The Home Depot
100 Market Pl Blvd, Brownwood, TX 76801, United States
The Home Depot
Review №1

Main purpose of this shopping excursion was organization. I needed several clear storage bins that I could stack, they had multiple brand & sizes at competitive prices : ) The store was clean & neatly organized too. Big bonus every employee was very courteous and pleasant!

Review №2

Experience could have been better. They definitely need one or two more help desk people. Stood there forever trying to get help with a defective door, but there was only one guy and he was helping someone who was trying to design, and buy all needed supplies, an entire house. So definitely could have been a better experience. It also looked like they need helping keeping things stocked.

Review №3

Home depot is always great! Employees here are cool they took their time and patience while they help you for your question, they even helped you to load grill that you purchased from them. Great place and people!

Review №4

Home Depot is always great. The employees are always nice and informative. They take their time and explain answers to questions. Show you where what you are looking for is. Overall a great store, we buy everything home improvement wise here. Thank you Brownwood Home Depot :)

Review №5

A great place to find what you need. The app is very helpful if you dont know where something is.

Review №6

Was looking for some concrete blocks to put together a small patio. There were definitely enough in stock!

Review №7

It was really a very slow checkout. Over a 30 just in min in line and then the lady s phone rang and said she had to take the call. Very disappointingIf there were another big box hardware in town l would shopElsewhere. So sorry must be honest. With you. Am a senior and expect better service for myFixed income. Thank you for your time. A, Samuelson.Brownwood Texas

Review №8

So went to pick some stuff up. I have a small piece of land that under an ag exemption and I am also a disabled veteran. I told the lady I need the tax free and military. She said you can’t. It’s Home Depot policy. Well, Lowe’s does so I guess I will never go to Home Depot and I will also write an article for the Veteran Fatmers Coalition and let all my fellow veterans know. What a joke Home Depot is and no wonder they only have 3 stars.

Review №9

Used curbside pickup. So convenient! Patsy brought my order to the car. She was very friendly & courteous! Maggie completed the order & got everything I needed. Thank you!

Review №10

Usually pretty busy. Stocked well for locals. Store aisles are usually free of offset pallets and clean.

Review №11

I went to Home Depot to look at carpet. Needless to say Im going to Lowes. I went back to the carpet dept. and the saleslady was busy but a very nice young man from another department helped me as much as he could. Finally he told me to let him go and see if she was the thru yet (by the way he had already told her I was waiting). I waited around looking at carpet samples waitng to make an appointment to have my rooms measured. I finally gave up and walked away.

Review №12

We need new appliances for our house. Were having trouble with our closing date but didnt want to wait too long before ordering our appliances, but dont want them coming in too soon either. We wanted a couple of unique appliances to suit our 100 year old Spanish Revival house. Haley was so patient with us and helped to work it all out while saving some money. What a great Home Depot experience we had thanks to Haley!

Review №13

They had everything I needed. Always nice

Review №14

Good service and products. Paint selection was very slim in small buckets

Review №15

My second home. Between shopping for home stuff and volunteering supplies, this is 2nd home. Staff is great and friendly no matter how busy they are.

Review №16

Had what I needed. Transitory inflation is hitting this business too. Everything is getting more expensive. Can you believe that the most popular president in the history of the United States is letting this happen? Glad I didnt vote for him!

Review №17

Have used them for years, normally its in and out through the self check out. I tried to return a weedeater where my receipt said 90 day return policy. They refused to honor it and I left the weedeater on there counter. Why spend $200 and something they wont honor past 30 days when I can get a used one from the pawn shop for 60-100 if its only going to last less then 3 months. Im done dealing with not-so-helpful service. Ill be shopping elsewhere.

Review №18

They were using water sprinklers to water outdoor flowers. Waste of water! Use a hose like the rest of us! Very lazy option home depot.

Review №19

I have shopped for 3 years at this Home Depot. Some of the items were cook stove, dishwasher, evaporative cooler, lawn mower and dozens, maybe hundreds, of other supplies and equipment.I must stop shopping there because of their political involvement with the great state of Georgia.Now I must drive 75 miles to the nearest Lowes.I loved Home Depot and this makes me sad.

Review №20

Great hardware store for all of your home improvement. It would be even better if Home Depot had employees that enjoyed their job and liked interacting with the public.

Review №21

The employees are so rude and no one wants to help you. I had to carry out my own 20 gallons of paint and load it. If the think you need help THEY RUN THE OTHER WAY. CASHIERS ARE THE WORST!!!

Review №22

On the 25th May while visiting your store I was assisted by Nathan, who was so helpful and pleasant he went above and beyond his duty to help me locate a certain item in your gardening department. Thank you once again Nathan.

Review №23

While Home Depot stores tend to be very similar across the country, the folks at the Brownwood store tend to go out of their way to try to be helpful and friendly. This includes having one associate not knowing where something may be located, but making sure they connect you with somebody who does, for example.

Review №24

Watched at least 6 (male) employees walk right by as I (female) loaded 32 cinder blocks without anyone asking if I needed help. Inside the store, they all say hello ... UNTIL YOU ARE LOADING SOMETHING HEAVY.

Review №25

I wont go to Brownwood Home Depot AGAIN!! Their customer service is the worst, I tried returning some batteries my mom had purchased a few days earlier (She bought RYOBI and I have DeWalt). I was however unable to provide my receipt and they almost didnt give them back to me they to say the least called the manners and were insinuating that I had stole them! I went to home Depot in HUTTO and they were very professional...

Review №26

Not enough knowledge, employees dont even ask if you need help.

Review №27

We came in to get some black pipe cut and Marcus did an amazing job( his first time.) Moe and Luis went above and beyond to find us the extra elbows we needed, digging around on all fours to find it. Total dedication to us (the customer). Complete satisfaction Thanks guys for making this experience a good one.

Review №28

Typical big box store some of the staff really knows whats going on and about the products in their section and the rest doesnt all in all.if you know what your looking for you should he good though

Review №29

Get well taken care of

Review №30

Always has what I need when fixing stuff around the house & my daycare

Review №31

Found exactly what I needed. Nice and clean. Staff is friendly

Review №32

Very poor service, on hold for 24 minutes when I finally was connected to someone in the correct department I was told that the part number on the original purchase was no help the 10 year warranty was from the manufacturer and I would have to return the product (commode) to the store to be replaced. All I needed was a tank unit. This is not a joke!!

Review №33

Was greated at door taken to where my product was, most stores tell you go isle #,, and most time its wrong one,

Review №34

Very helpful, great service.

Review №35

Great place to shop. Lots of god deals

Review №36

I was looking at Water Heaters and the Associate who helped me was very knowledgeable about the different types I was considering. I wish I knew his name because I would like to tell his boss how helpful he was! I will definitely be back!

Review №37

Not helpful. Sold us a washer and promised they would be available if it needed servicing. To contact them. It was installed incorrectly. I contacted them. They told me to contact the corporate customer service. Corporate customer service told me to contact the store. The store then tells me i need to contact the manufacturer to get it serviced because its been more than 48 hours. Its been a week. It was installed on a Saturday. We were not told we had to contact withing 48 hours if there was issue. Do not buy from Home Depot. They cant do it and they wont help.

Review №38

They need a lot of work on customer service. They all act like they hate their job and that I inconvenienced them to ask about paint.

Review №39

With the help of a very nice associate in the plumbing department, we found everything we needed. Im just sorry we didnt get his name.

Review №40

Brownwood store has the WORST customer service!!!We ordered a refrigerator on March 13th. We were shown a calendar and asked to choose a highlighted date for delivery. We choose April 19th. They told us we would be contacted the day before to arrange a 4 hour window for delivery.Yesterday (April 18th) I received an email saying delivery would be between 10:30 am and 2:30 pm today and they would call us 30 minutes before. My husband received a text saying the same thing.Today (April 19th) at 12:20 pm I received a phone call from Tracy saying they would deliver Thursday (April 22nd) . I told her that was unacceptable because we were told it would be delivered today to our house. We had already arranged to take time off work for delivery. She then told me that it was delivered to their store today but they cant deliver it to our house until Thursday. It makes no sense that back in March we would choose the date they deliver to the store, or the saleswoman or receipt said we would be contacted the day before delivery to arrange time but yet they are contacting us on Monday for a Thursday delivery.We chose Monday, April 19th because we would be available to meet for delivery. We did NOT choose Thursday, April 22 because we will be in Dallas for a cancer appointment. Now Tracy is saying it wont be delivered until Wednesday, April 28th; 9 days after the agreed upon delivery date.

Review №41

Its home away from home.

Review №42

Waited over 40 minutes 4 help n the paint dept. There were 7 customers waiting total. Ask 2 employees 4 help all they did was call someone. No one ever came. While waiting I called the store phone number and asked 4 help n the paint dept. Told the employee that we had been waiting forever. Still no one came. Horrible service. Employees dont care because they know you have to shop there. Brownwood doesnt have a Lowes.

Review №43

Went and got tile for new floorsDidnt have enough so had to change colors for hall

Review №44

Great customer support and helpful, kind, people.

Review №45

Good luck getting any help. And then a male employee told my 11 year old son to get the F out of the way. He almost got to eat his teeth. Theyll just hire anyone in there. Youre better off finding it all yourself, they dont know their head from their rears.

Review №46

Love this store!Very helpful staff great products and reasonable prices... this is absolutely my go to store for appliances, tools etc! I definitely recommend this Home Depot!

Review №47

They have what I need 95% of the time. One of my top 3 favorite places to shop.

Review №48

Helpful in gardening and loading products. But no yellow Jasmine plants just the tiny white star.

Review №49

Good variety of hardware

Review №50

Found what we needed and received pleasant service.

Review №51

They usually have what I need for home improvements, but the last time I was there they didnt have but 2 choices in the front loading washer & had fewer flower choices theyd had in the past.

Review №52

Lumber prices came back down a little

Review №53

Exceptionally well organized with knowledgeable and curtious staff. Clean aisles and bathrooms.. Easy in and out access for truck with trailer.

Review №54

Stockers and loaders were extremely helpful and eager to help their customers.

Review №55

Very good store

Review №56

Deal with them daily greatest shopping in brownwood love this place especially the pro department

Review №57

Everyone is really nice

Review №58

Very helpful and willing to go above normal to help and assist all customers with great support and pride

Review №59

This place is great! Get the app. Put in your order, pay for it, go in in a couple of hours and it is waiting for you. The workers are friendly and very knowledgeable. I build things for a living. I can go to the app and work up a bid. Then submit the order and go early the next day and I am ready to go to work. I really love this place. Prices are good and good quality products.

Review №60

Ive shopped au HomeDepot for many yearsFirst in Austin and then here in Brownwood when they put the store in. I was happy to see it here and do my shopping here.Since the store has been here i have met the nicest folks. From the supervisors ( Jes especially) to the folks working in the different departments...never met one who didnt take time to help me find what i needed. And to do it with a smile. Wish i could remember and give recognition to each one but at 75 my memory isnt like it once was. From the worker who cut my plywood to the retired plumber who helps me plan and find my plumbing needs.Just a minute to sayTHANK YOU TO ALL THE GOOD FOLKS WORKING THERE AND HELPING ME. And thanks to Home Depot for putting the store here. Great choice in locations.

Review №61

Not enough employees during evening hours. Self-help at best.

Review №62

Best Home Depot Ive been in. Plenty of helpful staff!

Review №63

Always very helpful. Even during this pandemic theyve been able to help or keep in stock what is needed. Just wish their delivery and installation crews ran quicker. Had a carpet measurement over a week ago and still no call to even set a date for installation.

Review №64

Always asking if I need help finding something . Great customer service

Review №65

So compared to the Home Depot in other places this one seems to be the opposite of all the others and doesnt have quite the fullness thereof vs shopping at other Home Depots

Review №66

One of my favorite stores!

Review №67

Super friendly employees and quick service. will return on other projects for sure

Review №68

Takes forever to get someone to help you and when you do they have no clue what youre talking about or looking for.

Review №69

I got in here alot and its always organized, stocked, and clean!! Everyone is always so helpful!

Review №70

Its Home Depot, everyone already knows its a great store with massive selections and choice. Ive built several projects with all my material having been hand picked by me from Home Depots stock if quality lumber. Always good choices and competitive prices, well continue doing business with them.

Review №71

Love fixing my house up

Review №72

Friendly people had the breakers I needed good experience

Review №73

They changed the store a little bit and it looks great

Review №74

Fast friendly customer service.

Review №75

Love home depot

Review №76

I love the Home Depot. I can find everything I need to do repairs around the place

Review №77

I applied for a job here, didnt get it. Management didnt impress me any, as far as the store itself, I really cant say, I dont buy from home depot.

Review №78

Very helpful staff

Review №79

Went in a got help with no wait and found what I was looking for friendly staff

Review №80

Best if you help yourself at loading time.

Review №81

I ask a worker a question she very rudely told me she was just a cashier

Review №82

Best place for Home Improvement and for anything you need.

Review №83

Good store

Review №84

Had what I neede

Review №85

Great store

Review №86

I love my Home Depot store.

Review №87

Nice and friendy

Review №88

My favorite go to building store! Clean as usual!!

Review №89

Love home depot one stop shopping.

Review №90

The best place for all you need and theyre happy to help.

Review №91

Not impressed at all. Trying to purchase a deep freeze, asked where we would find them after a search for a sales associate, she directed us and quickly ran off. No one came to help. We again had to hunt someone down we followed the sound of a bunch of women sitting around cutting up. Equipment was in the was what we wanted wasn’t in stock didn’t want to sell the beat up demo but wouldn’t knock off much for it. The manager never once came to speak to us.

Review №92

Good place to get tools. Maybe a few other things on way out!!

Review №93

I Like Home Depot but I I had a hard time finding someone to help me other than that its great

Review №94

Orders ready to be picked up, or delivered (with certain purchases)

Review №95

Worst HD Ive ever been to

Review №96

Great products very good workers

Review №97

Theyre very helpful the girls in the self checkout was great help

Review №98

The employees are always very knowledgable, helpful, and friendly!! This store is always organized which makes navigating and finding exactly what your looking for very easy. They also carry a wide variety of options of merchandise so its easy and fast to get what you want right away, if the store doesnt have what you want they will order it and have it in store for pick up very quickly or maybe even deliver it to your home.

Review №99

Very good everyone was very helpful

Review №100

I work here in the lumber department

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