Auto Europe - European Car Service Since 1962
677 S Eton St, Birmingham, MI 48009, United States
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The guys in the shop are really nice and do a great job in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend going to them. They are honest, and dont rip you off like a lot of other shops.

Review №2

They have a very laid back atmosphere and they are better priced than the dealership. Plus a bunch of cool cars to look at as you wait.

Review №3

Great experienced staff. Lotus focused.Impressed with the amount of beautiful cars within the building. Thankful for this shop. Only place in Michigan I could find to do work on a Lotus Evora.

Review №4

Our second service by Auto Europe was as pleasant and satisfying as our first. Great to find a repair shop interested in delivering quality, friendly , reasonably priced service every time

Review №5

Great experience. Had wheels refinished, summer/winter tires mounted and car aligned. Rex and Tom were very helpful, service was great and done quickly

Review №6

Very knowledgeable and reasonable. Highly recommend.

Review №7

Drove 2 hours to get there and everything went just how I wanted from the first time I called to the part where I swiped my debit card! Very well done guys and I will be back for some upgrades!!

Review №8

I would like to take this time to say thank you to Tom and Nathan and Randy and everyone who works at this facility. I’ve been a customer for almost 3 years now from my Audi A7 to now my Maserati.They truly do an amazing job. Their service department/area is beyond clean. They tell you exactly what the problem is with your car, with no hesitation and reasonable pricing. As well they make you feel welcomed and comfortable once you walk through those doors! They truly make you feel like you are family to them! I highly recommend this place for any work done to your car! I will always bring my car and business to them!

Review №9

These guys are the MOST professional outfit we have worked with. Great Service and treat your vehicle like one of their own. We purchased this beautiful this classic from Autoeurope and our experience with Bret and his team was the best ..HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!! And will buy our next one from these guys again.

Review №10

Unique venue and asset for anyone who is a Motorhead in the Motor City.

Review №11

They take great care of my cars at a fair price. Very satisfied with their service.

Review №12

A great company. The owner Tom is completely engaged in his business and one can trust his company to provide you the best most honest service.

Review №13

AT least Eric is gone.... Keep moving forward Tom.

Review №14

This was the best car buying experience Ive ever had! I worked with Bret from out of state, he answered all of my questions truthfully and we worked out all the details remotely. Ive never had any dealer be completely honest with me so when he described how great everything was I had my doubts, however upon my arrival the vehicle was in better shape than I could have ever imagined. I may live 1150 miles away from this dealer, but Ill be checking Auto Europes site first the next time I need a vehicle. Thanks for the awesome truck and great buying experience!

Review №15

Purchased a classic consignment vehicle from Auto Europe. Bret and Justin were very responsive to my inquiries, which started via email communications. I was viewing the car from out of state. They provided good information which encouraged me to make an in person visit. Bret was very hospitable, no pressure to buy and made himself very available for questions. I did purchase the vehicle and the transaction went very smoothly. I would recommend them as a dealership, their car selection both new and classic was impressive.

Review №16

I have been a customer of Toms and Auto Europe over 20 years. I have bought cars there and have all my service work done there. Im telling you they are the best! Fair, fast and fun. Always a great and enjoyable experience......imagine that about car repairs and maintenance.

Review №17

We have been bringing our cars to Tom and the team at Auto Europe for several years now and highly recommend them to anyone. Their depth of knowledge of marque specific nuances and quality of work are impressive. Of particular importance, we have never felt that they tried to sell us something we did not need and helped us prioritize restoration and maintenance work so we could focus on what was important. Thanks, Team!

Review №18

Bought a BMW 328 XI there a year ago and we are very happy with it. Wanted to give a big shout out to Bret Abraham who was very accommodating in the sales process and applied no pressure. He is also a true petrolhead and it is fun to talk to him about cars. The staff is always friendly as well. I would always buy a car here again!

Review №19

I recently purchased an Acura TL through Auto Europe of Birmingham. The car buying experience was exceptional and completely hassle free. Bret was extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding any questions about the car. Working with him was truly a pleasure. They also feature an extensive service center for any servicing your car may need. I would highly recommend Auto Europe to anyone looking to maintain or purchase a vehicle.

Review №20

I had been searching all over the country for a 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SL (last year of this 18 year body style). Auto Europe had the year and color combination I was looking for. When you have to travel (in my case over 300+ miles) to inspect a car, you rely heavily on the sales team to be honest and straight up. Nothing could have been more true than dealing with Bret Abraham! Before I traveled to inspect the car, Bret gave me the complete low-down and....additional pictures and video. With this being a 27 year old car, I knew there would be some type of issues. As it turned out, these issues were minor, and those issues were fixed from the time of my inspect, deposit and then final pick up of the car. I was in complete contact with Mike in the service department. Bret picked me up at the airport, took me to the dealership to complete the papers and then I drove the car back to Louisville. My experience with Bret, his service team and Auto Europe could not have been better!I highly recommend Bret Abraham, Auto Europe and their service department. Kudos to Mike in the service department, very knowledgeable!!

Review №21

Excellent service with reasonable pricing without compromising quality. The guys are very friendly and they take pride in serving you fast! Worth the wait!

Review №22

I had a great experience recently purchasing a truck from Auto Europe. I got the vehicle for a very fair price, and it is in excellent condition. Bret was extremely helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process, explaining everything and answering any questions I had.

Review №23

Excellent service, good people.

Review №24

Amazing people great to do business with I would highly recommend them for my next purchase. Brent Abrams was very knowledgeable and knew everything about the vehicle. If you’re looking for A sports car call them first

Review №25

Adam and the service crew at Auto Europe are a great bunch. Always friendly and make you feel welcomed. Not to mention there are tons of gorgeous cars at the service shop ALWAYS!Keep up the great work guys.

Review №26

Been dealing with the guys here for years for service. I recently purchased a new Lotus Evora 400 here and dealt with Bret Abraham. Very informative and knowledgeable regarding everything to do the vehicle and could quickly and easily answer any questions I had. Bret even brought the car and paperwork out to my house on Saturday morning to finalize the sale.

Review №27

The team at Auto Europe is comprised of the best in the industry. Ive worked extensively with Tom and Bret and there is no one else I would trust with my Lotus. They are always available and willing to assist with anything. They treat their customers like family. I highly recommend them.

Review №28

Unfortunate to say, but I cant trust Auto Europe anymore. I brought my e46 BMW here after smoke started pouring from the tailpipe one cold winter day this past February. The smoke was so bad I couldnt see out of my rear view mirror, and Crooks road (both lanes) were covered in residual smoke. I was told my turbo (aftermarket) was bad, and when I asked how they knew it was bad, I was told by the service writer it was seized. I sensed something was fishy, as turbos dont generally just seize, and went to go look at the car. After driving it around, and boosting the engine, I confirmed the turbo was not seized. I ended up moving the car to another local repair shop, and asked them to replace my crankcase ventilation system as preventative maintenance (the crankcase valves can have a tendency to stick in cold weather).In the future, please be honest with your customers... if the service writer doesnt know why the technician said the part is faulty, please have the customer talk with the technician, rather than lying. This is not a good way to retain customers.I had had good service here in the past with my vehicle, but one bad experience can trump any of the other positive ones.

Review №29

I had a great experience with this dealership, in particular with Bret Abraham. If you can work with him I highly recommend it.Good price. Good communication. Easy to talk to and get ahold of.... and best of all, after you buy the car he still treats you as a valued customer...I dont even live in Michigan, I live in California, and I bought my Lotus Evora 400 from Bret... he shipped it right to me and helped with all the paperwork.. hes a pro.

Review №30

It was fairly clear Auto Europe was not interested in my business and Im fairly sure I wont be returning.I ordered tires from Tire Rack and had them shipped to Auto Europe as a preferred installer, only because they are located 10min from my job. I called on the Thursday my tires were estimated to arrive at the shop around 2:30 in the afternoon. I believe it was Shaun I spoke to and he said the tires had arrived and then said nothing else. I asked if I could get them installed today and he said flatly, no. I asked if Friday would be good, say after work around 3:30 in afternoon. He said sure but dont make it later than that and then he said nothing else. I said see you tomorrow then. So after work I arrive at the shop and Shaun and a technician there and Shaun explain how they are backed up on mounting and balancing (so the technician obviously had to leave the area) and I should make an appointment. So I make an appointment for Monday morning 9:00 am. and arrive and deal with Adam I believe, I drop off the car and return a few hours later when the job is complete. Yes it was. The tires were dirty with the techs dirty hand prints on the wheels. The max psi for these tires is 51 psi. My front set were at 35psi with the side walls bulging and the rear set were at 41 psi.There was nothing about this experience that would entice me to return. It was clear from Shauns behavior that my business was not wanted. I got my tires install and will not return.

Review №31

My experience wasnt the best. I took my Porsche there. I gave them all the diagnosis from the Porsche dealer, and they did the same test and got the same results and wanted to charge me more than the Porsche dealer. There solution was to replace the motor. $15,000 for a used one. I dont think so. Im still driving it and it is running really good. Also, they said they would have a car for me to drive so I could leave mine there. They didnt, so they got a rental for me that they said they would pay for. I got my statement in the mail with the charge. They didnt pay for it. Not a happy customer.

Review №32

I brought my wifes 69 E Type (Anniversary present) to Auto Europe, I told that this old gal needs (the Jaguar) a new lease on life. Kevin and the rest help bring her back to life! It took a couple of years and lots of elbow grease (on both parties) but she starts, runs and drives incredible! Highly recommend Auto Europe.

Review №33

I am from an out of state MVD and I was having issues getting the right paperwork for my transaction in our state. I reached out to Bret and he was more than happy to help me get everything I needed!! He was prompt and very respectful! I would recommend Auto Europe to any of our car collectors here!!!

Review №34

A hidden gem! Superb food, excellent service, beautiful space. Recommended!

Review №35

Awesome experience, great customer care, and Bret is amazing and helps you with whatever you need for your vehicle. They make you feel like your family at Auto Europe, I recommend this place to anyone who has a lotus or a European car.

Review №36

Excellent experience from all the staff. I was only ordering 2 small parts but I was treated very well and enjoyed talking shop and in the process I learned a few new things about my Evora. Thanks again for the excellent service, it was most appreciated!

Review №37

Really nice car dealership. The staff is really friendly. The porters do a good job. They take care of the vehicle their very well. Have some really nice Lotus Evoras and an Exige or two for sale. Great place to get a sporty car. If you go here for service talk to Dave he is one of the nicest people there and will make sure you are taken care of properly and promptly. The owner is really nice as well. Ive had the opportunity to come take photos of a few cars here. The owner takes pride in making sure the cars are in prestine condition when complete.

Review №38

I have personally bought and sold over 10 vehicles through Autoeurope. Very knowledgeable staff.They always have gone above and beyond.

Review №39

Needed emergency service. Tom was very understanding and for me back on the road.

Review №40

This place is awesome! I take my 07 XC70 here for service. They are very thorough and honest! 10/10

Review №41

Cant beat their prices for the quality. They are the best and I trust them for all my car repair services!

Review №42

No better place for Indy repair service manager is more than amazing and they are more than willing to accomadate any reasonable request. Excellent place highly recommend!

Review №43

Just received my car from AutoEurope Sales. Bret Abraham went out of his way to support my purchase (extra photos, questions and a quick tour of the workshop). If you need someone who goes the extra mile, call him.

Review №44

The service is constantly quick, excellent character, very welcoming employees. Will eat here again when I get in town.

Review №45

Outstanding! Although they are Lotus dealers, they sold us a BMW they took in on consignment. The car was perfect, the service was perfect. Awesome people, highly recommended!

Review №46

Understand, when you deal with Auto Europe your dealing with a company that is setup to remove responsibility from rental company. This results in finger pointing and confusion. It isnt worth the trouble.1) cost 500$ of car and insurance from Eurocar 500$ but then Auto Europe found me another 490$ in hidden charges. Excessive charges were made for road service and tire damage which was largely the reason for that.2) Eurocar never sent the bill as they were to do but Auto Europe didnt send either [again, Auto Europe says its not their responsibility] Their customer service took the entire day and a couple of calls to get them to supply.3) Auto Europe ended up screwing up the bill and having to revise it.Dont use Auto Europe. It pays to go directly to a car rental company that is responsible for telling you clearly what the costs will be ahead and not jacking up price 100% from the web price with all kinds of hiddens and extras.

Review №47

I brought in my Mazda vehicle in March for its 120,000 check-up/servicing that is recommended by the dealership. I paid over $800 for this service. There was a list of about 40 different things that they said they were going to do or check on to make sure theyre all working properly. I believed them and paid. I recently told my friend who owns an auto shop about my experience, and he asked if he could see the printed list of things that they did. He looked it over for a while and told me I had been completely ripped off. He said if he were going to do this check up, that he would do it for about $100 and that a lot of things on the list are fake inspections that sound important.I would highly recommend staying away from this place and to take your business elsewhere.

Review №48

Brett and his staff were amazing helping me order my new Morgan. Im sure to return there for all my service needs.

Review №49

I bought a lotus evora from Brent at auto Europe it was exactly as described and I bought it site on scene and had it shipped to Pennsylvania and it arrived perfect and I couldnt be happier thank you again guys

Review №50

Auto Europe has maintained, track prepped, and repaired my cars for the last eight years. They always provide excellent work without hassle.

Review №51

Love delivering here they always have cool cars to look at

Review №52

Let me say this, auto europe is the best independent mechanic place in the area and they are truly honest and extremely fair. I have been to many different dealerships and independent mechanics and I never felt at home with the best people at any other place then Auto Europe.I expect the best and I except consistency from my mechanics and service advisors and these people deliver it every time. Tom, Adam, Christian, etc have always been attentive to my request and they do everything right. The mechanics there do the best tire/wheel balancing, alignment and out of warranty repairs compared to anyone I know. I may have more knowledge then the average automobile customer and I do research and look up what needs to be done on my car and auto europe does the right thing for me for the best pricing. I highly recommend them and request that people give them a try. I have been going to them for 8 years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Review №53

I have haunted the website and stopped in periodically at Auto Europe for years, mostly to just drool over all the uniques and cool vehicles they had on display. I owned a Europa S2 years ago, and always wanted an EIise. A couple months ago I stopped in again and asked if they had any available. Bret showed me a beautiful black one, but it wasnt initially the color I was looking for. No matter, Bret happily walked me through the shop and showed me all the other cool cars in for repair. I did schedule a test drive for later in the day however....I took a week or so to think about it, but the black Elise, now named Stirling, eventually became mine. During the buying process, the car was moved to the showroom and the team patiently let me sit in it when I would come in to make vroom-vroom noises. The purchase process and delivery was smooth. Questions asked were given patient and honest answers. Even after hours emails are quickly answered. The car gets numerous compliments and inquiries where I got it. It is the only car Ive ever bought that still has the dealer plate frame on it.Now about that Morgan Ive been thinking of...

Review №54

Untrustworthy service. Long term customer burned one too many times. Treat customers like they are stupid. Do not recommend!

Review №55

Auto Europe Service ReviewIn April 2017 I called Auto Europe, Birmingham MI to make an appointment for re-charging the A/C on my 1997 Lotus Esprit twin turbo V8. I delivered the car in spotless condition and AE held it for 10 days before returning it covered in rain dirt. AE supposedly tested the A/C and concluded the A/C evaporator was leaking with a repair estimate for a new evaporator @ $800 with a 2 week delivery plus 24 hours installation labor @ $132 /hr = $3168 or $4000 total. AE then presented another diagnosis that the twin turbos were dripping oil and the repair estimate to replace the turbo oil lines was an additional $1578. I declined both of these service quotes and went to another auto shop for a 2nd opinion. (I also found the evaporator available on line from a Lotus parts supplier for $560).The 2nd shop also tested the A/C for leaks and concluded the system held 30 in. of vacuum for 4 days without any leaks. They then recharged the system and returned the car to me in spotless condition (with 40 degree A/C) within one week for a total service cost of $310 complete. They also confirmed no visible oil drips from the turbos.I returned to Auto Europe to request a refund of the $300 diagnostic charges paid for the first visit and they agreed.Corrections to AE response as follows:I did not request indoor storage - simply to return the car in the spotless condition that I delivered it - most quality dealers do this as std practice.They did not wait for any input from me - I waited for them for 10 days.I did NOT request any quote to replace my (non-leaking) turbo oil lines @ $1600. Actually, AE told me this diagnosis was for a different car???Perhaps my A/C diagnosis @ $4000 was also for a different car???They further gave me another 20 estimates for $16K for another car!I am confident they would have accepted my $5600 and returned the car to me without any turbo oil leaks and the A/C working as it is now.I was misquoted when I asked if it would make sense to re-charge the A/C annually for $200 for 20 years instead of paying the $4000 repair?

Review №56

Have been frequenting Auto Europe for a few years now. Nothing but professionalism. Despite some negative reviews, businesses in service this long dont stay around because theyre unfair to customers. Tom and his staff have already treated me very well.

Review №57

Every time I go, I have to go back twice because the problem is not resolved. Very nice customer service, but never resolve the issue the first time.

Review №58

Took my Rover in for a check engine light & low coolant light. They said it needed a new auxiliary water pump. Few weeks later light came back on. They said it needed a new hose. Few weeks later the lights came back on along some whiter smoke from the exhaust.They said that I must have let it over heat, warped the heads, and blew the heads gaskets and they would like $14,361 to repair it. Thats total BS because if you have(or had) a Rover you know there are enough idiot lights on those things to alert right away if anything is not normal...there is even a warning to tell you that you license plate light bulb is out!It is now at a different shop getting a new motor for $9,500. 2 seconds opinions said this all could have been avoided if the shop I kept taking it to knew what they were doing.

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Review №60

Love Tom. Always takes care of me.

Review №61

Great service, Honest !

Review №62

Fair and reputable service work

Review №63

Excellent customer service department!

Review №64

Randy and the team at Auto Europe are honest and reliable.

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Review №66

Friendly service very trustworthy

Review №67

Great service.

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