Review β„–1

Nice place. Great array of salads .Chose you pick 2 . 10 bean soup & Greek salad. Tasted so good on a cold damp evening 😊

Review β„–2

Food is good and staff is even better. Rashida specifically is a goddess and deserves the world. This woman went above and beyond in service and elevated the whole experience at this Panera Bread location. THANK YOU RASHIDA!!!

Review β„–3

Its just so expensive that we dont go often. I love the poppyseed salad so much that I buy the dressing in the grocery store and make my own at home. I recommend the value duo, but its still expensive for the grilled cheese and tomato soup for such a tiny grilled cheese sandwich compared to what comes in the pick 2.

Review β„–4

I love Panera. The food is consistent and tastes pretty good. I tend to be limited in what I order there but not because I dont think the other things are good its just that I have a particular favorite. Thats the tomato bisque with a five cheese grilled sandwich. Comfort food for me and theres meats the epitome of comfort food.

Review β„–5

Do NOT rely on their quoted delivery windows if you have anything important going on. They use Door Dash (which they do not advertise on their website) and they make zero effort to ensure things are delivered on time. I placed a delivery order that was supposed to be delivered between 8:15am-8:30am, but they didnt arrive until 9:25. The food is decent but if you need it at a certain time youre better off picking it up yourself.

Review β„–6

Great curbside service! Great consistent staff service every time I come in! Thank you! Get the chocolate croissant! Mac & cheese is not the same as what’s sold @ Costco! For some reason, the ones made/bought in the store are better! Tried all different variations! The Baja version one is good!

Review β„–7

The person at the front was so incredibly nice. I didnt catch her name but she was so freaking sweet. Food came fast and it tastes like it does at the other Paneras. Its the customer service that sets you apart. Great job.

Review β„–8

Panera Bread has got the best breads, cookies, desserts. Vegetarian soups have 2-3 options but all of them are super delicious. We went in the evening manger was not at the counter so we had to wait for some time but as she realised she apologized and gave us free cookies as a gesture.

Review β„–9

Cool how they have the touch screen ordering at this location. I had a particularly bad experience due to the rude people who worked there. But I would go back again if it were the only place to eat at near by, due to all other restaurants being closed at 2 pm in this area. Its Bellevue, what are you going to do?

Review β„–10

Love it. Great place to eat alone, when youre in a rush or want to spent time with family or friends. Love the food and people.

Review β„–11

Love their chocolate chips cookies. Sandwiches are hit or miss.

Review β„–12

I ordered a small cup of soup to be delivered by door dash and when no one ever picked it up I had to go down to get it. The Panera employees made a whole new large soup for me and even refunded me when it wasn’t their fault at all. It had been a particularly bad day and this experience brightened it. Thanks, Bellevue Panera staff!

Review β„–13

Loved todays pick up order from Panera ! The female manager was very polite , she helped me so nicely when my order was wrong & replaced the item. The flatbread when hot & fresh are very delish. I had an app cupon and I ordered the family flatbread meal with greek salad. The salad was very fresh . I would be returning to this panera again !

Review β„–14

Why do they still have internet speed still on Dial-up. The internet speed is horrendous at this place. Can’t they upgrade it. Think for their customers for once. Can’t get any work here done and I love the food here. I’ll need to start looking to going to Starbucks

Review β„–15

You can no longer order ahead or use kiosks to order, you have to wait in line at the counter to show proof of vaccination.

Review β„–16

The staff are working so hard these days. Breakfast through lunch is packed on weekdays and they get the job done! Because of the commercial construction going on next door, this location is bustling. The food is good. The staff are pleasant and professional. It is not an easy job to feed the people, so I want them all to know that I appreciate their hard work. Thank you!

Review β„–17

Washington state had one of the biggest heat waves ever recorded. It was 100 on June 26,2021, 103 on June 27 and 110 on June 28. Because king county usually has mild weather most apartments do not have air conditioning and we could not access them because they were sold out. We had two therapy cats for me and my daughter for our disabilities Panera let us stay so our therapy animals would not get heat stoke and possibly die. Panera went above and beyond to accommodate our disabilities and made us feel welcome and part of the Panera bread family. I am now a Panera bread customer for life.

Review β„–18

I have been coming to this place steadily for the past couple months even though they are overpriced. In that time there have been many extended waits for my order, wrong orders, foreign objects in my food, undersized items and wait staff that seem somewhat clueless. I have stuck with them because some of the wait staff are really nice people but Im at the end of my patience and will not be back in again.

Review β„–19

I just opened my pickup order and found a wired bread at the bottom of my bag....everything I ordered was packed well but what is this bread???? No bites on that bread it a strategy to stabilize my food in the bag?...hmmmmmmm be careful

Review β„–20

I had my food delivered as I am an RN and cant leave work. They charged me for a whole sandwich but sent me 1/2. I called and the manager and she was going to deliver the rest of my order. I was pleasantly surprised that she brought me another sandwich as well as chips a cookie and an apple. Fantastic customer service!! Thanks Panera :)

Review β„–21

Pretty good. Prices seemed a little higher than the last time I was in. The tables that they had available didnt make as much sense, the had two tables right next to each other available, but the one that would have been better spaced always marked closed.

Review β„–22

Bellevue location.Food 10/10, accurate, what youd expect.Broken kiosks (had to redo order because they were unable to accept my gift card even when manually typing the code).Unusably slow public wifi. Maybe unfair to Panera, but I hate walking to a Cafe to work only to be unable to use the wifi. Rustles my jimmies so badly l. Ordered $22 worth of food too. RipπŸ’€

Review β„–23

Garbage flatbread. Undercooked. Terrible. Service slow. Not worth it. Won’t fall for a Panera flatbread again.

Review β„–24

Unpleasant experience. I observed a non-service dog inside the restaurant while I was eating my lunch. Wanted to speak with the manager about it but the cashier proceeded to tell me that its perfectly OK to have a dog in the restaurant. I commented that dogs inside the restaurant is unsafe in so many levels. I plan not to return.

Review β„–25

Third time this week I have come and they are close long before closing time. Shame, They have become unreasonable

Review β„–26

Had a very bad experience. I have been a regular to this place. Ordered two full Caprese sandwich and 1 you pick 2 with half sandwich and Mac and cheese. Picked up the order and went home to find out they gave me only three half sandwich. When I went back, they were telling me they gave me 2 and a half sandwiches. Their manager was asking me how come there are 3 half sandwiches. I had to tell them I don’t know and that is what you gave me. Finally they gave me the other missing sandwich. Very bad customer experience to a regular customer. Never going there again.

Review β„–27

Wow! The snotty manageress has a terrible, condescending attitude to her customers. Thanks lady, Ill get the same food without the attitude at ANY other location.PS to anyone else getting this shoddy customer service: Panera staff are trained to NEVER SAY NO to a customer request. FYI. This lady does what she wants against company training.

Review β„–28

Panera’s quality has been steadily going down in my experience. Today was no exception. Not sure what happened but the size of the bread for my half sandwich was about 1/4 of a normal slice of bread. No pickle included with sandwich.This store specifically... so they have a little area for call in orders to sit on a shelf for people to come pick them up. Then there are a couple tables for staff to prep orders. Then there’s the beverage station. So if you want to engage in any of those actions. You have to go through this three foot wide 12ft long channel that is there. That also has a manager and some lady without gloves on that seemed to really enjoy opening and digging through all the bags mulling around in itπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ. So if you want a beverage be prepared to run the gauntlet of no social distance.Like I get the idea of what they were going for here? Just epically failed in execution.

Review β„–29

I visited this place a few times. The soup is always hot, baguette is freshly baked and salads have exceptional taste. Staff sanitized tables after each customer. Id definitely recommend this location to the others

Review β„–30

Always very professional, helpful, and friendly service! Consistent winner = Chicken Wild Rice Soup. Recently discovered their delicious Lemon Drop Cookie!

Review β„–31

I like new menus chicken teriyaki bowl^^

Review β„–32

Under staffed, great service though

Review β„–33

Panera bread is that chain staple for affordable bagels and bottomless coffees when you don’t know where to go. We asked to have our food β€œfor here” and not β€œto go” but added that we wanted for a little bag just for a croissant to bring a friend after. They gave us everything in excessive paper packaging β€œto go” but a mug β€œfor here”. Go figure. The bagel that was requested toasted and buttered was neither, and it was cold. Make sure your order is repeated back to you or you might find yourself transporting a pound of paper napkins and packaging directly from their supplies to the trash...!

Review β„–34

Panera Coffee+ subscription is great of you drink plain coffee on a regular basis. Great customer service

Review β„–35

I love Panera Good quality.

Review β„–36

Great food. Pleasant environment to hang out.

Review β„–37

Order a Caesar Salads with Extra Chicken for additional charge and the bowl is half full and chicken is not even extra! rip off!

Review β„–38

When this young girl called my name out for my order, I went up and got it and said thank you but before I even got to the counter she walked away and didn’t say a single word to me. No napkins in the bag. The girl who took my order was nice though. My sandwich was good. Up your customer service a bit.

Review β„–39

Love the attitude in this location! Thank you Hannah for sharing positive vibes and brownie!

Review β„–40

Very clean space, very good food and fast service! πŸ‘

Review β„–41

Good food!

Review β„–42

Excellent corn chowder soup.

Review β„–43

Fresh food, nice staff,

Review β„–44

Its Panera Bread. What could go wrong? Literally nothing. Their location is perfect (right next to my work), and my salad was cold and fresh, my turkey chili was delicious. Fast service, friendly staff. Will be back.

Review β„–45

My favorite restaurant, it has perfect portions sizes, delicious food, their passion fruit tea is to die for, there sandwiches are delicious, and the Baja bowls are so good. Honestly, this place is heaven on earth. 10/10 would recommend.

Review β„–46

Excellent baked goods and coffee. I specially like their bagels.

Review β„–47

My bread was soggy why just why

Review β„–48

Amazing and there was this real sweet Christian lady name nice helpful and the food is so good..n April is real good with deaf ppl for Im she made me feel real compfy. ..thank your miss April

Review β„–49


Review β„–50

A great meal just under $20. I could have been full just eating the salad but the sandwich was so good I ended up eating it all.

Review β„–51

Standard food for those who want a standard experience.

Review β„–52

It was quick & easy

Review β„–53

Nice. Fitness food for a foodie.

Review β„–54

Great place with delicious sandwiches.The ingredients are always fresh and the prices are affordable. The staff is very friendly and quick with their service.

Review β„–55

Very good food. Prices arent bead either. I had breakfast sandwich with sausage and egg and everything was freshly made. Very tasty.

Review β„–56

Great place close to Bellevue way a d the library. You can have healthy or good hearty food. I love the winter squash soup so yummy with seeds on top.

Review β„–57

Very very kind people, great bread bowl with broccoli cheddar. An overall great experience every time. I also love how they contribute to society by donating leftover bread to various causes

Review β„–58

My coworkers and I got our lunch delivered from here, and they got our delivery order wrong. It wasn’t anything huge just a missing item. We called as soon as we received it, to let them know they forgot an item that we paid for. They said all the delivery people were out so they couldn’t do it right away. That’s fine because we know it was during lunch rush, but they said they would still bring it to us. That was close to 1pm. We called again at 4:30 as we still hadn’t received the missing item, that we paid for. The response, β€œWell what do you expect us to do?” Um... your job? I understand that mistakes can happen especially when it is busy, but seriously? This is how you treat someone when they ask for a mistake to be fixed. We weren’t rude, we were super nice and understanding about it, but when I pay for an item and then I am not given the item and have to make two phone calls to fix the mistake? No, I’m no longer going to be understanding, especially when we get attitude back for asking to get it fixed. They said they will send us a voucher, but I’ll be shocked if I receive it, and honestly why would I want to order from here again when this is the treatment we got.

Review β„–59

Efficiency: 4 stars, quickly ordered using the kiosk--was great to skip the line & a sweet woman working there took our dishes as we finished themCleanliness: 5 stars, tables were bused quickly, bathrooms were clean and well stockedStaff: 2 stars, one woman was exceptionally nice and very helpful, but the rest of the staff looked miserable and/or a little rudeFood: 2 stars, I love the macaroni & cheese at Panera. I go specifically to Panera for the mac. Unfortunately, today it was not as creamy, even a little dry and cold. I was very disappointed in this experience.

Review β„–60

Clean, well-staffed, and comfortable

Review β„–61

If you choose to eat here, be aware of excess charges on the bill. I ordered the $6.99 half sandwich and soup option with a small fountain drink and it rang up as $16.49. The clerk was sure it was correct, resulting in no sale.

Review β„–62

Always good, hot Soup & Sandwiches.... You can never go wrong going to Panera if your hungry........ reasonably priced always $$

Review β„–63

This place has improved a lot since Robby got there. His attention to detail and the experience overall is outstanding. He takes the time to connect with the community yet still ensures that you are properly taken care of.

Review β„–64

Awesome customer service! πŸ™‚

Review β„–65

What I like about Panera Bread:Great sandwiches, good soups, plenty of options for types of breads, really good pastries. Your food comes fast and it is healthy. This location has parking which is a positive.I also love that it is pretty inexpensive. Can easily get lunch for around $9.What I dont like about Panera Bread:The fact that it is a chain would be the only thing. I also would love to see them have an app that would make it easier for me to order food.

Review β„–66

This place used to be reasonably priced, with good food. Not anymore. You pick two combos look like youre getting a deal because theyre not clearly priced. Generally they are somewhere in the ballpark of $14. The sandwiches have very little on them, and the portions in general have gotten smaller.

Review β„–67

Great food. I had the Thai chicken salad and it was giant and delicious. We sat in Panera for 3 hours working and no one bothered us. Thanks for being a great meeting place!

Review β„–68

Soup was very good. Phone order for pick up...was ready except took a long time for 2 employees to ring the order up. I will think twice if Im in a hurry.

Review β„–69

Food was fine but the customer service was non existent. We stood there waiting to order until someone finally walked up to the front to help us. They were very standoffish. Then we didnt get what we ordered. Went and asked for bread since they forgot it and got attitude from the workers. Lastly, our silverware was dirty, we asked for clean utensils and received more dirty ones.No apology from the staff and the manager didnt say anything either even though he saw all of these interactions. So glad I order for rapid pick up 99% of the time so I dont have to deal with the staff.Also, the employees are very loud while talking in the back and very unprofessional while on the floor.We visited at 730pm 3/18.

Review β„–70

Weve had issues on our last few visits of errors in orders and difficulty finding places to sit. There are way too many remote workers that inhabit the booths for hours and the food isnt really good enough to try to vie for a spot. The foods good, but not to die for. I still like their pastries and the food is fresh, but its just kind of ok, not outstanding.

Review β„–71

Sold me a bowl of soup instead of the cup of soup I wanted & overcharged me. Then offered a manager to adjust the ticket that never showed up. Honestly, good soup but will not be back due to order mishap. Its a shame, friendly staff, too. Probably just a fluke but nevertheless did not fix my order. Disappointed overall.

Review β„–72

This place gets busy during the lunch hour. Ive been here once at around noon and it was packed. The service is super quick though. We were able to find a table so it wasnt too packed. The food came out quickly and the order was accurate.

Review β„–73

Nice quiet place to go and have breakfast. The food is fresh and you can also have fresh baked goods if you wish. The service can be a little slow sometimes but you can use the mobile app to order ahead and have your food ready when you get there.

Review β„–74

A good place to take plate like sandwich, salad or soup, the attention from the personal is nice and the place is warm escape from the cold at winter.

Review β„–75

Great food and service very clean but the app does not work even on my new Samsung S9 plus And the cashier said that this was common. I wish the sourdough bread crust was not so tough and chewy. I love the rapid pick up feature.

Review β„–76

A deserted Restraunt,

Review β„–77

Convenient and fast, people are nice. I get the pick up all the time. The only problem though is that they often miss items on my order but dont give me any kind of notice, like keeping my bag or writing something on the receipt. I also dont suggest mobile ordering drinks here either.

Review β„–78

I enjoy the coffee here very much. a perfect place to have a bit of an overpriced but delicious snack and get some work done. comfy booths.

Review β„–79

Decent coffee and soup. Cookie was great and earns them an extra star.

Review β„–80

Been here hundreds of times. They mess up 50% of the time. Missing chips, out of ingredients, missing or late orders, not calling a name when order is done so to-go orders just sit there. Half the time there is some kind of issue. Enough problems I could call customer care once a week and get a meal comped if I wanted to. Love the chain. But this is by far the worst store of them all. Gunna start making my own lunch.

Review β„–81

Quick service. Hot food would have been 5 stars had the order been correct. Will return for another try.

Review β„–82

Good, as expected

Review β„–83

This is a homey place that I often visit! I am not a coffee drinker, but for a while was hooked in their hazelnut coffee.. my other favourites are the power sandwitches. I only wish they had more to their vegetarian menu. We also buy bread from them frequently and they are of very good quality.

Review β„–84

Spoke to the store manager Juan at this location. My order was wrong and I had missing food items for the second time. I did not want to leave the house to go pick up the correct order.Long story short nothing got resolved. I will go to the Redmond location from now on.

Review β„–85

Unfortunately, the waiter that we talked to had a really bad temper. I was thinking of my order, and it took me less than one minute to figure out, but his facial expressions and body language indicated that it was the end of the world. He continuously indicated that he is frustrated with me and my parents. On purpose, he talked very rapidly, obviously not taking into account that Bellevue is full of internationals that may not be able to comprehend what he is saying. He must not have taken that into consideration. Or he did, and he fully did it on purpose for my parents and I to not comprehend easily. The time that we were at Panera Bread was 3 pm on Friday, June 7th, 2019.

Review β„–86

Horrible customer service. Carlos was all attitude, very unpleasant. Couldnt answer simple menu questions without rolling his eyes and making me feel very unwelcome.

Review β„–87

Great breakfast options. Clean facilities and family atmosphere.

Review β„–88

I have ordered online for delivery from this restaurant 3 times in the past month. Each time the order has taken 1 hour 45 minutes to get here when check out says 45 minutes. Each time I have called, the manager is always frazzled, telling me in a rude manner that she doesnt have enough delivery drivers and ends up comping the order. I DO NOT WANT MY ORDER COMPED, I WANT IT DELIVERED BY THE TIME ITS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. I love the food here but they will not get my business anymore. It is absolutely ridiculous to order your food at 11am and have it get to you at 1pm when youre given a 45 minute window. HIRE MORE DELIVERY DRIVERS!

Review β„–89

This place is never a bad choice for breakfast or lunch. The bagels are great and the things you can do with them make them taste even better. Salads are a good healthy option, and the sandwiches are really good. I dont think you can go wrong at Panera. The only inconvenience may be the price, but if youre eating out, it all adds up to be about the same anyway.

Review β„–90

I normally LOVE Panera Bread, especially their broccoli cheese soup but this day it was overcooked, almost burned, was thinking it might have been from the day before and left too long on the heat but it was terrible.

Review β„–91

You cant go wrong choosing Amy of their menu items.

Review β„–92

This Panetta location is great. Good is always good and it isnt crazy loud if you want to concentrate. Just be careful when you order someone they run out of ingredients and they wont tell you, the order will just go out lacking the ingredient. If you raise your concern they will take care of you

Review β„–93

I had a friend who used to work here. The staff is nice and service is pretty good, its a relatively clean store. Tee bakery is fresh and all the food is good, as is usual for Panera.

Review β„–94

Really good place for breakfasts.Everything they make has superb subtle flavors, the combinations are perfect.Bagels are to be tried.Check their special Avacado Egg white Sandwich for a good start

Review β„–95

I will not return back because the ordering service is too slow. The kiosk are there for those who wants to prepay and get fast service. I was on my lunch and prepayed at the kiosk. It literally took almost an hour to complete i wanted to leave but since I paid with a credit card I was sort of stuck waiting.

Review β„–96

Good but the portions have gotten very small.

Review β„–97

Great place to have your latte and do stuff. Not crowded!

Review β„–98

Im very disappointed in this location. Ive ordered food several times, just because they are across the parking lot. Each time, the order has been missing something, the wrong item &/or LATE. I can rarely get them on the phone, to get a correction or notify them of the mistakes. Love other Paneras. But, this one is lacking in efficiency and competence.

Review β„–99

Great location in Bellevue. Free parking. Standard menu. Outdoor seating.

Review β„–100

This one of my favorite places to eat for lunch. The steak salad is excellent, ask for extra cheese/steak and add avocados. The customer service is pretty good and the place is clean.

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