Scoop Du Jour
95 W Plummer Blvd, Chatham, IL 62629, United States
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Absolutely loved all the donuts I tried! So good and fresh. Well definitely will be going back again and again when I need a donut.

Review №2

Stopped by this afternoon for some cool desert. Everything was great. Staff greeted us with smiles and pleasant conversation. They were very attentive and made sure we got what we wanted. Including freshly made waffle bowls. The ice cream was really good. Only problem was picking just two among the many choices. Will definitely be returning to try something else.

Review №3

Nice selection of ice cream and donuts. Plenty of seating, friendly staff and reasonable prices. The Mississippi Mud is great.

Review №4

Excellent local ice cream shop. They have a great selection and the location is perfect. Our kids like to play on the stage on the other side of the ice cream shop.

Review №5

Great time!! Our family got an ice cream “horseshoe” and it was delicious! Jackson was very helpful in helping us pick out our ice cream, will be returning👍🏽

Review №6

Our new favorite ice cream place! Especially love the rocky road...yum. Its a small business, the workers were pleasant and seemed happy to work there. The scoops of ice cream are huge!

Review №7

So far Ive just had the ice cream but it was delicious! Cant wait to try coffee and the donuts Ive been hearing about.

Review №8

Great ice cream, love the sorbet and they have good coffee also. Everyone in my family loves going there. There is outdoor seating as well as comfortable seating indoors, with booths, tables, a sofa and easy chairs. And, the staff is friendly and helpful.

Review №9

Ice cream was so good!!

Review №10

Great ice cream. Donuts are great too.

Review №11

Wonderful little ice cream/donut/coffee place. Always interesting and delicious choices!

Review №12

Great local place with lots of flavor options and freshly made donuts! My whole family loves going there. We also appreciate the support Scoop gives to our local teachers and students.

Review №13

The kids there are nice was helped by Rachel and made sure we knew all about the different flavors and that they served donuts in the morning which I didn’t know about.

Review №14

Superb. Yummy ice cream. I didnt pay so cannot comment on pricing, but after isolation for about a year, the combination of going out for ice cream, being with friends, no masks, Scoop Du Jour was perfect.

Review №15

Scoop du jour is a great place to come hang out with friends. Havent been there in a bit, but me and my friends have hung out there many times. Good ice cream, good donuts, nice employees, overall I cant really think of anything negative to say about the place

Review №16

Nice place to eat ice cream. He has several kinds. The staff are great too.

Review №17

Great ice cream! Staff were friendly and got us through quickly even though they were busy!

Review №18

Yummy ice cream!♥️

Review №19

Hot Coffee. Sweet Donuts.

Review №20

Lots of choices. Delicious!

Review №21

Malt was thin. Ice cream was great! Very tasty. Shake was good.

Review №22

Just wow. Super nice staff, delicious ice cream...excellent!

Review №23

We just had my daughters 7th birthday party here today and even with COVID restrictions they did a great job. We are so fortunate to have this local gem. It was affordable, delicious and the artist they brought in was fantastic with all our sugared up kids. Highly recommend Scoop Du Jour!

Review №24

Boy do I love their donuts!!! So good.

Review №25

Great prices and nice selection doesnt stay long

Review №26

Tasty ice cream, delicious donuts!

Review №27

Very good ice cream and super nice staff!

Review №28

Excellent ice cream and customer service!

Review №29

Scoop du Jour in Chatham is a wonderful place to get great ice cream, tasty donuts, and a good cup of coffee. But best of all are the great employees. Like Edgars, their predecessor, the young ladies and gentlemen who work at Scoopers are very welcoming and friendly. They are always courteous and occasionally entertaining. Scoopers is not a fancy restaurant, but a nice casual place where eventually you get to know all of the baristas, the two lovely owners, Shannon and Fran, and most of the regulars. Good coffee and great friends is the best way to start off my day!

Review №30

Very good free samples lots of flavors

Review №31

Awesome flavors and courteous staff. Even though they was slammed under heavy pressure to get 18 customers cared for we had a pleasant experience.

Review №32

This is a must visit. Amazing and friendly service and the ice cream is SO GOOD!

Review №33

Great selection of ice cream, shakes, malts and bakery items. The portions are large and very tasty.The staff is friendly and there is plenty of room to sit down inside and outside.The only point (and reason for the 3 stars) is the use of styrofoam cups and bowls and disposable plastic spoons!Please switch to eco friendly options (compostable materials) and youll deserve a 5 star rating :-) I would definitely pay more if you stopped using plastic and styrofoam.

Review №34

Lots of choices pleasant staff and reasonably priced

Review №35

Great selection of ice creams, donuts, coffees, and more! Clean place with lots of outdoor seating. Quiet little area, will definitely be getting our business again!

Review №36

This place is a favorite of my familys! I have never had anything from them that was not amazing. Their donuts, ice cream, and coffee are great and served by friendly staff. There is also plenty of room to sit and enjoy your food and relax. Would reccomend!

Review №37

Some of the best ice cream I have ever had!

Review №38

Delicious! You can even sample the ice cream. Friendly service and they even had superman ice cream! Its nice that its connected to a few other shops like goodwill and a book store with dvds.

Review №39

Delicious as always. Friendly staff.

Review №40

I ordered my husbands ice cream cake from here. It was two layers of cake (we got chocolate) with a layer of ice cream (also chocolate) between them. Delicious! I got the sentence “You’ll get nothing and like it!” from Caddyshack written on it and even though it was a smaller cake, the font was legible and well decorated

Review №41

Had coffee blended with ice cream: freshatta? something like that. Excellent! Sat outside wished for shade . . .alas. Very good place, and the goodwill store is also great.

Review №42

Great flavors, always helpful staff

Review №43

Disappointed in service from the dark brunette server. It was obvious she either hated the job or something else was going on. The first flavor I got was terrible and the waffle bowl was rubbery and flavorless. I went back in to replace just the ice cream with a much better flavor. The same server seemed annoyed. None of the employees seemed like happy people now that I think back. Sad.

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Review №45

Came through the drive thru and was not dissapointed! The staff was friendly and quick, and but the big muddy ice cream was amazing!!

Review №46

Nice place for a wedding shower

Review №47

Great ice cream and wonderful service!

Review №48

Cool people fast service

Review №49

Great ice cream & Service!!

Review №50

I absolutely LOVE their iced mocha. It is possibly one of the best Ive ever had. Also, the ice cream is amazing as well. The staff is very personable and friendly.

Review №51

Great ice cream and helpful staff. Always a treat.Highly recommend for families.

Review №52

Take the kids/grandchildren/or just yourself & ENJOY DELICIOUS ICE CREAM!!! The difficult decision of what flavor(s) to select will keep you coming back. Check out the August ONLY flavors!!! Call a friend & meet them in the AM for coffee & goodies and/or the PM for drink, dessert & relaxing conversation. VERY FRIENDLY & COURTEOUS STAFF! 😁😁😁

Review №53

Great locally owned shop. We take it daughter here occasionally. Love the free scoop for dogs, and so does our beagle. Service is usually quick. Good selection of flavors. Nice outside seating area. Doesnt feel as cramped as other Ice cream shops in town do, especially when there are allot of people in line. Have used the drive through a few times with no issue. It is within walking distance of our home so we will definitely make many more trips to this establishment.

Review №54

Great quality and friendly staff. Would come again.

Review №55

First stop at the Scoop, large clean place. My wife and went for mocha and pumpkin coffees, excellent. We tried the grilled cheese and a turkey paninis, large very good portions. The potato salad side is great as well. We will return.

Review №56

My wife and I stopped in today and we both got cones.I got blueberry waffle - and it was incredible. Hours later and Im still thinking about it.My wife got Big Muddy which was very good as well.We liked everything so well we went back inside to get some iced lattes.The ice cream, lattes, and service were all great. Id recommend this place in a heartbeat!

Review №57

This place was very neat and great ice cream. Our 3 year old dropped her ice cream cone and they even replaced it free of charge. Loved how you can read books and play games as well. We’d definitely go again.

Review №58

Fantastic ice cream, with great service - prices are good too. We always look forward to going back to try their new flavors. Scoop Du Jour is our new number-one ice cream place of choice. I just wonder why it took so long for me to find this gem.

Review №59

Fresh donuts, good coffee, reasonable prices, and friendly staff. They also a have a drive thru, which is nice. Would recommend.

Review №60

Very friendly. Good icecream & donuts.

Review №61

Visiting from out of state and found this wonderful place.

Review №62

We arrived just before the rush and I quickly learned why it was busy. The employee heard me mention a flavor to my wife that had caramel in the title. He told me that if I liked caramel they have another limited time flavor I might like and offered me a sample. His suggestion was fantastic. The ice cream was awesome and service was what youd expect from a small town shop. Check them out. Youll be glad you did.

Review №63

I love their coffee!!! Quick and less wait time. So glad there is such a nice cafe in the area.

Review №64

Such. Great. Ice. Cream. And a goodwill used bookstore attached, open the whole time the ice cream shop is. You can pay for books at the ice cream counter. Excellent idea! Mississippi mud is double plus good!

Review №65

Amazing ice cream and coffee. The donuts and pastries are fantastic. Friendly staff!

Review №66

I love the Scoop! The owners are wonderful people and it shows in their business. Yummy ice cream, breakfast treats, and drinks.

Review №67

Nice staff, delicious menu options. Love it!

Review №68

Love this local ice cream place! They have some creative ideas! The ice cream horseshoe is amazing!

Review №69

Pretty good. Good ice cream and a decent selection. Large area to sit in and they have a chess table.

Review №70

Great local shop with a great variety of really good ice creams. Prices were reasonable, and serving sizes were great! Staff is always kind, and welcoming.

Review №71

Excellent service. Great food.!

Review №72

Very good selection of ice cream. And it is so yummy 😋.

Review №73

Reasonably priced with a chill atmosphere. Great place. Daily new brews, pastry, what else????

Review №74

Great service and amazing menu!

Review №75

Two words - affordable, 👌🏻 rival (for cold stone)Im a muslim basically so have a lot of kosher issues, did a verification with the cashier inside and after complete satisfaction had it melted.Staff wise - there was only one lady when we went yesterday and she was very helpfulTaste wise - perfect rival for cold stone, had a lot of flavour variety, ice cream was creamy, delicious.💵 - very affordableConclusion - Im in love with this place, will visit soon

Review №76

Great place to take the family for a scoop of ice cream or a cup of coffee.

Review №77

Good food, good prices and friendly service. This is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Review №78

Every time I come here the staff is very helpful and always have smiles on there faces. I went in tonight with my daughter and Olivia and Brianna went above and beyond for us. Thank you guys so much! If management reads this, just know you have two very kind employees working for you!

Review №79

Very polite and helpful to my family. Great flavors and prices 👍

Review №80

Kids love the ice cream, they have great coffee, what more can you ask for.

Review №81

They have the best Ive cream. Thank you to my friend Kathy Hunter for the gift certificate.

Review №82

Its hit or miss with the youngsters on the service aspect but will return regardless to support the small business.

Review №83

Awesome ice cream and good service. Large outdoor seating area, but it is in a parking lot.

Review №84

Were here almost every week! Its our favorite place to come and get treats and coffee. Highly recommend this great place to everyone.

Review №85

I definitely love the new location with expanded sitting room and bakery items and of course I love the coffee and its pretty damn good Im thrilled they left the drive-thru open I will be utilizing this. And I will be holding out for when they decide to start making sandwiches and stuff as well.

Review №86

Very yummy ice cream, love the waffle cones. They also have very good coffee.

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Review №88

Fun and friendly Coffee Shop/sandwich/ Ice Cream............

Review №89

Hot coffee drinks delish, taste before you buy ice cream. The daily grind had Excellent flavor, creamy and rich

Review №90

Try the sampler, well worth the price! Because you wont have to just choose one flavor.

Review №91

Never been disappointed with anything myself or anyone in my family has gotten here. Very happy to have this place in Chatham!

Review №92

Great place. Olivia is the best barista ever.

Review №93

The coffee is amazing!

Review №94

Ice cream + coffee. I go there mostly for the coffee. Their lattes are very good.

Review №95

This is small ice cream place and is pretty good. Has unique names and really good flavors and is reasonably priced.

Review №96

Delicious! I tried the Play doh flavor and loved it! Very good! Clean facility and the staff was very kind.Generous portions!

Review №97

Cute place! Items on the menu are inexpensive. There is a wide selection of ice cream.

Review №98

Very friendly atmosphere. The ice cream is delicious and it is the most comfortable restaurant to go with free WiFi in Chatham.

Review №99

Great coffee, ice cream, and lounging place. I recommend this place to everyone!

Review №100

A little inexperienced. Hopefully they will hit their stride by mid-summer. They serve Cedar Crest ice cream if that makes any difference to someone.

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4.9 Rating
  • Address:95 W Plummer Blvd, Chatham, IL 62629, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 217-697-8327
  • Coffee shop
  • Ice cream shop
  • Dessert shop
Working hours
  • Monday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Thursday:7AM–8PM
  • Friday:12–8PM
  • Saturday:6:30AM–8PM
  • Sunday:6:30AM–8PM
Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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