Iron City Ford
9924 Parkway E, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
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I bought a band new car on 6/23 from on the Parkway. I have bought 2 brand new cars from them in 5 years. This one is the 3rd. The air went out during the test drive but I was told that it just needed to be charged and that would only take a couple of hours. Well that wasn’t the case and it was going to take 2 months to get the parts due to the pandemic. On 7-6 they wrote me a letter stating that they would reimburse payments until I got my car back due to the inconvenience. I only had the car one day. Well it was going on 4 months and the car still wasn’t ready and I was told the managers that wrote the letter didn’t work there anymore and they weren’t going to honor it. The new manager was very arrogant about it. He acted awful and like it was my fault. He told me he wasn’t over service and tried to get me purchase another car. I wasn’t going to have my credit ran again after 4 months due to a lie I was told. When they finally called me to get the car a piece was missing off the door that they knew about but didn’t mention and there is a deep scratch on the dashboard. I’m very disappointed because I believed in them that’s why I wasn’t concerned when the issue happened. I never had issues in the past.I had no doubt in my mind that they wouldn’t do what they promised. They begged me to updated the first review I submitted in July about the awful experience when I purchased the car. They didn’t tell me for a week that it was going to take 2 months to fix the car. They wouldn’t return my calls so I posted a review then they called me begging for me to retract it. This experience has really upset me. I never thought something like this would happen to me dealing with a major car dealership. I thought this was a company of integrity so I wasn’t worried. I know that they could make it right if they wanted to and that’s the part that hurts.I didn’t even need a car they called me while I was getting a oil change and asked to buy my last car. I wish now that I had not answer the phone. Over the years they were good to me and now it appears that they just don’t care. The company has changed and I won’t be purchasing anymore cars from Iron City.

Review №2

Horrible customer service!!!!!!! Salesman 🤥 the day we bought the SUV. I should have walked out and not bought the car. Although, after a 2.5 hour drive and limited availability we purchased the car. We have since sold the SUV. It is virtually impossible to get in touch with a sales manager to cancel extended warranty and GAP insurance. We left numerous voicemails with different sales managers. We called no less than 10-15 times to be left on hold forever! We sent the owner a message and miraculously a very dry cold sales manager called us back by the name of Lisa. The owner didn’t respond to the e-mail. Lisa has yet to respond to an e-mail from my wife. I think it is going on 4-5 business days. Did I mention customer service is horrible!!! Once they get there money they are done with you!!

Review №3

Weird experience…I got a price to repair my truck and questioned it. The price dropped about $350 within 5 seconds after I questioned it during the phone call and I approved the repair at the new price. The service writer I was working with left (or was terminated) and I started receiving help from a different service writer that was much better at communicating clearly. Once my truck was done, the price dropped another $200 from the previously agreed to price. Not that I’m unhappy with the price going down rather than up, it was just a weird experience and left me feeling like I could’ve been taken advantage of had I not questioned the repair from the start. I prefer to do business ethically from the start. I think I understand why the employee I started with is no longer with the dealership. All in all, $600 discount and a sketchy employee is gone. At the end of the day my truck works as it should and the techs didn’t get it dirty so I won’t complain about the hands on guys at all.

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Thurs.Oct. 7 at 8:30 am. Left my Ford Escape there for service, apparently they do not take appointments.Called the following Tuesday. Unfortunately I could not understand the woman very well partially because I was very confused about her talking on and on about keys. A few days later I spoke with the gentleman who actually took in my car, seemed to give me the impression that the mechanics would be looking at it anytime.Tuesday Oct. 19 .... long story short but finally spoke with service supervisor, apparently they lost my key and have done absolutely nothing. He hoped to have a new key programmed very soon.Thursday Oct. 21 ..... still no key, still not programmed ( obviously ) and still no resolution in any way shape or form. This is totally unacceptable.The gentleman asked what i expected for them to do and simply I said make it a priority. Apparently that can’t be done either.This is 100% the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I hate being nasty but obviously being understanding doesn’t get you anywhere.Had they have been honest from the word go, maybe I wouldn’t be so frustrated but they were not ... and now I continue to be at there mercy. Well Irondale Ford, you’ve really let me down.

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Review №6

Only thing I can think of is being truthful. I was told a number of times that parts would be there the next day and repairs would be done ASAP. Id call and would be told parts are delayed. If thats the case,be truthful from the very beginning. I understand why it happens. I worked in the automotive industry before I retired. Covid put a hurt on both suppliers and manufacturers. We encountered many delays. That part I completely understand.

Review №7

I wish I could give them back my new truck and go somewhere else, I tried to The entire experience of purchasing my new F-150 Tremor at Iron City Ford was horrible. I had six major issues from three different people from the time I test drove the truck to after I purchased. I still have not been able to reach someone to resolve my issues. I have called, texted, written a formal letter, etc. This dealership does not understand how to treat a customer, has zero follow up, and no one takes responsibility for any of the actions of the dealership that causes customer’s issues. I am embarrassed to even have the dealership tag or sticker on my truck so I took them off. This place will go out of business if they continue to treat their customer this way.

Review №8

Great place Great customer service!! And Great pricing with a Quick Turn around, And out the door you will Go. I Will Be Purchasing my Vehicles every 5 years, from Iron City Ford for Now on! I dont know why I didnt do it sooner

Review №9

I’ve searched for weeks for the right vehicle and finally found it. The sales rep was very curtesy and knowledgeable. In fact, I showed him a mock up I made on the ford website of what I was searching for and he took me right to it.Ralph, thank you and I know the family and I will enjoy this truck for many years to come!

Review №10

If your looking for a beautiful truck, and are in a unique situation, or new for new, you could not find a harder working group than them, they make it happen, good people

Review №11

Original post 10/15/2021I found a truck on the lot that I wanted to test drive. I called and asked if it was still available and they took my information and said it was. I was called back and told that the sales manager was running a special and needed me to come in the next 3 days to take advantage of it. I had plenty to do, but put it all on hold to go look at the trucking on 10/14/2021. I scheduled a time and showed up for my appointment only to find out that “someone from corporate” had driven the truck to Florida and it would be back in a few days. I wasted 2 hours driving to the dealership that day. The next day I received a text message from them that the truck was still available. I responded and asked them to verify that the truck was actually on the lot and never received a response. If I am a customer looking at a 60k truck, you would think I would be treated a little better. I don’t mind paying a little more for customer service and they have failed on every level.Update 10/16/21I still haven’t received a phone call apologizing for wasting my time. I sent an email asking them to make this right and they just don’t care. I wouldn’t waste my time with this place. If you don’t take care of the customers, they will find someone that will.

Review №12

Dakota and Andy are AWESOME! I felt like I was related to both of them before I left with my new car. They were both professional and kept me posted weekly on when my car was coming in. I would trade with Dakota and Andy anytime. Keep those two happy, you need them.

Review №13

Went it knew what I wanted they gave me the best deal! I had to leave before we could finish, and they came to my wifes job to help finish the paperwork. Jennifer went above and beyond to see the deal through to the end. I will not go anywhere else from here on out!!!!

Review №14

Professional service department, highly recommended!Adam got me scheduled best available time to get the service needed on my car with the least amount of wait time. Will continue to go to this dealership, thank you!

Review №15

The Employees were Professional, Knowledgeable, and gave Excellent Customer Service. I would prefer a friend to Iron City, the was that great. Have a wonderful day and I will see you next Service Date. Keep up the great work.

Review №16

They took care of me in a very quick and professional matter well pleased this time thank you

Review №17

IMPORTANT EDIT AT BOTTOM PLEASE READ!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!Very aggressive sales people. Would not take no for an answer and kept trying to get me drive a car home instead than give me back my keys. I can’t help but think they saw a young woman who could be easy to lie to and up-sell to. Not going back.EDIT: I just received a letter in the mail from a bank I do NOT use saying I got denied a LOAN I DID NOT MAKE. I was able to call the bank and track where the fraudulent loan request came from. It came from this dealership. I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING OR GAVE IRON CITY FORD CONSENT TO TAKE A LOAN OUT IN MY NAME OR ON MY BEHALF. I AM BEYOND APPALLED AND HAVE TRIED MANY TIMES CALLING ONLY TO BE IGNORED. DO NOT GO HERE, THEY WILL PULL THESE ILLEGAL PRACTICES ON YOU AS WELL. IF YOU WENT HERE CHECK YOUR CREDIT AND SEE IF THEY TRIED ANY FRAUD ON YOU LIKE THEY DID ON ME.

Review №18

The people at the service desk do a half — job. You can tell them what’s going on and they make you feel like your not important. The service manager walked passed me like I wasn’t there didn’t speak or ask did I need help. All my cars are Fords and I will be trading all them in and I will not deal with the Ford dealerships ever!!! They don’t deserve a star

Review №19

Excellent service. Treated me with respect and kindness. Ralph my salesman made it happen. Hassle freeand great deals!

Review №20

Great service and in out in less than 90 minutes. A fair deal and they told me how far they would go without too much sales games. Only issue was the Sales Manager told my trade bed cover wouldn’t fit the 21 F150. I tried it and had a good fit in 3 minutes. Chalk it up to just a little dealer sleaze, but definitely better than previous experiences.

Review №21

Great sales experience resulting in a fair price for my purchase. However, after the sale I called Iron City Ford with questions and never received a response. It now has been over 7 days and no one!!!! has contacted me.I had to go to another Ford Dealer who helped me with my issue. I strongly recommend your selection of another dealer.

Review №22

The service folks were very nice and I do think that they tried to determine the issue with my vehicle but unfortunately they could not. This was somewhat disappointing because you go to a dealer as a last option many times because of price but you go there with the full expectation that they will be able to diagnose your issue.They charged me full diagnostic price but they did not diagnose my issue. Their explanation was plausible but its still did not sit well with me considering I paid them $200 for a come back and see me if it happens again invite.

Review №23

Thank you to Gary Hill and the others that made my used truck purchase a great experience ! You sure know how to make a customer happy !

Review №24

Iron City fixed my truck seamlessly. Their rep, Brian was great...ask for him by name!!!!!

Review №25

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Victor Martin was my salesman he was very polite and understood what I wanted and needed. He worked and got the deal Jason in finance was great he kept in mind my payment limit and was helpful in explaining everything and yes I got Gap insurance. I was and am very pleased

Review №26

This review is for the service department. I took my car in for maintenance and they did the job quickly and well.

Review №27

My experience at iron city Ford was amazing. They have the nicest staff out of any dealership I have been too. They truly make you feel very welcomed and help you get the best deal possible. Mr. Byron Jackson and the whole team at Iron City Ford made me feel at home and made sure I was nothing but happy with my final purchase. I would recommend everyone too stop by Iron City Ford and talk to Byron Jackson for all of your car buying needs

Review №28

Please if actually decide after speaking to these rude workers at Iron City Ford to purchase a vehicle, please check and double check that all parts including things you think would ordinarily come with a vehicle are there. Things such as a jack, lug wrench and things of that sort could quite possibly be missing. When you call them, after purchasing a new vehicle, they are extremely rude and then tell you that you may go to the parts department and purchase what you need at an extremely jacked up pun intended. So I would like to sincerely thank the rude employees for all of their help and concern for my safety. Maybe they will one day get the privilege of experiencing the treatment I received.

Review №29

One of the worse experiences I have had with a car lot we bought my husbands truck from there only because it was the one we were looking for. The sales lady was rude and had no knowledge of what she was doing , the manager was very unprofessional and did not want to talk to us when help was asked for, they did NOT stand up to their side of the deal , paper work had to be redone twice and they didn’t send the papers to pay off our trade in so they kept withdrawing payment from our account . all around just a terrible place to buy and we won’t ever again

Review №30

The employees were nice on the phone but had terrible service. When I first called I was told it would take two days to get my recall fixed then when I brought the car they said it would take longer. Then I asked for a rental one of the service techs told me I had to call corporate for that so I did then they sent me back to iron city because it was their job to get me a rental not corporate. After that I spent four days on and off the phone with iron city Ford trying to get a rental they never returned my calls when they said they would and never gave me information on what was happening with my car or a rental.

Review №31

We went to look for a work truck but not a brand new as it’s for work. Victor showed us a 2005 Chevy SilveradoDiesel turbo truck that’s we what we bought as is the same day we left the lot not even before we got on the interstate starting acting up called as soon as we got home with in thirty minutes told them act like they don’t care and there is the lemon law the same day we bought it we did test drive but you have to let it heat up before it acts up it’s in the shop there but there taking there time to find out if there going to fix it and let us know something we did get the extended warranty so I don’t understand stand what the problem is

Review №32

Great place to buy a car. Great people and friendly. Great price. 👍

Review №33

We have been looking for a 2021 Explorer and couldn’t get what we were asking in Huntsville so decided to take a drive to Birmingham. Contacted Iron City Ford they had what we were looking for. Pulled up walked in and within minutes they had our keys to look at our car to give us an appraisal. We checked out the Explorer they had for us, but it wasn’t the right one. They quickly located the one we were interested in and had it ready to take a test drive. Took all our info and was working a deal. From 5:30 to 7:45 we were done. Received an awesome deal! Told them what we wanted and they actually listened to us. Took a couple times to get to where we were comfortable and DONE!!!Thanks to Jewel and Byron and Kate and all who worked on getting this done for us. !!!! ❤️

Review №34

Ralph and the team at Iron City Ford we’re extremely courteous and helpful in getting my truck. Coming from a different state they still made the process easy and were willing to work with me and my schedule. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the sales team for all your car needs.

Review №35

The Iron City Service Department was very friendly and timely in helping correct the recalls and warranty items that were corrected on my truck. I would highly recommend them for all your service needs.

Review №36

Where to begin? I brought my truck to the dealership on 12/16/20 and told them that it was leaking oil. After not hearing a word from them about it for over a month, I went up there on 1/20/21 to check on the progress and was literally told that they “had no idea why the truck was there”. Apparently someone had closed the ticket out on 12/31/20. Finally on 1/31/20 I received a call that the truck was ready. I went up there to pick it up and was told a different reason that it took so long to get done. This time they claimed that the Oil Pressure Sensor was on backorder. This was a flat out lie because I had purchased one from Ford for another one of our trucks while this one was in the shop! Surprisingly, or not surprisingly really, oil was continuing to leak from the truck so I took it back on 2/24/21. I was then told over the phone that the upper oil pan seal needed to be replaced and that it was going to be an 8 day job. 4 days to get parts in and 4 days to fix it. It’s now May 3rd of 2021 and the truck is still sitting there with work nowhere near complete. This is absolutely ridiculous! I’ve gone up there multiple times between when I dropped it off and last week and have been told multiple things and excuses. The mechanic working on it told me to my face and in front of the former service writer that he would have it done over a month ago! When I came to check on it, he told me that he “made myself a liar”. I’ve been told that they are short on people, I’ve been told that they can’t get the motor to settle back in, I’ve been told so many lies that I don’t know who to believe. The fact of the matter is that this repair is covered under warranty, so they are taking their time and doing non-warranty repairs instead of working on mine because they can make more money off of them. This is a complete joke of a dealership and if my truck wasn’t taken apart, I would’ve taken it somewhere else. I can’t believe they sent me this link to post the google review before they finished the work. The whole thing is just mind blowing! Maybe by 2022 I’ll get my truck back and be able to use it for work!

Review №37

This is your typical dealership. I drove down there to take advantage of trade in/sales offer. They would not stand by their offer. Basically it was just a bait tactic. There are other dealerships that have integrity, this aint one.

Review №38

Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Do not buy from this horrible dealership.

Review №39

J.D hands down was the best. He’s on point and will have an answer to any questions you may have. He made my visit very pleasant .

Review №40

My car has been at their dealership for three days now and all I ask is for them to make a simple phone call. I can’t even get in contact with the manager. I am very displeased. Once my services are completed there I will never go back.Update: 2 months later I got my car back and I will never go back again and this is a fair warning to please not go to this service department.

Review №41

Gary Stephens, our service advisor, greeted us with friendliness as soon as we entered the department. We discussed the service needed and the length of time it would probably take. We decided to wait for our car.When the service was finished, Mr. Stephens came to let us know it was ready. He went over the service that was done and we were on our way home completely satisfied with the one hour we spent at Iron City.

Review №42

Exceptional dealership!! My wife and I have been searching for a specific color and equipped 2021 Ford Explorer for some time now. We found one at Iron City Ford on their webpage. I sent a request to see if the vehicle was still available and almost immediately got a text message from Byron Jackson, Jr. He said it was still available so we planned a trip to go see it. Byron met us at the front desk and showed us the vehicle. It was exactly what we wanted! We were quickly turned over to Jewel Davis to help us run the numbers. They gave us an offer but it was not close enough to our comfort zone. They listened to what we were looking for and actually worked with us to get there!! Took about 3 hours, but we drove away in our new car!! Very professional, very helpful, and they listened to us during the process. Highly recommend them for any new car purchase.

Review №43

Excellent Service. The Service staff and front office staff are very cooperative.

Review №44

Very helpful staff! They worked with me by only showing vehicles within my budget that I set up front. They were also accommodating in the process of replacing my title for the vehicle I traded in

Review №45

TERRIBLE ESTABLISHMENT! First they sold me a junk car and when I found out about it instead of taking it back they drug the process out 3 months until my only option was to trade it in. I lost over $6000 on trade in. I signed for a new car anyway (against my better judgement) and got a terrible deal on that but it was my only option since they screwed me on the first vehicle.Now its 3 months later and despite me having a signed financing paper with my monthly payment agreement and lender set, they have not fixed the financing. I have provided them with all financial documents they requested on two separate occasions and left multiple messages and called at LEAST 10 times. Now I find out my trade is in delinquent and credit score has dropped almost 150 points because they refused to pay the trade in off as we agreed so now I cannot even go somewhere else and get financing for a different vehicle. The car has been registered in my name for 3 months. I have a lender agreement from Capital One. Now they are trying to push their mistake off on me and when I asked for how to fix this in writing I was called so that I couldnt have a record of what I was told; just like they did to me with the first junk vehicle they sold me. They are refusing to help and have screwed up my credit and life and tried to make it my fault when they are the ones that screwed everything up. I would recommend you not even get your oil changed at this establishment, much less buy a vehicle. It has been nothing but cheating, lies, and manipulation since day one. PLEASE do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. Please check my google account and call me because I would love to tell you this WHOLE story because ALL of Birmingham needs to know how crooked these people are!

Review №46

Brian Hill (car salesman) was a professional guy. Really enjoyed my appointment with him today. Then one of the managers got involved wondering why I couldn’t buy a truck today. I explained I finance everything I own thru my credit union which would be Monday morning before I could get a check to purchase the truck much less any vehicle on the lot. That manager was extremely rude to me stating the truck I liked would be sold by then. Much more to this story but either way I’m taking my business elsewhere

Review №47

Great dealership! Ive bought several vehicles here over the years, and its always been a good experience. Ask for Ralph! Great salesman.

Review №48

Huge props to this dealership for getting our deal done when no one else could! They were very responsive any time I had questions or concerns leading up to the purchase of the Fusion. However, when we got to the dealership I felt very rushed but it did slow down when we got to finance. I feel like maybe things could have been explained more, as to what we were signing. We were super excited to be buying a new car but it didn’t feel like anyone at the dealership shared our excitement. I just wish they would have at least made us feel like it was a big deal that we were buying from them, after all it was our first new car purchase. The car wasnt detailed, even though they said it was being detailed when we arrived, we werent offered a test drive, we werent asked if we wanted to personally see the car and we werent even given a drive out tag. We signed papers and they handed us the keys. No one walked us to our car or even showed us how anything worked. BUT, again, they were the only dealership that was able to get the job done out of three.

Review №49

Blake Moore was a huge help in getting me into my new Mustang Gt!I would still be driving around in my old car and shopping around if it weren’t for his help.He was great at explaining the practicality and how to get the best deal on what suited my needs.Kiara from financing was awesome! One of the coolest people I’ve ever talked to. I’ve never laughed harder while on the phone with a person I’ve never spoken to before and yet always very professional.I had a great experience and felt it was worth sharing!Cheers

Review №50

Had a wreck 3 weeks ago and had my f150 towed to this place. Still waiting for repairs to be completed. Me and the claims adjuster have been trying to get status updates but I cant get through to anyone in the body shop.

Review №51

Thanks to Byron for all his help and making the process as painless as possible. Very happy with my truck.

Review №52

Good quality vehicles fair pricing nice people

Review №53

If I could give zero stars I would. These people gave me the absolute runaround. My car cut off on the freewaySeptember 2020. I didnt get my car back until the end of January 2021. My car was still under factory warranty. So they werent getting paid frfr to repair my car. I have a 2017 ford focus eco boost and the years 2015-2019 of this car has major issues. When I finally got my car back. They just drove it to the front and the lady at the register told me that it was out there. Anyone interested in buying a car from them. DONT DO IT. ANYBODY. NEEDING REPAIRS. DONT DO IT.

Review №54

Everyone was so helpful and pitched in to answer my questions and make sure I was comfortable with the purchase of my new vehicle. Teanna helped me and stayed with me throughout the entire process. She is a wonderful Salesperson. She even helped me figure out my new iPhone. I’m extremely pleased that I decided to stop in Iron City Ford today. I know I will enjoy my new truck.

Review №55

Dakota worked extra hard at getting me a car ! I cant believe they got me approved with my credit score but they did ! Great group of workers and finance department :) thanks guys for all your help and for my new to me 2017 Ford focus 😀

Review №56

I want to take the time and thank Ralph, Kate, and all the family at Iron City Ford. I was looking for a truck and came in to look at what Iron City had to offer. I guess since I had done this a few times before, I was expecting to be bombarded and pressured into a vehicle. To my surprise I wasn’t but Ralph welcomed me while I walk around to pick out the vehicles to I wanted to test drive. While I was choosing which vehicle he was working with Kate to get my approval and the monthly payments I wanted. After choosing the Ford truck, I sat down with Kate to talk numbers. I was still waiting to feel uncomfortable or even pressured into buying the a vehicle I wasn’t happy with but it never happened. What I did find is Kate working hard and making the financial process fast and easy. Both Ralph and Kate went above and beyond my expectations to get me what I wanted and made me feel like I was family. I know everyone has had there own horror stories about car dealerships but this isn’t one of them. They treat you fairly, honestly, and most of all make you feel like family. This is a business and they have to make money but today they didn’t make me feel like a number but a true customer. Thank you Iron City Ford.

Review №57

Theres only one word to describe Iron City Ford in centerpoint and thats outstanding!! Both of my sales reps chandria and Ralph the financing guy even the manager they were all super great and they knew exactly what I needed and what I wanted the price wasgreat and a very friendly staff.. Ill give this place 110% recommend them highly. 😀

Review №58

Looking for my Ford Family Great G Nimrod Ford. great G Viola Ford Grandma Lela Evelyn Ford from Illinois . The young man is Thomas E Williams my father

Review №59

Very pleasing experience at Iron City. Enjoyed working with salesman Vic.

Review №60

Ralph was very helpful and knowledgeable about everything that need to be done so we could drive off the lot in our new truck. Thank you!!

Review №61

I went to Iron City Ford just looking for a new vehicle to replace a 13 year old handicap van. I was greeted by a very nice gentleman who wasn’t high pressure or pushy. I used to own an Escape and told him I would like to look at those. I test drove one but wasn’t real impressed and they didn’t have it in the color I wanted. So he suggested an Edge which I had forgotten all about that one but I knew I had seen one in the past and liked the look of it. They had one in red that wasn’t overloaded with all the bells and whistles. So we went for a test drive and I really liked it. It drove good, was a comfortable riding vehicle and was more roomy than the Escape. I loved it! They made an offer on my van I couldn’t refuse and they were offering a rebate. So I went for it and am so happy I did! No regrets because it was exactly what I was looking for!

Review №62

Jennifer and Ross were excellent with customer service!!!!!!!! I walked out with the vehicle I wanted. Thank you Iron City Ford!!!!

Review №63

We traded in our Mazda for a Bronco Sport on April 24. At first everything seemed great. The Bronco Sport we purchased had the wrong color fender flares on it. They said all they had to do was swap them out for the correct ones. Wound up having to take my car to them to be removed and “painted” and go back to have them put on. Now you can hardly open one of my back doors because they didn’t put it on right. That means another trip to Iron City Ford. Yesterday was 4 weeks since we traded in the Mazda and it still HAS NOT been paid off. I’ve already had to make one payment after trade in. My car salesman, Blake Moore, called me one week after trade in trying to confirm the payoff and when I called him back he said they have everything they needed and all was good. I texted him on May 6 questioning why the Mazda had still not been payed off. He was going to check with Kiara (finance person) and I never heard anything back. I am NOT a happy customer!!!!

Review №64

Took my 2018 Ford Fusion for an oil change and recall my service writer was very polite and showed me where the waiting area was, my vehicle was serviced fast and the writer was very knowledgeable and explained the services performed and my future services that I will need. Over all experience was great! Will recommend!

Review №65

Very friendly staff. Keep me informed.

Review №66

This dealership did magnificent! They transported me home and picked me up, free of charge. Everyone was friendly and ready to assist. The environment was comfortable and I really appreciate them!

Review №67

I love this dealership. Always helpful and Brian Hill is the best. He helped me get the SUV that I wanted. I will always come here for all of cars.Thanks yall are the best aroundAnnette oglesby

Review №68

The team at Iron City Ford were fantastic to work with. Very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend them if you are in the market for a new car.

Review №69

Buying a car from Iron City Ford was the worst experience ever! The first salesman was in knowledgeable and the second one was very unresponsive and was untruthful. I will never buy a car from them or recommend them.

Review №70

Had a problem with some roaring in my F150 at 60K. Took it to Iron Cityand it required bearings in both front wheels. Not only did they do agreat job with that they also found a recall on the seat latch and replacedthat also. Just a few days and I was ready to roll again.Thanks for a great job Iron City and very friendly service from Wayne also.

Review №71

Very great customer service. Braden Hopkins who was my sales rep, was really patient and he helped me drive out with a 2017 Ford Fusion. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I recommend Iron City Ford to anyone. Thank you so much!!!

Review №72

If you want a new vehicle see Andy and his team. Best Ford dealership in Alabama!

Review №73

Very nice people Bryan Ayers is the best! Totally no pressure very informative 😊

Review №74

I recently bought the truck of my dreams 2013 f150 .. I absolutely love it !! I was able to walk in and tell Doug exactly what I wanted and needed with no money Down they pulled it off I’m extremely happy with how I was treated !!! If your looking for a nice truck or ford period head down and talk to Doug and Kate they will hook u up and you won’t be disappointed !!! Tell em Shannon Burton sent u!!!

Review №75

I found my dream car here and the service was in a reasonable time and love my vehicle I got from there!

Review №76

Great experience! Friendly staff.

Review №77

I went in for an oil change for an f150 4x4, the man came back and brought me a price of $329.99. When I asked was it for the oil change, he said no it’s for everything but didn’t really elaborate on what “everything” included... then when I asked the price of the oil change he couldn’t give me a definite price, just kept giving me a ball park price. I’m all for up selling because it’s a business but at least have the price of what I asked for available first. Then,I ended up getting an oil change with a full inspection...when I went to check out, they didn’t go over what was wrong (if anything) with the truck. I had to read the paper myself and come to find out my breaks were in the yellow.... Brannon Honda would never let me walk out the door like that. It’s important to talk to people about their cars before they leave because everybody doesn’t know about cars... that’s all I will say because it’s already lengthy, so I won’t mention how I stood in front of 3 employees for over 5 minutes and neither one of them acknowledged me in any shape or form (I was going to inquire about that $300+ package he offered to see if he could give me more details) but anyway. Needless to say I won’t be back. I hear they have better customer service at the downtown Ford which is such a shame because I live 5 minutes from this dealership but customer service is everything to me.

Review №78

Great service from the young guy who assisted me!!! Very pleasant personality ☺️

Review №79

Enjoyed meeting the staff. Easy to work with on price. Only issue I have is the same with every dealership I’ve used in the past, not in a big hurry to get you on your way once everything is agreed upon. Showed up to pick up the car, the car was not detailed as promised, gas was not topped off as promised, and I assume paperwork was not ready since we stood around for 30 minutes waiting for paperwork to get signed.

Review №80

Came to get my LED turn signals replaced. They installed the high end lights I brought myself in no time.

Review №81

I’ve never been to a dealership and actually had the type of experience I’ve had at iron city. I was hesitant because past experiences. They didn’t haggle me or try to get me an outrageous payment. They asked me want I was willing to pay and got me there on one shot. If I could give this dealership more stars I would. I’ll defiantly be taking my business back there

Review №82

The service department went above and beyond for me any my truck. Made it painless for me. Great group of guys. Wayne in the man. Thank each and every one of yall

Review №83

Iron City Ford is awesome; I’ll be a customer for life. Stephen the GM is a pleasure and is always working, he will answer your email in the middle of the night so don’t be surprised like I was. Aaron my sales guy is honest, compassionate, and attentive; together they took care of my many needs without question. I got a VERY fair price for my trade-in and love my Iron City Ford F-350! You could eat off the floor in the showroom and everyone was very courteous. A fast and pleasant transparent buying experience. When the Bronco Sport comes out I’ll be paying them another visit for my wife!

Review №84

Great service but prices change without notice!

Review №85

Great experience. Jeremy Jiles was my salesperson helping me. Very knowledgeable which to me is a huge plus. Everyone was great and I strongly recommend this dealership and Jeremy if you are in the market for a quality vehicle. Call them and see for yourself! Thank You Iron City Ford!

Review №86

I recently purchased a new F150. Laron and Brian were both friendly and helpful. They were both willing to work with me and made the experience great!

Review №87

My guy Ace was wonderful and left me with an amazing feeling once I entered the building. I definitely feel that he should receive a raise and promotion because he understands how to establish rapport and used empathy throughout our business relationship. He is extremely humble well mannered funny respectful well spoken and I could tell he takes pride in being a salesman for such a well respected and prestigious organization such the Ford Motor (Iron City )company.

Review №88

Awesome awesome experience at Iron City Ford. In Birmingham. I’ve met a nicer group of people so willing to go above and beyond. I had a trade in that was damaged in a wreck and impounded and they took care of everything for me I’m truly blessed. Thank you Tim, Jewel and Barry.

Review №89

Really great buying experience. Thank you to everyone there on helping me get into a new Bronco 🙂

Review №90

Wow I would like to just thank the entire services dept for being so tentative to all my vehicle needs. The staff went beyond the call of duty and I really appreciate everything they did. I will surely recommend people to come to Iron City for all their car care. Thank you guy’s again.

Review №91

This is the worst place to purchase a vehicle from. 5 days after I bought my car, i noticed an issue with the coolant tank. I did some research on the car and found that it had a recall on the coolant tank. I told the people over the service department and they did not believe me. It was fixed but a few days had gone by and the car started having the same issue. It had to be taken back. They never told me what happened with the car, but I never got it back. I had to receive an endless number of loaners. They ended up trying to replace the vehicle but that car also had several issues but they never switched the car over. So I had to continue to pay for a car I didn’t have. I had to continuously pop up at the store and ask questions. I call constantly and my calls are never returned. I have to unwind everything and get my money back and we agreed this was for the best. But I have not received my money back or a call. Do not spend your money at this business. They are unprofessional, lazy, rude, and disrespectful. It will be a waste of time.

Review №92

I had a very pleasant service experience today at Iron City Ford. My car was ready when promised and job was well done. Fred Kidd was the service adviser and was absolutely fantastic to work with. He is a large gentleman with even larger smile. Everyone I met was so very friendly and polite. I look forward to seeing them again in another 5,000 miles.Great job!

Review №93

Very Professional, Fast and Easy , helped me drive off with the car I wanted.

Review №94

Great service department. Lee Dempsey is very knowledgeable, helpful and service oriented. I like the new management there. That place has made a turnaround!

Review №95

I’m really grateful for the service I received today from Anita, she was very thoughtful and answered all my questions. I wish I could remember the other lady that helped me, she was new and pleasant as well.My only concern is that employees were not wearing masks, which is understandable for those working on the cars but not customer facing.

Review №96

Only problem and it’s not the employees fault on website said you open at 7 but was 7:30 the employee got my information and I was out in a hour. Great service

Review №97

Wayne was really nice and helpful. I will definitely be going back

Review №98

It was a pleasure doing business with Iron City Ford. Shopping for a new vehicle is one of my least favorite things to do; but Jewel, Clint, Kate, and Steve made the experience as painless as possible. They had the exact vehicle I wanted and made me a very fair deal both on the purchase price and my trade. I would deal with them again and would recommend this dealership to others.

Review №99

Hello my Name is Kenya Rogers my Wife Destanie and I recently as in last night purchased a 2020 Ford Fusion. I have never seen a Group of people that has Worked harder to get us out of a troublesome Situation. All of the People involved in getting this done for us at Iron City Ford A-1 Top of the line its my Belief that No one can do it better. Thank youll very Much Iron City Ford The Best in the Business

Review №100

This place is the best place to go if your looking for a dealership that go out the way to help you get the car you want my husband just purchased the Ford F-250 King Ranch Diesel and we love it, the sale person I give this dealership a 10 and the sell person Byron a 10...,,,customer service a 10

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