Lewis And Sheron Textiles
1017 Collier Rd NW F1, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
Review №1

We recently selected fabric for our wing back chair and ottoman at Lewis and Sheron. This was not our first time having the pleasure of working with Lewis and Sheron, but the first time since their move into the new and beautiful showroom!As always, their selection of fabrics and trim, as well as their expert upholstery skill are second to none!! We love our “new chair and ottoman”,The best part of our experience at Lewis and Sheron this time was meeting Sam Sheron. His genuine kindness and professional expertise in helping us was a breath of fresh air!! If all businesses could model themselves after Sam and his family’s legacy of excellence, service and exceeding expectations, then the world would be a better place indeed!! Thank you Sam and your outstanding team! We sincerely appreciate you! Dale and Teddy Howard

Review №2

Recently, I shopped at Lewis & Sheron. Excellent selection to choose from but we were admittedly overwhelmed. Then had the pleasure of working with Denise and Chad. One of the best customer experiences ever. They are both extremely talented in design and color coordination. In no time, they had guided us to the perfect fabrics - perfectly coordinated for our family room. Shop Lewis & Sheron. You’ll be glad you did!

Review №3

Before moving to Florida I lived in Atlanta. I frequently visited this store. I called And spoke to Denise in customer service. She took the time to send me photographs of different fabrics. I appreciated Her efforts to help me.

Review №4

I have been looking for a particular fabric for months with no luck. I had a certain look in mind and called Lewis and Sheron with a picture of what I wanted. I was fortunate to be connected to Denise in Customer Service who was extremely helpful and even charming. After much research, she was able to locate the perfect fabric (the last 12 yards) and is having it shipped to me. Lucky me - the perfect fabric and the perfect Customer Service rep. Thanks Denise for all your help!

Review №5

I have been shopping and doing business with Lewis and Sheron for around 20 years now. I have purchased fabric, chairs, furniture, and other home accessories from them. Great quality and style. LOVE their new store!!! Owners are very upbeat and personable. Their staff share the same human qualities along with their added experience and service. I look forward to my next visit to Lewis and Sheron.

Review №6

This has been the most amazing experience working with Lewis & Sharon. From the customer service, fabric selection & the final gratification of the rebirth of a furniture piece I thought was dead and gone. Lewis & Sheron have given this very special piece of furniture a new life. It is now, once more, our most prized piece in our home.

Review №7

Great selection of beautiful fabrics in a wide range of prices. A stunning showroom of unique furnishings and rugs. Best customer service around! I always feel like family when I come shop here.

Review №8

Wide open space with plenty of light. Good selection of ready to go fabrics.

Review №9

A beautiful, bright shop with excellent and friendly customer service. You can always count on them to have a lot of options and great design advice if you need it. They also have fabulous bedding and high quality custom furniture!

Review №10

So disappointed with the new Lewis and Sharon at a different location. It seems they’re now interested in selling furniture instead of fabric. The fabric was around the perimeter of the store, but no where near the amount they used to have. The selection was poor and the prices high. I brought a customer there because this was always my favorite fabric store, but now won’t be back. Not worth the drive from the John’s Creek area.

Review №11

The selection and quality continues to impress. If youre interested in the very best fabric choices this absolutely is the place to go. A very helpful and professional staff. I LOVE this place!!!

Review №12

Living in Michigan, I travel thru Atlanta 1-2x a year and Lewis and Sheron is always on my list to visit. During my recent visit, I picked up some sample fabric cards for a client of mine to choose from, only to find out that the fabric she chose had been discontinued. Denise, an LS employee, went out of her way to find me a similar fabric that had the adequate yardage I needed and had it shipped out to me on the very same day...Wow! I can’t say enough about their fabric and trim selections, as well as their customer service. Any seamstresses traveling thru Atlanta should make LS Textiles a destination!

Review №13

I had been searching everywhere for this fabric and Denise went above and beyond to help me find it! Thank you so much! She is wonderful and so knowledgable and patient.

Review №14

Designer therapy and Inspiration heaven 🌿

Review №15

The finest Home Furnishing Fabric, Furniture, and Accessory one stop shop in Atlanta ! Sam, Bobbi, David, Cindy and litterally dozens more are always available and incredibly helpful in making my selections just right. I have been a loyal customer for 20 years and looking forward to the next 20 !

Review №16

I am a very selective and thorough individual, especially when communicating. I purchased finials to fit my Bed, Bath, & Beyond curtain rods, and shared the fact with the sales associate, Elle before the transaction. I have been a customer of Lewis & Sheron since the company was located in close proximity to Atlantic Station. Unfortunately for me, Elle is a novice employee who took a very long time to order the finials; however, she NEVER mentioned that the finials would not fit my Bed, Bath & Beyond curtain rods. She is not knowledgeable! Theres no shame that I shop at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. In a calm manner, I called Lewis & Sheron looking for a solution to my problem. He took my name and number, then promised a call; He also shared that they dont want me to be stuck. No one called before the holidays or afterwards. Id driven up twice before, and no one was present. I traveled back to the store and spoke with David as his name was given during my call. David took my curtain rod and began to attempt to attach 1 of 3 finials. He said the finials would fit. I attentively watched for several minutes as he said that he needed his tool which he left at home. I informed him that Allen wrench was in the bag, but I never found a screw. After a while, he said that the finials wont fit and they have a no refund policy. Well, In a calm manner I shared that I didnt want any money back, Id accept a full credit and buy fabric, because Id chosen the fabric in the store and I would need about $800+ of it. David became dysregulated and told me that I needed to accept responsibility for this issue, and he repeated it. I shared with him that if Id been informed by his associate that their finials would not fit my Bed, Bath, & Beyond curtain rods, I never would have wasted my time, and money; I dont have hundreds of dollars to waste. I told him that I cant do anything with the finials. I shared the size of my curtain rod, and he pulled out a measuring tape to measure it. I shared how much my rod cost, and he told me that the rod didnt cost that much. Please look on the Bed, Bath, * Beyond website for 88 to 144 inch curtain rod cost. Again, I am not ashamed for shopping at Bed, Bath, & Beyond or West Elm. David walked off to the circular desk, came back, and told me that Elle said that she told me that the finials wouldnt fit and, again I need to take responsibility. I didnt have my rod with me when I purchased the finials, and Elle never took the finials off of the display wall for me to see the inside. Davids statements were accommodated by negative facial expressions and body movements. He was talking to me in a condescending manner. I asked to talk to someone over him, and he informed me that there is no one above him, he is the executive decision maker for the company. I asked for the owners business contact information, and with negative gestures, he said that it wouldnt help, he makes all the decisions. David released my curtain rod on the seating and it fell to the floor. He turned and walked off. David didnt turn around to pick up the rod off of the cement floor as it made loud noises, and neither did he apologize for it falling to the floor. I was totally disrespected. I felt as though I was starring in the movie, The Help. Elle lied, and wouldnt look at me or speak. I shared with David before I left the store that I would share my experience online. January 6th was not only awful because domestic terrorists vandalized the capitol, it also was a day that I will remember forever in Lewis & Sheron. My elders would say that you can always learn a persons true character in how s/he handles a problem. His worker omitted information to make a sale. The climate needs to change, as no one speaks upon entrance. Rigidness is never good for business! Maybe how David handled the situation is the culture of the company for certain people. Safety is important!!

Review №17

Would score lower if I could. I was looking for a fabric with a deep blue and white that would not turn beige when I placed white bedding next to the fabric. I had searched and was frustrated and overwhelmed. An employee saw me and asked if I needed help. I responded yes, showed her my samples, told her what I was looking for, and asked for suggestions. Well, I was shocked with the response. She replied, Do you have an interior decorator? I replied with a no. She then preceded to tell me that they could not help if I did not have an interior decorator and that this establishment was a self serve establishment. If I found some fabric that I wanted, she would be happy to tell my how much I needed for my project and would tell me how much it would cost to make the needed items. Well, I can figure out how much fabric I needed (repeat is all you need for what I was doing) and I can make the items myself due to the fact that I sew. Needless to say, I walked out and will never return to this place.

Review №18

New location! Same wonderful people! Very careful about C 19 protocol. Much much smaller but excellent selection. Great prises as always. My first design outing in Ages!!

Review №19

Lewis and Sharon Textile Co. in Atlanta is amazing!Denise assisted me in locating fabrics for my home and was so helpful, professional and warm. She made me feel welcome and valued as a customer.If you ever go through Atlanta be sure to stop by and see the wonderful selection of beautiful fabrics!

Review №20

The people that work in this store are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for fabric. I read reviews to find a fabric showroom to visit while making a trip to Atlanta from East Tennessee solely to purchase fabric. After reading reviews, I chose Lewis and Sheron Textiles. Worth the 4 1/2 hr. drive. My party of three were greeted by every employee in the store that were not tied up waiting on another customer. It was refreshing experiencing customer service that I was beginning to feel was extinct in today’s society.

Review №21

Great selection of fabrics, really awesome people!

Review №22

Excellent, as always! So helpful with picking out fabric, and the upholstery work is the best Ive seen in Atlanta.

Review №23

What an awesome experience I have every time I visit and shop! The team of professionals are always ready to help, consult and make you feel special. The new location is beyond fabulous and amazing. Special thanks to Elle, Denise, and JT who always shares their positive energy and good vibes.

Review №24

This was my favorite place to go and I highly recommended it as well. At its old location it had every fabric you could think of very well organized and a showroom for their furniture. Now it is a fraction of the size and mostly a showroom. So sad

Review №25

Walked right in and Sam Tim and Jennifer were a tremendous help. Ward was extremely personable and funny. I had such a pleasurable experience shopping here. I will definitely be back in the near future and I will make certain I tell people to come see you guys!!!

Review №26

Sam and the folks at Lewis and Sheron are great. They worked with us to select a fabric that is cat-proof when we were recovering our couch and a matching chair. Two years later on and the fabric looks as good as it did on the day we brought it home. Theres been a small spill or two which were easily cleaned on the spill resistant fabric and the cats dont try to destroy it. Even when they might claw it just a little when they stretch (as opposed to sharpening their claws, which they never try to do on this fabric), the fabric doesnt show it. Thanks for the help!

Review №27

I Give Lewis And Sheron Five Stars Because The Staff Members Were Courteous, Knowledgeable And Prompt With Service. I Felt Welcomed.The Fabric Was In Stock And The Price Was Extremely Favorable.Great Experience!!!

Review №28

Great service and selection. The sale is awesome! Everyone was super helpful, especially Rose and Denise.

Review №29

Just visited the new location and it is amazing! The BEST for custom furniture. Quality and selection is impeccable.

Review №30

This store actually carried a fabric I have been looking for, for over a year! So happy I decided to stop in their store. They have a very wide selection of amazing fabrics!

Review №31

Just had an amazing experience this afternoon at Lewis & Sheron. Fantastic but not pushy service, super knowledgeable staff, incredible selection and fabric that - if youre a dork like me - will literally make you gasp with happiness. Ward and Sam were especially fantastic, friendly and fun. I plan on going a lot more now, after today!

Review №32

Always a fantastic selection of quality designer fabrics. Staff has been around for ages--speaks to how well they like their jobs! Super helpful, very nice...easy to work with. Always a pleasure to come home to yall.

Review №33

We were very happy to find Lewis and Sharon right after we moved to the Atlanta area! We had just purchased drapery and upholstery fabric before we moved -but, once we got moved in, we found that we needed drapes for another room and a few supplementary pieces of fabric to make everything go together in our townhouse. We *will* definitely be back for any other fabric or decorating needs. You guys have a large selection of really high quality and beautiful fabrics - prices are reasonable - some even fantastic! A young fabric artist, Brooke Bennett, recommended Lewis and Sharon to us.

Review №34

I needed an extremely wide white linen and the folks here were willing to check stock before I drove there. When I arrived, Vanessa knew exactly where the stock was and had me in and out in no time! They were very pleasant and helpful.

Review №35

Quality and beautiful fabric!!! I cannot wait to see my final product. Staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! I will be back and recommend checking this place out for any fabric needs!!!

Review №36

This place is completely overwhelming.I dont know much about Fabrics but I imagine that this is the center of the fabric universe.Might as well pack a lunch because its going to be a long time till you exit, its like Christmas for little kids.Im not a fabric person I just found myself in there for a small project that I was doing but I imagine if somebody was truly a fabric afficionado and found themselves in there that they might have a nervous breakdown.Well done. Its nice to see experts being expert.

Review №37

I cant thank Lewis and Sheron for their awesome customer service, Denise was incredibly helpful in making sure I made the correct fabric selection for my project. I have purchased fabric here for years and hands down it is the best place to shop in Atlanta!

Review №38

Lewis and Sheron is by far the best fabric store in Atlanta. They have the largest selection and great sales most of the year. Its always my first (and most of the time only) stop for fabric shopping.

Review №39

I have shopped at Lewis and Sharon for 15 plus years and always have a wonderful experience with quick and helpful customer service!

Review №40

Everyone at Lewis and Sheron Textiles has been great to work with. They are very patient and have offered great suggestions. The fabric is beautiful and there are a lot of choices. I will be back for more!!

Review №41

Really love coming here. The store is clean and neat. The samples are pre-cut and priced which makes the shopping experience so nice. No picking through barrels or jumping over lose fabrics. Staff couldnt be friendlier either.

Review №42

Always rode by but never stopped in until today. This place is EVERYTHING!!! JERMAINE was a great help hopefully I can connect with him to do some projects!

Review №43

Large selection of quality fabrics. Good prices and excellent customer service.

Review №44

Excellent place to shop both in store and on line, for all your decorating needs. Highest quality merchandise reasonably priced and professionally delivered. What more could you ask for?

Review №45

Love Lewis and Sharon! The fabrics are beautiful and the staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Highly recommend it!

Review №46

Lewis & Sheron has some of the most neat looking fabrics Ive seen online. The site is super easy to use. Ill currently redoing some of the rooms in my home and use Pinterest to gather ideas and inspiration. While on there, I stumbled upon a L&S pinterest page. I guess Im not the only one that likes their stuff :) If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home with fresh new patterns and prints Lewis & Sheron is the place for you.

Review №47

Great selection! nicely laid out.wish they sold shade hardware!

Review №48

Great [;ace to find fabric for any project! SOOO many choices! I can get lost in here!

Review №49

Amazing help! I was able to get in and out in 15 minutes with a beautiful fabric.

Review №50

Amazing selection fabrics for great prices! I was looking for pillows fabric covers, and they were helpful in coaching me in the right direction

Review №51

Huge inventory makes it impossible not to find a fabric youre looking for. Friendly and courteous staff makes it pleasant for finding what your need for your home.

Review №52

Great service everyone very helpful. Beautiful fabrics.

Review №53

Unique fabrics at competitive prices. The workers were very helpful and attentive.

Review №54

Very lovely store. Very organized, great selection of fabrics

Review №55

Darn helpful staff & incredible selection of fabrics. You can also select from a wide variety of furniture which can be covered in any fabric you pick..

Review №56

Wide selection, reasonable prices and nice people

Review №57

Great place to visit and a more awesome place to work

Review №58

Super service! Great place to buy fabric.

Review №59

Super helpful staff and incredible selection!

Review №60

Rude staff

Review №61

Love this place!

Review №62

The best!

Review №63

Have been buying there for over 15yrs

Review №64

Nice place

Review №65

Beautiful products

Review №66

Great service

Review №67

Great selection!!!

Review №68

I love this place it is such a good store and the staff are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and GREAT candy for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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