U-Haul Moving & Storage at Beechmont Ave
8210 Beechmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45255, United States
Review β„–1

After the debacle of dealing with the downtown Cincinnati Dalton Street location last week, this place was 180Β° for the better. Not sure about all the other hate from other reviewers. Had a simple hitch installed. Easy in, easy out. Less than one hour. Prompt, courteous and attentive service! Thanks guys! πŸ™

Review β„–2

The gentleman at this store (7:00 A.M. on a Saturday) was very friendly and professional. This location had a large inventory of vehicles and lots of supplies inside. I had a high quality experience here and was set up with everything I needed for my move from Cincinnati to Akron.

Review β„–3

My husband and I got a 20 foot uhaul from this place. Was told it would be gaureented it today...June 26. 2020. Got there and my husband was told the guy with our truck extended his rental of the truck and never brought it back....ok, fine. Well, they never found us another truck!!!!!! 🀬🀬🀬 The guy acted like he couldnt help us at all. Told my husband there was nothing he could do!! What do you mean theres nothing you can do? We were guaranteed a uhaul today and now were just SOL!?? We are moving on Military orders to the other side of the US. Time is a precious thing right now! Like this is not right at all and we are highly upset...completely dissatisfied!! This location was completely unhelpful. We had to call the customer service to find another truck for today because they couldnt help us.

Review β„–4

The guy who waited on me was crabby and barely spoke. He pointed to the cash register when he wanted to ring me up. No greeting, thank you... nothing. Its a shame you cant get good customer service people any more.

Review β„–5

Not sure why all the negative reviews. I had a hitch installed today and my service was excellent. The staff was friendly, efficient, and answered all my questions. Got me in and out in half the quoted time. I also witnessed them with other customers and they gave them the same great treatment. I would definitely go back.

Review β„–6

I had a truck rented here for six hours. When I showed up they said they had rented it to someone else. No direction , no help , no I’m sorry. Essentially walked away to help another customer. I went down the road where a nicer person called someone with the same invoice this ovation had canceled and found a truck for me. This individual is mad at the world and does not need to be in customer service. I will recommend no one ever use this location. And to be specific the younger guy there was nice. The older one was awful.

Review β„–7

Worst uhaul service that I have ever experienced. So bad that I will never use uhaul again. I called ahead and asked if they had any trucks available and they said yes just one 15 foot truck and I said great I will be right in to pick it up. Get there and the there’s an old man with a dirty coffee jug behind the counter who is the rudest person I ever met just sighs and then asks how can he help me. To which I told him I called about the 15 ft truck just moments ago and would like to rent it. He then laughs and proceeds to tell me that they’re really busy and that I should’ve made a reservation. After that a crowd lined up behind me and he then mumbled under his breath saying a bunch of curse words. So then I asked him if it is available or not and then he proceeds to go through the questions and check out procedures. Younger guy comes over and mumbles under his breath about how ridiculously busy it is and how we need to stay home during a pandemic and a bunch of other curse words about how busy it is. The old man agreed and said some choice words as if I couldn’t hear them talking. Get the truck and they tell me the location and when I got to the location there was no truck. So I went back and told the old man that the truck isn’t in the location that I was told. He then curses some more and gets up in front of at least 10 customers including gun myself walks past me and then kicks both doors open. And tells me that the vin number is on the key and to match up to the the trucks back there and mumbles some more curse words and heads back in. As if things couldn’t get worse I show up to drop off the truck 15 mins before closing and the store was closed and locked. But the younger guy from earlier came out and was yelling at me and another customer as if we are annoying him and told us to take the trucks around back because they’re closed even though he was standing 5 ft away from us. They need people who actually want to do their job instead treating customers as if they were a nuisance.

Review β„–8

This location has the worst service. They do not pick up phone calls and do not respond to emails. I had setup my hitch installation service appointment. When I arrived at my appointment time, they told me that hitch has not arrived and they forgot to call me. My next appointment to get the same service is for next week, I am hoping that this is not a repeat of a very bad service from 2 weeks ago. The minimum they could do is to confirm in light of their screw up from past, but that is too much to expect from them.

Review β„–9

This is truly the worst service I’ve ever experienced. After several visits, we did not see ONE employee wearing a mask during the pandemic. Nothing we requested (furniture pads, dolly, the correct size truck) was correct, even though we made our reservation months in advance.

Review β„–10

Made a reservation online for a one-way 15 rental. I had also purchased packing supplies that I had never picked up and didnt need anymore. The attendant helped me save money buy suggesting I return the truck to the same (Beechmont) location instead of one-way for $40 cheaper, and refunded me for the materials I never picked up. Good experience overall.

Review β„–11

Have rented from here a few times without issue. Had a trailer hitch installed. There was a slight hiccup but the manager promised to make it right and kept his word. All is well! Thank you again.

Review β„–12

The younger rep I used had a personality of a rock. Then we got into the truck and it only had 3/4 of a tank of gas. Really need a better manager to get their butts in gear.

Review β„–13

I expected the truck to be clean inside, especially with everything going on with Coronavirus. I was going to drop my keys in the pocket on the side of the door....luckily i looked first. There was a used q tip and dead bug in there already.When i went to return the truck, the guy didnt seem to care. I asked him if they cleaned the trucks after each use and he said yes. Then i made him look at it. He said we just wipe them down. I told him I didnt expect to find a used qtip in the truck. He then it wasnt fron uhaul, but a previous customer must have left it...and that was kind of my point, they didnt really clean the vehicle first or did an incredibly poor job, before renting it out again.I told him that gross. He just answered with a yes, then asked if everything was ok with the truck besides that.

Review β„–14

Gentleman Steve helped me today. Dont get the bad reviews great experience. Bought a hitch and he even gave me some pointers, he could have just sold it and said nothing. Excellent experience second hitch and where I go for rentals

Review β„–15

Propane fill-up...rudest jerk I have ever encountered at this UHaul location, and it’s usually on the rude side. This place definitely needs some Customer Service training!!!

Review β„–16

I was given the price of my unit paid and signed. Later I was informed that my bill wasnt $129.00 but $147.00 every month.

Review β„–17

Went in to get a quote on a trailer hitch installation. There were three people at the counter. Didnt really know who to talk to. A young guy finally said something. One very rude woman was joking about the cost. She thought she was funny. I went along with the banter but it was REALLY annoying. The guy helping me was clearly getting annoyed because she wouldnt give it a rest. The guy helping me was asking another older guy some questions, who must have been a manager. Couldnt get a straight answer out of him because he was joking with the woman and also seemed to be short tempered. Took five times as long as it should have and the quote was EXTREMELY high. Not sure if I got an accurate quote. Wanted to ask some questions and understand why the quote was so high, however I wasnt sure if I could take anything they said seriously. I left there frustrated and annoyed. Wont be returning.

Review β„–18

They had the trailer I needed. Hooked it up, no worries. No hassle return next day. Good experience

Review β„–19

Really expensive. Storage started @ to 74$ before taxes and fees. I guess the truck rental is reasonable but dont store there. I found a huge space that is climate controlled for 60$. awesome. Thanks

Review β„–20

Had a dirty Uhaul truck to start with. Dirt on the upper back part of the truck. Plus hidden fees ended up with near $100 tab, when I rented a $29.99 truck. Didnt even move that far. Houses were 5 minutes part, and the Uhaul place was only 10 minutes away. Buyer beware.

Review β„–21

It was a long wait to get someone to help me. When I walked in the place was empty. There was only person working and he was outside helping other people. I waited about 15 minutes. When I was finally helped, the guy was friendly and efficient.

Review β„–22

Decided to get my propane here for refill savings. they refused two times in a row due to stormy weather. so if its cloudy outside youre probably out of luck..I also got the sense that the employee just didnt like me.i originally attempted to call ahead, hoping to avoid wasting my time but no one answered the phone.

Review β„–23

Gave me bad straps for hauling a motorcycle and it fell during the commute. People working there appear to have had their humanity removed by some cosmic corporate entity. Dead eyes, no one home but functional enough to had you the keys to a truck.I pray for them every night.

Review β„–24

Very helpful staff! They even helped me load my car up with the boxes I bought. I highly recommend going here when you need moving supplies

Review β„–25

Easy to reserve talked to a super nice guy on the phone on Friday went to get the van the next morning the rudest lady ever was working got the stuff done at 920 still had to have the van back by1 van was new and drove great

Review β„–26

Thus location customer service was horrible. The guys at the front actually screamed in my face at me and told me get off my phone now so we could complete the rental....I told him I had just answered his question while I was on the phone with my daughter. The other co worker walked away and called me stupid. Mr. manager I think I would find myself a crew that wasnt so arrogant and cocky. I would think you would want great customer service not all of these horrible ratings. I will come worm for you and show them how its done.

Review β„–27

Guys were able to get me a truck for my friends move down here on short notice, so I was happy about that. Truck was dirty and nothing was explained to us properly. Good price though.

Review β„–28

Unwilling to serve the customer. I asked for a better rate and he said that they cannot adjust rates. I stated I was getting a better deal with another company he shifted his tone and was willing to adjust only if he could could verify my other rate which I negotiated in person. He then argued with me about rates I was getting because they were not on the competitors website.Unfriendly and terrible customer service

Review β„–29

Ive learned from this place quite a few times and also recommended a few other people to rent their I have tried to call them now for two days yesterday they finally answered but screwed up my reservation now I am trying to call to get it straightened out and for whatever reason they will not let me speak to a person at the Beechmont location. Uhaul is such a joke!!!!!!! Just lost a good customer in anyone else I can keep from spending a penny here!!!!!!!!!

Review β„–30

Used a truck for less than 24 hours and 96 miles it was $230

Review β„–31

They got the job done. When I was reserving a truck for the weekend, the customer service was excellent. They were flexible, friendly, and everything went according to plan. On the day that the truck was due back, (we were planning on doing an overnight return with the new updated Uhaul App), I received a phone call asking where the Uhaul truck was because it was due back. I stated that we would be doing the overnight return (that they advertise is so easy and hassle free) and the man who I spoke with on the phone was rude and disrespectful saying that we HAD to return the truck by 7am the next day. He was overly rude for no reason, especially seeing that we are a repeating customer and paid a lot of money for this truck rental over the past few days. And yes, moving is hard and exhausting as it is; I dont need a rude caller to add to the stress of having to empty out the uhaul in sleet and freezing rain at 7pm at night. The interaction just left a really sour taste to what was, initially, a great experience. Other than that, because of their flexibility, this interaction will not sway me from ever returning. Uhaul is meant to be easy, so I didnt overthink it! Like I said, it got the job done!

Review β„–32

Good place to buy propane for the gas grill. They will fill the entire tank, not just to 75% like the tank exchange places.

Review β„–33

First of all, the young overweight guy at the desk is as rude as anyone you’ll come across. As soon as I walked in I said, β€œhello, I’d like to rent the 10’ truck,” before I could say another word he yells, β€œtoday, tomorrow, next month, when?!?!?!” I was astonished. He then asked my name, I gave it to him and before I could even begin to spell it he shouts, β€œwell, are you gonna spell it, we’re busy here?!?!” Anyhow on top of this nasty customer service the truck smelled like body odor and was filthy. Needless to say I am not going back to the Beechmont location, they need to hire new employees.

Review β„–34

The manager was extremely helpful and his staff helped get me the truck I needed for my move!

Review β„–35

If you go in knowing what you want, easily a good experience. But if you have no clue of what you need, you might want to look elsewhere. They are a bit rude on the phone.

Review β„–36

I had a trailer hitch installed on a new van and a wiring harness. I wasnt asked about any warranty or anything. Wasnt offered a better grade of harness or anything. 3 months later the wiring harness corroded and caused my tail lights to stop working as well as the trailer lights. I stopped by the beechmont location to ask if there was anything they could do and I was advised to come back next week when someone else was there. When I came back next weeks I explained the issue to the manager or someone who appeared to be. He asked me if I bought the warranty and I stated that I wasnt sure/ never was offered. He didnt even come out to look at the van - he simply said We can put a new wiring harness on for full price ($89) but other than that theres nothing we would do. without even looking at the van...didnt even try to help my situation or offer an alternative....I walked away without another word, not even a sorry or anything....then I called to report it through the corporate office where I had to leave a message and never did get a call back....

Review β„–37

Staff was tough to work with but was able to get a truck from them on short notice for our move.

Review β„–38

Arrived late for an appointment and the guy putting on my hitch had it on before I could get a quote on a rental. Highly reccomend this store for your needs

Review β„–39

I reserved a truck and they sent it out, peneske is down the road I should have went there. Now Im in real pickle its going to cost me a lot more to move because today was the only day I have to do it. Screw this place

Review β„–40

The customer service from their assistant manager was horrible. He was very rude and disrespectful. While the general manager stated the asst manager was reprimanded and I received a partial refund, I think it is important to share this experience. I certainly will never return.

Review β„–41

Worked out great! Showed up, got the truck, dropped it off that night - easy.

Review β„–42

I had made a reservation online last week. I get a call on Monday to confirm the reservation and to set up a pick up time. I had decided to pick it up at 8am. I get a call from them the day before pick up telling me that it says I am set to pick the truck up at 8am but I cannot pick it up until noon. I tell him then why would you help me set it up for in the morning if it wasnt available. He tells me its not his fault and that basically its mine because its first come first serve. He then says he could set me up with a truck in Erlanger, KY or Milford (which is WAY out of the way). All this was nothing but rude from him and when I say him I mean Mark. He was not courteous, apologetic... he lacked appropriate customer service. The lady was nice when I had called back to cancel the reservation after I had locked on a truck with Penske. I knew I should of just stuck with Penske. They have always been great to us and have discounts. Never use this U-Haul location. Rude Rude Rude!

Review β„–43

Never had any issues when renting from here.

Review β„–44

They need at least 1 more employee there during peak hours, weekends!

Review β„–45

When pick up truck check your miles, because they Guys charge me 100 extra miles

Review β„–46

Very helpful. Came in for moving boxes and tape.

Review β„–47

Called the Beechmont store today, a person at the store answered on the second ring. He changed my reservation to what I needed saving me an hours driving time.

Review β„–48

Where is the option for 0 stars? No one at the front desk, only one person working in the store. After 10 minutes of that person roaming around in the back room, we left. Bottom of the barrel for customer service. We took our business to another company.

Review β„–49

Great customer service n management

Review β„–50

Waited inside the store for 20 minutes without being helped. They really value your business.

Review β„–51

Its OK People dont like there job much

Review β„–52

Called to get a trailer, they told me one was there, took my name & phone down & told me it would be waiting. Showed up 20 minutes later & the β€œonly one they had was rented out” and was not for me. Would rate 0 stars if possible.

Review β„–53

Always great service.

Review β„–54

They ripped me off told me I couldnt can have my trunk for 24 hrs told me it was .78 cent per mile and charged me .99 i had the truck for 4 hrs and they charged me $89 this was a rip off and Im not happy Im calling corporate

Review β„–55

Good service,good selection.

Review β„–56

Helpful staff.

Review β„–57

Nice place to rent

Review β„–58

Always clean!

Review β„–59

Great service

2.9 Rating
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