times in one day. Cause not enough carts. However most of the staff are absolutely fantastic. Also did not know i was gonna have to work around a big cement tube thing in my unit. It was a big nuicence. The temperature was great even if not temperature controlled unit. My only issues were not enough carts the piller thing an the 50 buck fine threat an you cant hear the speaker system very well at all . I dumped my stuff an walked out. Had to go back later on. Really only one dill hole that works there. Everyone else was wonderful.

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Called to get a quote for renting a trailer and to return to a different uhaul in a different state... And she hung up on me. So, I guess they get alot of prank calls? Otherwise very unprofessional. Gave them my phone number and email address, so if we got disconnected they could have fixed this.

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Excellent customer service, great equipment, and unbeatable prices! Thanks for making our move much easier.

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Nice guys, got q 4x8 trailer one-way. Had a part I needed

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Was a very pleasant experience and staff was extremely helpful

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Worst uhaul service in the area... good way to waste an hour as they learn to work a computer and search for vehicles on foot... report if the gas tank isnt over the reported amount. Avoid at all costs.

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Made a reservation and no truck was available when I arrived. Staff was unprofessional. Multiple customers were on calls with the customer service number in the lobby when I showed up.Id recommend scheduling with another location. Dont rent from here.

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Went to rent a truck today was out with in 5 minutes,the person who helped me was Harry super friendly and efficient,this is now my place to go when in the Cincinnati area. Harry you rock Sr

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Tough to find entrance. Good customer relations.

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Very nice 👍 & helpful

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The workers there were very nice and helpful.

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Friendly people had all moving boxes and stuff that I needed.

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Forced us to pay for 7.5 gallons of fuel that we did not use, after we tried to return a rental truck with the exact amount we were told to, and started with. They marked our contract with the incorrect fuel level and verbally told us to fill it up to the spot it was at... well we attempted to do so (with photo evidence of where the fuel level was when we picked it up) and were told to put another 7.5 gallons of fuel in. We used the truck for about 30 miles and had to pay for 11.5 gallons of fuel total. What a scam.

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Great for all of my moving needs.

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Nice place to rent a uhaul from.

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Very quick and very courteous

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Really top notch service

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Professional staff. helps get the job done

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Nice staff

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Poor customer service

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Harry is nice!

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Never there

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