Review №1

This business is not enforcing the mask mandate for guests!!! I did not feel safe shopping here!

Review №2

Great deals and usually very nice people but today I overheard a manager-type correcting a new employee loudly and disrepectfully over her merchandise stocking skills.I have to believe they have high turnover.

Review №3

Great store! Good prices. Fun stuff inside!

Review №4

I always find good deals at TJMaxx

Review №5

Gave a discount on some scratched merchandise since it was the only one they had. Appreciated.

Review №6

My partners (female) been shopping here forever but Im (male) a newbie. And Im a believer! Shocked, frankly, at the variety and quality of goods available at this store. My entry level item was a simple lunch tote, preferably insulated, that could also double (or triple) as a carrying case for a few essentials that I take to work every day as a contractor. Well, I had choices (!!) and came away with a compact, soft shell, insulated bag with a zip top for easy entry, side zip pockets for phone, notepad, first aid kit, etc. Unreal! Under $20! You speakin my language! Since then, Ive been back for quality, sports and rec clothes. Brand names for such reasonable prices. TJs: You got it going on! Great store, ample help with no pressure and value, value, value! Cant wait to go back, and I rarely say that about shopping.

Review №7

Clean store, friendly cashiers, decent selection and the prices on most things were about what you would expect.

Review №8

Fabulous service and wonderful products

Review №9

Absolutely love this store , it has a wonderful selection of jewelry and cosmetics and health & Beauty. However , the fact remains that mask mandates are not enforced at all. Not even sure why they have the greeters. They are all very young and just stand there and chat amongst themselves and do nothing about people entering without masks.

Review №10

My favorite place for: clothes, beauty products, house stuff, stationary, shoes, etc, etc. They are doing a great job with safety protocols during covid.

Review №11

I love T.J. I havent been shopping so thus was nice. Store was nice. Found cute top for cold coming up winter days. Plus everyone had mask. Thats good

Review №12

What a variety of nice priced goodies.

Review №13

Very nice store, great prices, but not always have the stuff youre looking for customer service, okay except an hour before they close they all stand around and ask if they can help you find something every minute so well get out of there so they can go home you feel pushed, I recommend going in early

Review №14

Always a great place to shop. Very clean and friendly.

Review №15

Not a lot of girl clothes to pick from. Maybe next time.

Review №16

Fun store great service

Review №17

Very nice visit

Review №18

TJ Maxx, nothing of my interest there

Review №19

Hard to find good articles of clothing in mens section so id give that a 3/5, but my gf somehow always manages to leave with a bag everytime we come to window shop... so 5/5 for womens intventory.Wosh you guys had better quality furntiture thete tho 3/5 for that

Review №20

Great finds and prices, I love their Holiday selections too. Service was to perfection, Emma a was super helpful!

Review №21

Staff very nice and store well organized.

Review №22

Good location to find a variety of items. I love their jewelry section! Best in Bellingham. I can always find quality jewelry pieces for any occasion. Much better than Macy’s.This location needs some physical renovations and more team members cleaning their restrooms. Gets unkempt during weekends. Best time to go is after 6pm on the weekdays.

Review №23

Really good

Review №24

Found a $12.99 nice shirt for my husband! He was thrilled.

Review №25

This is one of my happy places. I love wandering around for an hour when I can. Its always so much cleaner than Ross or Marshalls and I love the quality of items they carry!

Review №26

Very friendly staff and very neat & clean.

Review №27

Always a fun experience

Review №28

Cleaner than ross, more organized but no mens shoes. Great for kitchen supplies though!

Review №29

I will go to the store all day

Review №30

Great store to pick up work out clothes,shoes,hand bags and just clothes. I like to have a little time to shop when I go cause you have to look around, which can take some time as its a popular place. The variety of good stuff you find is great. However that being said you can find the place picked pretty clean after a hard weekend of dedicated shoppers have hit their doors.

Review №31

Good store located off of meridian street in Bellingham. Nice bright store and very clean. Good selection of products. Lots of parking.

Review №32

Excellent selection of clothing. Glad I finally entered through the doors for the first time. It most certainly will not be my last!

Review №33

It was a fun and great experience. I found some lovely Halloween decorations. :)

Review №34

Great selection and amazing prices. Exciting store to shop as you never know what youll find! Clothes can be a bit disappointing but their housewares and Jewelry department are great.

Review №35

The sale here are always amazing. A great place to find unique items

Review №36

Love this place, so many unique finds. Ive experienced great customer service as well at this location.

Review №37

Found nice kitchen stuff. Good prices. Store wasnt too messy for a Saturday.

Review №38

Well located store with good parking. Easy access off of good highway access .Contents are the same all over where ever the store. Prices seem to have risen of late on many products.

Review №39

Way better than the Ross with amazing prices. They even have a cell phone charging kiosk you can use to charge your phone while your shopping.

Review №40

Usually reasonable prices and sales items offer some really good deals. One star off for slow check out...

Review №41

Not that cheap anymore but store is quite clean, people are willing to help and lot of nice items. Quite a nice visit every time!

Review №42

Good prices and an okay selection. Not really my families taste. So we mostly Christmas shop there November and December months

Review №43

So much variety, great prices and all the registers were open!!

Review №44

Good selection of products and items but I was in there right 20 minutes before closing and the staff was so busy doing their side work that they only had two registers going with six people standing in line ready to pay. Not one time did they call anybody to open another register and even shut down one of the two existing registers. I asked if they were shutting down the register and got no response from the staff. And then got a few snide remark‘s and comments under their Breath about people whining. I’ve worked in customer service and my mother worked in customer service grandma 30 years. You don’t leave people in line waiting to pay with merchandise in hand for no reason.

Review №45

Perfectly fine tj maxx. Everything we needed. People were nice. No complaints.

Review №46

I just love shopping at it TJ Maxx they always have what I needed a decent price. The new line of clothes is so tempting

Review №47

Pretty good deals and a friendly staff.

Review №48

Its a great place to practice for Walmart black Friday sales. The place is always a wreck. Clothes, toys, shoes, and Canadians are all over the floor. The parking lot is littered with boxes and trash Canadians dont want to take to Canada with them. The place is, however, the best place in town to save money on new items at a great discount.

Review №49

Excelente customer service. Clean place. Wheelchair accessible

Review №50

Always a good store to go to for deals on clothes especially for baby clothes. But being treated as if I am a shop lifter is completely intolerable. My wife and I have spent hundreds of dollars there mostly for baby items.

Review №51

Bargain hunting!! Discount brand names but you do have to dig. This place is more organized and clean than other discount stores. Its usually a pleasant experience and I always find something.

Review №52

The womens plus section is almost non-existent

Review №53

Clerks were super friendly. Store is small. Not as much variety as I hoped for but good prices!

Review №54

You can find some decent deals here

Review №55

Great customer service. Its a smaller store that gets a lot of over the border shoppers. Inventory can be pretty thin.

Review №56

Clean store and friendly employees! There were a lot of great deals on name brand merchandise as usual, plus I found a couple of unique items I havent seen back home😁

Review №57

.newly much brighter

Review №58

This is my favorite place to shop for my Tshirts. They have Ck, Guess and a lot more great brand that you can get for as low as $8

Review №59

Actually found pretty clothes in my plus size. Will g o back.

Review №60

I found most of the kitchen items I was shopping for ...I love your baby and people section..lots to choose from... good prices...

Review №61

Good store had a great dress my wife ended up loving

Review №62

Lots of great deals. Tons of kitchen goods and beauty products.

Review №63

A good sized store, fun stuff.

Review №64

My favorite place to shop. They have always something new. This store is clean and organized. Their bathrooms are clean as well.

Review №65

Who doesnt love T.J. Maxx

Review №66

Always an interesting experience. A lot of hidden gems for every part of your life.

Review №67

Always new items to check out. Nice team members always pleasant

Review №68

One of the best places to shop. Prices are getting to high though!! They need to come down on their prices.😊

Review №69

Clean and they are taking all the precautions for the covi 19..

Review №70

Definitely bargains to be found at tjmaxx

Review №71

Good deals in skincare buy clothes are pricey

Review №72

Will definitely shop here again!

Review №73

My family and I love this store. The price on things are cheaper then most and we like that

Review №74

I love this stores could use different clothing but love the store

Review №75

Organized, good deals, quick moving line.

Review №76

Love T.J. Maxx.

Review №77

You could drop me off here and leave me in this store to wander around all day. Finding good deals in here should be my job. I was able to find a Michael Kors down coat and full length Ellen Tracy coat for at a fraction of what it would have cost. I also found the hubby a north face ski jacket and Michael Kors down coat for over 60% less that what it normally would have sold for. Calvin Klein and Michael Kors mens polos and long sleeve sweater pullovers are also plentiful here and so discounted. What isnt easy to find here are mens business shirts, they dont exist, so weird, or maybe thats because they are all at Marshalls?The only reason of why it lost a few stars is because at checkout one of those electronic theft sensor tags was left on. The sensor did not go off when we passed through the doors and we had to come back to get it off. Good thing we checked everything before we headed to Canada. This location also seems to be way smaller, and slightly more disorganized with fewer clothing items on the racks than other TJ Maxx locations that I have been to across the country.Overall if you are hunting for seasonal clothing like winter gear this is a must stop to try your luck!

Review №78

A wide variety of goods at reasonable prices.

Review №79

Great service

Review №80

Good mix of clothing and gift ideas

Review №81

Like Home Goods better!

Review №82

Always a great selection. Great prices.

Review №83

Whats not to love at T.J. Maxx? You cant beat their great selection of home decor, clothing, accessories and incredible prices!

Review №84

Good value

Review №85

Great deals on home and clothing items for everyone.

Review №86

A Very Nice Place To Shop!

Review №87

A variety of items and reasonable prices.

Review №88

I love the prices and the selection.

Review №89

I usually tag along with my wife. Problem is I always buy something! Great store

Review №90

Better price than Ross and lots of choices

Review №91

Good store, found some stuff, good people, my mother is racist .

Review №92

I just wanted to return some pants. Had the receipt and tags, unfortunately the tags had come off. First they accused me of stealing and then refused to take them back. Keep in mind I have a receipt that shows I spent $75 on clothes. I just wanted to get pants that would fit.I will not be shopping at tj max anytime soon.

Review №93

Good items/prices

Review №94

Fine discount clothes and housewares.

Review №95

They have really great deals, but very horrible customer service. My daughter and I decided to try on a few things. She had 2 pants, I had 2 dresses and 1 jogging pants. When trying on clothes the older male employee shook our clothes we were trying on, to check if we hid anything. On the way out i handed him 3 items that didnt work out for us. He then asked me what items I took in and what items my daughter took in. He couldnt do basic math, if we had a total of 5 items going in and 3 items are going back to him, doesnt the 2 items in my hand add up to 5? I spent $99.99 tonight and Im kind of regretting it because of the service i received. Its not fun being treated like a shop lifter when youre not one.

Review №96

Another great place to shop in Bellingham if youre looking for deals on clothing and accessories.

Review №97

Always such a long line to check out. Good prices and cute clothes.

Review №98

More Choices and Reasonable price

Review №99

Always find great deals here

Review №100

Its TJ Maxx, last years fashion at slightly low prices

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