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9800 Parkway E, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
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This car dealership went above and beyond what’s expected. Vanessa couldn’t have been anymore helpful. Absolutely zero pressure when looking at cars. Miguel and Shake answered all my questions and even delivered my daughters birthday present car to my address. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Had a great selection of cars and very friendly and nice to work with. I looked at several vehicles and was even taken in the back and shown some that were not ready to be sold yet. These guys wanted to make sure I was buying the right vehicle for my needs. This was my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own and Vernessa (I think thats how you spell it) was very helpful and made sure I had everything I needed and knew what everything was that I was signing. Couldnt have asked for a better experience as a newbie. I will definitely be back when I am ready to purchase another vehicle.

Review №3

My experience was average. My best advice to anyone purchasing a car from this dealership or anywhere is following:You know that paper that is taped on the windshield of the car. Take time to read the back of that letter. It will list everything that is wrong with the car.This list should also be included in the paper work you sign.This will either save you some trouble in the long wrong with buying a used car or it can helpful in haggling for a lower price.

Review №4

I just recently purchased a used 2015 Ford CMax Hybrid from Larry and the guys. Thankyou to Vernessa for helping on the office side. The physical location isnt much to look at and needs some serious help but the guys there know their trade.Larry knows his cars. I wasnt even looking for this specific car. I came there for a more fuel efficient car than my Pathfinder, a Subaru. I didnt like the ride but Larry talked to me even though it was close to closing time and told me about the CMax. I left did my research, came back a few days later and test drove the CMax and decided it was the car I wanted. Great Price, great service, thanks again!

Review №5

I was looking for a used vehicle that I can use for work. I searched on autotrader and spoke with 2 other dealerships. The representatives from those dealerships told me they would call me back regarding the vehicles I was interested in and they never did. I called and spoke with Mrs. Varnessa @ Alabama Carland and she was so pleasant and had a trusting voice. She communicated with me without me having to request it. The entire staff was so helpful. The car I purchased air conditioning unit needed to be reset. The mechanic Larry was so honest about that issue and spoke with the owner Shake about the problem and they immediately got the issue fixed. They were up front. I am currently enjoying my new work car. Thank you to all of the employees at Alabama. Carland!!

Review №6

Horrible customer service and communication!!! My husband had communicated for the last week (as recent as noon today) with the owner about a Ford Focus hatchback. We drove 3 1/2 hours today to purchase said car. Upon arriving at Alabama Carland we are told the car was in the shop yesterday and the master cylinder was out and needed taken to a Ford dealership to replace non of which was communicated with my husband at any time leading up to our arrival!!!! We drove 3 1/2 hours for NOTHING! They didnt even try to rectify the situation and show us something else! We will never ever look at another car at this place!

Review №7

This was a great experience for me friendly sale agents. Yes I would buy from them again

Review №8

They were friendly and helpful and and got me in a car I like

Review №9

Great service .dont forget to ask for miguel he convince me i needed that car !

Review №10

Great people with great service I will come again.

Review №11

I visited Alabama Carland this week and purchased my 2013 Honda Civic. Car was great and runs smooth. Staff is very friendly and efficient at what they do. All my questions were answered and explained to the point. Manager named Shaikh was very professional. Thank you guys we love the car👍🏻

Review №12

Held off on writing a review because I wanted to make sure the car wasnt a lemon. It was an older car in comparison to the rest of their stock (2010 Hyundai Elantra).When we picked up the car, its interior and exterior were cleaned well - they paid attention to detail. The car also came with relatively new tires and only had a tire pressure light on, but that light came off by adding air to one of the tires.The staff is all helpful. The manager, Shaikh (aka Shake), was accommodating and answered all of our questions. He wasnt always calling and asking if we were going to purchase the car, which is great because from past experiences at other dealers, the salesmen were still trying to reel us in.Lastly, I should mention, I called at like 10 pm to see if the car was still for sale and was so surprised that someone answered. I thought Id get their voicemail, but nope. I think the manager or another man answered, and Im sure I bugged him, but he was still friendly and said that the car was still for sale, and I could view it anytime the next day from 10 am to 7 the next day. 😂I would recommend them to everyone and anyone!

Review №13

Was looking for a Subaru and they had the best car for the best price. They were very helpful and the process was quick and easy. I love my forester and it’s in great condition, I would recommend this place to anyone.

Review №14

I purchased a 2014 Ford C-Max Energi plug in hybrid in December. I noticed the car online as one of the lowest-priced model year w/ similar mileage in the country so with suspicious optimism I called AL Car Land to ask if they would take it for a full inspection down at the Ford dealership down, which they kindly did first thing in the morning paid for and had me a clean inspection report by lunch. The next day they let me borrow the car for a few hours to charge fully (down the street at Serra Nissan free charging stations) and test EV only range. I decided to buy it when I brought it back, and before I left they cleaned and washed the car filled tires and tank. I was surprised the car was noticeably bigger in person than the Prius next to it I also looked at. For under 10k: 60k miles still under 100k mile full factory warranty, 20 miles all electric range/40-88 mpg hybrid, leather heated seats, bluetooth, nav, even ambient color lighting inside. Super clean car. Responsive, professional, accommodating, friendly staff all around. 10/10.

Review №15

These cars are cheap for a reason. Cigarette burns, cat hair and beat up cars. Dont waist your time going here. Go down the street to Serra Toyota. They will treat you great and feed you to!

Review №16

Had what I wanted in my price range.

Review №17

Just bought a Toyota Corolla 2016 a week ago and runs great! Very nice people and all my questions were answered. I received the help I needed all the way through. Definitely recommend this place!

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Review №19

Great place to buy a car! The prices are very good and they are very honest about the cars. Would buy a car from them again. Very friendly too!

Review №20

The service, salesperson, and sales manager were all excellent! It was a great experience. We purchased a great car at a great price!

Review №21

Went to look at a car I liked and as I was on the way I called a couple hours before with the vin of the vehicle I was trading in to get a value. After 2-3 calls to them and no returned call from them I came on out anyways because I was very interested in buying.Got there And mentioned That I haven’t received a call with the value of my car “being a business you should stand on your word even with the smallest of things” and the lady just walked out like whatever...(same lady I’ve been talking to) keep in mind a drove almost a hour and a half there and had to drive that back home!spoke with a guy who was supposed to “value” my car and he didn’t know a lick about how to value a car. Lol it was a joke! He never looked inside nor drove it (said he didn’t know how to operate a stick shift but values people’s cars!) WOW! He then proceeded to tell me a valued number he got from Kelley blue book...keep in mind he never had exact mileage entered, color, specs, nothing just make and model for all he knew I had a gold mine maybe a lemon but I promise he didn’t know!After a little talking and playing along with salesman of the year I decided to leave and on the way home I called him back with my Kelly blue book value which had ALL specs needed but low and behold he was $3,000 off the LOWEST end of my car worth! Sheesh! After giving a little facts he then wanted to do a little bartering like most businesses who want to sell something would but I wasn’t interested. Yes the car I wanted and still do but business with these people NO! Felt like a trap waiting!Everyone will have their own car experience with this car lot Good and Bad but this is mines.Did I mention he did call me back after I gave him my cars real worth and after that wanted to be a salesman ? =)

Review №22

Friendly salesperson and great hospitality..... any problem you see they will fix before u buy... car is driving great so far... I recomend

Review №23

I had a as great experience here! The staff was super helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend this car lot to any of my friends or family.

Review №24

I purchased a 2016 Toyota Camry from this dealership. The salesperson & Owner were outstanding! Nice hospitality great deal for a perfect purchase.

Review №25

What a great No Pressure buying experience. Shaikh was able to find us what we wanted. They found a good rate for financing. Did all the paperwork and we are the owners of a beautiful car. Do not hesitate of buying at Alabama Carland, they are the best!

Review №26

I love the customer service. Everyone was very helpful with me. I purchased a 2016 Toyota Camry and its very nice. Looks brand new inside and outside!!! I will recommend to anyone who is looking for a nice car and within a good price.

Review №27

Great people! Cool selection!

Review №28

I had a great experience purchasing my car from Alabama CarLand! Shaikh was very helpful and had awesome customer service! I got an amazing car that I love for a great deal. I highly recommend!!!!!

Review №29

Great quality great assistance, we drove from Huntsville to Birmingham for this car and it was so worth it five stars all around

Review №30

100% recommended. Excellent Car Dealership. Shaikhs customer service goes way beyond; he and his team will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and definitely no other dealership can compete with their prices. If you are looking for price, quality and reliability when buying a car THIS IS THE PLACE!! Thank you Shaikh for making my vehicle purchase an excellent experience with your professionalism!!!

Review №31

My visits was pleasant the guys was very knowledgeable off all the cars that they sell very patient whats the customs and the thing I liked about it it was a hassle free environment

Review №32

Smaller dealership but very friendly and accommodating. No pressure! Check them out.

Review №33

SHAIKH (pronounced Shake!), is awesome!!!! Came right down the road from Huntsville - great car, clean as whistle, like brand new but a better price! He was honest without all the salesman pressure. Clean office, great assistant in Harris too! Yall welcome them to the Bham area - come see them and find your new car! Thanks you guys, well be back!

Review №34

Great Experience! Great customer service! Let me test drive as much as we wanted! Great all around ! Quick service ! Very pleased!

Review №35

What a joke of a dealership. Had a car I like, I made an appointment with the secretary to come up, got there and the guy who ‘does the trades and sells the cars’ was not there. She didn’t try to call him, he didn’t answer my phone calls. I drove an hour each way for nothing. Guess they don’t want business, I was ready to buy.

Review №36

My car buying experience was stress-free! Many thanks to Vernessa and the rest of the staff at Alabama Carland; they were prepared, polite and professional. They really took care of business. I am very pleased!

Review №37

If you want a lemon then you are at the right place, after dealing with them I prefer to just go on down the road to a prestige dealership want get my money again never!

Review №38

It was Greater I just hope this car last me for a long White but overall everything is great

Review №39

Great easy experience there. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review №40

I bought my daughter a car from here and after three weeks of driving the transmission went out on the vehicle and when i went back into the office to see will they work something out on getting the issued fixed or my money back and they gave me a hassle about the car they sold me. My daughter has not even received the car title back from the DMV on this car and the transmission is already died on it, and here I am left with a college kid without a car that want drive no where so they basically swapped there trash for every dime i had in my account after I stressed this to the salesman but its obvious he did not care he just wanted my money and the top it off this was my daughter christmas gift. Am sick and tired of the bad business thats coming into the Birmingham and surrounding areas and am going to make it my duty to stop this from happening to anyone else these business should be fined for treating there customers this way and we as the customer should take a stand on these crooks.

Review №41

Me and my wife had the pleasure of doing business with Haris. From the moment I first contacted him from Marketplace about a car we liked for sale there, he was very helpful on the info about the car, and he gave us a very fair price as well. All the other staff at the place were extremely friendly, him and the other gentleman there acted almost like friends, though we just met them. There was no salesman pressure from anyone, and I got a full Carfax report from them. All in all, it was a good experience. As for some of the negative reviews here, any time you buy a used car there is the potential for mechanical or other issues, things they probably did not even know about: that is just the quirks of buying a used car. I am sure one would be aghast if they could get inside stories about the “honesty” of more reputed dealers, so I would not be to quick to speak against a smaller operation like this. We came there all the way from Booneville MS, and we are satisfied with the treatment we received.

Review №42

I was in the market for a newer vehicle, and I am partial to Hondas. After searching Carvana, Vroom, Carmax, AutoTrader, and a host of other sites, I came across a link for Alabama CarLand. Not being familiar with them, I did some research and found out that ACL is an offshoot of Versatile Collection, a car dealership in Alpharetta, GA.When the time came to actually buy a vehicle, I went by ACL, looked at a few Hondas, and test drove a metallic blue 2016 Civic. But, I never jump on the first thing that I come across. I went to several other locations and did test drives, as well as continuing to look at Carvana and Vroom, because their stock rotates daily. Almost a week and dozens of test drives later, I went back to ACL.Now, I do honest reviews, so, I will say this: I was hesitant to buy from them at first. Why? Their lot is fairly small, the building is very basic, and the place gave off the vibe of a typical, cheap used car lot that many people dread going to. I will be the first to admit that I was WRONG to have that initial impression. Appearances can be deceiving! ACL is just getting started here in Birmingham, AL. They are actually looking to move to a much bigger lot / building, but, they had to make their startup foothold somewhere.Every single step of the way, Harris and Shaikh were very polite, never pressured me, and patiently answered any and all questions that I had about the vehicles. They were upfront about their pricing, fees, and where they get their vehicles from (many are lease auctions). Carfax reports are provided free of charge, and they will allow you to inspect and/or have inspected any vehicle you are interested in.Their prices are so much lower than any other dealership or car lot. Why? They buy them at auctions, detail the cars, and then price them to sell quickly while turning some profit. The Civic that I bought was priced $1,500 less than any other place that I looked at, all else being equal in terms of year, style, approximate mileage, etc. That was huge savings!If you are in the market for a nice, clean, previously owned vehicle / lease auction with low mileage, do not hesitate to go by ACL! That was the smoothest, easiest, most professional car buying experience that I have ever had. To top it off, Vernessa will guide you through the paperwork and carefully explain what everything is, never once seeming to be impatient if you choose to read every single letter before you sign! I HIGHLY recommend ACL if you are in the market for a newer vehicle.Tell them that Chris Finch sent you!

Review №43

Very nice cars and the staff works to get you in and out with everything you need. Even if the internet is out and they have to use alternate means 😂

Review №44

They worked hard to get us what we wanted!

Review №45

Nice experience.

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