Ace City Hardware
7594 California City Blvd, California City, CA 93505, United States
Review №1

My wife and I were visiting California City for our cats to be groomed at The Barking Lot.We needed a restroom break after our drive and you know how hard it is to find a bathroom on the road, even gas stations are reluctant. So we went into the hardware store. Very clean, wide open. The staff was engaged and friendly. The restrooms were immaculate and Ricardo on this particular morning signed for the sanitation. Each day they had associates assigned with accountability. The order showed, it looked like a model bathroom, clean, great tile work. We found some things we needed, made our purchases and had friendly conversation with the cashier. California city is a little on the outskirts of where we live, yet whenever we go there we find nothing but helpful friendly engaging people! Highly suggest Ace Hardware in California City!

Review №2

Very helpful staff. If they dont have the answer theyll introduce you to a friendly customer who does. In my experience you only get that type of experience in small towns. I enjoyed it.

Review №3

Has always been very helpful towards me

Review №4

So I love the whole place just that they are good at seviers and they are great at helping people but they never have the things o need and im always asking to order things and they semis to me they a person that can look and do we there inventory and im quite the person for that job , but the rest of the place needs to pick up just a little more were it would be a 💯 awsom

Review №5

Ever since this store changed to new ownership/management it seems they forgot to have someone in charge of keeping the store stock of everyday items. I’ve come to this store to get things like foam insulation and moving supplies in three separate occasions and they are always out. The answer you will get is we are having problems getting orders in. The store looks good with the remodeling but it is pointless if everything is always out of stock. Don’t waste your time and go to HomeDepot. They do not have any issues getting their shipments in!!

Review №6

A lot of times they seem to have what people were simply looking for or even really wanted! Thanks again.

Review №7

This store has great customer service. A lady name Nicole was very helpful. Definitely shopping here again

Review №8

Ordred an item online that I could not find at the big Box stores. They had it for me in 4 days. The staff is seriously trained to be courteous and offer to help. The automatic notification of arrival at the store did not happen however. Great price, same brand of item. Edit: email notice arrived the next day, after my pickup.

Review №9

They were all amazing so very helpful 😌

Review №10

Very, Very nice place and the people really help. Thanks you guys!

Review №11

Under their new ownership they no longer carry many necessary parts and pieces to do repairs. They seem to be more focused on selling items of desire rather than items that you need

Review №12

This Ace has the square footage and potential to be great, the employees are friendly and they are conveniently located to a reasonably sized possible loyal customer base, but they slightly miss the mark. On my most recent visit, they only had about 10% of the things on my list. City Ace needs to focus on having common household maintenance items like a full selection of HVAC filters (they had a very limited stock), specialty items that set Ace apart from other retailers, and work with Ace to fill the empty spots on their shelves instead of worrying so much about selling Stihl and appliances. (This is the desert, theres not much weed trimming, tree felling or leaf blowing happening). Perhaps they could focus more on the basic necessities and make sure their inventory system is automatically re ordering stock you are out of so I dont have to make the drive to Home Depot. Other than that, if they have what you need they are courteous and close by.

Review №13

The store is very organized and well stocked.

Review №14

Didnt have anything I went to get . 4 things and the owner didnt know when the next truck delivery is ? Wow. No what I mean is your shelves were empty with the stuff I was looking for. 5 gal. Bucket 🪣chlorine razerblades tie down straps. And your employee/relative didnt know when the next truck or if anything I was looking for would be on it .

Review №15

Ace was very good I got exactly what I need Ed and the people were very friendly and helpful

Review №16

So nice to have in town.

Review №17

They didnt even seel EIC cables, which are the standard power cables for desktop computers, monitors, tvs, printers, etc.Everything they have i could buy elsewhere. Nothing special about ace hardware.

Review №18

Too expensive. Good for emergencies only.

Review №19

Would give zero stars if I could. Used to be a great store then the owner sold it, now its terrible. They have absolutely nothing in stock. What kind of hardware doesnt have power strips or push brooms?!

Review №20

When you find the time to work hard and possibly want some popcorn...go to Ace!

Review №21

Went in and was greeted right away by the cashier. She had a very happy tone in her voice which I very much enjoyed. I waited until she was done checking out her customer then asked her where an item was. She knew in detail exactly where it was. I thought that was excellent. Grabbed the product I needed and some Mom & Pop soda. The variety of flavors is awesome and so many of them bring back childhood memories.

Review №22

They Reach Out Customer Service As Entering And Ask If Need Assistance.

Review №23

Wonderful hardware store, friendly employees. Much bigger than I thought!!!

Review №24

Great store with friendly staff, I dropped off my uhaul truck here, was super easy, also called the store and they answered my question excellently.

Review №25

We have a nice Ace hardware store. Recent change of ownership is resulting in lots of positive changes. Paint selection is great!

Review №26

Putting a ton of money into a store in a horrible location, why? They took away the hometown feel and any genuine customer service is gone. There is zero caring , smiles or consideration for the customer who walks through the door there now. They have substituted cheap plastic parts at increased prices, basics are never in stock on shelf and its obvious that you need help, but the 6-7 employees huddling in the aisles never once ask if they can help you. You always have to go to them and then wait for their conversations to be over with.The only person in there who has ever bothered to say anything at all was the guy who got my rocks for me! He mustve been new, very polite.

Review №27

Best hardware store in town. Of course its the only one as well.

Review №28

First of all I want to say I was really impressed with the staff and their enthusiasm. There is plenty of staff on hand so you wont find yourself standing around waiting for knowledgeable help. I am really happy that Cal City has this because its a long way to Home Depot or Lowes and it insures that Cal City can grow. My only issue was that I ordered some synthetic grass up front and they sent me to the back to pick it up but the back gate was locked. I returned to the front 3 times where they assured me the gate was open. Its a long building not something you want to walk the outside perimeter of back and forth three 3 in the heat.. In fairness it was closing time though I would expect the Manager to be a bit better at communication.

Review №29

Placed an order online November 17, selected the local store delivery option. because I have an Ace Rewards account, the delivery fee was waived per their advertisement. item was supposed to be delivered November 28, but still showed processing. customer service told me it was delivered to the store over a week ago, so I needed to call the store. I called the store, they said I needed to call them after the order was placed and acknowledged there was no way for me to know that. I was told that the delivery driver would contact me to schedule delivery. received a call back today saying the store manager said to deliver, they would charge me $60. So essentially Ace took my $200 for a 100 lb item, didnt call me to schedule delivery, waited for me spend over an hour trying to contact someone and get information, said they would be in contact to deliver it, and then after all of this (still with my $200) said I would have to pay an additional $60 to get the full service agreed to when I ordered online. this is a 100 lb item that I ordered the way I did specifically because I cannot lift it on my own and I was hoping to gift it to my husband as a Christmas gift. I will never support this store again.

Review №30

Wish I could give zero stars. Weve been customers since we moved here and enjoyed having Ace in our community, but its taken a turn for the worse. The atmosphere is now unfriendly. I miss all the old faces I used to see. To top it off I ordered and pre-paid for two boxes of cabinet pulls months ago, and never got a call that my order came in. Oh well. Ill be shopping somewhere else from now on.

Review №31

Very well stocked for an ACE storePleasant, and numerous staffReasonable prices

Review №32

Didnt have any water hoses but super helpful with the extension cords 😁

Review №33

Being from suburb of LA, its great to have a place that pretty much has all necessary for a hardware and then some.

Review №34

Favorite hardware store in town large selection the best place to one-stop-shop

Review №35

Good.. well they have all the stuff you want, of course it a hardware store. Go somewhere else to get other things.

Review №36

I go there all the time and the employees are all so unprofessional, I feel like they judge me and the guy Anthony that works there just makes up laws about propane which is fine, but yesterday I was in there and the young lady was talking in spanish behind the counter saying mochismo and over and over. Their shelf is always out and the price is above ace price. They dont ever pick up the phone when a customer calls.

Review №37

I loved this place!As a person who loves lattes and loves interesting food, this place as super awesome. They have a lot of different lattes to choose from which is super fun. We got an horchata and a black sesame. The black sesame was definitely our favorite. So different and delicious. The atmosphere is also very nice in there. Would definitely go back!

Review №38

Even in the middle of their remodel, super friendly staff who go above & beyond to help you find the best product to finish a project, or to get you everything you need from start to finish.

Review №39

The two gentlemen workers that assisted me with power saw tools and accessories were awesome, they knew the equipment and the accessories that were needed to get the job done for the project that I was working on. Thank you again for your time!

Review №40

Needs more inventory but all and all nice store.

Review №41

Love the hometown feel of the place!

Review №42

Great for small stuff but everything is over priced

Review №43

Such consistent helpfulness, every time we shop at Ace City Hardware, we feel a connection. Always helpful, always friendly, always offering very useful info. Best place to go when we have projects, big or small!Greg & Deborah-Lynn 💖💖💖

Review №44

Prices are higher than most hardware stores. Customer service is not very good at times. The remodeling is ok but the attitudes of some employees towards certain customers really suck. And I believe they finally removed and stopped selling the Trump apparel.

Review №45

Great availability and selection

Review №46

Friendly fast service

Review №47

As my local hardware store Im very happy, I mostly find anything I need.

Review №48

Clean and uncrowded.

Review №49

Never answers their phone. So frustrating.

Review №50

Customer service is no longer basic, in fact now I think they ask if you need help too much. Lol youll have at least 3 different employees that will ask if you need help sometimes asking twice. Sometimes every employee you pass will ask if you if you need help!! Lol I only need you to ask if I need help once.....when I walk in the door or shortly after. I do appreciate the effort though and I will take too many offers to help over no offers to help any day!! They only still only have a small selection of plants and trees and they are too highly priced! $50 for any tree that has fruit and they are pretty small or underdeveloped. They dont have very many flowers, mostly high priced house plants. They have a variety of plumbing and sprinkler basics not lately though,( lately no 3/4 inch couplers or reducers or anything 3/4 inch apparently they are all bought out by contractors for about 2 months now, by the time they finally get enough 3/4 anything for us regular resident customers the season will be over)no length or sections of PVC pipe only a selection of plastic tubes and rubber hoses that you have to wait forever to get somebody to help you to cut but if you want to do your sprinkler system and you need Lenghths of PVC pipe youre out of luck here. They seem to have the minimal basics of a hardware store going on and seem to mostly rely on the bulk materials they sell in the form of pavers or stone or whatever bulk items they have in the warehouse thats connected to the backside of the store. They have appliances but is very minimal on the selection couple of washers and dryers couple of fridges couple of overpriced grills pretty basic, we here in California City need more though. More lumber selection more hardware selection better plant and greenhouse selections more variety and better stock shelves.other than that theyre okay if you need to get a basic job done that you may need to go somewhere else to get the right tool or the right hardware or the right materials to finish it.

Review №51

Do it center in the local community for those that DIY.. Hey how could you go wrong..

Review №52

Got the wrong color...headed back....

Review №53

Great Hardware store, great service, good collection.

Review №54

Had exactly what I needed. I believe a Mr. Matt turndrup (sorry if misspelled) was the gentleman who helped me find what i was looking for and saved me some money with tips on the job. Very nice guy. All in all excellent customer service which is a I really care about anyways

Review №55

My local store, I like how they are making this place much better to shop. Thanks for upgrading the whole store.

Review №56

The best Ace Ive been to since moving to kern county

Review №57

Horrible customer service, they dont value their customers. The manager actually said if I dont like it then leave, I repied... you just lost a customer, he said I dont careDONT SHOP HERE. GO TO HOME DEPOT INSTEAD, OR Harbor Freight

Review №58

Really good Hardware Store, definitely my favorite one. I bought a knife here and it hasnt failed me. The staff are nice and they smile often, makes you feel welcome. They have a huge variety of tools and equipment and will most likely have what you need. Plus, they have free popcorn.

Review №59

Expanding business lots of customer support

Review №60

Overpriced but small town store so I guess they feel they can do that sad

Review №61

Horrible. Cashiers or sales NEVER know anything about the merchandise where to find it in the store and lady manager wouldnt give my refund I had to call corporate to get it. They suck and I told them. Too many work there and know NOTHING.

Review №62

They have no plumbing supply theyre missing a lot of stuff

Review №63

I Love this store because they have parts I need for my home!

Review №64

The store where theyre on top of helping you get what ever you need!

Review №65


Review №66

Edited review. Apparently this location has new owners and unfortunately, it REALLY shows. Very sad really. They have NO stock. The local employees save this place, but thats not enough. Ill take my business to Karls Hardware in Mojave, or drive elsewhere.

Review №67

Love this place. The water is great. And the staff is super friendly and have great vibes.

Review №68

Its not your dads hardware store.

Review №69

Well all was well. I purchased a valued item around 70.00. I noticed it that night on sale on the ace website for 49.99. When I called and spoke to the new manager she said If I wanted to order it online I could get that price. So I could return the one I bought and used and order another one and get it for less, makes no sense. Just adjusting the price would be less money and handleand you would still have a customer. Noe it is Home Depot in the mountains. Too bad!

Review №70

A great place to run in and get what you need and keep going, very friendly staff always informative on do it yourself home projects. Ace city Hardware is my neighbor hood store Im their almost everyday Ace always have what I need and if they dont have it in the store at that moment theyll order it for you..Love this store.

Review №71

Associates very helpful Cody I believed is his name. Explained different options on product and asked open end questions.....his help made me decide on something totally different than what I had in mind and Im happy with outcome...

Review №72

Nice beautiful

Review №73

The workers are friendly and knowledgeable. Love coming here. Very convenient and close by.

Review №74

You cant find everything you need like the last owner had

Review №75

I love Ace hardware store, they are always very friendly, I have never had a bad experience there. I have never found a item that was not priced, no wondering how much any thing costs it is ALL PRICED on the shelves, EVERY ITEM. They have a GREAT price on propane, that was a nice surprise to find out thier price is very Low.

Review №76

Great service!😃

Review №77

This ace is the place!

Review №78

This ace hardware is amazing. Great customer service the managers and owner really take pride in their work. always so helpful and care about their customers and employees no matter what their looking for or even need to order for any situation would deffinetly say the best place is ace. Recommend to all my friends and family.

Review №79

Got what I needed, but they had products out of stock.

Review №80

For a place that is like family and

Review №81

Its honestly probably the best store in Cal City. hahaha. They dont have EVERYTHING you need, but for most home projects you can get your stuff here. They have all hardware that you would need, seasonal items, pool supplies, and more.

Review №82


Review №83

Good place to find materials I need

Review №84

This place is huge! Has everything you would ever need for your home. They are also very kind which matters a lot to me. Love this place will be returning!

Review №85

Friendly staff that are willing to go out of their way for you. And the selection of plants and gardening equipment is amazing. Always walk out buying more then I intended. Lol! 😁

Review №86

Staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable. Make you feel like family.

Review №87

Always pleasant! Great customer service!

Review №88

Its ok

Review №89

The staff is very friendly and willing to help. Great location, very organized and clean.

Review №90

Always clean and they always help you out if you need it. Thank you guys.

Review №91

They actually have propane to fill RV tanks, and cheap ice, along with all the hardware youll be able to find in California City... Nice place, friendly staff.

Review №92

Great service and inventory was stocked.

Review №93

The only place in town to buy Red Heart yarn, Sugar N Cream yarn and Aunt Lydias crochet thread. Nice selection of craft notions and accessories.It is a fully stocked hardware store, garden department, offers copy service and limited USPS services.Outstanding customer service by the staff.

Review №94

Great customer service it has basically all you need.

Review №95

Great Customer ServiceA little pricey but a large variety of items

Review №96

Assuming that my family was stealing from them and came to my car made him feel so bad for not stealing made him empty pockets and everything wrongwrongwrong!!! They should be fired

Review №97

The people who work there is really nice & great jobs guys...

Review №98

Good place to get supplies. Always have what I need. Employees are helpful and friendly. Prices are a little high, but not outrageous.

Review №99

Always have what I need

Review №100

The selection is limited but the staff works hard, has a great altitude, and keeps what they do have in stock.

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  • Phone:+1 760-373-1116
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  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Assembly service:Yes
  • Service guarantee:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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