Review №1

Went in about 1:45,busy,nice employees very pleasant. The store was clean and organized,the staffing seemed to be fine for the time if day so far.

Review №2

Have been a Marshalls customer for years. Great merchandise at great prices. Recently bought a 2-ply 100% cashmere sweater for $39.99, and a fabulous vegan tote for $19.99. Like how clothing is organized first by type (sweaters, dresses, tops, pants) then by size. Store is clean with quality merchandise. Many designer clothing items are available.

Review №3

I found some great items at great prices. Just a couple items that didnt work out size wise once I got home but thats my fault for not trying on in store.

Review №4

I Love Marshalls!I always feel like a Treasure Hunter when I got there because I ALWAYS find an Amazing Deal and You Will Too!

Review №5

Oddly organized. Not wide variety for plus size women. Size18 and up

Review №6

One of the coordinators was very unprofessional yesterday. I was looking at some purses and she just came and started to rumble through them, throwing some of them on the floor. Looks like she was rearranging but she was doing it in a very disrespectful and loud manner. Best practice would have been fir her to do it with less noise or wait until the customer had left the area.

Review №7

Better selection here. Not crowded definitely coming back

Review №8

Good place to get cute outfits for a very reasonable price.

Review №9

Wonderful, got exactly what I needed at a great price...I look good!!!

Review №10

Selections very skimpy but able to find one or two things. Usually love this chain of stores

Review №11

They were organized and not too packed

Review №12

Marshalls always have a good variety of things. At a reasonable price.

Review №13

Great prices, just wish there was a better selection, but you get what you get 🤷🏻‍♀️

Review №14

My first experience was good. The store was well-kept and I didnt struggle too much to find anything! No bad experiences with staff or rude customers etc. Ill go back a couple more times to make sure this review stays current 😊

Review №15

They left a security tag on one of my Christmas gifts, but being as busy as they were for the holiday shopping season these kind of things can happen. The staff I encountered were friendly and talkative. Happy to have found the gifts I needed for Christmas. Good deals and an respectable selection

Review №16

Associates & front manager super helpful I was impressed Store needs more stocking Maybe due to stimulus influx reason for few choices or switching to summer I am just assuming but I still think its caused by low wages for night store associates to restock the racks The store is fantastic go walk around you will come out with something nice & of quality

Review №17

You can buy anything here, from personal care products/cosmetics to shoes and dresses/sweaters... All brands and names at very reasonable prices..

Review №18

Great prices, lots of inventory! Not a huge kids selection which as a young family would be nice. Overall though a great location! Stop on any for some great deals!

Review №19

Didnt find what I came for but still left with something. Very small kids clothes selection. Truthfully the stars are for the super nice, friendly and helpful employees

Review №20

Jackson was fabulous! And so helpful!

Review №21

Staff is always polite here and theres a pretty good selection of what Marshalls has to offer.

Review №22

Excellent food. Excellent service. A nice environment where you dont have to shout to habe a conversation.

Review №23

Love this Marshalls. The always have awesome hauls and the staffs are also friendly. My go to store for almost everything!

Review №24

I 2 pair of boots for $50 so ill day awesome.

Review №25

Good prices and love the Clarence section

Review №26

I love everything about Marshalls and the prices are absolutely 💯 amazing

Review №27

I like Marshalls but there was literally no exercise tops. Not one and 1 pair of sweat pants. The shoes were dreadfully bare and I mean bare. But somehow the mens section was just as packed as ever. What is up with that? Also, my sister worked for these stores and there is a designer rack but its not labeled? That would be a good thing to know what rack has the best brands on it. Label it people!

Review №28

Marshall’s was fine until I was looking at table FULL of shoes with marked down Clarence prices on them. With a sign on the table that said Clarence, and then a lady comes storming up to me super RUDE stating they are not for sale, I apologize and keep walking then I so happened to look back and she’s rolling her eyes at me, the lady was so rude I wanted to say something but I didn’t. I put All my items down and walked out. One bad apple at a store ruins the entire experience and it makes me leave every time. I can’t deal with people in customer service that are jus miserable to other people.

Review №29

Friendly services but low inventory for mens clothing & shoes.

Review №30


Review №31

They seem to always have what anybody wants and needs. For clothing shoes and accessories.

Review №32

Customer service is great. Store could be cleaner, more organized.

Review №33

Lots of empty shelves

Review №34

They had nothing in stock. They had only a few pairs of shoes.Whats going on?

Review №35

The people are really nice, but the store is not great. Hard to find stuff.

Review №36

It was fine! Really didnt find what I was looking for.

Review №37

Dylan was awesome!

Review №38

Love the home decor items! Especially the framed Big MirrorsDirt cheap. Under $30 bucks!

Review №39

Great deals if you can find your size.

Review №40

Has small little things youre looking for and not looking for. Good parking space

Review №41

Great deals with fast and friendly service

Review №42

Good products secret shoppers to obvious

Review №43

Always a good Marshalls location. With there was more selection for men. Otherwise solid.

Review №44

Big store big selection

Review №45

They didnt have much in stock. I was bummed, I love Marshalls.

Review №46

Shelves bare appears is going down in quality

Review №47

The store was clean. The wait in line was horrific. I cashier and 2 employees talking at the end of registers. Neither would jump in to help with the line.

Review №48


Review №49

Its a Marshalls. They have a lot of stuff at good prices. You have to keep going to find rhe best deals. Well organized store. Easy to shop in but selection varies and brands are sometimes mixed. Wide variety of types of merchandise.

Review №50

Marshalls is my go-to for clothing they always have something good in my size. The Home Goods section is pretty great too. I would shop here to buy gifts or for my own house most of their stuff is recognizable name brands so you get the cheap price but never the cheap quality. I have shopped here a lot and never had to return something

Review №51

Came for shoes left with a candle. Did not have a great selection for men’s anything....especially shoes for both. Friendly cashier, which helped me feel welcome and made me leave feeling satisfied.

Review №52

Awesome sweaters on sale!🤩

Review №53


Review №54

Nice products and low priced!

Review №55

One of my favorite stores

Review №56

Cheaper new clothes can be had here sometimes for a decent deal. They also sell coffee and other kitcheny things at reduced prices. I was bummed when they removed the checkout booth near their exterior door though. Not fun having to walk all the way across the store and all the way back just to check out.

Review №57

I enjoy this store. Clean and organized. Great deals and a fun time. Wonderful customer service and quick check out.

Review №58

Marshall’s Roseville is by far the best store/ location in the Twin Cities. The Managers and staff there are incredible and so willing to help you out. They never disappoint! Roseville Marshall’s for life! 💯

Review №59

Not much of a selection of clothing and shoes. I understand that they can sell items quickly but Ive been there frequently and its pretty much the same. I was able to buy 2 items after an hour of searching. Maybe Ill find more at a later date.

Review №60

Great place, great experience

Review №61

Havent been there in 4 years went to look for luggage and the store looks like is much merchandise and very messy

Review №62

Great customer service

Review №63

Lots of good deals... They have clothing for everyone from elderly to babies, and all the in between... They also have home goods products, pictures and some paintings... Great store...

Review №64

I really like Marshalls but every time I come to this location there are long lines at checkout and at least 2-3 employees standing around laughing and joking doing not a damn thing when they could be helping check people out, and theres 1 or 2 people on registers. They do have two locations in-store that have registers but theres almost always a line at both places which forces me to consider whether or not I REALLY need the stuff that Im buying. Ive just walked out on more than one occasion rather than wait in a line of 6 people while two people are checking customers out and 3 others are just standing there picking their noses (not literally of course)

Review №65

Fantastic prices and so many great selections in every area of the store. Easy to get in an out of the store with a nice parking lot. Marshalls needs to come farther North like somewhere around Lino Lakes or Forest Lake.

Review №66 comment.

Review №67

Always busy. Always poorly stocked. Rarely find what Im looking for. Store just feels a bit dingy. Much prefer the Maplewood location.

Review №68

Cute workers

Review №69

Store has a lot of empty shelves. Not enough current merchandise or size choices.

Review №70

Little upper there in cost.

Review №71

Great store! Bought a great looking Calvin Klein back pack for $25. Its very durable and its still looking good after a year of everyday use!

Review №72

Wish they had more XL for ladies. However, great Christmas things!

Review №73

Has great prices for all the things you need. Though I wish they had more of a selection for boys clothing.

Review №74

This is a great Marshalls. It has good lighting, and good deals. Nice aura, although terrible design with the cash registers being next to the doors, it gets cold in the winter standing there. But great store!

Review №75

Couldnt find what I was looking for. Store was kind of a mess. I think with what they sell and Clientel its difficult to keep things straight. Lots of clothed pulled off rack and just thrown back without using the hanger they were originally hung on... Not the stores fault but thoughtless rude customers.

Review №76

Some really good stuff if you are lucky

Review №77

Disorganized store and hardly any help when customers need them. Also selections for clothes, shoes, handbags etc are very few especially for a big store like this one! It is sub standard!

Review №78

Decent store, lots of clearance after the holidays!

Review №79

Marshalls in Roseville has been one of my favorite stores for decades. Michelle is a wonderful lady to meet when you go to try on the beautiful clothes. I remembered her last night from many years ago and she is just as great at her job and as pretty as ever. That says a lot for the success of Marshalls in Roseville. The merchandise and the employees both have to be outstanding and they are at Marshalls.

Review №80

Good prices on everything

Review №81

No big or tall mens section

Review №82

Can find some great deals if you willing to look

Review №83

Very disappointed in this store. Being handicap and using a cane I need to use a cart, especially when wanting to purchase item in the back part of the store (parking lot entrance) There are never any carts at this entrance. I had in my one free hand all I could carry and asked the dressing room attendant to call for a cart. I continued to shop around that area another 15 minutes and still no carts. I spoke with the manager and she seemed less than concerned. While this may seem trivial to some, when its difficult to walk distances and your unable to carry items it limits your ability to shop. I made a special stop at this store and am disappointed at their response and not trying to rectify the situation. I will now need to either go to another Marshalls out of my way...or go to TJ Max as they carry a lot of the same items at same price. Used to come to this store often...smh!

Review №84

I found a good deal on suitcases, but when I got to the register, I signed up for a promotion for 10 percent off and after everything was done, I didnt get it on that purchase. We are working on getting that adjustment.

Review №85

Great selection. While a busy location they keep things well organized and put away.

Review №86

They have a decent selection of clothing and kitchen items at this location, shoes and luggage can be hit or miss. However, this Marshalls is always busy and at most Ive only ever seen 3 or 4 registers open at once. I usually wait an average of 10 minutes in line when visiting.

Review №87

Youre an essential business as you have groceries. Time to open!

Review №88

Might be the cleanest and nicest one I have been to very big and not cluttered.

Review №89

Marshalls is like shopping the clearance rack. no matter how organized it is, you cant go in there wanting something specific because you wont find it. thats cool, but I hate it. housewares are the only thing worth while

Review №90

Great set up so much new items to choose from. Great staff very helpful

Review №91

I love this store and Im practically here on a weekly basis looking for deals and I always manage to find something. They have recently remodeled and the store looks very clean, bright and roomy with friendly and helpful sales associates.

Review №92

Good prices and staff is helpful

Review №93

A store surviving the retail apocalypse but for how much longer? Fun to find brand name items for much lower prices...

Review №94 it.great place to fine good quality items at affordable prices.

Review №95

No swimsuits

Review №96

I go here at Harmar for the caramel corn and dark chocolate candy

Review №97

This Marshalls location is not bad at all. You certainly could do worse. I have not always found what I want/need. But on the whole, I have not been disappointed.

Review №98

The store could have been better organized. I ended up not having time to look in a few areas Id wanted to because it took me so long to find what I was looking for in womenswear. What bothered me most was the fitting room attendant. She was very condescending in how she spoke to me for no apparent reason to the point I ended up not even trying everything on because I was uncomfortable.The candy selection at the front is a nice touch, though far from a bargain.

Review №99

Everything already picked over or gone!! I wanted a winter coat.

Review №100

Hi there .. i baught 2 heavy ban from your store i liked them so much and i baught them to take to my country but when i used them first time when i washed them before first use .. they turnd to dust and no way to use them ... please who i can talk to to get back all money that cost me to move them to my country ????

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