Serra Hyundai
1503 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235, United States

Review №1

I had purchased a 2021 Hyundai Kona 9 months ago and was very happy with it. I was sitting at home when John text me saying I qualified for an upgrade to a new Kona. I wasnt sure about that considering mine was only 9 months old and I was very happy with it. After a few texts back and forth it was a done deal and I only had to come to the dealership to do the paperwork and pickup my new 2022 Hyundai Kona that was absolutely beautiful. I am extremely happy. This has to be the easiest and stress free car purchase of my life. Customer for life.

Review №2

Nicholi was THE BEST! He made me feel comfortable and welcome. Went in for an oil change because my regular dealer couldnt fit me in any sooner. Serra had me in and out in no time. If I ever decide to stop driving to my fave dealer in Tuscaloosa, Serra will become my new fave!

Review №3

Best car buying experience to date. No BS, fantastic customer service. Vince was straight forward and worked to get the best price! I will never go anywhere else nor recommend anywhere else to friends and family. Vince Webb and Nick Gregory are the dream team.

Review №4

EXCELLENT customer service. We were in town for a wedding when my engine light came on in my 2016 Tucson. Ty and his crew worked us in on a Saturday morning to make sure my car was safe to drive home that night. Ended up it was just a faulty gas cap but I was so grateful for the kind service that I asked them to replace my spark plugs and brake pads, even though I could have waited a few months to have that done at home. Ty and Serra Hyundai have earned my business! Seriously considering driving the 2 hours from TN any time I need my car serviced due to their professionalism. Well done, Serra team!

Review №5

The best customer service from the salesmen all the way down to the service department! Everyone is so nice and helpful. These people have been taking care of me for years and they always go above and beyond expectations! Definitely recommend them to anyone.

Review №6

If you’re a woman, good luck. You’re going to get the run around! Get accustomed to being left along with no acknowledgement from the sales team. Being lied to about pricing, features and the quality of the vehicle you look at.My finance numbers changed 3 times yesterday!All cars are way more expensive than the online pricing and they will not honor the online pricing.I bought a car yesterday, the lane assist malfunctioned and the car began to steer itself towards the edge of the street. No matter how hard I pulled to try to correct the steering wheel would not budge.I brought it back to exchange the vehicle under there 3 day “no hassle” return or exchange policy. I’ve been sitting at a pub hight table by myself for 2 hours and no one has yet to help me. I guess they are trying to see if I will just give up and leave. I’ve never in all my 42 years been treated so poorly!Don’t trust a word they tell you!!

Review №7

Great experience and customer service. Jeff W is very friendly and helped through the process. Great experience

Review №8

Ty is great. He takes care of all my car service needs with such a positive attitude.

Review №9

I have been a loyal customer since 2018. It always a pleasure when I bring my car in for service. I feel like a VIP customer and Ty is the greatest. He makes sure my car leave in the best shape and follow up with me to make sure Im happy. I have definitely been recommending everyone I come in contact with here.

Review №10

So my star rating is being updated, Jack and his team have stepped up and gone out of their way to make sure my grandmother was taken care of during her waiting period to get her new vehicle. He has contacted me each day to update me and I’m sure with all he is doing this will be a 5 star by next week!

Review №11

Super friendly and knowledgeable team! Joel Hoegland was awesome to work with. Very personable and professional.

Review №12

Been for service related issues twice - oil change and seat reapair and low tire. Customer service from Nicolai was great, waiting room was clean, car repairs were timely based upon estimates given.

Review №13

I appreciate the team at Serra, Ben, Austin, Bret, Brad, Kevin. I am grateful for the indepth care that I received today. There were something s that needed attention on the backend of my purchase last week.It was all taken care ❤ of and I was on my way home by 10:41 this morning!!!!!! Taking care of the irritants in a business deal can realign perspective.......It certainly has done so for me....Thanks againMartha R Williams

Review №14

These guys Joel and Austin were 2 of the best salesmen I have dealt with. Joel was the first initial salesman that I started talking with. He kepted in touch with me for about 2 month but was never pushy. When I decided to finally go to the dealership he was busy with another customer. He asked if it was OK if Austin could help me. Austin was very nice and helpful. Even with the credit challenge they were faced with they were able to get me into a vehicle. After they got me approved they kept working and got me a lower payment and a shorter term. I have been very happy with this experience and would recommend them to everyone.

Review №15

Super person Ms Emily is. Very fast and to the point response. Thank you for solving it. This 5-Star for you.

Review №16

My experience at Serra Mazda was awesome!! Found a Jeep Renegade Sport and Renegade Latitude that I liked, on their website, and called and made an appointment. Our sales consultant, Jamie D., was fantastic! She had the vehicles ready, let me drive them, and answered all my questions. Not once did she try to pressure me to buy. I decided to buy the Sport and I love it! Their financial guy, Roberto, was equally as awesome! They filled it up and detailed it and it is great! I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Review №17

Service was good. Oil change had increased by $25.00. Plus this time , all of my door handles had oil finger prints on them. Even the hood and trunk had oil prints. Not good when I have clean white vehicle. All and all, it was ok

Review №18

Andy Garcia is amazing! I came in just to look at a specific car. Purchasing was not on my mind. Because of the amazing customer service and great vehicle that Andy showed me I could not, not get the car! If you ever go to Hyundai be sure to ask for her!

Review №19

There is a saying I read years ago that goes like this: People dont care how much you know until they know how much you care. I brought my vehicle to Serra Hyundai for the first time for service and based upon the quality of service I received, I will be back. I believe in giving credit where its due. This public post is the least I can do to convey appreciation for service well done!

Review №20

Thanks so much for selling us the perfect car at the perfect price!

Review №21

Dont trust the reviews. They say they are the best in the market. But they are not. Consult any other dealership and they will tell you the truth. I visited them 3 times and they didnt provide me even a close offer to the best in the market. They will give tell you a lot of attracting words to bring you to the showroom. But when you reach the showroom its the worst part. Theyll tell you something like Price is the easiest part of my job bla bla. But they dont even know what is the current price in the market. They best way to find the right price is go to carvana or carmax and check the price. If they are offering out the door price lesser than the above two. Id say youre getting a good rate. But dont trust their words. Id prefer Limbaugh first then Tameron Hyundai but never Serra. Worst experience every. Sales agent was Kristie

Review №22

Couldn’t be happier with my experience here with Jack. Super informative and knowledgeable and not at all pushy. 10/10 would recommend again!

Review №23

I got an oil change on my car March 5,2021. The guy working on my car ran test on my car to tell me other problems that were wrong with my car. I got the drive belt fixed May 19,2021(because they say it needed immediate attention) . After leaving the dealership my check engine light came on and my oil light came on. My car cut off on me and made terrible noises. I came back to the dealership on May 22,2021 the guy tells be I have to pay $135 to run test on my car when I was just here a few days ago and they told me my car was fine. The guy comes back to say the oil is low but the dashboard says I need and oil change by October of this month once I hit 191000 miles I’m only at 190000 miles. I highly don’t recommend coming to this dealership to get your car fixed. I came here thinking my car would be in good hands since it’s at the actual dealership but it is not ‼️

Review №24

Sierra of Trussvile sold us a car with a broken AC . The agent Peter White is now saying we broke it somehow when we only used it once for a long trip. The Pep Boys mechanic we took it to said it had been broken a long time. We should have had been told or we should have had it fixed as we waited 5 hours for them to check it. We were scammed and I am warning everyone about Sierra Mazda of Trussville. Scammers.

Review №25

Wasnt happy with how they handled letting me know the friends & family discount wouldnt b applied.. dont leave it to the finance guy @ 8pm to chase ppl down to find out y ur not gonna apply a possible discount. waiting for paperwork process to b ready was too long for someone that already put down money for a car.. my intent to purchase was shown by me putting down money on a car so y not give me priority on waiting.

Review №26

I recently bought a car from this dealership, and I could not be more pleased with my experience. I have purchased many vehicles over the years for business and personal. This was my most pleasant experience. Jamie D is a great product consultant. At no time did I ever feel pressured into anything. All around amazing dealership.

Review №27

Why can’t this dealership just do the right thing and buy back a car when it quits on buyer in less than two weeks??? Really, bad publicity if you ask me. I certainly would never buy a Hyundai after this.

Review №28

I took my wifes 2016 Ford Escape to have it serviced a couple of months ago and one other time, your mechanics did not check the car out good. the reason I know this I had my left valve cover gasket repaired and they did check the car out and found the air filter was filthy. It was a wonder the car even ran.. I asked your people at Hyundai did they check the car out when they serviced it, they told me they always did. well, they did not. makes me wonder if you check the hoses or belts too. Your people can do a better job than this.

Review №29

Great experience and the service department was great!

Review №30

Its a pleasure to do business with Serra Hyundai. Everyone that I have had contact with seem to make an extra effort of make your experience pleasant.

Review №31

Great service & staff (Ty); short wait time!

Review №32

Awesome place good people Joel salesman is awesome.

Review №33

My husband wanted a vehicle upgrade before we grow our family. We walked in and Joe met us immediately. He listened to what we wanted and didn’t pressure us into anything we didn’t want. He pulled a car out that had been on the lot for 2 days. A test drive and a couple of hours later, we left with a brand new car. Traded both of our vehicles, got an amazing interest rate and $0 down. We’re so thankful for Serra Hyundai!

Review №34

Incompetence!! I traded a vehicle in 30 days ago. I went to the DMV four times to get the new vehicle registered and the paperwork never arrived. After numerous call to the dealer, the paperwork arrived. Much to my dismay the paperwork that the dealer sent was incomplete missing a copy of the bill of sale as well as the title. Now 30 days later I am on a second temporary tag. I have left messages for the General Manager with no return call. Now escalating to Hyundai Corp and legal representation.

Review №35

Very pleased with the service. The hyundai team was such a joy to work with. They made you know that they care about you and your comfort while you have your car in the shop and go out their way to try to make this experience the best that it can be.

Review №36

Good automotive company for first time buyers

Review №37

Serra Hyundai repair service was awesome. Easy to schedule and had a great experience with the drivers coming to get my car from work as to not inconvenience me.

Review №38

I went in for a recall service matter on my Hyundai anti-lock braking system and the team found that I was also in need of brake service. Though I was vaguely aware that was going to be needed soon, I didnt know how urgent the matter was and am so grateful for their attentiveness to servicing the vehicles. That is true customer service! Crue Carter was the first person I spoke with on the phone and Im so impressed with his work and kind professional manner. Truly awesome! And during this time where were supposed to be taking precautions about the corona-virus, they were extraordinarily careful, sanitizing the vehicle before I left with it. Id recommend this service department to anyone and expect to return there as needed to keep my 10-year-old Hyundai in good condition.

Review №39

Fast friendly service

Review №40

Great customer service and real genuine people persons.

Review №41

My experience with Serra Hyundai was 5 star rating from the beginning to the return of my vehicle! Practically door to door! Once I dropped my vehicle off that morning, I was shuttled to my job and later emailed my service report within 2 hours. My vehicle was then returned to me at my job, all before lunchtime! I’m totally impressed! Thank you Again Serra Hyundai!

Review №42

They were pushy and inconsiderate of both my time and the difficult decision around purchasing a car. They tried to force me into a lease buy-through by aggressively questioning my need to think about the decision after receiving their best offer. I will not be going back to Serra Hyundai.

Review №43

Another Great Experience for this long time customer at Serra Hyundai.

Review №44

I went to test drive the 2020 Hyundai Palisade and walked out a owner of one! Kaitlin Evans was my sales woman. She was GREAT with me from beginning to end. They didnt have the one I wanted on the lot so SHE DIDNT STOP until she found me the EXACT vehicle I wanted! I was truly treated like a VIP during the entire process. If you stop by ask for her, she WONT DISAPPOINT!

Review №45

Anabella was great!

Review №46

Austin Morton was the nicest, coolest salesman ever, he helped me pick a car affordable for me and also went the extra mile to get my approval guaranteed. I will be buying again. THANKS

Review №47

Well where do I start.... In the beginning it was great. Customer service was on point. We were met immediately after pulling into the parking spot. The lady helping us was very nice and outgoing. We started looking at a few cars then spotted a Tahoe that caught our eye. We started the test drive, everything still going smooth, the car drove great. We decided to move forward with the Tahoe. We sat down to work number and that’s when it started to take a turn for the worst. We didn’t like the numbers they were spitting at us so we started negotiating. Me being the G that I am, I got the sticker price dropped $3,000. But it still wasn’t where I wanted it to be. They were $9 over our budget. I don’t care. I have a budget and I will do what it takes to maintain that budget. So I asked “ You guys can’t come down $9.47?” The sales lady replied with a snobby attitude and said “ Well we came down 3k, y’all can come up $9?” Uhh no ma’am. We don’t work for you. You work for us. I told you our budget so you need to make it happen otherwise you can consider this transaction void. So with that said, she lost her sale due to her poor attitude. We went down the street to Kia and left with a 2017 GMC Yukon Denali. And guess what!? The car we purchased was WAY over budget but that’s okay because the salesmen at Kia were FANTASTIC! Never got an attitude. Never tried to rush us. They were amazing. I highly recommend Serra Kia in Trussville. It goes to show that great service is the key to being a successful dealership.

Review №48

I am a tough critic! I went in for an oil change on my 2020 Elantra SEL and left with a 2021 Kona SEL. I had been wanting a bit taller of a vehicle.It did take all day though, which ended up taking one of my vacation days from work.(I’ve never had a push start vehicle with heated seats, until now!)

Review №49

Had my car towed to them to have my key fob programmed. They called and said it was ready, I came by over two hours later to pick it up. We have a mask mandate in this state, they are REQUIRED. I dealt with ONE person who had a mask on and kept it on correctly. The other 10 or so either were totally bare faced or had it around their chins. Employees were joking up together on offices joking and cussing loudly. I finally asked twice for help and the kind woman who had a mask on couldn’t find me in the computer. They hadn’t turned my paper work in. Even though it’d been done for hours. I paid $135 for that 5 minutes of work and was told to wait outside for them to pull my car around. After standing in the cold among more unmasked employees for about 20 minutes, I asked again, where my car was. No one had a clue. No one had been told to get it. Finally they got my car and I left. The whole experience was bad from start to finish. I’ll never go back or use them again.

Review №50

Great service the staff was warm, welcoming and helpful.

Review №51

My engine was replaced on a Recall by Hyundai at this location. The Service Mgr (Ty) and the Mechanic (Kyle) were awesome!! I love Ty because he has always taken really good care of me and me car whenever I visited this location. Now, I have a new friend to ad to the list there at Serra Hyundai-Trussville. Thanks Kyle for making taking good care of my car. Shouts out to them both for a job well done!

Review №52

Watch your numbers closely cause they will cheat.

Review №53

I’ve bought two cars with this dealership, so I guess I’m just a Mazda girl! Chris Turner helped me today, and I had a great experience. Thanks Chris!

Review №54

I drove all the way from Columbus, MS to see these guys and was not disappointed at all! The workers over at Serra Mazda were beyond helpful! Excellent customer service! Eric, the service rep who was helping me, was extremely knowledgeable and very understanding. He made the transition a lot easier.Although I was mainly working with Eric, all of the other workers made an effort to ensure I was good to go. 11/10 would recommend them.

Review №55

I had an appointment for an oil change and tire balance and rotation. Adam Cleckler was my service person and he had me in and out of there in less than an hour. GREAT SERVICE!

Review №56

Everett Evans, the sales team and the finance manager, all the employees made buying a car Sun but most importantly comfortable. I was not hassled by anyone. I made my own choices while Mr Evans worked hard to please my every need. If there were more stars I would definitely rank them higher. Please go see the guys and girls at Serra Mazda. I mean all this from the bottom of my heart just bought a car there last Thursday loving it!

Review №57

Everything went smoothly when buying my car and Elijah Bice was so helpful and gave us terrific customer service!

Review №58

I must admit I was not very excited about having to buy a new car but Everett and the team made it so much easier than I anticipated. They made sure I was happy with my purchase and fully understood all my options before I left the dealership. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and I would recommend anyone to go see them if your looking for an easy and enjoyable car buying experience!!!

Review №59

Came in to have my car serviced. Friendly service department. The wait wasnt long at all and the waiting area was clean and nice with complimentary snacks. Ill definitely be back for my next service visit

Review №60

I was about 30-45 minutes for my appointment. The technician took my car right back. They were finished in a very timely manner. He came out and told me about a recall that I needed to be aware of and he took care of it. He thoroughly explained the service that my car received and made suggestions of additional services I needed without me feeling pressure.I love Serra MAZDA! Thank you!

Review №61

Amazing!!!! Frank did such great job helping me find a car that I loved. Every person who works there goes above and beyond. Very kid friendly and helped keep my toddler entertained while doing all paperwork and going over things. They were able to get me a brand new car that I never thought I would be able to get. They worked hard on getting my payments to where I needed them. They even helped my husband get a new car while we were there. I dont think Ill ever go anywhere else!

Review №62

Experience was positive the day of purchase, but has since declined. I bought a used car with cash and was told at the time of the transaction that the title would have to be processed the following Monday. After a few weeks, I didnt receive a title, so I called and finally reached the manager that processed the deal after leaving 4 messages without a callback. He reluctantly took my call & told me hed give me a call back when he spoke to the title clerk. That was three weeks ago and Ive left three messages (one call a day) and still havent gotten a callback and this particular person is of course always unable to take a call at the time of my call.All I want is for someone to tell me whats going on so that I have some idea of when Ill receive a title. I put this vehicle in my name because a friend who bought this car for her daughter had to work that day. When the title comes in, I can transfer into her name but meanwhile her 16 year old is riding around with no tag but Serra wont even take my call, much less give me any indication of whether or not Ill ever get a title.. I guess they think if they continue to ignore me, Ill go away..**Spoiler Alert** I WONT!!

Review №63

Love their customer service! Even after you buy your car they are still so great. I’d have given them 5 stars but when I got my oil changed they caught that I needed new tires and a cabin filter. However,they missed the brake light that was out, yet checked off that all lights were working.

Review №64

My wife and I were given 100% OUTSTANDING Customer Service by Eric, Megan, Jessie and Roberto. My dad worked in sales at Car Dealerships his entire life and after he retired, I typically cringed when I had to buy a car. However, I can attest that if you want a fantastic and helpful car buying experience, go to this team at Serra!

Review №65

Jamie made my car buying experience stress free! The customer service displayed by her was nothing less than phenomenal. It was quick & easy! I love my 2019 Jeep Cherokee!! Definitely buying my next car from them as well!!

Review №66

I did not purchase my Mazda from here, but I always bring it here for service because they are phenomenal! I do not speak “car”, but they always make sure to explain what’s going on in ways that I can understand. I live 30 minutes away, and have other options closer to my home and work, but I will continue to bring my car here because of the excellent people.

Review №67

Quick assessment and fix on my car. They do tend to try to upsell you on services. However, they are comfortable hearing no thanks. The waiting room is nice and clean. The service techs and contacts are very polite. They offer courtesy drivers to take you to work or pick you up.

Review №68

Serra Mazda has the best customer service by far. They absolutely have the customers best interest in mind. I felt at ease and comfortable looking at vehicles and through out the entire purchasing process. Jerry Chen and Andre Cope are both very inviting, helpful and went above and beyond in taking care of our needs and making our experience very delightful. They even fed us since we were there throughout lunch time. The facility is very clean and up to date. We will continue to buy from them. If youre looking for a great vehicle with a great price and want people who care about customers go see Jerry Chen and Andre Cope at Serra Mazda!!! Best experience ever thanks to these two gentlemen. The finance director Dwayne Currier surpassed our expectations. He was able to get us out the door at a great price and was patient and honest. He worked really hard getting us the best deal possible. Big thanks to all!!- Perri & Wes

Review №69


Review №70

Fantastic dealership! Everyone is courteous and helpful! Great experience! Ronnie Morris is the best salesman I’ve ever dealt with, bar none! Answered all my questions and worked everything out better than I had hoped!

Review №71

They were friendly and very professional in service department love them they still need to need to have mask on when walking around thou

Review №72

Best customer service, hands down.

Review №73

After my car accident my wife and I needed 2 new vehicles. Jamie from Serra Mazda reached out to us to set up an appointment. She was very good at listening to what we needed and was able to find us 2 vehicles that met those needs. I am very pleased with her and Serra Mazda for how they handled our situation.

Review №74

Excellent staff and Completely honest. We will be back.

Review №75

Love the Mazda reputation, visited several dealerships before going back to our first choice. Our Salesman, Juan Cazeres was the BEST!!! Other dealerships sales tactics were aggressive and a couple were down right RUDE!!! Juan was the PERFECT one to deal with!! Very understanding of my needs in a vehicle, very personable, never once felt pressured! An all around excellent experience thanks to the excellent care given by Juan! HIGHLY recommend him!!

Review №76

Everett Evans was a very good salesman. He was very knowledgeable of the vehicle and he made our buying experience easy. We also would like to thank Nick the finance manger for making it happen. I would refer anybody to these guys. They were great.

Review №77

They always take such great care of us! I’m in and out when they say. No surprises. And I can comfortably work in the waiting area. They send awesome coupons and timely reminders about service. Doughnuts in the a.m., lunch at lunch popcorn the rest of the time. Love this place!

Review №78

Very helpful, went out of the way to help us and make this a great experience. Barry went out of his way to make sure everything was perfect. The service manager treated us respectfully and went the extra mile.

Review №79

Everyone was extra kind and I had an amazing experience. Everett Evans was an excellent salesman and he made my day a lot easier. Hes a professional by every meaning of the word. But everyone I came in contact with were extremely polite. Enjoying my 2016 Jeep Compass!!!!

Review №80

The staff was friendly and accommodating in every way! I had just about lost hope of finding someone to treat me with the same respect and decency as a man shopping for a car. And that was the case with Serra Mazda. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a fair shake in the Used or New car business. Thank you again!Juanita Gooden

Review №81

I had a minor issue that could have been resolved and I was more than willing to work out this issue . I am a long time customer of this dealership and I have always been treated really well . I received a call back from Helen the customer relations manger and she was VERY condescending, wouldn’t allow my to talk and when I did attempt to talk she talked over me . I had to end my call with her which was very disheartening due to lack of customer service. I then called back to speak to a manager and I heard her in the background talking and the technician that answered was laughing and he put me on hold for 9 minutes. I then called back and got someone else and she told me the manager wasn’t available to talk to me. I left a message and I will see how this goes . There are tooo many dealerships out there for them to behave this way.

Review №82

Everette Evans is a super nice guy that really wants to help you get the best deal! All of the staff at Serra went above and beyond to make our purchase seamless! We will definitely use them again!

Review №83

The service is incredible! This was the second vehicle we’ve bought at Serra in the last 90 days! Our salesman Eric had our SUV pulled and waiting on us when we got there. We test drove it, loved it and decided to buy it! They gassed it up, detailed it and the paperwork was fast and easy! Roberto, the finance guy got us a deal that surpassed our expectation. We are very pleased with our experience and will definitely be back! (It’ll be more than 90 days this time tho) 😂

Review №84

Fantastic service! Everyone was so knowledgeable and kind. They really went out of their way to get us a car to fit our situation and made it all work out as it would in a dream. Loved buying from them and Magen did a great job of being so understanding of our situation and making it work.

Review №85

Purchased my second vehicle from Serra Mazda last night, and this was the easiest and best experience Ive ever had at a car dealership. From Helen to Everett to the guys in finance, the entire Serra Mazda Team jumped into action to get me the vehicle I wanted. These people are changing the car buying game, and I highly recommend them if youre in search for a new vehicle!

Review №86

Been using Serra Mazda for a long time. Came in and spoke with Helen about a truck and she set me up with Eric Lawman. He was awesome and so friendly and got me into the truck I’ve always wanted. Thanks again!!

Review №87

My sales team Michael and Jarmaine, were excellent. They didnt pressure me and understood my financial situation. I really appreciate their patience. They made sure everything ran smoothly and I will definitely recommend ANYONE looking fir a car to see these fine gentlemen.

Review №88

Serra Mazda was top notch! Chris Turner went above and beyond to make sure I purchased the car I was most comfortable with. He gave me suggestions and his advice, but was in no way pushy what-so-ever. After I decided on a car the process was absolutely painless. So quick and professional. I felt like family by the end of the whole process! I would recommend Serra Mazda (Chris Turner in particular) to anyone who is looking for a new or used vehicle

Review №89

Customer service was exceptional!

Review №90

I arrived early for my appointment and they promptly started work on my car. They finished up sooner than expected and were pleasant the entire time. Very good experience.

Review №91

This is the best car buying experience Ive had. They are willing to do any and everything to please their customers. Nick did a great job taking care of us. Tyrone was knowledgeable and I had a blast working with him. This was the one of the only dealerships that would talk to me instead of trying to work solely with my husband. Thank you for making this so easy!

Review №92

The salesperson (Michael) approached me outside. From the beginning he was super friendly & inviting. He answered all my questions. He offered to check their other sister/brother lot for other vehicles I might intered in. He found 1 & had someone to bring it to the Mazda dealership. Everyone there was awesome!!

Review №93

I purchased a Mazda CX-5 last year from a young gentleman he was very respectful and helpful! Today I had to take my car in for a battery replacement and routine maintenance. I spoke with Adam on the phone yesterday and he informed me of pricing and what I still had under warranty. He let me know my filters needed to be replaced and showed me what they looked like. I really appreciated that. I schedule maintenance with another young lady and he called me back to give me a time and go over the details. He greeted me at drop off and confirmed what I wanted done. Excellent service with every experience so far!

Review №94

I have purchased two vehicles from Serra. The entire staff is engaged and attentive, from sales to management to service. Barry was our salesperson and he was not only knowledgeable and efficient but fun as well! The financing, the negotiations, the amenities (Firehouse subs!), and the lack of pressure made for such an easy experience. Spending that much money is stressful, but they never pressured us. We knew what we could spend and they made that happen.Having used their service department for several years now with our other Mazda I can speak to what happens after the sale. Jason and the others make sure that the car is in top running order. They will let you know what to do before your warranty runs out, and when its time to do routine maintenance. Ive never caught them in a lie.Overall, Serra Mazda is unique. Ive never had a car buying experience elsewhere that didnt leave me feeling defensive or frustrated. Barry Brown and the rest of the team put us at ease and made the ordeal an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend.

Review №95

The staff here is always nice and friendly. I went in for routine maintenance and the techs were very honest, professional, and quick. The service here is always amazing.

Review №96

Eric Lawman worked hard to get me in a car I loved and could afford. I would definitely go back to Serra Mazda. I think Eric was as happy as we were. Thanks to all.

Review №97

I felt no pressure at all during the purchase and finance of my car! Also gave me a great deal. Highly recommend!

Review №98

Service department is great. Everyone is very nice and helpful. The waiting area and bathrooms are always clean. Thanks for caring for your customers.

Review №99

I had a very pleasant and professional experience with Everett Evans. He was attentive to my requests for purchasing a vehicle. This was one of the best experiences in the lifetime of my purchasing vehicles. Thanks Everett!!!!

Review №100

We had a great experience working with Everett. Quick and helpful communication and no surprises. Everett worked really diligently to earn our business. We are repeat customers at Serra Mazda. Thank you, Everett!

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4.5 Rating
  • Address:1503 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35235, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 205-304-0929
  • Auto broker
  • Hyundai dealer
  • Brake shop
  • Used car dealer
Working hours
  • Monday:7AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:7AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday:7AM–7:30PM
  • Friday:7AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:7AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:7AM–7:30PM
  • Veteran-Led:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
  • Car wash:Yes
  • Oil change:Yes
  • Checks:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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