All My Sons Moving & Storage
3010 Harris Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45212, United States
Review №1

Austin and Zach did an amazing job moving me. They were kind, polite, very careful of everything and managed heavy pieces and tight spaces without complaints and with great problem solving. I absolutely recommend this team. The office staff was great to speak with, although they underestimated how much I had to move. I will definitely call All My Sons moving should I need to move again.

Review №2

So the booking agent booked a spot for us from 12-3pm to be home for the movers, 4:15 I call get put on hold twice and hung up on once, then when I actually speak to someone no one could give me any kind of update, status report just nothing. One employee told me they don’t set time blocks in the afternoon but they gave us one for what reason other than to try and make more money. Now we have to wait another day, Miss more work and family things to see if they can get to our house tomorrow. This company needs more leadership and time management and overall better customer service.

Review №3

Rashaun and his crew were wonderful! Polite to us and gentle with all our furniture. Quick and professional and made moving day less stressful. They even helped unload our pod of boxes. Couldn’t have asked for a better team! We don’t plan on moving anytime soon but if we know anyone who is we will be telling them about All my Sons! Worth every penny and better priced than most of the other companies our the area. Thanks again!

Review №4

We had such a great experience with All My Sons! We had Shawn, Tez, Bryan, Andre and Brian helping and it was a super fast, efficient and professional move into our new home! They were very responsive and on time. Would highly recommend them and we can’t thank them enough!

Review №5

Spencer Zach and Carter were fantastic. They were on time and worked hard throughout the whole day. These guys were professional, fast and efficient I would highly recommend these guys

Review №6

Absolutely the worst experience of my life. Not only did they not get the job done the same day because one of the movers couldn’t finish, they had to come back the next day and never reassembled the materials. After spending an hour on the phone they said someone would come back to reassemble - why do I want you back in my home? I then spent 1 hour on the phone being bounced around to see if anyone would listen to my experience, and no one would. Not the local office or the corporate office. I was promised $350 back due to “good faith”. Not only will I continue to write reviews on how terrible of a job it was, but also what a terrible company for customer experience. Please do NOT use this company.

Review №7

Shawn, Robbie, Brian, Carter, Andre worked very quickly and professionally. Took great care with our furniture and made us feel happy. When we move again we are going to request Shawn.

Review №8

This moving company was the best I’ve used, and we moved 7 times in 11 years with the Navy. Very responsive, flexible with dates and times (even when we needed emergency storage of our goods on short notice), professional crew ( thank you Antoinette, Tyler, Andre, Jerry, and Brian) showed up on time, worked very hard and efficiently, and packed our goods well. They are not the cheapest movers, but you get what you pay for - better to pay a little more and get reliable people. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to move any distance.

Review №9

Shawn, Robbie, Jerry, and Andre were the best crew!!! They were so helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. They helped us get out master bedroom set up a spiral staircase that we have been worried about since we bought the house. 15/10 would recommend All My Sons, and hopefully you’re lucky enough to get the crew we did! Thanks guys!!

Review №10

Brian and Tyler were incredible. They were careful, courteous, and so on top of everything. I can’t believe how quickly they had their truck loaded and how responsive they were with placing things in our new home based on the box labels. They took great care of us!

Review №11

Shawn, Andre, Jerry, Jabari, and Nate are an amazing crew. They came organized, professional, and worked exceptionally hard to get us moved. Would recommend to anyone!!!

Review №12

Scratched wood floor and laminate floor. Tore side of leather recliner. Movers told us not to worry, All My Sons had insurance and we would be provided phone number. No phone number was provided. No receipt was provided for the move. Charged $900.00 for 2 hour move.All my Sons offered $218.00 for damages. Stated their legal liability was $.0.60 per pound.

Review №13

I can only remember the drivers name right now, Corey Nelson, but him and the rest of the crew were great to work with. Everything was moved with care. Nothing broke, everything was placed accordingly and they took care of everything. Would recommend and will use in the future!

Review №14

Shawn Robbie Andre, Brian Carter,They were very personable and friendly and quick. Great Service!

Review №15

Devon and his team were excellent. They made our move fast and efficient. I would highly recommend requesting Devon for your move if you can. Thanks so much! We will definitely request him in the future.

Review №16

Stephon, Rob, Brian, and Dre were helping us today! They were super sweet, professional, funny, and moved super quickly! Such a great crew and we would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Thank you guys, you did such a great job!

Review №17

Stefan and his crew (Darius and Chris) were great today! They NEVER stopped moving! They were super careful with both our furniture and the property. Very pleasant, introduced themselves, totally professional. We would recommend them anytime.

Review №18

I booked a move roughly two weeks out and was pleased they fit me into their schedule. Emails confirmed my deposit and date of move. I was told I would receive a call 24-48 hrs before my move to give more exact times. I never received a call and if I missed the call, no message was left. The day of the move I anticipated it being in the morning (as was my request when I scheduled) but heard nothing and again received no word. Around 10:30am I placed two calls to the dispatch and was told my movers would be at my place between 1-3. At 3:05 I placed another call and was told they had just finished and should be heading my way. They arrived at 3:50 and started shortly after.Although the young men performing my move were very professional and did a great job, the lack of communication wasted nearly half of my day off and put me way behind schedule. I also had to reschedule another appointment imperative to my move because of this.

Review №19

Shawn Robbe Andre Jerry were TERRIFIC!!! They were professional, efficient and really took care of of us. There was zero breakage and they treated our items like their own. I would hire them again without question!! You are lucky to have these gentlemen as employees!

Review №20

Randy, Stefan and crew from All My Sons Moving and Storage were great! They were very professional and made moving heavy equipment up a flight of stairs look easy! I will definitely call again! Thanks again guys!

Review №21

This was the first time we had used All My Sons and I can ensure you it won’t be last! From the initial phone call of getting my quote from Tray to the actual move in day my experience was exceptional. We had a team of four men, Moses Mason being one of them and they were all outstanding. These guys were always working during the 8 hours we needed them and didn’t complain once! They had to unload four storage units and move it into our new home, which is huge and has quite the staircase so I am very thankful that All My Sons sent me these guys because they were all fantastic. They listened to my concerns and directions as well as took exceptional care of my belongings. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the team of four that assisted me (six months pregnant too) with the move in of our new home. Thank you All My Sons!

Review №22

Absolutely the worst moving experience ever and we have done 8 moves using moving companies over the past 25 years. I had the exact same experience as another review already pointed out: They will not release your stuff until you pay them BEFORE THEY EVEN COMPLETE THE TASK. They estimate the amount of time it will take to unload your truck and then they bill you for it and they tell you they will refund that amount if they do not use it. My actual bill was almost TRIPLE what they quoted. They are super shady and actually put my initials in for me and tried to get me to sign. They also only brought a few furniture pads when moving a 4,000 sq ft home. All kinds of items were damaged and they also didnt secure the items in the back of the truck. The only mover who was good was a guy named Moses, but he was only around for one day. Not only did they not show up on time, when they didnt have enough trucks to do the move, they could not send additional trucks until 2 days AFTER the date people moving into my home had the keys to my old house with a bunch of our stuff still in the house! Also, when they brought in boxes, even if it was marked fragile they would put super heavy boxes on top while bringing the items in even though the fragile boxes were getting crushed.

Review №23

Shawn, Robbie, Jerry, Andre helped my wife and I move from a 3rd floor apartment to our new home and they did an amazing job! We can’t even image how we would have done it without them! Definitely give All My Sons a call for your next move!

Review №24

Shawn, Robbie, Zack, and Marvin were a great help. They did exactly what my mom needed and were super friendly. Definitely would recommend this team.

Review №25

Shawn,Robbie,Brian,Andre, CaterTo care of us great already Memphis post up here

Review №26

Kwamayne, Shawn, Andre, Kenny, Brian, Erin were enthusiastic and positive. They were knowledgeable and worked quickly for a smooth move that went quicker than anticipated. Thank you so much guys!

Review №27

Kwamayne , jazz & Jeremy excellent quality service, great personality! Super helpful would hire them again any day !!!!!!!

Review №28

Shawn, Robbie, Noah, and Brian took great care of my mom’s move. They were on time, courteous, and packed everything really well. I will definitely be requesting them in the future!

Review №29

I absolutely DO NOT recommend All My Sons Moving and Storage for moving. Posting this so yall dont make this mistake. I had them scheduled to come this morning and we were supposed to be the first move of the day. They said they would arrive between 830-930 and call me 30 minutes out. I received a call at 939 informing me that two of their movers had fevers and could not come into work so they were calling employees that were off to see if they could come in and help. He told me that he would give me a call back soon to let me know. I told him no worries and that these things happen and to just please let me know. Over two hours go by and no phone call so I called them. The lady I spoke with(turned out to be the manager) put me on hold while she contacted the person I had spoken to earlier. She informed me that they werent able to get anyone to come in(totally fine, I dont expect people to come in on their day off) but once one of their teams were finished with their moves for the day then they would come and do our move. I asked if there was any kind of time estimate so that I wouldnt be sitting in a packed up apartment all day and she rudely said no, theyd get to me when they could. No apology or kindness of any sorts. I then call back and ask to speak to a manager to see if they would have a time frame for me since it was frustrating they had let me sit there waiting for them for over 3 hours when they knew they would not be able to get to me until the end of the day, very poor communication on their part. As soon as I asked to speak to a manager I was hung up on. I called back again and was transferred to be hung up on again. I finally reached the same lady I had spoken to earlier after numerous phone calls and she informed me she was the manager. I was shocked due to her complete lack of customer service. I explained why I was disappointed with how they were handling the situation and she still didnt offer any apology at all or any solution on top of being incredibly rude. I asked for a refund of my deposit and let her know Id be finding a different company and thanked her for her apology (sarcasm because she never offered one). She said no problem and hung up. The lack of communication, being rude to me, the hang ups, and being unapologetic for any of it was incredibly unprofessional. I was fortunate enough to find another moving company, Clark and Sons, that went out of their way to help me the same day and at a cheaper rate. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Review №30

Used for 3 moved and always professional. Shout out to Kwamaye and Rob on the last move.

Review №31

Super great group!! Kwamayne and his crew are super quick, efficient, and fun! They were really great to work with our budget, as well. I had called Monday, and someone else had canceled that Friday, so they booked me right away for Friday morning. They called Wednesday to discuss an itemized list of what would be moved. Friday, they called when they were on their way, got here on time, I’m a good mood and ready to get it done! Super happy with my experience. I will not be using any other moving company in the future. Choose All My Sons!!!

Review №32

Stefan, Randy and Cody were exceptional! These men did not stop for a break even when I told them to relax for a minute and get some air! They were cautious and careful with our furniture, nice and communicated well. These poor guys were sweating and working so hard, I could not have moved without them.

Review №33

Kwamayne and Nisah were very professional, friendly, on time and such a pleasure!!

Review №34

Shawn and Brian were Fantastic. They are like the hulk and ironman.

Review №35

Tyler, KJ and Big Ran were the sweetest most polite guys. They worked non stop and got our movers done right under the allotted time which saved us money. Very professional and I would definitely ask for this trio if you have a move in the future. Great experience overall

Review №36

Shawn, Robbie, Brain, Carter, AndreThey were all extremely please with their friendliness, efficiency and attentiveness

Review №37

Shawn Zack and Carter They work well together and Shawn was am excellent manager

Review №38

This company is on the moderate to expensive side in comparison to their competitors. When the movers arrived they were very nice but not prepared. They did not have the appropriate tools to take down my bed so they had to go and get tools to complete the work oh wow the clock was still ticking. Once they arrived to my new home they advised that my mothers mirror was broken during the commute; my mother had passed 11 years ago (Im heartbroken). Because the move was actually minimal in regards to items that I was moving, the movers were able to get complete the move an hour less than what was projected which would have given me a credit or refund. Some two weeks later I believe that they are holding my refund hostage and I will have to escalate the matter with my credit card company.

Review №39

Brian, Demarko, and Tyler were awesome! They were very polite, and they went above and beyond what we expected of them! We highly recommend their service.

Review №40

Shawn, Robbie, Jerry and Andre are amazing! Incredibly professional, very efficient, kind and thorough. We will ask for them by name next move and recommend them to everyone!

Review №41

Tyler, Tyler and Noah arrived at our home exactly when they said they would be there. They quickly loaded the truck and move on to add the contents of our storage unit. Arrived at our new home and unloaded all the furniture and boxes. Confirming as they went where the furniture and boxes should go. I would highly recommend two Tylers and a Noah to anyone moving!!!

Review №42

Shawn Robbie Zack Marvin. Very good service. Quick , reasonable and very polite

Review №43

Tyler, Alex, and Marcus were great and made our move so much easier and less stressful than it otherwise would have been. They were efficient, careful, friendly and polite. All our things were transported quickly and were delivered to our new home in the same condition as they left our previous residence. My husband and I would gladly use them again and recommend them to anyone we know. Thank you!

Review №44

Best moving experience ever. Shawn, Andre, Cody, and Brian were incredibly professional and made the experience seamless. We will always use this company for our moves.

Review №45

Shawn, Tyler, and Bryan were the best movers I have ever had. They made the process run smoothly and were very personable. I highly recommend using them for your move!

Review №46

Shawn, Brian, Deontez, Charles. The entire crew was awesome and Shawn lead and directed them perfectly. Best move ever.

Review №47

Austin and Brian were great! Very diligent and made the moving process easy! This was my first time hiring movers, so was unsure what to expect. The two men exceeded expectations!

Review №48

They charged me over twice what they quoted. Quoted 200 an hour for 3 movers. Only came with 2 movers. Took them an hour and half to drive from my old place to my new one when it is only a 30 min drive. Made me pay before unloading my stuff. Said they would send me a receipt but never did and now are ignoring my calls. To pay with card I had to share all my credit card info over the phone on speaker so pretty sketchy.They charged me $1400 for 5 hours of moving( including the extra hour they took for no reason to drive to my new place) so really 4 hours.So somehow they quoted me with $200 an hour for 3 movers but ended up being $350 an hour for 2 movers.(that’s just me doing the math since they won’t send me a receipt).They also lied and said it would be cheaper since I called far in advance. The only reason they have 5 star reviews is because they give a discount with proof of making oneAll around a scam, don’t use them.

Review №49

Tyler and Brian were superb, top notch , professional and courteous. After a long drive from Cincinnati to Charleston they unloaded our “home” as promised. Do yourself a favor and ask for these 2 gentlemen.

Review №50

Brian, Tyler, and DeMarco were very respectful of my belongings! Extremely friendly and easy to work with! Awesome team.

Review №51

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They took my deposit and said they would be at my place Saturday at 8:30. Sean called me at 9 and said they werent going to be able to move me because 11 guys didnt show up for work that day!!!! He said he went to all of their houses and no one would answer the door. I sold my house and had to be out that day. I was so upset.....scrambled to get someone else . Couldnt find anyone. Finally Sean called back an hour later and said he found someone to help me. They couldnt get to me till 5!!! Cost me a fortune . I cant believe they did that to me. Worst place ever!!

Review №52

Shawn, Carlos, Eric, and Andy did a great job. They were so polite and professional, thoughtful and considerate. I was quite stressed and Shawn’s reassurances and support were so helpful. Shawn was clearly a great leader and his team worked so well together. They were very respectful of my belongings and my new home. I really appreciate all their hard work!

Review №53

Encountered Brian and Tyler on the road en route to deliver a load they were stopped getting gas very polite and professional as I witnessed them checking there load and resecurirng there straps will definitely call all my sons when I’m ready to move

Review №54

Kwamayne & Nsaih were nice and respectful. I will never use All My Sons service again though. Complete waste of money and a waste of my entire day. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had and now that will always be associated with my new home.

Review №55

Shawn, Brian, Andre and Cody did an excellent job. Super speedy and professional! Thanks guys!

Review №56

Trenton, Dre, and Antoinette were absolutely amazing movers. They worked well together to move everything carefully and efficiently.

Review №57

Kwamayne , Alex & Adam were my movers. These gentleman were very friendly and professional. They worked very hard to get my stuff moved securely, and this is not a review against them. However, when I booked the appointment, I guess the lady underestimated how many movers it would take. As a result, what should have been a 4-6 hour job took almost 9 hours. As I have to pay by the hour, that time added up quickly. I was very clear when scheduling the appointment the amount of stuff to move, so it was disappointing that they didn’t send enough help to get it done timely and efficiently. An initial estimate of about $600 ended up being $2100 for a 1.5 mile move. They gave me a bit of a break, so final total was $1600.

Review №58

Called a month ahead to schedule. Confirmed a week before. Didnt show up for my move, 7/31. Called them to check and they informed me most of their workers just didnt show up for work the day of my move. MOST of their workers and didnt know if they just up and quit or what?!? Either theyre not good to their workers or they hire bad workers, I dont know. VERY unprofessional. Had to call Clark & Sons last minute and they fit me in for 8/2.

Review №59

Kenny and Stephon were amazing! I would totally hire them again! They were efficient and got the job done!

Review №60

I had scheduled them to move my furniture and boxes on Thursday 6/24/2021. They originally told me they would be there between 8-9 AM. I called at 10 AM to be informed that they planned on arriving after noon. I said ok… 2 pm rolled around and I called they said they were still coming. 2:45 rolled around and they said they were coming.. still no movers. They called at 3:30 PM and said that they were not going to make it and that they could move me that coming SUNDAY. Remind you this was Thursday… so if you want a company that cancels on you last minute this is the one for you!

Review №61

Shawn, Robbie, Brian, Noah did a fantastic job! Very fun, hardworking and professional. Would highly recommend!

Review №62

Adam and Randy were awesome!! They were professional and efficient in their work. They went above and beyond what was required. I greatly recommend All My Sons Moving and storage.

Review №63

Great service!! Shawn, Carlos, and Chris did an awesome job! They were super professional and careful with all belongings they moved. They were flexible as we needed several items moved from 3 different locations! Thank you gentleman for doing such an awesome job! 5 stars for sure!!

Review №64

Shawn, Zach, Bryan, Bakari are extremely efficient, considerate, and do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly. Shawn takes great pride in his work, as evident by the detailed instructions he gives his crew during every step of the way.

Review №65

Great experience with All My Sons Moving & Storage. Very professional. Very attentive. Very timely. Very friendly. Kwamayne, Myron, Austin and the additional crew were incredible to work with. Even helped out with some large packages I happened to receive on moving day. Definitely recommend this crew and this company.

Review №66

Shawn, Cody, Kenny, and Lekel were awesome! They went above and beyond to get everything into place. Thanks Hawk!

Review №67

Shawn and Carlos were amazing! Going above and to move me into my first home! They were very conscientious of the hardwood floors, pictures, etc. making sure to remove any obstacles and protect the home. Couldn’t have had a better experience!!

Review №68

Shawn, Brian, Zach and Lakel were awesome! Highly recommend their service

Review №69

Truly the worst service I have ever experienced. No call, no show, took over 2 hours just to get my deposit back. Never got in contact with the Cincinnati branch and honestly began wondering if it was a scam. Our home is completely packed, and now we don’t really know what to do, as we have no trucks to move over even our bed. I would give zero stars if I could end cannot recommend strongly enough that no one attempt to use this company.

Review №70

Shawn, Robbie, Brian and Noah did a great job. Very professional and very careful with my belongings.

Review №71

Shawn, Andre, Dawayne, CarterThey did a fantastic job. Sean’s the best!

Review №72

Moving days are stressful, so we hire movers so that we can stay married, sane, etc. All my sons when scheduling were pleasant, detailed, and offered very competitive rates. That unfortunately doesnt translate to the field. The movers 1st, never shows up. they were suppose to be at my house at 8am Monday, I waited until 10am and called them, and they decided to go finish a job from the night before and no one called me. They got to my home at 1pm. We were contracted 3 people and a truck, 2 guys showed up in a truck, hot sweaty and wore out from the previous job. They advised another guy would be showing up, they didnt know when (Meanwhile, remember Im paying $200+ an hour). The assistant on the phone told me not to unload any drawers or clothing or anything, it could be moved without unloading, well the movers werent happy. they proceeded to start loading, and after an hour the 3rd mover finally shows up. this guy brought his own 30ft truck, and this was a large man. I also am a big guy, so if he can keep up, more power to him.They start to load things, packing tape and moving blankets flying, things are starting to pick up. Then it comes to moving furniture, 1 guy had an idea, the other 2, clueless. Tape on the wood finish, shoving moving Dollies under the furniture scratching the hard wood floors. Nothing gets strapped down in the truck except for the TVs. 6pm and we are finally loaded up and going to the new location. (needless to say, 1000 sq ft home, and I had already filled up a 16ft pod, they were not breaking any speed records). I get to the new house and 30 minutes later they show up. (25 minute drive) I bring them in and tell them where the core furniture is going. (I only had them moving furniture, I moved boxes/clothes in the POD) Brand new house, when they were finished, huge gouges in the walls and paint, broken desk drawer, entire bedroom suit was scratched up terribly because it wasnt strapped down. they left bed pieces in the front yard. almost left the night with my TVs still strapped in the truck. and it was almost 11pm before they left. I would never use or recommend this company to anyone. save your money and just rent a POD. I have used 2 men and a truck before, they just werent available during this timeframe, much better results with them. buyer beware..

Review №73

Its very lacking when a company states they are all about the care of the customer, yet even through email replies they do not one time, even in documents, get your name right! Also, the quote, though I in no way expected it to be exact, rather an estimate, was no ball park average. Judging by their info we had planned for a high end amount just in case, but after just a few minutes at our house they said it would be such & such- over twice what we could possibly have figured from their quote. I expect a company to be rightly compensated; I grew up in a family business & my entire career was customer service. But this all gave a perception of taking advantage + lackluster personal care of the customer.

Review №74

Jay, Kenny, Devon, Z, Craig, Andy, and Eric were awesome! We are so grateful for their hard work, good attitudes and patience with us. You made a big day stress-free for us. We highly recommend All My Sons. Thank you for helping us and getting our family settled in!

Review №75

Shawn,andre, robbie did great if I could give them a 10 I wouldThey wrapped everything quicklyAnd moved my pieces even faster I greatly appreciate these men making my move fast friendly and easy thanks all my sons

Review №76

Shawn, Carlos, Juice and Trey are amazing!!! I cant say enough about the movers themselves. Extremely professional and respectful. They moved quickly and made sure our furniture was carefully placed where we asked. I would highly recommend this team!

Review №77

Shawn. Was the best, extremely professional. I highly recommend all my sons moving. Ask for ShawnThanks guys.

Review №78

Adam, Noah and Malik were very professional. They handled a few hiccups with ease and made sure my belongings were protected and that everything was to my satisfaction. All my sons is expensive and there was a few communication hurdles between the estimator and the movers but at the end of the day it was a successful move.

Review №79

Shawn, Robbie, Zach, and Waseem were the best! They made the move incredible! Shawn is great and made the move fast.

Review №80

Shawn, Carlos, and Kybrin were absolutely awesome. They were friendly, funny and hard working. You can be sure that I will use All My Sons for my next move and will definitely recommend them to any of my friends or family who need to move. They made everything easy and so much less stressful.

Review №81

Shawn and Juice are amazing! They were helpful, prompt, professional, and friendly. Moving is usually a terrible experience but they made it easy and stress-free. I will never use anyone else other than All My Sons. These two gentlemen are exceptional!

Review №82

Shawn, Juice, and Carlos were incredible movers! Take great care with all of us stuff, wrapped up furniture, and were incredible professional. If you are doing a job with this company, request these three!

Review №83

Horrible Experience. They are very slimy. They will not release your stuff until you pay them. They estimate the amount of time it will take to unload your truck and then they bill you for it and they tell you they will refund that amount if they do not use it. Well GOOD LUCK getting that back. You have to call several times (I have called several times) and still no refund. They also were supposed to send THREE guys for 8 hours, we received TWO guys for 6 hours (and I had to help unload). :( I would pick someone else. One guy was ok, the other dude was worthless. They did not show up with straps or anything they needed to MOVE

Review №84

Shawn, Carlos, and Juice were so careful with our stuff! They wrapped up everything fragile. They were fast, efficient, and very kind to us! If you use this moving company you should request these three men!

Review №85

Easy move. Andy, Adam, and Cody helped move everything from one house to the other and even helped throw some stuff away. Prompt service with great, friendly staff. If moving soon, definitely use this place!

Review №86

Shawn and Carols did a great job! They were very professional and moved everything flawlessly. Highly recommend.

Review №87

Shawn, Andre, Dawayne, Carter did a great job and were very professional. Shawn is the boss.

Review №88

We used All My Sons Moving twice in the past 6 months; Moving across town when I was 30 weeks pregnant and moving a piano from way out in the country (an hour away) to our house. Both times they did a FANTASTIC job. Especially the piano movers (Kayla, Ricky and Eric). They got that thing around the back of our house and through our walkout basement in 5 min flat. The piano is a special family heirloom and it was wrapped up very carefully and unwrapped carefully once it arrived. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them to everyone I meet!

Review №89

Ive moved 5 times in the past couple years as I get relocated for work quiet frequently and these hands down were the worse movers Ive ever worked with. Several weeks out I booked a move for a Friday morning. I took the day off work and they show up 8 hours late. They dont show up with tools to take apart the bed and furniture as promised. They show up with 2 guys instead of the 3 guys promised. One guy sat in the back of the truck the whole time and made the other mover do everything while he made 3 different person phone calls from the back of the truck. Didnt protect a single piece of furniture or hardwood floor and caused scratches and dents to most of the furniture. Dragged furniture across hardwood floors. The truck broke and they couldnt get the ramp out. Took them an hour and a half to replace the truck and get another one. Then they try to charge me for the time the truck was broken ($1900 in total) to move 15 mins away. They end up dumping all the boxes and furniture in the Livingroom and leaving without saying anything. They lied and promised they would take the furniture to the rooms. We ended up having to move most of the boxes ourselves. The management is completely useless. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Ive never left a negative review before but everyone deserves to know this is a terrible company that will damage your stuff gouge you for money and then dump it all in the living room and leave without finishing the job

Review №90

Shawn was amazing. He was very professional and made sure everything was done right. Highly recommend Shawn to take care of your moving needs!

Review №91

My mother is blind and hired packers (not all my sons) they cut her a deal....yeah they didnt actually pack and,we think, stole from her. Needless to say, when Shawn and Carlos showed up today, Her house wasnt packed. They could have left and said no they werent going to pack her house and move her. But being the wonderful people that they are they decided to help her because she had obviously been taken advantage of by the packers the day before that had not actually packed her home. My mother was not very gracious in fact she was downright rude to them. Thankfully I was able to speak to Shawn over the phone (I am in Virginia) And he assured me that he would be willing to help us out despite her demeanour. He And Carlos got her house packed in roughly 4 hours. He handled my mother with great respect (again despite how she treated him) got the house packed cleanly professionally and with care. I cant say enough about these 2 gentlemen and how wonderful this company is and for helpingme put since Im in VA and cant help in anyway. I cant give a higher rating than 5 stars but I absolutely would. Thank you so much for all of your help today and I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs help!!!!

Review №92

Shawn, Rob, Zach, and Sen did a great job. Knowledgeable, quick, and communicative. Highly recommend.

Review №93

Team Shawn, Carlos, Juice and Chase were absolutely phenomenal. They wrapped each piece of furniture, moved across town, moved everything into the new house, unwrapped and placed all items, and put together all the beds. It was awesome. This is the 3rd or 4th time we have used All My Sons and we are so pleased. I highly recommend All My Sons!

Review №94

Shawn, Brian, Deontez, and Charles were efficient, very careful with our belongings, and very personable. We would highly recommend them!

Review №95

These people are the epitome of garbage! Scheduled a move a month and a half in advance. Not only did they lie on the phone, they no showed. Then wouldn’t answer the phone! I paid a deposit, we’ll see how that goes! Don’t use these people if you really want to move anything!

Review №96

Please stay away from this company to save your money and cherished belongings. If I could give half a star on Google I would.I have moved many times and I have never had an experience as disappointing as this one. On top of this, it was also my smallest move but took the longest amount of time & most expensive.1. I made the reservation for a specific time slot two months ahead, and a day before the move they told me I no longer had the slot. Then, the day of they arrived two hours later than the new time slot.2. One of the movers was FaceTiming or getting called frequently throughout the move - and kept complaining that he needed to finish this job and get back home.3. The office quoted between 650-750 for my move and I ended up paying double. They would not unload the truck until I paid. When I asked to speak with the office manager he said there was nothing to be done. The office miscommunicated the duration of the move to the movers and they were unloading haphazardly just to get it over with - many of my items were damaged/broken. Including my brand new couch. Some of my walls have chipped paint and scratches that will not come off.4. Right before we headed to my new place, the movers asked me to take some of the stuff because they didn’t pack correctly, therefore not having enough space for my stuff. With all of this, they still asked for a tip and when I gave each 20 dollars, they didn’t even thank me or bat an eyelash. Another mover went to my daughter and told her the tip was not enough.

Review №97

Shawn, Carlos, Kybrin were an absolute delight to work with as they moved cumbersome pieces with care and caution. I had no doubt that my things were in good hands. They were upbeat and friendly throughout the day and always had a smile on their faces. I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of movers!

Review №98

The team was great! Austin, Ryan, DeWayne, Kyrin, Andrew did a great job!

Review №99

Moses and Craig did an awesome job cleaning out my mom’s place and moving it into my house and storage. They were very professional and hardworking. The move did take longer than estimated. It probably should have been a three-man crew, but they did a great job under the circumstances.

Review №100

Ricky Chapman and his crew were prompt and efficient on a small local move of some items. They packed safely and took care wirh items.All were polite and asked about placement and proper location of items and were done in much less time than I thought it would take. They informed me of original estimate and terms and billing was much less than original estimate since some small items and boxes were able to move by myself. They called day before move and reconfirmed that they would be there on time.

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