Carvana Birmingham
115 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd S, Birmingham, AL 35233, United States
Review №1

Can I give 0 stars? Brought the wrong paperwork to the pick up luckily we wanted the car because ours was already on the roll back before we got back from an extremely short test drive. Carvana still hasnt paid off our trade in though so lets see....

Review №2

I picked up my car on June 27, 2021, and still haven’t received the copy of my title and can’t get any status other than they are working on it. Therefore, I can’t register it in my state in my name nor get a license plate for it—making it a vehicle I pay for and insure, but can’t really drive. If this were resolved now, I’d be happy with everything else.

Review №3

I was very excited to try and do business with Carvana after a close friend told us of the great experience he had. Unfortunately my progress was short lived when I was not even offered $6,000 for my trade in. That was really a low ball and turned me away from doing any future business with them. It may workout for some but not a great experience for me.

Review №4

Took two weeks too get the Jeep I purchased and it showed up absolutely filthy food in between the seats Head liner stained, Multiple dents and scratches not listed and worst of all the check engine light was on! decided to swap it for another vehicle and it took another two weeks and on the day of delivery the driver calls and said the car has been severely damaged in transport so at this point I decided to just to get my trade in back but it’s been 13 days and I still don’t have my vehicle and they keep saying they are rebuilding the contract. I am talking to an attorney on the situation. This company like everything else is suffering right now on quality so my advice is do not order a car online. I will never do this again it has been an absolute nightmare I have missed multiple days of work and rearranged my schedule for nothing.

Review №5

I still have not received my car. Carvana has rescheduled at the last minute with me 4 times now. I even talked to a live representative that insured me that the transportation problem was taken care of. The car is literally 3 hours away from me. I would not recommend anyone get their hopes up for a proper or prompt delivery.

Review №6

The process with Carvana was literally almost too easy. Sold my car and the entire process was less than 10 minutes, with an immediate payout. Staff was friendly and the price they offered me was exactly what I was looking for. I recommend Carvana 100 times over!

Review №7

Sold our car with Carvana today & it was such a pleasant experience! They offered a very fair price and the customer service was unmatched!! Quick transaction and the money was immediately deposited in our account with drop off! Would definitely recommend selling or purchasing with these guys.

Review №8

Sold my car!!! Great company to sell your car to.I decided to sell my car and looked at the offer that Carvana would give me. The process was easy. You create an account and fill out details about your car. The offer was around the range for what my car would have been sold at some place else. I like that they gave you the option to drop off or allow them to pick up the car. Great experience with them and hope to use them in the future.The young lady that came to inspect my car (sorry, cant remember her name) made the process even easier. She was very knowledgeable about the process and provided me with all the necessary paperwork. Thank you.

Review №9

Great vehicle purchase experience...Quick... Great saleman and saleswomen...

Review №10

Car was supposed to be delivered on Saturday 7/24/21 at 1:30PM I get a text message early this morning saying my car will be delivered on time then 4 hours later I get a series of messages saying nah just kidding it will be Wednesday 7/28/21 at 1:00PM. Called customer service to find out why and all they were able to tell me is that logistics made a mistake. So carvana is offering me $100 off a $26k purchase and not even going to waive the $490 delivery fee. They say its hassle free but yet they just caused a huge hassle for me and Im sure others as well. Terrible service so far.

Review №11

Scheduled Delivery at 12:30pm on the 14th did not show up.Called Carvana and was told it was rescheduled to the 18th at 6:30pm.Delays I can understand but---1. I was not notified of any change2. I was not given any reason for the delay.The last message I got was 24 hours prior saying it was on the way. Did not receive any notice of the change until calling Carvana after waiting for my delivery that did not show. The representative did not see any a reason listed for the delay and submitted a ticket saying someone would call me in 24-48 hours. Scrolling through the reviews this seems to be a common problem for them...considering canceling my order and going elsewhere to avoid the headache.

Review №12

I purchased a vehicle from carvana and it was not as advertised. The vehicle appeared to be good, at least that is what they showed me, but upon inspection after receiving the vehicle it had over $6,000 worth of damage to it. They wanted to wait until my grace period ran out before they would approve a payment to repair the vehicle. I purchased this vehicle with all the extended warranties and I could not get a payment for either of the warranties until my grace period ran out. After that I chose to send the vehicle back due to questionable ethics. I recommend that you have a body shop of your choice or mechanic shop available to inspect any and all of these vehicles that are sold sight unseen. Youre buying in good faith but you may not be getting what you think that youre purchasing.P.S. ( statement to Carvana after their response)I respect the response that carvana has given, they know that I have called numerous times to resolve the matter. If Carvana wanted and still wants to resolve the matter they can call me the customer back with another option that is suitable than just thier best interest. This situation has cost me more money than just the down payment due to thier delays. It actually cost me the sale of my vehicle. I think the online concept is great but this experience is the nightmare that is a strong possibility that has been my reality. The answer is simple pay for stated repairs on estimate quickly to keep sale of car and reputation. Do not string along or string out your customers after all they are what make your company exist and provide a livleyhood for everyone working there. It is very simple, the inspection you pride yourself on and advertise was not done and it shows. If you want to retain the sale and for me to amend this review contact me the customer and it can be resolved. Hope you have a great day.

Review №13

Worst car buying experience of my life. Unbelievably unprofessional and disorganized. I purchased a car on March 6 2021, just over seven weeks ago. Carvana accidentally sent a blank check for the taxes and registration, and from there its been a complete nightmare. The check was returned to them, but now they cant find it and will not cut a new check (for $850+ - money I already paid them in the purchase price) so I can get the taxes paid and the car registered. I have called them at least 15 (LITERALLY) times, only to hear lengthy explanations of who has to talk to who before they can look into it some more. I dont care what your convoluted process is, FIX THIS. Several weeks ago, they promised to overnight the check, and when it didnt show, I called and theyve started the same BS process all over again. A supervisor (named LT) and regular employees promise to return calls, and fail to do so. And every time I call them, I have start all over again with a new customer service rep. This has been going on for weeks, and I am so angry Im about to drive 2.5 hours back to Birmingham and sit in the damn waiting room until someone hands me a check. Also, their hold music - which I am VERY familiar with now - plays the same 5 songs over and over and will drive you up a wall. I am now on hold AGAIN for long enough to write this. Thanks for absolutely nothing.

Review №14

If I could leave a zero, I would. Please Don’t Buy online. We’ve had a horrible experience. The anticipation of getting a vehicle we’ve never before seen was exciting. It got rescheduled twice but that wasn’t a huge problem. My husband got it for me as a birthday present and it arrived in time for my birthday. The vehicle exceeded our expectations and we loved it. However, we noticed things that were going on with the vehicle and we called immediately. They told us where to take it and we did. Our complaint never got fixed. It was still within the 7 days trial. It was miscommunication between Carvana, the warranty company, and the repair shop. We even paid extra for an extended warranty. Had I known that my initial complaint wasn’t going to be fixed, I could have returned it within the 7 days. We haven’t had our vehicle six months and now it’s inoperable. We can’t drive it. I’m so disappointed. I’ve been calling for months you can never speak with a manager. They tell you to take it to a repair shop and they never fix anything because they’ll say it’s not covered under the warranty. They tell you to submit all diagnostic reports to support your claim only to tell you it’s nothing that they can do to help you. I even asked about switching into a different vehicle and they said we owe too much on this one. This vehicle was used as our primary source of transportation. It costs over $3000 for the repairs that’s needed and we still have to make our payment. I feel like we were sold a lemon. If you’re in need of a dependable vehicle please make an appointment and visit a dealership. Save yourself the heartache, stress, and disappointment. They’ll give you the run around. I’ve spoken with customer service, post sales, and the sales department. I don’t want to talk to know one else to get my hopes up only to be let down. I’m going to talk to an attorney to see what can be done about this situation….. I’m very unhappy with this company!!!!!!!! If you’ve had a bad experience or if your issues have not been resolved please contact me so that we can come together and file a class action suit against this company!!!!

Review №15

This is the first time we have purchased a vehicle online. It couldnt have been easier! The team at Carvana was on top of everything. They sent us text messages and emails throughout the entire process. They even moved our delivery date up so we could get it sooner than anticipated. Delivery was also a breeze. We were texted when he was leaving to come to our house. Aaron was super meticulous about the vehicle being perfect. It had a few raindrops on the windshield from being brought to us and he made sure to clean them off for us. Our SUV also didnt come with floor mats and our delivery guy, Aaron, told us that the mats were ordered and would be coming straight to us. A totally pleasant surprise.I have never been to a dealer who goes above and beyond the way the entire Carvana team did. This is truly the way to go to buy a new vehicle.

Review №16

Great truck selection and reasonable prices. However, after having one delivered it had a check engine light come on during trial period and a technician came out and said i needed a new motor and should take the car to a dealer and I needed new wheel barings. Called carvana who told me to call silver rock (who handles their warranties) who told me to call carvana who told me to call silver rock and finally I took the car into a dealership after silver rock said they would be covered and now the engine isnt showing the same code so silver rock says they will not cover any diagnostic. Overall, this has not been a fun process.

Review №17

Perfect in every way!! Experience and customer service was over the top.

Review №18

Edit: Oct 6 Carvana said they wouldnt finish the bank loan paperwork until after the 7 day return wait period. Carvana completed the dealer request form and uploaded to their database Aug 7. I picked up the car on Aug 12. My bank couldnt send payment without the form being completed by the dealership even though I had be preapproved for the loan amount and the bank didnt receive th3 form till Oct 5th so they were finally able to process. Really didnt enjoy the run around that Carvana gave us just to fax in one form to my bank. Left us high and dry without any updates. I was calling Caravana every week asking and all they kept saying is that they are working it but that there are delays getting paperwork processed. Iffy if we will use Carvana again....Original post: Loved how I was able to complete most of the paperwork online and only had to sign a few documents in person. Was able to drive off within 45 minutes though I had to drive 3 hours 20 minutes to a pickup location as most are located in larger cities. Never liked spending the whole day at a dealership. There was some residue on the front of the car that didnt come off, but they added it into the notes and allowed me to get it washed and had to file online for reimbursement for it. There were a few minor mechanical issues like oil leak and tpms light turned on during the drive home but I was able to take it to one of their in network repair shops and it was covered either under the 100 day warranty and the original dealership warranty to cover the replacement for the gasket cover so required a bit of running around to get the car 100%.

Review №19

Great experience! My delivery had to be delayed thanks to snow (totally not Carvanas fault). I was worried the delay would be several days, but thankfully I was able to receive it just one day after the initial date. The gentleman that delivered my car was extremely nice! My car didnt have mats so he went ahead and ordered them. I received them the very next week! Aside from the mats, everything in the has been great! Drives nice, has no problems. Everything was described how it was on their website. I will recommend Carvana and plan on using them again when I need another vehicle.

Review №20

I will never do business with this company again and will speak out against them as often as I can. They do not try to work with you or be flexible and if they mess up, they make very minimal attempts to fix it. They are a heartless company whose only goal is to make as much money as possible regardless of who it affects or whether it is ethical. Please do yourself a favor and go with someone else.

Review №21

I love my car! It runs smooth, and it did have some weird splotches on the inner door handle that didnt pick up in the photos. But thats okay. The person I talked to was wonderful and did his best to answer our questions. This is my first car and Ill probably sing praises to everyone I know.

Review №22

Great customer service and vehicle presentation.

Review №23

In and out in 15 mins. Excellent customer service.

Review №24

Great experience. I had my car in less than a week. Great vehicle.

Review №25

Highly recommend and Toya was pleasant and helpful

Review №26

The whole buying experience was very easy and the staff were very professional! I would highly recommend using Carvana.

Review №27

Very friendly and quick! Will never buy a car the old fashioned way again!!

Review №28

I purchased a Lexus in May 2021 and To this day I don’t have a registration. Currently I can’t drive it because the temporary tag has expired. This process has caused me stress, depression and a serious inconvenience. Please let me return this vehicle!!

Review №29

Its been a while since Ive purchased a new car and honestly I put it off mostly because of the hassle I knew Id have to deal with to get a deal completed. I used the Carvana app to find and locate the specific car I was wanting, but didnt think Id go the way of purchase and financing through their partners. I am so glad that I opted for that route. The streamlined steps they laid out and what to expect along the way were spot on. If I had a question I could text or call them whenever. Every point of contact was very professional with me.My delivery person could not have been more fantastic. Her name is Trviestious and I have to say I loved how excited she was for me. The app allowed me to watch in real time as she was driving my new car to me. And it was truly amazing to see a woman pull up in the Carvana truck, get out and handle getting it off the truck with ease. I know I shouldnt have been surprised with that, but it made me beam just watching her do her thing. She is a boss!Ive now had my car one week and have been so please with it and all the follow-up reminders from Carvana on my next steps. I truly cannot express how pleased and happy I am with the service and product purchased through Carvana. Now I understand the halo above the car symbol on the app!

Review №30

Best experience ever! If youre buying or selling your car, you wont be disappointed! The process was so easy! I was done in minutes!!!

Review №31

Awesome. Really nice place and service was fast. Best car buying experience i ever had.

Review №32

Carvana is the best used car vendor I have used just use caution with bridgecrest they remind me of greentree whom were finicial predators

Review №33

Great attitude and recruiters are very helpful!

Review №34

My sister purchased a new car from caravan and caravan Birmingham was the closest location for us to pick up. Everything was perfect

Review №35

Great place to buy a car

Review №36

Good experience so far I’ll update when the car arrives. One thing I will say is that the wait time to call in is a little long. Otherwise the easiest car deal I’ve done

Review №37

Very nice and professional people would use this company again..

Review №38

Fantastic customer service 👏

Review №39

I purchased my car to be delivered April 29th upon them delivering my car it had issues it wouldnt start and there was metal on metal squealing coming from underneath the car I kept the car to take it to a repair shop it took 10 days to get it repaired but I love my car they paid 100% of all repairs before I purchased and they are sending me an inconvenience check for all the trouble I had with the car yes I would refer somebody to buy a car through this company 100% impressed

Review №40

Great service in this new buying venue, we drove from Louisiana to pick up a new car and was in and out in literally 30 min tops .. highly recommend

Review №41

The best place to get your car they go above and beyond to help you I highly recommend them

Review №42

I dont write many reviews unless my experience was just that bad. And it was. For three weeks I had been going back and forth with them to get them the proper paperwork they required. The problem occurred when they wanted a 10 day payoff with certain requirements to be on the payoff. I was fine with it so I called my lien holder and advised what they were requesting, to find out that it is against my lien holders policies to put certain info on the document. Ok so I worked my way around that to get things taken care of. I uploaded the document and then Carvana came back saying that my payment was past due. Considering that it has taken two weeks just to get to this point. I advised Carvana that no late fees were to be added to the payoff and the payoff is still good as stated. I had even contacted my lien holder and advised of this and they were good with it. Carvana, however, said that it had to be taken care of. I made a payment. No fault of anybody just timing that probably could have been taken care of if Carvana hadnt drug everything out. But I was like whatever lets just get this deal done. I called them and then they said the payoff was no longer acceptable after they had told me that it was good just take care of the payment. So then they advised me they would call my lein holder to get a verbal payoff and per diem in the morning since my lien holder had already closed. The next morning I called and Carvan advised me that their policy had changed due to the high call volume and that they couldnt call my lien holder. But they wasnt going to let me know that. So in under 12 hours their policy changes and leaves me with no clue. My offer was due to expire the next day. So it sort of felt like they were trying to prolong the situation so they could offer less money due to depreciation. Whole experience was terrible, awful, bad, and everything in between. Will not do business with them again until something is done about customer service.

Review №43

Seriously, would give 6 Stars if I could. I dealt with 3 or 4 people through the process and all of them provided unbelievable customer service. I’m talking “give Chick FilA” a run for their money” good. Thanks Jade, Brandon, Delaney and Chantel for the great service! This is the easiest way I have ever sold a car and got top price for it!

Review №44

I love my Buick Encore! Lenae delivered my vehicle and she was awesome; friendly, knowledgeable and a great personality! Also a dog lover so extra plus for her on that one! The process itself was so simple.I will definitely do it again when I’m ready for my next vehicle.

Review №45

I absolutely love Carvana! The process was very smooth and the advocates were very friendly and knowledgable! They delievered my Jeep Renegade ahead of the projected date and automatically let me know of any issues that ReKi may have had. I love all of the services provided and would recommend them to anyone whos in the market!

Review №46

Nathan was a great customer service representative, I used to sell cars and this is the fastest way to a car ever, no fuss, no haggling, no wondering am I getting a good deal.

Review №47

Fun! The whole thing was FUN! I picked out my car in the middle of the night drinking coffee in my boxers. I got a very nice trade-in offer for my Honda. I clicked a few clicks, accepted their offer, bought a Buick with an extended warranty, changed the insurance over, signed up for OnStar and picked it up a few days later. It was quick and easy. I dont have a single complaint about the entire process. They even had a gift basket for my dog Hootie with treats and a frisbee! I also was given several $500 off promo cards to give out. Contact me on FB if you want one. I wish someone had had one for me! :) So far I am 100% satisfied Carvanista!

Review №48

The Offered was a solid price, dropoff was super fast. I elected ACH Transfer as that was the recommended method. I dropped off the car on Saturday the 6th. The only confirmations I received was the Vehicle Purchase Agreement. After the dropoff there was no confirmation email, no text, nothing. Radio Silence. So on Monday I reached out to chat support who reassured me that everything was fine and if I didnt see the deposit by Tuesday afternoon to reach out again. Tuesday morning I spent 2 hours on the phone to find out the ACH transfer wasnt initiated on Saturday, but that they initiated it on Tuesday at which time I got a confirmation text that the payment was initated.The ACH Transfer wasnt initiated at the dropoff appointment, and then Customer Service failed to properly investigate on Monday. Delaying payment by at least 24-48 hours. My car was in great shape and well maintained, but I would be afraid to buy a car from Carvana after seeing the 5-10 minute inspection walk-around they gave the car I was selling.

Review №49

Worst car company EVER. Purchased a vehicle for towing as it was advertised to have everything I needed. Vehicle was delivered without the hitch receiver to tow. Delivery driver (who did try to help) said Carvana would take care of it because it was their mistake. After days of arguing with Carvana they finally sent a partial check for the part but refused to pay for labor. After several weeks of waiting and contacting again they “forgot” to send the other check but overnighted it. They would rather me return the vehicle and lose my sale then make it right. Shameful. My first and last purchase from Carvana.

Review №50

This was hands down the worst car buying experience of my life. The website and picking out the car was great and easy. Things went downhill from there. I was paying cash and their antiquated and inefficient way of transferring funds made the whole process miserable.They basically give you two choices, provide them a direct link to your bank account (which I was not comfortable with) or set up a three way call with Carvana and the bank. We chose the latter. Twice we called to set this up and after waiting for 30 minutes we finally got a person on the line, we got cut off. A third time after the 30 min wait we were told by the lady that she was going to have to call us back....she never did.Finally after wasting an entire afternoon trying to set up the call, we were successful and the funds left our bank account the next morning. Meanwhile, I kept getting text from Carvana stating I needed to go to the website to complete paperwork. The paperwork left to do had to do with payment not yet received.I called Carvana as funds left my account on Thursday and it was now Tuesday. After waiting the usual 30 minutes for a human, they explained it sometimes takes five business days to confirm the money was in their account. Five days....are you kidding me? If they would have provided wiring instructions, I could have done the transaction on my iPad in 10 minutes and the money would have been there that day! Then the delivery day came. They showed up on time and the delivery guy was very nice. After he left, we started looking closer at the car. The car had 15,000 miles on the odometer but the tires were almost worn out...very strange. The following morning I was going to drive the car on some errands and noticed the check engine light was on. I returned to the house and checked the gas and oil caps. They were secure. There was a message on the dash that trac was off. Pushing the trac button to turn it back on did not succeed. I called Carvana to ask them to pick it up and issue a refund. I was informed that the refund would be initiated after they picked up the car in five days and it would be an additional five days before I would have my money. Honestly, in this digital age there is no excuse for a fund transfer to take this long. I would not recommend doing business with this company.

Review №51

The easiest car buying process ever! I always pictured the vending machine thats on the TV commercials but the one in Birmingham only has the two showrooms seen here.

Review №52

There was no inspection of the SUV’s. Several issues but what was really bad that tried to slap some paint on the back of the Highlander to hide something. It was either Carvana or the group that had them before. Regardless, Carvana did not inspect anything other than clean and see that it ran.

Review №53

Worst buying experience in my 25 years of purchasing automobiles. Multiple delays in delivery, damage to automobile in transit, listed imperfections on Carvana site not accurate, mechanical issues & cosmetic damage that must be repaired involving hours spent on the phone, no resolution, multiple visits to repair shops involved and failed commitments from its executive resolution team Lisa & Tyler with whom I have been forced to speak. Now waiting for a supervisor call to attempt to resolve this nightmare as of 11-13-20.

Review №54

Buying my 2015 Nissan Rogue was the best car buying experience ever. I am now a spoiled customer. Carvana will be the only way I purchase a car in the future.

Review №55

The Carvana team did much better with this purchase then they did my previous attempt to purchase a car that was wrongful advertised. I really like the fact that it was sanitized, detailed and clean when they presented it to me. Now there’s one small problem that I would take to a repair center to have it taken care of in the near future.Otherwise,so far so good and if the team can help me purchase the Hyundai Equis ultimate that I am trying to purchase and was not given an alert on then we’re looking at five stars

Review №56

Solidly the best experience I could imagine when buying a car, and I work at a dealership! We only had issues with Carvana once (small titling problem that we fixed at the DMV in about 30 minutes), but they did everything they could to help. We felt so welcomed and comfortable from the second we walked into the door, and they even had gifts for our dog! Will be reccomending carvava to anyone I know that needa a car.

Review №57

Please understand that I had high hopes for this being an easier, salesman free, way to purchase a vehicle. Very easy to buy but they have ZERO customer service thereafter. Charged me $300 to take delivery of a vehicle that was literally unsafe to drive. Took to a mechanic where 12 different codes were found to exist. These codes were cleared by Carvana to keep the check engine light from appearing. Literally on test drive #2 the car flashed codes and began to lose power on the interstate. They refused to come up with a better solution or refund the money for delivering a car that was unfit and unsafe to be driven. They have a great marketing team that sells you on vehicles that are misrepresented. If 0 Stars was an option here I would have put that down. I was uneasy about using them from the beginning but after witnessing their business practices first hand I can assure you buying a car through ANYONE else is better than Carvana. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY. If you do use them make sure to buy the extended warranty. You will need it because the 150 point inspection they claim to offer is bogus.

Review №58

The experience was awesome and extremely easy. The only thing we where disappointed in was there was no kiosk or tower that my daughter could put the coin in and watch the car come down but other than that it was perfect

Review №59

It is a company with no one at the helm. You cannot speak with the same person about an issue so you have to explain the issues everytime to someone who is new. There is no continuity. In the amount of time I was left on hold I could have haggled with a dealer and registered my car with the DMV and not have the headaches that I have had with Carvana. Terrible service!

Review №60

Im surprised. These people are super nice and have a great process.

Review №61

For the first time in my life I purchased a car online from Carvana. At first I had reservations about buying a car in this manner but now I dont believe I will ever go any other way. The car I purchased is a 2013 Ford Mustang GT Premium with only 4299 miles and it still smells brand new! After only driving it about 100 miles the check engine light flashed on and off so I called Carvanas warranty people at SilverRock and they said carry it to my local Ford dealer to have it checked. A crank sensor had to be replace for a total cost of $199.00. SilverRock paid the bill in full and I paid nothing! The Dealership said I had the best warranty on the market. Now, I am real glad I purchased from Carvana because it is so easy to do and they take care of the customers with a great warranty!

Review №62

As a first-time car buyer, I was so impressed with the entire Carvana experience. Everyone I spoke with was courteous and easy to speak with. No pressure and no hassle.Ill definitely make my next car purchase from here again.

Review №63

I had a great car buying experience from start to finish nothing but professionals. They have won me over. The process was hassle free. Thank you Carvana!!

Review №64

I bought a TLX and scheduled to pick up on March 5. They delayed twice to March 11 and March 16. They said it was because of a flat tire. After waiting of 11 days, I got the car with two new rear tires. They problem is the rear right tire is still leaking !!! It lost 1 psi every day !!! I wonder what it is the real problem !!!They promised me to give $25 per day for the delay. Until now, I did not receive that.They said finished the registration on March 25 and the package is on the way. Now it is April 3, I did received that.

Review №65

My experience with CARVANA has been nothing short of Exceptional I reccomend CARVANA to anyone Im getting my next vehicle from them. THANKS CARVANA!!!!!

Review №66

Carvana is AMAZING! I was in a car wreck just before Christmas ( everyone was safe, thank God.) and I totaled a my car and needed and new car ASAP. I have 2 kids so my life cannot come to a stop. I applied and was approved in under a minute. I submitted all of my documents and spoke with an agent who walked me through the entire process. Everyone I spoke with was kind and very helpful. My car was delivered to my home on time and on schedule. I was able to track my delivery the entire time. It was actually fun and not stressful to buy a car. I will be using Carvana Everytime I want to purchase or sell a car. I also received some sweet merchandise that came with the car a really nice tumbler and a nice Carvana keychain and a FULL tank of Gas♥️. Sometimes its the small things that count. And I have 7 days to drive my car to and from where I need to go to make sure its what I want. Thanks Carvana for turning what could have been a rough holiday, into an amazing memory about how I purchased my first car.

Review №67

You dont wanna know

Review №68

They take too long to deliver and the day before my car pose to be delivered the changed the date a whole week later talking about the car need a battery

Review №69

Sold my truck to Carvana and it was very easy to deal with. Went online and got a quote and then scheduled a pickup. They arrived on time and did the normal, drove it around the block and looked it over to verify my information I provided was correct and had a prepared check for me. I signed a few documents and the deal was done in under 15 minutes. Thank you, Carvana for your innovative solutions and straight forward business ethics.

Review №70

Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. I bought the car and the check engine light came on the next day. And Everyone I call is hanging up on me, even when I give my number for a call back, I do not receive one, and I am left without a car(traded mine in) while the 7 day guarantee is wasted as it sits in a shop waiting on their paperwork to process before they can even fix it! I can not test out this vehicle or see if I like it until the 7 days is up, because it will take 4 days for the guy to come out to the shop Carvana insisted I take it to, to inspect the diagnoses of the shop they told me to go to!!! AND all the while no one will get me the number to the people to help me get a rental car!! Instead I am left with no way to get to work or get my kids around. I keep getting the run around with the 1800 number. THIS IS HORRIBLE and SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Review №71

Buyers beware!! It took weeks for them to approve my vehicle for trade or sale. After they finally gave me an appointment date, no one showed up! I had an email with the appointment date and time, but they said they didn’t see where my appointment was submitted! 🙄 Then they tried to schedule it for a few days later. Save yourself the hassle and go to a real dealership! They have very bad customer service!

Review №72

A truly amazing car buying experience. Buy a car from the comfort of your couch. No sales people, no lies, no pressure, and delivered to your front door. Super easy financing. Got bad credit? Give them a try.

Review №73

Awesome staff...awesome buying experience

Review №74

Easy and fast. Fair pricing.

Review №75

I am impressed with buying a car from stress! Everything went smoothly and all of the people I spoke to really went out of their way to give me great customer service. I will use Carvana again!

Review №76

Carvana is the best way to buy a car. We have bought 2. We will buy again next time. The business is growing, so they need more space. They know how to treat you right.

Review №77

They had our car waiting for us ready to go by the time we got there. Friendly staff. Made sure we were taken care of. In and out in 15 minutes.

Review №78

Carvans was very courteous they help me every step of the way. The Sales Reps were great. My family is about to buy another car. That will be the fourth purchase

Review №79

Super nice facility. Friendly and helpful staff. Really happy w/my car. Overall great experience! Try it...Youll like it!

Review №80

I purchased a vehicle from Carvana in July. The buying process was great. I stopped by and was driving my new vehicle back home in less than 30 minutes. The car itself is perfect. My problem with Carvana is the fact that I was given temporary tags that expired before I received my permanent license plate or another temporary plate. I called 3 times the week that my license plate expired and they assured me that my next set of temporary tags would be there by the expiration date. They didn’t follow through on that. I was stuck not being able to drive a vehicle that I paid for for two days. Then they finally mailed my temporary license plate. I also did not get my permanent plate until 2 months from the time I purchased the vehicle. From my experience, it seems that it is an easy and convenient initial buying experience. Once you buy the car, don’t expect them to care about you at all.

Review №81

I have been a finance director in the car business and my experience with Carvana matches the lowest expectation of any dealership in the state. They lie about car availability and then will sell the vehicle you have reserved in your name. Worst experience I have ever dealt with. They told me they had sold the car once I was in the credit unions’ finance office getting the check cut. All they could say was we are sorry you are experiencing a technical issue. My experience with them was so unprofessional and terrible. Save yourself the headache and lies and buy from someone local like Donohoo Auto or Royal in Hoover. What I should have expected from a completely online company with no real dealership in the state. Just to add to this review since it has been responded to by Carvana. They never reached out or tried to make the situation right. Not a good company.

Review №82

The whole experience was kind of strange. Sorry, I just dont have a better description.This location is a diamond in the rough in regards to interior condition is the building around it. Staff was very down to earth though.As far as Carvana the company: the process was very easy, the loan rate was sub prime but I also didnt have to deal with any car salesmen.

Review №83

Location was clean and very modern. Hard to spot in normal traffic. Service was quick and precise. My only complaint was we were expecting to be at one of the vending machine locations.

Review №84

I have to say, I bought my ‘17 Chevy Cruze through them after MONTHS of being turned away from normal dealers when my credit was amazing. I’m so so so thankful for carvana. I will never go through a traditional dealer ever again! I loved the quick process. As for somebody with anxiety, traditional dealerships stressed me out so bad. But carvana made my big purchase so quick & easy. I love them! Thanks for being such an amazing company! And thanks to the employees for being so awesome!

Review №85

They delivered the car to the Tennis Court for me. They are great to do business with .I am thinking about buying another pick up and would not buy one without checking with them first.

Review №86

Riding Us .

Review №87

Very friendly and helpful staff. Paperwork was all ready when I got there. When submitting my car’s details online, I was honest about the condition of my car and they didn’t quibble about nonsense details. I took advantage of their offer of an Uber ride back to work. In and out in about 40 minutes.

Review №88

Easy way to buy a car. You apply online pick out the car that fits your needs. Look thru pictures of different cars. You pick from colors of exterior and interior. Milage, all the bells and whistles inside you might want. You also get a description of any damage there car might have. You then set up a time and you go in and get your car. You take a test drive. If anytime during the initial time of seeing and driving you car that you feel the car is not right you have the option of not getting the car. You can check into another car. Really a great experience!

Review №89

Dont know much of this place but the folks arent that friendly on the phone .not mean mind ya just not people oriented ..and thats not good

Review №90

This was an enjoyable experience all the way around i bought my car had my insurance and everything ready to go now i just sit back and wait to go pickup my new car the payments are fair the down payment easy to give out i give it a 4 star rating simply because i did have some confusing moments on the paperwork itself but all in all i wouldnt say that was a bad thing just a little confusing

Review №91

Everything went smoothly they dont have the vending machine so dont get your hopes up. Staff was very nice and answered all of our questions.

Review №92

Awful . Do not buy from these people. Sent me a car with undisclosed dents and other issues. Sent me a second car, the same. Held up the payoff of my trade. Too many more to list. Buyer Beware!

Review №93

The best decision I ever made! Will never go to another dealership.

Review №94

I just bought a Dodge for Carvana. It was the best experience I have ever had buying a car. I will defentaly use them in the future.

Review №95

Very friendly staff. I really enjoyed my purchase experience and would definitely purchase from them again in the future if needed.

Review №96

Awesome customer service

Review №97

OMG loved my car and my experience

Review №98

Had car and was in good detailA little hard to find and parking was a little difficult.

Review №99

This is my first car purchase thru a dealership. I have just looked into carvana about a week ago and let me tell you with all the hassels you get when you go to a dealership carvana is all hassel free. They will even deliver the car wherever you are at and not only that, the service you recieve from the workers who deliver or customer service Representatives you always get the best experience with them and looking for a car can be a stressful thing but they will help take all the stress off. My fiance and I have different types of car prefrences and the worker will take all you both have and help you find that perfect car to both your prefrence which I was so glad to have their help. The easy way to look for your car is thru carvana, you can look and if you know what you want it will always be there and the prices are crazy good with great miles. Cant wait to try my second car choice hopefully its the one thank you carvana.

Review №100

Out looking at cars and Autotrader listed a specific car I wanted to check out as being at this location. Decided to swing by and look at it but they do not have any cars for sale here physically. So if you want to test drive or just see it in person? Too bad. Why list it on Autotrader as being here? Intentionally misleading advertising.

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