Freeway Honda
1813 Ensley Ave, Birmingham, AL 35218, United States
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Sold me a 2017 392 Scatpack Charger quick and easy process. They worked with me regarding getting the deal through with the proper banking system. Mr. Ralph Williams made sure it wasn’t a complicated long tiring ordeal like it normally is when looking to purchase a car. Marion explained everything I needed to know including with numbers and financing. Highly recommend these guys.!

Review №2

Everyone here was wonderful! The managers were helpful and easy to work with, but the star was my salesman, John Barnes III! John listened and gave amazing service. He was always friendly and reliable. I expect to enjoy my new car and couldnt be happier! I appreciate you John Barnes and and the Honda Freeday team!!!

Review №3

Everyone here was wonderful! The managers were helpful and easy to work with, but the star was my salesman, Rick Henry! Rick listened to what I needed and never pressured me. He was always available for questions and always friendly. I am enjoying my new car and couldnt be happier! Thank you to Rick and to Freeway Honda!

Review №4

Definitely will recommend to anyone. The team is awesome and they care about the people they serve. Ralph was amazing walking me through this purchase, the general manager made sure I was satisfied, Mr.Willie helped me understand everything I needed to know. Great car buying experience.

Review №5

We did not plan to buy a car on Columbus Day; just going to look at the Passports because our local dealers didn’t have any in stock and we wanted to test drive one to see if it work for us. No pressure at all (thank you!) and we did try one and immediately knew it would work for us. The process to trade in our Accord and drive away in the Passport was smooth. We recommend the people at Freeway Honda if you are looking at purchasing a vehicle!

Review №6

As a first time car buyer I can honestly say Chris Steele and the rest of the Freeway Honda crew were more than accommodating! They were extremely helpful and the entire experience was smooth as silk!

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Review №8

Chris Steele at Freeway Honda in Ensley has made me a very happy man!!! Him and the entire staff made me feel like this was the best decision I’ve ever made!! Very thorough with the procedure!!! Cheers to my first car!!!! Third car lot I visited today and last! Look no further! You can drive off today!

Review №9

John Chilton and the general manager were very nice ppl. They greeted me and made me feel welcomed. No hassle at all. I went in to buy a Honda and got more than expected. Great place to shop. I recommend them to anyone

Review №10

Rick Henry is the absolutely best! He is on point! I will recommend him to anybody!

Review №11

Rick Henry really really help me out today on purchasing a car was satisfied an excited very very pleased with Rick Henry very very good salesman great great attitude Love Love Rick Henry will be sending More customers to Rick Henry Thank you Thank you Rick Henry God Bless 😊😊😊😊😊

Review №12

I had an awesome experience tonight purchasing my 2021 Honda Pilot. My salesman, Ralph, was amazing. He took the time to show me every car that I was interested in. Then, the General sales manager Marion stepped in and explained further and sealed the deal. I went to finance which can be a nerve wrecking process and David was really good with explaining everything to me. I wasn’t just signing documents. I was learning what the documents were. I really appreciate that time they all took with me. It was the best car buying experience I’ve ever had.

Review №13

Everyone at Freeway Honda was very helpful and considerate of my need to purchase a new vehicle. I would highly recommend this dealership for sales and service. Frank Smith went above and beyond to ensure that I had a great experience. I am very appreciative of the support and customer satisfaction efforts.Thanks Freeway Honda!

Review №14

Marion is AMAZING!! Rick is ok… Just playing! Rick fun and not a hassle. Thank you Freeway!

Review №15

Mamma T was great!!! She was very positive and really cared about getting us into a new car that fit our needs. Thank you so much!!

Review №16

This is a Great car Dealership! My car salesman “Moma T” was the nicest and greatest service to me! She will make you are driving straight off the lot with your car!

Review №17

I just want to start by saying everyone we came in contact with was very friendly and professional. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication this team has with making sure their customers are well taken care of! We will definitely be back when we’re looking for our next new Honda purchase!

Review №18

Mama T was very genuine and caring very friendly and helpful highly recommend ask for Mama T when you arrive here

Review №19

The staff at Freeway Honda are the best, especially Steciny!

Review №20

We bought a Honda Pilot two weeks ago. This dealership was very professional from beginning to the end. Marion, Andre, Blake, and Uriel.These people go the extra mile to make your experience a good one. They were willing to price the car on the phone unlike most other dealerships. I had someone at one of the largest Honda dealerships in Birmingham tell me they gave their best prices to the people that came in person. Im not sure they realized we are in the midst of a pandemic. It was hard to get them to return my call. Keep up the good work Freeway!

Review №21

My car salesman Ralph was the best salesman ever he made sure I got the car that I wanted at an reasonable price !! 100% recommended dealer

Review №22

Appreciate Frank working with me got me in a nice car and a timely manner good dealership good service... 💯

Review №23

The salespeople are okay. We were able to walk around and view the available inventory. They did not have a large selection of the used vehicle I was looking for, but they do offer some very nice reasonably priced vehicle. I would recommend that you at least visit this dealership if youre looking to purchase.

Review №24

I had a wonderful experience here and the customer service was great. 10/10 would recommend.🙂

Review №25

Came to this location not expecting to purchase a vehicle Mama T, was very polite and knowledgeable. This was one of the most pleasurable car buying experiences I have had. She explained the breakdown of incentives involved in the price of our New Honda Accord. I encourage anyone who’s searching for a car to go see Mama T if you want to get too riding today !Thank you.

Review №26

Great staff, no BS, and very friendly all around. Andre and his team took excellent care of me, and I got a new car with a reasonable price, and they work hard to make the deal happen. Would highly recommended them!

Review №27

I called this store about having 4 tires installed, as well as having the regular scheduled maintenance performed on my 2018 Odyssey. Bobby in parts was very kind and helpful. Paulette in service transferred me to other departments and hung up on me (possibly inadvertently) twice. I tried calling back two more times, but I just could not seem to get the service department to help me. I pass a dozen auto shops on my way to this one and I would have been happy to do business there, but I just could not get them to help me. I see that my business is not valued nor desired. This was just too bad. I am leaving this review here as a courtesy/warning to other potential customers.

Review №28

From start to finish, the staff at Freeway Honda were AMAZING!!! Nathan gave me, by far, the BEST sales experience!! Andre is a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL General Manager! Should I decide to purchase another vehicle, I will not hesitate to go back to Freeway Honda.

Review №29

The best dealership I have ever dealt with! Rick Henry took care of us from start to finish! He explained everything in detail. So polite and honest! We loved dealing with him and we will for sure be back to deal with Rick and Freeway Honda for our next purchase!

Review №30

Andre Smith is a nice guy. Enjoyed transporting a car to him. Almost sold it to me lol. 2020 ss Camaro! Loved it.

Review №31

My experience with this dealership was atrocious. I took my civic in for some repairs and standard maintenance. I waited over two hours to get my car looked at, only to receive a whopping $900 offer for brakes services. What a joke. These people are trying to scam those who do not know any better.Do not take your vehicle here if it needs service or repairs.

Review №32

Willie Williams is the one you want to see. His dedication to excellence and to the customer is second to none. When I was searching for a vehicle as a surprise for my wife, he went above and beyond to ensure we made it happen in a quiet and timely manner.Freeway Honda is a dealership like none I have seen. Amazingly friendly staff that really make you feel like family. Friendly faces, smiles and laughs is what sold me with this team. I certainly recommend and will use them again.Can I get a Roll Tide, Willie?

Review №33

My salesperson Priscilla Bussey presented herself a professional and was very knowledgeable of my 2021Honda Ridgeline. Her relentless desire to do whatever to make me a happy customer. For that I’m grateful, Thank You Priscilla.

Review №34

If good customer service and professionalism are important to you, then based on my experience, this is probably not the dealership for you.There were a few red flags, but because I really liked the vehicle, I proceeded. For the first time ever, I was delivered a dirty vehicle with gas tank on empty. While cleaning out my new purchase, nothing could have prepared me for finding a gun in a compartment. Not a toy gun, but a real Glock. Luckily, I have no small children; lucky no family with small children purchased this vehicle. The gun has been turned over to BPD.While I am happy with my vehicle, I will never return to Freeway Honda.

Review №35

Rick Henry was super helpful and knowledgeable in helping me purchase a new Honda Pilot. Very kind and good natured salesperson . Would recommend him and the dealership to other buyers . Thank you .

Review №36

Mama Tee was the best, I went in expecting something used.. I left the lot with a 2021 BRAND NEW with only 9 miles! She’s the best, please go see her!!! Big thanks to Marion Cain also, he is a beast with the numbers! Very friendly environment overall.

Review №37

Well, we loved them so much, we decided to buy another vehicle. I want to give Kudos to Marion Cain. This guy works absolute magic when it comes to financing. Not to mention, hes quite a snappy dresser. Haha Overall, the entire team has been an absolute pleasure to work with and would certainly recommend to anyone.

Review №38

Mama T (Terri) was the best. I bought a 2016 Jeep Cherokee and I love it. The service she provided was outstanding.

Review №39

I worked with Mary and Marion and they both did a fantastic job. They listened to my needs and helped me get the best deal! They are true professionals!

Review №40

My car salesman was Rick Henry . He was very dedicated to getting his job done . The whole team actually gave good customer care and they made sure I was happy .

Review №41

The sales staff was very helpful

Review №42

(Black car is theirs, orange is for reference)As you can see their window sticker, it lists having a part that is incompatible with a Fit Sport. Hondas own documents prove that. I have copies of the install instructions for both side spoilers and splash/mud guards. Since the car is a Fit Sport, that means it was delivered as such. The Sport includes the exterior stuff along with different shock/springs/struts. The dealership did not install any of that. You can see they want to charge $899 - $75 tray that drops into place and doesnt lock into anything; 4 wheel locks at $35 (will take all of 5 mins to install) and $70 guards that are not and cannot be installed. This is called affirmative misrepresentation. That is actually a type of fraud specific to dealerships and there are laws in place for that. I worked for Carbone Honda and Toyota - this is a disgrace to other Honda dealerships. This is a shady work and they will not be receiving mine or my girlfriends business.

Review №43

Hi my name is Mrs Lowe Im writing a statement about miss Mama t shes a very sweet kind lady and shes helped you all the way she can shes got a person you would really love her

Review №44

Mama T is the best. I would recomend anyone to go right to Mama T...

Review №45

Niece walk away satisfied with the car she got, excellent service great bunch of people that work there.

Review №46

If you are looking for great customer service, this is not your place. My husband and I have purchased 4 Honda’s and our most recent purchase was from this dealership. For 10+ years we have had them serviced at this location and Tameron Honda in Hoover Al. Needless to say I am not quick to give bad reviews, but this one is overdue and well deserved. I gave Freeway Honda a chance to prove to us that they stand by their customers but they have proved me wrong on several accounts. We have experienced bad service more than we should have allowed and their customer service is not always pleasant. We have had way too many issues with the service department and their lack of responsibility to resolves issues. The first account was life threatening and could have been really bad. My husband took my car to have the oil changed and could have crashed and or lost his life. Once he left the dealership and proceeded to get on the interstate the car would accelerate up to 75-80 mph and he could not get it to stop. Using the emergency brakes and pumping the brakes saved him. He was finally able to get the car to stop on the side of the interstate, where he then had to contact Freeway Honda to come pull the car back to the dealership. They fixed the issue (that their technicians caused) and offered me one free oil change after my husband came very close to being in a car crash and causing some damage to my car! Recently, I got my oil changed and discovered the oil was leaking in my garage in massive amounts. Freeway Honda had to tow the car back to Honda and repair that. This past week was the last time I will step foot into their doors to purchase a car or have our cars serviced. They stripped my oil plug and refused to replace the pan that was suggested by Tameron Honda. They fixed it by placing a larger screw in the pan. I contacted cooperate who also backed them up in their scheme to rip us off, damage my car, and not fix it properly. I have never in my 44 years of life experienced cooperate stand behind their workers who have repeatedly offered poor customer service. They will never get another dime from us as long as I can help it. It’s clear they do not take responsibility of their poor service and are very comfortable doing so. Where I’m from, if you break something you’re responsible for fixing it, and not just placing a bandaid on it. Be careful with this company!

Review №47

Mama T was the best!!!! She is very knowledgeable and definitely offers souther hospitality! Makes you feel right at home. I definitely will be shopping with her if I ever need another vehicle

Review №48

Such a positive buying experience. Mary and Andre were great! I came in and told them what features I wanted and what my target price was, and they were able to find something that met all of my criteria. 10/10 would recommend.

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Review №50

I purchased my car on May 13 2021 on my way home which was after dealership hours I got a phone call stating they made a mistake on the sales contract so they would overnight a new contract for me to sign and overnight back now mind you the omit was nearly 1000.00 dollars more ,now legally l didnt have to do this but l did cause it was the right thing to do now they were given a 10 day pay off on the 13th they received the paperwork back on the 21st ,l have a payment due on my old car on June 1 2021 ,l contacted Freeway Honda on May31 2021 cause my old car has not been paid off yet they assured me it would be paid off by June 7 2021 a full 25 days after I purchased my car today is June7 2021 my car still not payed off ,today l have called Freeway Honda 4 times once to accounts payable, once to the controller, twice to the finance manager no one will answer their phone ,now my 10day grace period on my old car payment will be up on June 11 2021 if not made a late charge will be charged and a hit on my credit report ,these people are not competent or they are crooked dealers WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THEM FOR A DOG SALE

Review №51

Good friendly service.7/1/2021 4:15pm The GM,Parts ClerkToday they did nothing to help me with a simple oil change. I have car doc they have been free, today 74.00$Nobody said a word. My sales person told me free life time oil change. They all are full of BS beware get everything in writing

Review №52

Great customer service and very patient staff.Go see Frank Smith if youre looking for a nice. new Honda or maybe even a used vehicle. I enjoyed working with the staff.Thanks Freeway Honda.Thanks Frank Smith and Rob Bishop for putting a deal together for my new Honda CR -V.

Review №53

Me and my husband came to Freeway Honda with the intent of buying a 2015 Jeep Wrangler in May. Our sales guy I had been speaking with for 3 days, Willie, was nice and seemed like a really great guy! We stated we wanted to finance the jeep strictly through Americas First Credit Union and no one else. We discussed this 3 or 4 times in text, over recorded phone lines, and in person just seconds before our credit was ran. Once Mr Willie took our information to his manager to run the credit, they ran it through 5 different places. We ended up passing on the jeep at that point. I asked very nicely for them to explain why it was ran so many times and I would really appreciate if they figured out a way to remove those inquiries. They refused to call me back or take responsibility for their actions. Now there are to many inquiries on my reports to get approved for the jeep we really want and that is in our price range. Do not buy from them. They do not listen to what you want or need. They will do what they want with your information. And take no responsibility for anything!!!

Review №54

Mama T is the best of the best. Awesome service and great hospitality all around 👍

Review №55

I had a great experience at Freeway Honda thanks to Willie. He was courteous, professional, and experienced. He did a great job answering our questions and making the car buying process very smooth. My husband and I felt that he really went above and beyond to service us, including traveling long distance to deliver our vehicle to us as it wasnt completely ready at the time of sell. We got exactly what I wanted at a fair price with fantastic customer service. You cant ask for more than that.

Review №56

Freeway Honda is not a good Honda dealership to get a car from. They lied on my paperwork that I did a trade in. And I didn’t do a trade in they didn’t put down that I put money down or nun. CHECK YALL PAPERWORK !!!!!!

Review №57

Went here last night to look at a car they had on their website. Me and my wife sat patiently for an hour and a half while the looked for the car. We were as patient as we could possibly be with the gentleman that was helping us. They finally came to the conclusion that the car was at the detail shop getting some cosmetic work done. After our salesman went back to his managers office, he came out with some figures that were considerably more expensive than what we were originally looking at. They also didnt offer to try to match any costs or compensate us for the time we spent there. I could have been back at work making more money, but instead I had to waste that opportunity sitting there while they tried to make an upsale. There was no initiative to ensure our business transaction with them. I feel like we were given the bait and switch tactic. Their staff overall was nice enough to ensure we didnt need anything while we were there and their facility was clean but their business strategy is awful.

Review №58

These people have bad customer service in the service department

Review №59

This dealership does not allow customers to have a used car checked out by a mechanic! Ive never heard of that. You wouldnt buy a home without having it inspected, so why would you buy a used car without it being inspected? What is Freeway Honda afraid of? Go somewhere else. If I could give no stars I would.

Review №60

Mama Tee showed me the best service she worked hard on the sell and we got itThank you Mama Tee

Review №61

Mama T thank you so much for your time and patient you really work hard to make me a happy bless lady today in my new car Bless your sweet attitude

Review №62

Wonderful customer service. Salesperson are polite and patience! Purchased our 2020 Honda from there.

Review №63

Long story short, Mama T is awesome!

Review №64

Terrible! My wife had an appointment to go in and purchase a vehicle but the vehicle was sold the night before. The salesman didnt even contact her the morning of the appointment to let her know that it had been sold. So she drove an hour to receive the bad news in person. Lack of communication and laziness. Luckily we found another dealership that had what we wanted. Freeway will never get any of our business.

Review №65

Mama T is the best! If you need some wheels she is the person to holla at! Seem like I’ve known her all my life lol

Review №66


Review №67

I was referred to Mama Tee at Freeway Honda and got the deal of a lifetime if you go there ask for her she was very knowledgeable and got me in my dream car!!--

Review №68

Very nice friendly atmosphere

Review №69


Review №70

I had a wonderful experience at Freeway Honda! Mr. Rick Henry took very good care of me and was very professional.

Review №71

Mary Alvarez and her finance manager was very helpful in what I was looking for. They really help me through the whole process. Again, I sincerely thank Freeway Honda for a great car buying experience.

Review №72

If you shopping for a car just happen to stop by Freeway Honda in Ensley, please ask for MamaT. She’s courteous, knowledgeable and a professional!! I felt like I was talking to one of my aunts!! Thanks MamaT ☺️

Review №73

The people are very friendly an will work a great deal out for your budget!

Review №74

Mama T is the best if u need anything she the one you need to c.

Review №75

Mama T was great! She put me and my granddaughter in a brand new car

Review №76

Mama t was excellent sales person I will refer people to her

Review №77

Great Experience at Freeway Honda. I was already pre-approved at SFCU. I visited the dealership after searching online and purchased the vehicle that same night. The process took less than 3hrs. Shout out to FRANK SMITH!

Review №78

Came in for an oil change, left with a new car! Better deal and broke even! Satisfied customer and Honda owner 👍🏾 Thanks Rick Henry @Freeway!

Review №79

Overall, a very good experience! Closer to a 4.5 than 4, but its not an option. My salesperson was Mary and she was helpful without being too high pressure. My only complaint is the car interior wasnt as clean as it couldve been, but I got a great deal on it.

Review №80

Rick Henry was very professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

Review №81

I have nothing good to say about this place. They drug me around for three days on a vehicle. They put my credit thru the ringer only to sell the vehicle out from under me. By far the worst I have ever been treated.

Review №82

The help we got meant alot thank God for new management

Review №83

Mamatee is the best sale there at freeway honda if you want to ride today go see mamatee

Review №84

I love It!Darrius, Frank, Marion, And Nathan were Amazing!

Review №85

I was shopping for a new Ridgeline. After having a terrible experience at another dealer in the region I contacted Freeway Honda. Every individual I dealt with was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. I’ve purchased a lot of vehicles in my life but this was by far the best experience I’ve had. I got the vehicle I wanted at a fair price and my wife and I felt like our business was appreciated throughout the process.

Review №86

Great place to buy a car! Everyone was extremely friendly and professional. We bought a GMC Yukon from Rick Henry. He was super easy to talk to, and he got us a great deal. If you are thinking of buying a car, go see Rick Henry!

Review №87

Great experience today at Freeway Honda. Several staff members assisted in our car purchase. Curtis was wonderful in helping us narrow down what we wanted. We will definitely be back for our next vehicle purchase!

Review №88

The professionalism and atmosphere at Freeway Honda is by far the best. John Chisholm is their Sr. Salesman and he has always gone above and beyond to assist me whenever Ive purchased a car. I only purchase my vehicles from him because hes always professional, informative, and hes committed to providing his clients with the best service.

Review №89

Friendly service, good deal... very helpful from start to finish.

Review №90

Customer service was great.Staff was also great and knowledgeable.Would recommend to anyone

Review №91

Mari helped me get the perfect car! Couldnt be happier!!

Review №92

Far price and good sales service.

Review №93

Mama T thanks so much love you

Review №94

Mama was a great help to me and my family!

Review №95

I’ve had the best experience at freeway honda. Everybody was nice and did everything they could to help me. I’d recommend them a 1000x! Rick Henry is the man

Review №96

Mr.Dickerson was serious but cool to have as a dealer. He is VERY good at explaining many details. Appreciate your patience sir.

Review №97

Frank was very helpful in the process! The finance department also really helped me out and made my first car purchase a breeze! Everyone was super friendly and very attentive

Review №98

Momma T is who you need to see. Great service, great deals.

Review №99

I had the best experience at free Honda. Rick Henry helped me and went over and beyond to make it happen. I’d recommend him 1000x!

Review №100

Great experience! Mama Tee was the best!

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