Classic Car Motoring Inc
102 Black Creek Rd, Birmingham, AL 35217, United States
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When the windshield on my Tesla cracked, and two well known windshield repair companies told me they couldnt help me, I was so relieved to find Classic Car Motoring. I worked with Wade, and he was super knowledgeable. The facility is incredible! It was a treat just to walk around there! They repaired the windshield and did a few other customizations for me that I LOVE! We are so lucky to have Classic Car in the Birmingham area!

Review №2

The Owner was up front with me, even though the time to get the car fix was past the deadline, I still knew they were concerned. The fact they called me back to let me know the problems they encountered, helped me to understand where the issues were. 80 percent of my problems was the insurance claims department, they were not very reliable and efficient. It took me several weeks calling my agent to get things done in a timely manner. The work was first-class, first-rate, and excellent customer service. I will use them again.

Review №3

Have used CCM for several years. Often initial estimate is just that! Once they dig into the full extend of damage it takes longer to receive replacement parts, complete repairs, and deal with insurance companies.If you want something quick and less than accurate, go somewhere else, this place focuses on repairing your vehicle to showroom quality.Best shop around hands down!

Review №4

Wow. Very pleased with work on Tesla M3 & saved me a trip to Marietta, GA. Wade made sure I understood that if the sensor was damaged that would take more time & $. Dropped off car Thur morning, had it back by 3 on Fri.

Review №5

CCM will take care of all your needs! Being certified in Tesla & Benz.. they even have in house tinting and PFF available. CCM stands behind all their work and will update you as needed! Make sure to check them out for all your car needs, exotic or not.

Review №6

Chris and his team did an excellent job. They went the extra mile every step of the way. When my 11 year old vehicle left CCM it looked brand new like the day it was purchased.

Review №7

As an insurance agent I have had to deal with many different body shops over the years. Classic Car is by far the best experience I’ve had. I would highly recommend using them if you are in need.

Review №8

Got back to me immediately and were very responsive to me.

Review №9

They don’t update you about your car. My car has been in their shop over a month now with no update. I guess because they are the only classic car in Alabama. I wish there is another car garage to fix my car I would have taken it somewhere else. I’m really disappointed about their service. Now I have to wait, who knows, until next year. I was told that it was going to take 2 weeks but now it’s over a month, I’ve never heard from them.

Review №10

Waited on a estimate for an whole week that was suppose to have taken 24 hours which turned into another day to an week..once the receptionist said it would be the following Tuesday before the estimate was written up..I didnt call back

Review №11

State of the art facility

Review №12

Top notch work

Review №13

Love yall

Review №14

Best shop around and super friendly staff

Review №15

First class operation!

Review №16

I had damage to my car and claimed insurance. When I was given an option as to which body shop to get the body work completed by, Crown Automotive referred me to Classic Car Motoring. When I found out their credentials, I knew this was the place to go! From the moment I first contacted the office, everyone I spoke to was very professional and warm, listening to my requests and making sure that they understood what needed to be done and what my expectations were. When I came to pick up my car, it was good as new! The process was as painless as possible, and everyone was quick to answer my questions and offer advice on care. I will be happy to come back for any future work on my car (which I hope wont be necessary!) as well as getting it detailed. I couldnt be happier with the results!

Review №17

Easily the best experience Ive ever had with any body shop. The people were super nice and helped me fix a minor problem, whereas every other shop wanted to replace my entire bumper and charge me $2000. These guys found a scrap part my bumper was missing, screwed it on and told me dont worry about it--happy to help, and just keep us in mind if you ever need anything else. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Review №18

Recently purchased my wife a 2015 Mercedes-Benz SL550 Diamond White Metallic with Bengal Red leather and only 7200 miles on it out of Miami. When it arrived to Nashville there were a few issues I needed but knew that there were maybe 3 places in the country that could match the 3 stage Diamond White metallic paint. I went on the Mercedes-Benz forums and 11 different Mercedes owners replied to my forum post and told me to send the car only to Classic Car Motoring down in Birmingham AL. Just got it back and I am stunned I have never seen better paint work on an automobile in my life! They answer their phone immediately, return calls when there are questions and the level of service is beyond compare. Polite, courteous and responsive. I was amazed start to finish!

Review №19

I would highly recommend using Classic Car Motoring! Great customer service, as well as doing a fantastic job repairing my car. Everything was handled professionally and they made sure my needs were met when it came to my car.

Review №20

Truly exceptional quality. Working with Chris and Josh is more like working with a museum than working with a repair or body shop, and they treat vehicles more like pieces of art than cars. In the last year Classic Car Motoring has worked on both my AMG Mercedes as well as my classic truck and I couldnt be more pleased. Whether modern or classic, exotic or daily driver, if you want as-new perfection, their work is the best. I send family and friends to them as well with complete confidence, the highest compliment I can give. Just a walk around their shop demonstrates the the precision you should expect.

Review №21

Absolute attention to detail. Fit and finish excellent. The place if you want the best. I just picked up my MB and it is flawless. Thanks

Review №22

Perfect place for the car to look better than factory. Love the people.

Review №23

I took my Mercedes Benz there for an estimate...I found the atmosphere to beother that warm. The reception was quite frigid. I am a black male, 63years old. I will not return. I hear that they do great work, but I didnt feel welcome there.

Review №24

This place is awesome! Customer service was great and these guys turned my car around quick. I would definitely recommend

Review №25

Hands down the best work, quality, customer service and class of any company experience I have ever had! I have been dealing with Chris and his outstanding team for years with outstanding results.Jack BarefieldExtremely Satisfied Long Term Customer

Review №26

The most professional shop the place looks like a showroom all employees are very professional al work is perfect will use again

Review №27

I recently purchased a used Mercedes which needed repair, after discovering that there was a gap around the back tailgate. There was a car fax on the car at time of purchase and my guess is it was never repaired properly by the previous body shop. It was hard to see, so I did not notice at the time of purchase beause the car was otherwise in great condition, inside and out. We were told about Classic Car after taking our car to the Irondale Mercedes dealership, who informed us that was the only certified Mercedes body shop in Birmingham. Our tailgate was repaired perfectly and at a very good cost by Classic Car Motoring! I could not be more pleased.Fast forward, a couple of months later, and someone tried to pry the back door open while I was shopping in the Hoover area. I did not notice this until one day it rained and I saw a leak. I took the car the next day to Chris Baggett at Classic Car, fully expecting to leave it and get a repair bill. But Chris said, oh I think I can do this myself right now. He applied just the right amount of pressure several times to the door using his body weight and strength until the door eventually molded back to the door frame. He said the doors were made to be somewhat flexible. My husband and I were shocked and he would NOT LET US PAY HIM ANYTHING. Now, folks, you know it is rare to find service like that in the world we all live in today, and I was not only shocked but extremely grateful! Thank you Classic Car not only for the outstanding body work you perform, but for your honestly and integrity!

Review №28

Everyone was professional, helpful and friendly. Work on my car was phenomenal. I was beyond impressed with their service. This is absolutely the place to bring your vehicle.

Review №29

If you want your car to look and drive like it did before an accident, go no place else. Great results, outstanding customer service! Repair job took longer than expected but well worth the wait.

Review №30

The staff was awesome. There were so many beautiful cars there.

Review №31

Great place.

Review №32

Wow. Highly recommend. All I can say about their work, service, and establishment.

Review №33

If your Mercedes is more than 7 or so years old, only place in town that can do insured body repair work for you, and they know it, they charge well above the Michelin rates. Staff wasnt exactly friendly or courteous.

Review №34

I wouldnt even consider taking my Mercedes anywhere else in Bham but Classic Car Motoring. If you own a Mercedes, or any luxury car for that matter, and you take it somewhere else that pretends to know how to work on, paint, repair, upgrade...a high end vehicle in a manner that is deserving of the Brand that you have then you are making a mistake. You didnt go cheap when you bought the car so dont go cheap when you keep your car going. Ive had Chris and his guys work on 3 Mercedess that Ive owned including my current S550 that has a Matte paint job and have been thrilled with the results.

Review №35

Very professional. Did a perfect job on my Mercedes.

Review №36

Staff is courteous and takes time to answer all your questions.

Review №37

My second perfect experience at Classic Car. Excellent quality work and great customer service.

Review №38

EVERYONE who needs body work on their Merceds, MUST bring their car here!!

Review №39

They are the best.

Review №40

Perfect service

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