4540 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States
Review №1

Good service. Project was done quickly. Only had to explain one time what and how I wanted my project done. Great Job!

Review №2

Large office store but pricey. Love how they have displays of furniture put together and displays of equipment. Full service printing department. Clean. Seems like adequate staff but hard to get service and check out. FYI: If making an equipment purchase make sure how many days you have to return if something wrong. Not clearly shown while deciding but they have large sticker on box with strong guidelines.

Review №3

Great quiet establishment. Austin Slater is a great employee. Very kind, courteous and helpful. Makes my visit very welcoming when he is working there.

Review №4

Never, under any circumstances try to return any purchased item there without your receipt. Even if the product clearly has the company name on it. Even if they agree it was purchased at that store. They absolutely will NOT exchange or grant credit for the purchase. If you pay by cash and have no receipt the chain is little or no help at all. Buy somewhere else.

Review №5

Rather expensive but very large office supply.

Review №6

Quick in and quick out. I had a document on my pen drive to print out and then fax. The process to plug your pen drive into the printer and then print the pages was easy. The self service fax machine was easy as well. If you need help, the staff is very willing and competent.

Review №7

A gentleman (sorry I didn’t catch your name!) helped me locate an order. It took some digging, but he found it! Very grateful. Thank you :)

Review №8

Every employee we spoke to was so nice and helpful. The Printing center helped us with several things for a fundraiser and did a great job! I love that their prices are so low.

Review №9

Very good prices and great selection of BTS items.Fix your air or turn it on. I dont expect it to be just as hot inside as outside.

Review №10

This company as the least valuable Rewards Progam you can imagine. Although you can earn points you can not possibly use them as the plan is so strange. Even all the the employees have no idea how to make work. We have tried over the last 6 months to get answers in the store and by call HQ with out positive results. Does not seem right to call it a Rewards Program.

Review №11

I went in to have some papers printed from a flash device.The young lady helping me was awesome. You couldnt ask for a nicer more helpful person.

Review №12

Found a PC online that said the store was in stock went to the store was not.I asked if they would call around or suggested I go somewhere else and get it and they promised me that my order would be there next dayso I decided not to buy it elsewhere and do that it was just 24 hours that was okay but here I am 3 days later still no PC and my business is now suffering and on pause because I have no PC. Will go with what I know next time

Review №13

The employees are very helpful, what you can find one. They seem to all disburse when customers appear and then the employees that are knowledgeable about the products seem to be busy in the other areas.

Review №14

Having had some iffy experiences at this store in prior years I am glad to say todays experience was extremely satisfying. Each and every staff member was cordial and graciously helped me with all of my office needs.

Review №15

I went in to print some things and there was only 1 printer working. I saw 3 employees standing around talking and they did not even offer to help. I will never go back. It is ridiculous and a waste of time to be able to get things done at this store.i dont understand how they stay open there is never any customers in the store.

Review №16

Staff was really helpful and kind. I found everything easily and this is usually one of the first places I go for office/school supplies.

Review №17

Went in to purchase a stamp - The design and color I wanted was part the their display of samples on their table - When I told their associate which one I wanted her reply was they were out of that design and color - No biggie - Just ordered it and I will wait for it to come in - But when you order the stamp it cost more - So I should be charged more because they cant keep their own products in stock - REALLY - Where has customer service gone? 🤔🤔😡😡😡😡

Review №18

They lied to me about the printer I bought and when I tried to return it it became a big ordeal wont ever be shopping at this store again. Also if you get the employee named Megan trying to help you walk out right now because she will lie to you about everything and then try to make it so you cant return it I guess so she can try to get commission

Review №19

Not bad at all to go for school supplies!

Review №20

Yay! I love living so close to OfficeMax! Great selection and great prices!

Review №21

I just left the office max in Eastgate and can say without a doubt I will NOT be back. The total unwillingness to help their customers was unbelievable. When I walked into the store, the lady at the copy station was sitting in the corner on Facebook and was very obviously less than thrilled that I was interrupting her. She informed me that there was a self service station but I asked for her to do it because my document was an odd size. She then informed me that my document was too big (12x16) to scan and that basically I was out of luck . We then asked her to copy it in two parts which she reluctantly tried - and then informed me that their color printer was down so she couldn’t do it . It was obvious she didn’t want to help me - and had zero desire To try. If you want to know why your business is failing it’s because Of your customer service skills and hiring people who have absolutely no drive. I will take my business elsewhere from now on.

Review №22

Good place to have photographs printed. Reasonable prices, and a large variety of sizes.

Review №23

Wanted to charge $10 to change the font on a 1 page document. What a joke. Amazon will put you out of business in the next year.

Review №24

They tried helping with fair amount of knowledge.

Review №25

They printed my papers quickly and were very kind

Review №26

It is a good office supply store. Lots of paper and other office nessesities.

Review №27

Great Printing Services, Super Helpful Staff and always has stuff (too much too be honest, lol)

Review №28

Prices where through the roof, where out of stock on most of the items they where advertising. Got to check out and then we found there was a very limited items for the price advertised, the staff was nice though so it was better then it could have been.

Review №29

Send and print awesome. I forgot to print directions to my wedding for everyone and they printed it fast

Review №30

They have great products at reasonable prices.

Review №31

Better service than the others.

Review №32

Absolutely worst experience ever. The printing department is run by incompetent workers who obviously have had no experience with printing. A three year old with crayons could have done a better job. Complete waste of time and money.

Review №33

Store was out of computer duster because meth heads came in and bought all the stock avaliable three days in a row, and for some reason the employees are selling to them.Shameful.

Review №34

Nice store laid out well and prices are good if you watch paper for coupons.

Review №35

Couldnt find find the item wanted although the website stated that the item is available at the store. The associate also could not locate the item. Will try to order it online and pick it up at another store.

Review №36

They had exactly what I needed, index cards.

Review №37

Great deals on many supplies and chairs especially.

Review №38

Hey ron harper if i remember right you got there 5 mins after we closed and did nothing but curse at us through door thats why we didnt let you in.. leave earlier next time and go to staples we dont need pr***ks like you here

Review №39

Always service with a Smile, Great customer service

Review №40

Meh....usual office stuff limited selections on most items.

Review №41

Well stocked and friendly staff!

Review №42

My regular place for my office supplies when Im in this area. They usually have what Im looking for.

Review №43

Excellent friendly service

Review №44

Clean. Sales associate on the floor to help find my items. Ty

Review №45

Needed ink to complete report on deadline. Got there a minute before closing. They would not let me purchase.

Review №46

Had everything i was looking for and had sales today that made it a bit cheaper.

Review №47

Great office supplies

Review №48

Was wanting to buy a certain printer I saw on their website, I called a day before going and they said they had 3 in stock, called again the actual day I was going just to make sure because it was about an hour drive for me, again they said they had 3 in stock. I got there and they had none at all. Wont go back.

Review №49

Yes we got copies we needed bad so they helped run the machine.

Review №50

Kind of expensive but staff is readily available to assist with anything you need.

Review №51

Bad customer service

Review №52

Excellent care and guidance

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  • Address:4540 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 513-752-2406
  • Computer store
  • Business to business service
  • Computer consultant
  • Office supply store
  • Copy shop
  • Furniture store
  • Mailing service
  • Office furniture store
  • School supply store
  • Shredding service
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store pickup:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Same-day delivery:Yes
Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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