Jim Burke Automotive Service
445 13th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203, United States
Review №1

Outstanding. Ask for Mr. James Claborn, he is amazing. He really works hard to get you the car you need.. JIM BURKE SUBARU, The Best Car Dealership In Town.

Review №2

Excellent customer service and very professional. Great 🚶‍♂️ treatment to their customers 👍.

Review №3

Friendly staff and fast an efficient automotive repairs. Comfortable waiting room with convenient refreshments.

Review №4

My husband and I set out to find the perfect vehicle. We are getting older and wanted something comfortable and also stylish ..And there it was,2021 Nissan Rogue. It was loveat first site. Everything I could want in a car. My Salesman“Zakee was amazing 🤩.He hustled through the process and we were in and out before we knew it. Ty Zakee excellent performance on your part, your the best.

Review №5

My eldest cousin Robert Bell and his beautiful bosses took really great care of me.i am extremely happy with their professionalism and expertise. I will keep referring people there that deserve a wonderful experience as I have!!!!

Review №6

Called the dealership to ask about a truck I was interested in the salesman told me they had it in drove an hour to get here and the truck was already sold they had sold it last week. So they convinced me to look around found a truck I liked they told me the price it was spent 2 hours getting my trade in set up and they finally ran the vin on the truck I was wanting and told me it was actually like 20k higher than what they told me earlier. Wouldnt waste your time going here.

Review №7

Went for recall on oil system. Signal bulb replacement.Left shop turn left using signal worked find use it again it was rapidly flickering as before and dash light warning was back on.Called to report left message. No return call yet. Made appt. For an oil. Couldnt get for 3weeks

Review №8

Whatever you do, dont purchase a car from here. They sale cars that they say are in good condition but as soon as you make a purchase you start having problems (new and used cars). All the service center people do not care and you walk away with more problems with your car. Also, they buy cars and pick the package that dont come with spare tires. I purchased my car 4 months ago and not even 1 month pass by and I am having problems, took it to the service center and it took them 2 months to contact me about the part that came in for my car. When I finally got in contact with someone I learned a second part need to be on my car. The customer service department do no care at all. They went from saying they have a spare tire to saying they didnt say that and the man Rusty told me they found a USED tire to put on my car...What dealership puts USED TIRES ON A CAR ANYWAY? They told me I can buy two tires but instead of doing anything they patched my tire and I told them I cant buy tires right now. I asked for the VP, President whoever is ovee them and the managers and he lied saying he cant give me information saying he dont have access to it. I explained to him every business whether its restaurants, retail, banks etc. have a corporate number. He proceeds to say after he give me this email he cant help me with anything else. Rusty, Morris the entire service department and the car dealership are shady and the customer service is deplorable. Please read the reviews and take in account that the bad reviews are true if I would have known what I know now I would have taken my business elsewhere.

Review №9

Morris the service writer was friendly and helpful. He answered all my questions. The service took much less time than I thought it would.

Review №10

Where do I start how bout the fact that some of there employees are rude an just gone tell someone wht they are going to do or else whn you giving them your money an you dont have to cause they the one who need the commission not me its my money Im spending an for the one guy to come up being loud putting everyone in my business is unprofessional whn he could have simply pulled me to the side or outside an said what he had to say

Review №11

Have had my vehicle serviced here for years no problems. Unfortunately this last time there was a problem and it had to do with a brake job they performed. Gross negligence on their part took it back to be fixed and theyve kept my car for going on 3 days now. If they can make money off you good service if they cant poor service!

Review №12

Seemed like they were nice and wanted to help you with choosing a vehicle

Review №13

They Ok service , it probably was just me , you know , being there for 4 hours ????

Review №14

They are a RIP OFF! Find a shade tree mechanic first! I had a tune up done, they found an additional problem with my oil valve. I asked them to fix it and after that my passenger fender flare blows off on the freeway and they want to charge me to fix it! RIP OFF!! They are NOT the same business they used to be!!

Review №15

I love the service guys here. Especially Brian

Review №16

Nikki @ Jim Burke Automotive was a diamond she walked me through everything making sure that my car was running in tiptop shape. Awesome job Nikki 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Review №17

It took over a week to get the part delivered when it was suppose to be next day delivery. When I finally received service, I wasnt met with a positive attitude at all. When getting my car back I noticed my glove box and console had been ran threw. Everything was flipped over my headphones were somehow tangled between my seat and the slider when I left them dangling from my review mirror. If I could give a half star I would.

Review №18

Picked up transmission fluid. No problem

Review №19

They was very nice but super pushy for me to purchase a vehicle and the prices was really high

Review №20

Love getting my free oil changes here

Review №21

Agree they have good service

Review №22

This is one of the most disrespectful, crooked dealerships in town. I would not buy fertilizer from this compost pile of a dealership. They are using an offshore automated dialer to innumerate an automated texting service to invade your privacy. There is no way to opt out of it unless you call the dealership and request to have it removed. when you finally get their head of marketing Gordon Gibbs, he is impolite and abrasive when confronted with his underhanded marketing tactics. I would think twice about dealing with a business who uses such tactics!

Review №23

They have a sales guy posting vehicles on Fb but he won’t respond to his own ads for a Suburban. Lazy, bad business

Review №24

Jim Burke used Auto Car Lot, awnsome and Ms. England was a very polite outstanding Sales person. She moved things right along. Ms England is awnsome person sale person. Her professionalism was outstanding. Ms. England took care of business .Great personality for a great/ awesome Sale person.GREAT JOB CHERIE....CONGRATULATIONS.

Review №25

Great salesman.. polite and respectful.. didnt try to put me in a car that I couldnt afford.. they put me in exactly what I wanted and could afford

Review №26

The best, Sales person Brandon Montgomery ,was outstanding. He was very informative on everything step by step.

Review №27

I bought my truck in 2017 with a “lifetime” free oil change and windshield wiper replacement plan. I went today and oil change was free but they said they had cancelled wiper replacement program. Is that right? No it’s not. Have never had any other problems but I think that’s wrong.

Review №28

Love them. The Nissan Service and Sales are the best..

Review №29

Justin Gray & Chris Pritchett are the absolute best. Both of these gentlemen really made my trip worth wile.

Review №30

Always good service

Review №31

December 19, 2020 I bought a pre owned Kia Sportage from Jim Burke.Kelsey Young was my sales rep.Everything was good up until I signed the dotted lines. The next morning I realized there was several wires hanging from my car and a missing cover. I reached out to Kelsey and he responded he would call service dept on Monday. No response from Kelsey, days go by. I follow up again, and his response, “ it is what it is, you bought it like that”Umm no sir, I would not have even left the lot had this been the case.Less than 30 days later I started having issues with the car.A bit irritated but ok bc I knew I had a warranty.Schedule a service appointment, tell them everything that’s wrong over the phone.1/25/2021, I come in for the appointment and before I could complete my sentence as to why I was there. The service rep cut me off and advised , they do not work on Kia’s that I would have to take it to a Kia Dealership. Frustrated but ok I continue to allow them to complete the oil change.On the shuttle back home, the driver makes conversation and I explain to him my frustration that I’ve wasted my time. He recommended I talk to the service dept of Suburu as my car was on the Dodge side.I do just that, explain to the guy the mechanical issues and he tells me the same. Jim Burke does not have the equipment to service Kia’s or to even complete the diagnostic.This led to me contacting Kia.I finally get a service appointment 2/9, they tell me it’s a minimum of 14business days to repair, and they do not have a loaner car program. Really! 2 weeks with out my car and the best you could offer was a discount with Enterprise. Now, I’ve paid $300 to rent a car for 1 week. Kia dealership needed my warranty info for billing.I’m searching my paperwork and can not find it.I contact my sales rep Kelsey Young and he says he is off to contact Stan.Left messages for Stan, no answer.He also tells me to call Melvin.Left messages no answer.I reach back out to Kelsey and ask if they could provide a loaner car considering my car is in the shop, and absolutely no response.Finally I decide to go to Jim Burke.Speak with Melvin, and get the information I needed. Melvin has been THE ONLY one helpful in this entire situation.Kia dealership finally complete the diagnosticOn 2/17 I contact Jim Burke and get the General Manager Tee Thomas, who was beyond rude, disrespectful and lacked ownership.I was advised that he would not pay for my car to be fixed at Kia, although they told me to take it there, twice!I asked about the clause that stated $100 deductible to any other dealer. Tee confirmed that I would owe $100 if I took it to anywhere else. I then said ok fine, I’ll just pay the deductible. Kia dealership just needs to know where to bill it too. He then tells me no, he is not paying the bill there when he can fix it cheaper.Tee also stated he would not reimburse me for the rental car, although it is included in my warranty and it states, rental car coverage.That I needed to bring my car to them and he could have it fixed in 1 day. The only reimbursement that I could get was the diagnostic fee. He then disconnected the callThe experience has been unimaginable.I have now lost money by following what they advised and then talked too any kind of way. I will be contacting my lawyer and the BBB. Do not, I repeat do not purchase a car from Jim Burke or ever do business with Tee Thomas, or Kelsey Young. All they care about is the sale and nothing more! Horrific Experience!Follow up 2/22/21I got a call saying my car was ready. I go to pick it up and they could not verbally tell me what work was done on my car or provide any paperwork. What reassurance do I have that anything was done to my car at all.None!Follow up 2/24/2021Kelsey called and advised there is nothing wrong with my car , still no documentation. And I know it is bc it’s doing the same thing. He said, bc I left a bad review they won’t be fixing anything. Hmmm... my car is still within warranty! I’ll be escalating this issue now.

Review №32

Took my car in for oil change, tire rotation and 2 filters changed. I noticed the next day that the tires had not been touched. I distinctly remember the 2 tires on the drivers side had stem caps and two on the passenger side did not have stem caps. When I got my car back it was the same way as when I left it with them. So now Im wondering if they did anything at all. I will NEVER take my car to Jim Burke for NOTHING. At this point I dont trust them.

Review №33

Always explain everything in great details...service managers are very helpful.

Review №34

My go to place for repair and warranty work on the family car. Rusty and crew do an awesome job always.

Review №35

All I can say is ⚠️

Review №36

Only place to go for Subaru sales and service. My dream car sits in my drive! A beautiful black Legacy Sport limited!

Review №37

Morris is a great person

Review №38

Easy no pressure hassling.. Took a little too long to get everything through but other than that the people were excellent to work with.

Review №39

Like A kid in a candy store.

Review №40

Everyone was very polite

Review №41

Every one was friendly. We got a good deal .

Review №42

Great service, nice experience. Big shot out to Jordan Martin.

Review №43

Service Department was great. Got me in letting me know that it would be 3-4 hours to check and repair. Couldnt ask for better service and friendly adviser. Would definitely recommend. I was also from out of town.

Review №44

Good. Job

Review №45

Helpful, on time service.

Review №46

Always have excellent services!!

Review №47

I will never gi back to Jim Burke Ram again!!!!!!!

Review №48

Ashley Campbell is an EXCELLENT Service Advisor. She did a Wonderful job, when it came too my Vehicle and Representing Jim Burke. I Appreciate Her and Thanks again...

Review №49

Fast, friendly service.

Review №50

Great customer service!!!

Review №51

Brain Christopher is the best.. He saves you money on services by not letting you get what you dont need. I trust the health of my car to ONLY these guys.

Review №52

Kyle was just great!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review №53

The people here do a really good job. The service tech explained everything that needed to be done to my car and told me how much it would cost. They offer a local shuttle and the waiting room was clean and comfortable. Prices were kinda high, just like all other car dealerships. Would recommend them to anyone.

Review №54

Always great service and on time everyone dont wear masks

Review №55

I highly recommend the body shop for fair and reasonable repair work! These guys are honest as the day is long!

Review №56

Went there to get my car checked out and left with my engine check light on for the 1st time ever! Service tech denied any responsibility before I even pulled off!! These people are shady, very unprofessional!!!! Will never return!

Review №57

Jim Burke team work my car finance with no trouble come and do yours

Review №58

Sales team was good but that service dpt is a negative!! I have never been so annoyed with a service department attitude for you coming in for services! This is my 2nd time and theres always an attitude, no Hello, Thanks for coming how can I help you? Its always attitude like they dont want you there!! Then the free wipers and oil change has stipulations that I was never told about! Not again, I will continue to support the nice guys at Express Oil on the South Side!!

Review №59

Always great service!! The only ones that services my cars. They know and care that my family safety is in their hands!

Review №60

Sales Advisor Robert Bell took care of my question and concerns. I highly recommend him

Review №61

Be warned.No employee had a mask on and did not stay 6ft from customers!Waiting room was marked off nicely

Review №62

I would like to thank Yvonne for getting me into my new Challenger....You are the best...I love my car...

Review №63

Great customer service!

Review №64

Very unprofessional, I had inquired about a vehicle on line. I was contacted, I attempted to contact that person and spent ten minutes on the phone trying to speak to someone with sense. I spoke to the COO, Ephraim something at around 6:30 p.m,and he was of a patronizing, condescending sort and wished to let me vent and explain the facets of their Five Block Superstore and I told him that I was ,Talking to the wrong people about a car. So I moved on to another dealer that was more concerned about helping me then napping! Truecar and these folks make a good pair, all sh**, no real help!

Review №65

Very frustrating experience. Maybe its just Jeep dealerships in general. Im having transmission issues, after being to every other Jeep dealership in Birmingham they said they were a few weeks behind but Burke said they were only a couple of days behind. So I took my vehicle there last week on a Thursday. The guy in the service shop was nice and said itd be Monday at the latest they could get it checked. I said thats no problem Im a salesman I can work from home for a day or so. Monday rolls around and no call, so I call them. He keeps saying that as soon as he knows something hell let me know. Its now Thursday and still no vehicle. They wont rent a vehicle for me because they say if its not under warranty then Ill be charged for the warranty vehicle. Ok, then freaking take a look at it and let me know if its under warranty! It has taken a week and still the vehicle hasnt even been looked at to see if its under warranty. Its a joke. Dont say youll look at it by Monday if you have no intention of doing so. And if youre the one holding it up then give me a freaking rental car, youre making me lose money.Edit from previous post: Matthew was very courteous. The transmission issues are intermittent so my worry came true, it couldnt e replicated. Its a good thing I didnt rent that car because it did take a week just to get it looked at. Matthew was nice and probably did the best he could. 6.5 out of 10.

Review №66

Specifically Mr.Brian Christopher, stand up sir and give yourself a paid vacation day pat on da back.i was a very disgruntled customer with little understanding skills,just plain impatient and ignorant. I came to get my engine serviced, he got me the loaner within a regionally exceptional time frame, and yes, the engine is great. He provided essential information in terms we could understand.he was more than patient with me as well as proactive in the middle of a pandemic where customer satisfaction is a lost art. I appreciate your flawless service and you didnt even seem as if you were trying. It just was you....Coming from a young general, thank you jim burke for hiring him and thank you Brian for helping me, a crazy consumer.

Review №67

The service was very good. The people are always nice. The waiting area was clean. I didnt have to wait a long time for my car to get fixed.

Review №68

The service was so great I was smiling from ear to ear. 😊😀😀😁😆🥰😍

Review №69

The best auto buying experience ever buying RAM truck from Jim Burke. Excellent customer service, very nice. They went out of their way to make it easy for me. I will buy from Jim Burke again

Review №70

This review is based on the very first impression. So far, this is the best Dodge dealership service I have come across in the Birmingham area. Others have proven to not give two flying sh*ts about you as a customer if you havent bought a car with them. This place, however, treated me and my car in a polite and professional manner regardless if I bought the car from them or not. I will definitely go back for oil change when the time comes, even if I have to drive an hour. If you have a Dodge and you are not from around the area or Alabama in general, go to them. Trust me, its a better customer experience than Anniston or Pell City dealerships will give you by a mile.

Review №71

Great paint and body shop

Review №72

Great sales reps that work for you and do everything possible to make sure you have a great buying experience. They have a great deal of lenders that they work with making buying a car simple and easy. They don’t sugarcoat it and they do what they say. Great people and great buying experience! Before you go with someone else, do your homework and give them a shot.

Review №73


Review №74

Great dealership that cares about their customers.

Review №75

Car dropped off for recalls fixed and sensor issue I told them about. Said would be done that afternoon and by morning for sure. Next day got here at 1:00 while in town. 3:30 still here.......will go back to someplace closer next time. Thought as long as they have been here, they would have it running smoothly. Wrong. A lot of over hearing about “ I got only one man”“ what you want me to do” hire people or close doors!!!!!

Review №76

I cant say enough about the awesome staff in the Jim Burke Hyundai service department. Rusty has been very attentive to my automotive needs. When there was a way to hold the manufacturers accountable for repairs associated with their recall, the service manager had no problem going to bat for me. Although my first impression of this establishment was not a good one, my final impression is the one that REALLY COUNTS! I feel so blessed that these were the guys: Rusty, Eddie and Justin that tended to my 2013 Hyundai Sonata and me when my car just STOPPED RUNNING on the interstate. It took about a month to get my car fixed right, but I am proud to say we are on the road again!!!

Review №77

They have wonderful service they gets you in there and out in a timely manner. I love them.

Review №78

One word... Expensive!

Review №79

Fast service

Review №80

We couldnt be n the same place. Im here 4 a free oil change each & everyone of the staff just walk passed u after if we were invisible. My wife & I stood there 2 c just how long it was going 2 take before someone asked us if anyone had helped us. That never happened. A few other customers pulled up, got out of their cars & awaited there next move. 1 customer service person was on the phone the other 2 were at there desk looking down no 1 said give me a minute & Ill b with u. After about 10 minutes another customer service person came in looked 2 see which truck was next & began 2 help. Not friendly at all. This is the last time I come here I would rather pay 4 just 2 get good customer service. I took my wife car yesterday 2 express oil change & customer service was great 40 some dollars but customers service 1000.

Review №81

Really appreciate the service and the professionalism that I get from Jim Burke service department, thanks 😊 👍

Review №82

We are on our second vehicle from this dealership. The only reason I gave them 4 stars is the fact we always get the new salesperson. Of course they tried to get far more for the vehicle than we were going to pay. But we always leave with a good deal. I have to mention their great service department is my number one reason for buying from Jim Burke.

Review №83

Good service it does seem to take about 1hr-2hr a trip. Very nice and easy to deal with for my first trip. Didnt try a lot of upsales

Review №84

They didnt alignment the car properly. The steering wheel is clocked incorrectly. It was correct before they put their hands on it.

Review №85

They dont do emission testing so they couldnt help me but it was a clean facility and the employees were very attentive. Great customer service

Review №86

The employees are really helpful and nice.

Review №87

I had a recall on my Jeep Patriot. The service was excellent, they came and picked my vehicle from my apt and informed me of the work completed in a timely manner. I’m going to pick it up now.Thank you Jim Burke!

Review №88

Mr. Donald Harris was has exceptional salesmanship he truly made sure I was satisfied and drove away in a beautiful Jeep. Thanks again Mr. Harris and God bless you😁

Review №89

I had a great experience with the Jim Burke used cars. My salesman Donald Harris was very professional and courteous. This was my first experience but it will not be my last. I bought a 05 Camry with low mileage and rides like it just came out off the assembly line. I will most definently be back for future purchases!

Review №90

Horrible experience and unbelievably long wait times at this location

Review №91

Mr. Gillespie was great! He was so kind to talk with my son so that he could be informed about the car purchasing process. He was able to get the best car for him.

Review №92

They left my car out of the rotation in error and tried to mislead me that they had cars left from the day before ahead of me. My question to anyone that would use this service department is why are they making appointments if theyre backed up. They gave me an 8am appointment knowing they were backed up. Why not schedule customers another day? Are they that bad on scheduling or do they have a lack of respect for customers time?

Review №93

The service center has treated me right with all vehicles I have brought here! Rodney Cooper is my usual service advisor and he is great!

Review №94

The service was fast. The employees are very nice and professional.

Review №95

Helped me find my carrot chariot...a tangerine suburu in my budget. Love these people.

Review №96

Sales team worked well together. They made my experience memorable. Would recommend visiting prior to making a car purchase decision elsewhere.

Review №97

Jessie Leanord helped me get into a brand new vehicle I had zero faith he could. Hes very professional and consistent. I recommend everyone to specifically ask for him bc he goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy and making the best decision for your lifestyle I was an expert on my vehicle before I left. Jim Burke should give this man an award for outstanding customer service!

Review №98

I bought a used 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie from here and the day after, I had to take it back to them to fix A/C issues and a simple thing like the door lights that we’re going out. First rainy day, I now have discovered a water leak in the back window. Buyers beware, they fix as little as they can to sell and leave you to figure out what else is wrong. Good thing here is they are willing to help fix the issues. Will update post after dealership decides how it’s going to fix the water leak. I just want the truck to operate normally; is this so much to ask?

Review №99

Bad credit? No problem.. Ask for Adrian

Review №100

Wonderful customer service, no usual dealership pressure or hidden fees. Very transparent and flexible to make a deal work. Ask for Don Harris!

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