Rite Aid
9482 California City Blvd, California City, CA 93505, United States
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Great rite aid, clean and well stocked. Can find cute nick nacks seasonal stuff

Review №2

Pharmacy is pretty bad, they filed my order late while I was sick and didn’t even call me when my prescriptions were done. Besides that the store is super expensive. 3 stars because I guess it is better than nothing when you really need something.

Review №3

This store has very clean Great customer service.

Review №4

Friendly staff and clean store. Very nice

Review №5

11 pharmacist at the same times and my prescription took them 45 minutes to get ready

Review №6

I was very impressed. This was my first time here and the cashier was super friendly.

Review №7

I just moved to the area and this was my second visit. The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness. The floors shine, the shelves are stocked neatly, the lighting is excellent.I wore a face mask but I did notice that most of the store shoppers were not wearing them. The store staff all wore them.I browsed around, then took my stuff up to the cashier. Sam waited on me. She is engaging, bubbly, and made me smile. I would want her as my cashier again. ☺️ I definitely had a 5 star experience!

Review №8

Absolutely horrible service!!!! On hold 3 times for over 1 hour each (took screen shots). No one ever picks back up. Whenever you do get your call answered they are rude, complain and huff at you. I understand being so busy you want to snap at customers, but Im still the customer and internal problems are not my fault!!!! DO NOT USE THIS PLACE

Review №9

I love this cafe! I had a first date there yesterday that was the absolute weirdest --the background atmosphere was literally the only way I got through that nightmare of a situation. I got teeny tiny Turkish coffee and watching the whole process then playing with the **beautiful** teacup was exactly the entertainment I needed. I 100% recommend everyone take their potential bad dates here--you can still have a good time!

Review №10

Every month when I try to fill my insulin it takes 5-7 days to get it filled I end up going days without it I put in everyday for them to get filled and everyday they are not filled

Review №11

15k people in this town and one small pharmacy. Give them a day to fill your scripts, and save your self a headache.

Review №12

Very nice 👌

Review №13

I Can Always Find What Im Looking For At This Location The Customer Service Is Good

Review №14

Never able to get through to the pharmacy over the phone. Very frustrating!!!!!

Review №15

How unorganized this place is!! 12pm drop off more scripts for another child they tell me, the one sent from the doctor is almost done. Call at 1:37pm saying 40min til its done. 3:30pm show up wait 15min in line for them to tell me they are NOT ready and that they have NOT started them. I have been in an out of hospitals all week and doctors, my daughter needs the meds to try eating and to feel better and Im also sick so Im just ready to cry.

Review №16

The pharmacy there fill my pain med one month and then refuse to fill them the next month. Thats even after talking directly to my doctor on the phone. And when I called my insurance. They called the pharmacy she got 3 different answers why they would not fill them. And no answer they gave made no since at all. Same doctor for the past 4 years.

Review №17

Pharmacy is in a state of confusion, total confusion. Orders not filled for days

Review №18

We went to this place and waited an hour for them to get photos for passport. We went to passport place in Lancaster and the photos were done incorrectly. Then I went back to buy a paypal card that I bought here and their system is down you can’t reload it. Three stars left for the very nice lady that assisted me at the register.

Review №19

I would like to say Manager Gabby if that is her name and title. I tried to call at 805am and it rang through to the machine for 8 minutes. I finally hung up and called back later. I was trying to check on a couple prescriptions that had been dropped off the day before and requested to be notified by phone when they were ready they were dropped off around 3pm yesterday no notification was made. I ended up back in the Er from the same issue those prescriptions were given for. I was released at 2 am and in trimendice pain. Medications to take and new scripts. So at opening I called. 15 minutes later I tried again and was connected to Gabby who confirmed that the scripts were ready I informed her I had 4 more scripts to fill and someone would be bringing the in for me since we live 30 minutes from their location. And do to my medical issue I was unable to drive. I told her what the script were for and asked if she could give us an idea of how long of a wait it would be for them to be filled. She stated she had no idea. I explained that I was released from the second hospital in 3 days, no meds and in a very great deal of pain with an abscess that was about to lead to an amputation if I didnt start antibiotics immediately. And If she could please fill the as quickly as possible since we dont have the gas money to Run back and forth to get the meds and that my pain levels were beyond explanation I was told, that wasnt her problem the scripts would be ready whenever they were ready . I asked for a manager and was informed that she was the manager and to have a great day. As a Manager with over 20 years in the field I have never heard someone with such poor customer service skills. I hope you all have a great day. I wish this would let you post a picture just so you could see thesevarity of my situation. Anyway just thought you should know how manager Gabby treats you Custers!

Review №20

Worst pharmacy Ive ever experienced. The people working here have no customer service skills. Seems like they lose peoples prescriptions, and dont fully understand their own systems. Im pretty sure the lady that helped me was clinically blind... Rite aid needs to do some serious training in this location. Only reason I go here is because there isnt another option unless I drive 30 mins away.

Review №21

Nothing too special, customer service is pretty good

Review №22

Amazing water store and more. They have chakras oil to balance your chakras and the water here is just out of this world! Also try their smoothies based on your chakras.Thank you!

Review №23

Im not complaining but the pharmacy does need help a lot

Review №24

Worst pharmacy ever. I dropped off a script one day and eight hours later went back to pick it up. I wasnt even in the system. It hadnt been entered at all. I called a few hours later and staff still acted like they had no idea what I was talking about but said it would get done the next day. Well I go in around 1pm and my script still hadnt even been entered into the computer. Its been 24 hours it shouldnt take this long to at least enter the script. Ive been trying to call again but no one will answer the phone. Im just going to ask for the script back since no one will do anything with it anyway and take it somewhere else.

Review №25

Horrible pharmacy. Nothing is ever filled on time or by the time said either by them or the texts. I have called in refills by rx number so many times and its never ready on time or even by the next few days. They give the same excuses each time its not ready. And if it is ready, expect it to take them 45 minutes to find it for you. This one star should be negative 1 stars.

Review №26

Every single time, 100% of the time there is an issue when I pick up meds. Half the time they will try to help but the other half they act as if it’s 1. Not a reoccurring problem 2. Not their problem. I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed. Stopping my medications have a severe impact that could even result in death. It is a big deal.

Review №27

Horrible service at the pharmacy. Dropped prescription slip off at noon. Went back at 5;30 STILL NOT READY. taking into consideration their lunch hour...that was 41/2 hours. And of the 6 people in front of me including myself. Only 1 prescription was ready. Next time I will drive to Tehachapi to Walgreens. They know how to get it done.

Review №28

Poor customer service. They tell you one time to pick up prescriptions then when you arrive, they are unable to locate your order. Not a display of professionalism and they happen to be the only drug store in this small town.....its pitiful, they ought tp hire more competent employees or close the business down all together......

Review №29

The Rite Aid pharmacy is the absolute WORST pharmacy ever. My doctor put in mine and my daughters meds gonna friday. We didnt get most of them until saturday, which is fine. But two of the more important ones took until TUESDAY. Thats ridiculous. They seem to always be understaffed, hardly answer their phones and prescriptions are never ever ready when they say.

Review №30

Awful customer service! I dropped off my prescription and the lady at the counter was terribly unprofessional and outright rude. It took over 2 hours to fill a simple prescription. Id rather drive an hour away for better service..

Review №31

4 trips now to this location over 2 days to get a simple prescription. They have the script, have the meds on site, and have been told 3 times they would be ready on a couple hours and I would get a call. No call. So I stop back again and they are closed before posted hours. Don’t think it’s too much to ask to get ONE simple, non addictive, prescription. Has nothing to do with opiates, pain killers, muscle relaxers. Honestly the worst location I have ever dealt with. Looking to get script transferred to another location and will never return.

Review №32

Its the only Pharmacy here in California City, CA 93505And high priced, but its clean, friendly and stocked well plus the pharmacist is very helpful..

Review №33

California City Rite Aide has gone down hill since the corporate offices took out all the other pharmacies in the area. You now have to wait hours to get your meds even just picking up. They are so under staffed and such a small space then most other stores.

Review №34

I am absolutely tired being told that I never called a prescription in when I did. Theyre always blaming it on the automated system when if it was flawed it was should be fixed by now after a year. the shutdown a great pharmacy down the street it couldnt stand the competition. Why must there always be a hassle in filling a prescription?

Review №35

Other the Pharmacy is slow and rude took them 2 weeks to fill my sons scripts and the got to very rude.

Review №36

Terrible pharmacy. Waited over 2 hours on a script that I dropped off. In no way does it take over 2 hours to fill a simple prescription. They need to get their act together. Save yourself the trouble and drive to Walmart. At least their service is faster.

Review №37

The worst Rite-Aid ever. The pharmacy is understaffed and untrained. Several mistakes have been made. Failed to refill very important meds for a week now. They cant extrapolate the need to roll over to a new prescription when an old one expired? And they wont answer the phone, either. I would not use this pharmacy but it is one of the only ones in this town. Shameful.

Review №38

This is the only known drug store in the area. Work is very limited in the area due to lack of local business and for that reasons it surprises me that the employees here are horrible with the exception of one woman.Not only are they unpleasant and highly unhelpful,they are outright rude and it seems to be the theme of the entire staff including and especially management.Not what youd expect from a small town store. I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt,For we are all entitled to have an off day or a personal issue here or there but these people consistently have the most awful customer service and each and every interaction Ive had the displeasure to be involved in, has been disappointing, upsetting, even infuriating. Someone needs to intervene and teach these employees the importance of and value of good customer service. I do my best to shop elsewhere when I can as Im always offended as I leave this sorry Rite Aid in California City

Review №39

Every time i go there i experience a problem. My medicine is not ready, so they blame it on the doctor. Not his fault. I would go somewhere else but when i am sick, i do not want to drive to another pharmacy.The customer service is lousey. They never go out of their for anything, just take the money and have a nice day.This place makes me homesick for my old Rite Aid in the San Fernando Valley.I wish we had more choices out here in California City.

Review №40

5/21/18 another rite aid with out of order restrooms. This time both women and men restrooms inoperable, meanwhile restrooms were being cleaned. Spoke with employee Morgan I asked her when the restrooms would be back in service, she didnt know, but she did refer me to go use McDonalds restrooms next door. Im sure McDonalds employees wouldnt appreciate that. Supervisor is Mary, I was told by another employee there which didnt know when the restrooms would be back in working order. Run around answers

Review №41

Prescriptions lateUnder staffed an a macine puts pills in the bottle is why it takes so long.

Review №42

Great ice cream and nice people:)

Review №43

I was NEVER happy with Rite Aid RX however the Cal City location has been excellent about everything I need from my medications to finding products in the store.

Review №44

Lost since they shifted things around but Im a gold member and being a member gets you great % off discounts on almost 100% of your purchase and makes your sale items even less. You save ALOT of money being a member. Well worth it as Convenient as rite aid has always been for us in Cal City. Family Dollar is like serious shopping with the waiting to check out all the time. Rite Aid if you know when to go you can be rite in and out with no waiting. All other times well you know. Very friendly staff who after a while can recognize you as a continual customer then they are more than just cordial and professional then they are more friendly and customer service with a huge 10++++

Review №45

This pharmacy dont careDont want to do their jobsFighting with them for 2 days now trying to get my wifes breathing meds

Review №46

All Rite Aids are bad. They would not sell me a pack of smokes without ID. Im 62 with gray hair. come on use a little common sense....You cant go to your favorite cashier because they have bank like roped off lines.

Review №47

I love their plenti deals & their occasional 75% off deals. Not only that, but they have very nice employees as well.

Review №48

The people there are heloful. The pharmaceutical staff very helpful .

Review №49

Clean interior, the cashier was friendly! Overall Rite Aid is good for quick shopping trips or medicine.

Review №50

Pharmacy liesMeds not covered pharmacy said they submitted a tar meds still not coveredcalled insurance no tar was ever submittedThis is a very important breathing medicine

Review №51

Manager threatened me with violence because I was recording the pharmacy staff talk poorly about customers. Refused to give me my meds as well. Terrible location, Id rather drive to Lancaster than to ever deal with this store. They need new employees asap.

Review №52

The cashiers are AMAZING. However, the pharmacy is terrible. The pharmasist is rude and his assistants always give me wrong awnsers. its a horrible experiace every time I interact with them. booooooooooooo

Review №53

Horrible pharmacy, they take days to fill a prescription and they never answer the phones!

Review №54

Could not even get someone on the phone they were open I called seven times

Review №55

Very unprofessional has to be the worst rite aid in California

Review №56

Pharmacy does not answer their phone.

Review №57

Bad bad very unprofessional behavior and lies they play games with people lives and medicine I was very sick had surgery and they kept playing games with my medicine just lies all week and I came in they said it was ready and look lady had my prescription in her hand not even filled shame on them somebody need to look into this

Review №58

Great store.

Review №59

Its really sad when I went into this store and ask if they have any medical emergency bracelets and they told me they dont carry them anymore and if I wanted one the pharmacy would have to order one, as I walked away the 2 employees laughed thought it was funny, ( and this is suppose to be a pharmacy and so far from other towns ), and items that are supposed to be on the shelves are sitting at the end of the isles in boxes.

Review №60

Love the place

Review №61

Easy and professional

Review №62

This pharmacy has the worst service to me, they always tell me that there is no medicine until after so much alleging they end up giving it to me

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  • Address:9482 California City Blvd, California City, CA 93505, United States
  • Site:https://www.riteaid.com/locations/ca/california-city/9482-california-city-boulevard.html
  • Phone:+1 760-373-5268
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Service options
  • Drive-through:Yes
  • Online care:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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