1595 Sterilite Dr, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
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If you bringing this kind of material they gonna send you to the other warehouse outside of security guard on the right place was quick to unload

Review №2

If your a toolmaker then you dont want to work here unless you like being micro managed by clowns.

Review №3

Seems like good place to work. Convoluted hiring process in some ways but dedicated and loyal employees so far.

Review №4

The road is closed that the GPS takes you on was giving directions to go about three miles and come around on the other side of the building once at the guard shack giving instructions to call inside for further instructions Im parked as what was instructed and called inside was told to hang tight over an hour later I had to call again only to be told rudely someone would be with me when they get a chance waited over an hour to get a door past my appointment had to call back to find out where to get my paperwork did as I was instructed and was still treated very rudely at the shipping office if these people dont like their job they should get another one but dont be rude to the people that are trying to work

Review №5

The staff was very friendly and in good spirit the building was very clean and I think Im going to enjoy my adventure

Review №6

Safety hazards everywhere in the plants. Surprised that they have not had any fatal accidents/injuries at this place yet.OSHA definitely needs to look into this place for sure.And I’ll wait and see how long my post will last before someone at Kamtek will erase my post - I took a screenshot of this.

Review №7

Spend 2 weeks here helping out... great place to work

Review №8

Great place to work. Great people.

Review №9

Drivers beware, long wait time for loading (4-7hrs)And a customer service rep, by the name of BECKY. With an attitude of a snake.

Review №10

I have wanted this opportunity for quite some time and I thank God for the opportunity.

Review №11

Horrible. Slavery time work in my opinion.

Review №12

The plant and people were outstanding, you dont see that these days.

Review №13

What a cluster F×

Review №14

The public cant buy here but my son works there and its an awesome place to work

Review №15

Load from canada appointment at 9 lady at security told me to wait behind another truck that was flatbed ., mine was dryvan.,other driver suggested me to let her know its van and then she let me go to shipping office., they provided me a dock in 10 minutes unloading was quick., they do not have seal cutters ., if u have seal its better if u keep one..

Review №16

Truckers Make left on Pawnee village follow Google GPS

Review №17

The most unprofessional place I have ever had the displeasure to offload. Aggressive and rude employees from the security to the receiving. They acted as if it was a problem to do their jobs.

Review №18

Unorganized, unprofessional, and very bureaucratic. Also they get rid of reviews they dont like. They got rid of my friends one star review.

Review №19

Great place to work. Excellent pay. They pay weekly as well. This is a place that you can make a career out of for yourself and or family. The work hours are tolerable especially considering how you make an hour. They have a high turn over rate because this is not a job for everybody. Meaning that anybody can do the work, but not everybody is willing to work all the hours and days; so getting pointed out for attendance is usually the #1 reason.

Review №20

Overall they are not badReceiving hours 6am to 5:00pm (7days open)No overnight parking.2 hours unloading .

Review №21

Realy un organize.i am here4 hrs they gave me papers without loafing me.then send me to get loaded on dock 64 .but there is a trailer on dock 64 but no one to talk to me too..

Review №22

Talk nicely n well behaved with outside drivers

Review №23

Husband works for this company, while with this company he forgot he had a family and wife at home, I guess that’s mainly because he found himself someone else’s wife to play with while her husband was busy in another area of the same plant! Anyone got any other dirt to pass on to attorney? Horrible company that allows supervisors to act this way while on the clock!

Review №24

Really fast live unload!

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Review №26

Lack of signage, too congested with empty trailers, security sucks, couldnt give accurate information about directions, no room to maneuver, need help with housecleaning, I will NEVER RETURN FOR ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY!!!

Review №27

Most dysfunctional f#%* up company in Alabama to unload at

Review №28

Great place, quick unload.

Review №29

Great place to work

Review №30

Great place to work for!! 3 facilities of work to do with quite a few NEW assembly lines. Employees are welcoming and a joy to work with! We are continously progressing all around. 4 stars because there should Always be room for improvement 👍🏻

Review №31

Once you get past those grouchy folks in the office, its cool!

Review №32

If you intend on coming to Kamteck please know your rights as an employee and have the EEOC on standby. Here personal injury is over looked, swept under the rug and covered up greatly. I was a member of the Cradle department, (both rear and front cradle) supervisors are allowed to have inappropriate relationships openly with subordinates whom work directly under them, giving them benefits not allowed under equal rights laws. If you are a man whom speaks up for himself you will be retaliated against. HR isn’t there to protect your rights but to make sure they protect the investment they have in salaried employees. Beware you have been warned!!!

Review №33

Its a challenge every day, but we have a great team that faces these challenges with gusto. We are always busy but we work as a family. I appreciate everyone I work with and Kamtek as a whole.

Review №34

This place is awesome when I started out. But as time went on I started to learn the downside of it. For starters you have no time with your family if you are family man. I worked 7 week 2-10 never was at home and did this for almost 1yr until I almost lost my family. Then temp agencies ppl will lie to you while looking dead in your face. They will tell you one thing and do another. You have to go meeting once a month and they dont even pay you for going. Yeah it a great place to start from high school but if you planning on having a family or even in relationship it will put a strain on family or girlfriend.. but your kids want understand why youre not there stuff when you always been there for them my kids wasnt use to me being always all being gone. But overall the job was easy... It was just the lies and you having to work 7 days a week that make the company bad.

Review №35

Great place to be if you need a job and want to work

Review №36

If youre not afraid to do a little hard work some days, Its easy. Great place to start young and make a career out of it. Started straight out of high school and its not bad at all.

Review №37

Excellent facilities and even better people. Also, one of the most impressive apprentice programs Ive seen in my 25 years in the trade.

Review №38

Good luck when coming here 4 hrs waiting to be unloaded not space to park barely you can turn around to park in to a dock, once got to a lot they make wait several time to get a dock, lot of trailers on everywhere not space to park overnight such a horrible place, 😖😖😖 they don’t deserve even one star

Review №39

Awesome place to work very friendly staff

Review №40

Office people are very rude

Review №41

Kamtek workers attitudes are horrible. They need more training on how to treat others in the workplace

Review №42

It was just too hot for a sister like me but I loved it

Review №43

My son works at Kamtek.

Review №44

I love kamtek i love working here the ppl are great co workers and im learning more and more every day hoping to be hired on soon.

Review №45

This place is an absolute nightmare! Machines are always breaking down and the company is way too strict for no real reason. They never give their employees a break when needed but their product is more important than their people. HR thinks its okay to just let go of people when their actually good workers all because they feel all high and mighty in their offices when they should be the ones to go. And as for the 2 temp agencies with PSI and Star Industrial Services, they both should just be replaced with a more professional company. PSI is just rude and Star Industrial Services is a joke! Their site supervisor, director of operations and CEO are all about themselves and could care less about their employees but care more about their money. Both are very unorganized and Kamtek is just wack all together!

Review №46

This place is mad house some days love it here

Review №47

Get money!!!!! Auto part manufacturing plant. Very hot and fast paced but good money in there

Review №48

Pretty neat place, there this a.m. for job fair very efficiently run system.

Review №49

Nice to have the ability to work with you.

Review №50

Truck driver coming to this location use the Sterilite drive from 79 and the pawnee village road the other entrance is permanently closed.

Review №51

Been there for a little over a year. Abdolutely love it! Best place ive ever worked!

Review №52

My son works their and he loves it

Review №53

I had really bad experience with these guys. I’m a truck driver, I had scheduled pick up here for my drive van treiler, but they refused to load me because apparently my load was for the flatbed treiler??On the other side, broker says “No, its for Dry Van”.I ended up with no load and no TONU for truck not used.Management didn’t even try to help me. They just said “leave the yard, no load for u”.I’m an Owner Operator and this is terrible for my business.

Review №54

Its wonderful

Review №55

Theyre horrible

Review №56

Typical metal stamping facility. Be sure to stop out front before proceeding to guard shack. They get a little testy if you block the road.

Review №57

Terrible place to get in and out of, poorly setup for trucks, only reason I gave it a one was for the nice man that quickly unloaded me, other than that it deserves a big fat ZERO.

Review №58

Came for an interview.The place is good and people are friendly

Review №59

Sat on dock for two hours for 5 racks to be unloaded. 5 minute unload. Terrible service

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Review №61

The security guard here needs more info on where to send people if they stopped and asked him a question

Review №62

Loads fast and unload fast (flatbeders)

Review №63

Ive been eating!! Better come get you some.

Review №64

Good place to work, people from all over the world

Review №65

Good place to work

Review №66

The crew out there was very good to me when i got sick

Review №67

A great place to work, where great work is done!

Review №68

I have worked at this place before and let me tell you it is not the best of places to work. They had me work 10 to 12 hour shifts for 26 days straight.

Review №69

Great manufacturing company to work.

Review №70

I currently work there & I love it!!

Review №71

Quick in and out

Review №72

They have a very bad laboral enviroment specially at the tool room area

Review №73

Its a Blessing when you love your job. #line operator

Review №74

Rough place to work,no air in plant, always hot and very unorganized

Review №75

Its where I work, great people to work with!!!!

Review №76

Good place to work.

Review №77

Great place to work..

Review №78

Work at kamtek.

Review №79

5. H 5 Hour stay

Review №80

Loved working with all the people at Kamtek

Review №81

Rest rooms areas not clean, toilets stop-up no paper towel.

Review №82

Good,place and nice people

Review №83

Went for a job fair this morning. People are very friendly. Got an interview next Friday

Review №84

My work place

Review №85

Luv this job I make a killing in money every week very easy job I plan on retirement here will never leave great company

Review №86

Hoping to get a opportunity to be working there very soon close to home.

Review №87

Bigger than most recycling plants I pick up at

Review №88

This is my job. We are the #1 supplier to Mercedes Benz

Review №89

Good place to work

Review №90

Fast and friendly

Review №91

Great place to work

Review №92

Really big factory

Review №93

Currently hiring for people with at least 1 year manufacturing experience.

Review №94

Great pay

Review №95

Its a plant. They make stuff.

Review №96

Worker helped get load off truck

Review №97

I took a tour around the facility and the workers were friendly to each other and cooperated very well.

Review №98

They are hungry and I feed them

Review №99

Unorganized place.

Review №100

Sucks worst place to work

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3.6 Rating
  • Address:1595 Sterilite Dr, Birmingham, AL 35215, United States
  • Site:http://www.magna.com/
  • Phone:+1 205-327-7000
  • Auto body parts supplier
Working hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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